Chapter 1270 - The Final Farewell

Against the Gods

Chapter 1270 - The Final Farewell

“Achoo!” After returning to Jasmine’s side, Yun Che sneezed heavily

“What’s wrong?” Jasmine asked as she slanted her eyes towards Yun Che.

“Ah, it’s probably someone saying things about me behind my back,” Yun Che said as he rubbed the tip of his nose.

“You were chased back by Caizhi?” Jasmine asked, her eyes gleaming with playfulness.

“More or less,” Yun Che said as he spread his hands helplessly. “After all, she’s still just a ‘young child’, so her endurance naturally cannot compare to an adult like me.”

“Oh, is that it?” A cold smile remained on Jasmine’s face, “Aren’t the techniques you always use to cheat women of the highest order? You have those in addition to that thick skin of yours, which is several hundred times thicker than most people, so could it be that you can’t even handle a ‘young child’?”

“Cough… cough….” Yun Che nearly choked on his own saliva as he coughed. If someone else were to say that, he would have immediately objected to it in the most righteous and pious manner. But Jasmine knew every single bit of his dark history, so he could only mumble in an embarrassed voice, “This matter… still requires some time. Moreover, Caizhi is no simple ‘child’, this is the Heavenly Wolf Star God we’re talking about!”

“So shouldn’t you have an even greater desire to conquer that hill!?”


“Let’s speak about serious matters!” Jasmine said as she decided to stop her teasing, “Have you completely comprehended Caizhi’s Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome?”

Yun Che nodded his head, “Yes, other than the seventh sword style, the previous six sword styles are surprisingly less difficult to comprehend than I imagined.

“That’s only the case for you,” Jasmine said. “As for the seventh sword style, you do not need to think on it any longer. It isn’t a sword technique that you can learn simply by relying on your natural talent and ability to comprehend.”

“I understand,” Yun Che said as he nodded his head.

After he had heard Jasmine describe Caizhi’s past as the “Heavenly Cursed Lone Star” and the method she used to become the Heavenly Wolf Star God, he had already begun to understand the implication behind the words “solely hatred without heart”.

“Even though you do not possess the divine power of the Heavenly Wolf, even if you take the Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome without that divine power, it is still an extremely strong, heavy sword technique. Furthermore, if there comes a day where you desire the Heavenly Wolf’s divine power, and you have obtained the truly complete Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome, you can ask Caizhi, and she will tell you how.”

“Ah?” Excitement appeared on Yun Che’s face, “Is there truly a way for me to obtain the Heavenly Wolf divine power?”

“I was talking about the future.” Jasmine said while emphasizing those words, “Now is not the time. Let’s wait for you to emerge from the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm first… we can consider it afterwards.”

“However, the first thing you need is Caizhi’s cooperation, and whether she is willing to or not depends on your own skills.”

“...” Yun Che scratched his head as he attentively mulled over Jasmine’s words. He already intimately understood just how strong the Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome was. If he was able to completely master the six sword techniques of the Heavenly Wolf that Caizhi had taught him, his power would definitely improve significantly.

If he were able to obtain the Heavenly Wolf divine power and he could fully display the might of the Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome… It would definitely cause his overall strength to soar yet again.

Jasmine continued to speak, “The matter of you cultivating the Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome is something that the old villain is already aware of, so you can use it outside to your heart’s content. You don't need to restrict yourself anymore. After you enter the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, besides increasing your profound strength and fully mastering the six sword techniques of the Heavenly Wolf, you need to strive to cultivate an even more important power of yours.”

Jasmine raised Yun Che’s right hand, “After going through the nine stage lightning tribulation, you should be able to control the heavenly law’s lightning, correct?”

After the world shocking heavenly tribulation, the entire Eastern Divine Region had all witnessed the scene of Yun Che using the heavenly tribulation lightning he generated using his own profound energy to bloodily oppress Luo Changsheng.

Yun Che focused for a moment and a cluster of purple lightning immediately appeared and started crackling and flashing in the middle of his palm, “At that time, I used all my strength to use the power of the lightning tribulation to fully recover from my wounds. After being blasted by nine waves, I somehow managed to comprehend the laws behind that heavenly law lightning.”

The lightning in Yun Che’s hand appeared to be a deep purple color and it looked no different from ordinary lightning, but despite her strength, Jasmine could still clearly feel a spiritual pressure that was out of the ordinary. Every time this lightning flashed, it seemed to touch one’s very soul.

“The existence of the heavenly law is something that is vague and illusory, but the fact that the heavenly law cannot be defied is common knowledge. However, not only did you defy it, you even managed to grasp control of lightning that exists at the level of the heavenly law. In the history of the God Realm, this is something that is completely unprecedented, and it is also something that no one has ever imagined before.”

“It is also because you used your own profound energy to release that kind of heavenly law lightning, that they truly do somewhat believe that you are the ‘child of the heavens’ that the Heavenly Mystery Realm addressed you as. And this also includes… the True God prophecy.”

“So you want me to concentrate on cultivating this lightning?” Yun Che asked.

“Yes!” Jasmine said with a heavy nod of her head. “It can be seen from the nine stage lightning tribulation that occurred that day, that the lowest level of this heavenly law lightning is purple-colored lightning. The scarlet-colored lightning is on a higher level compared to the purple-colored lightning, and the highest level of this heavenly law lightning is that brilliant white lightning.”

“Luo Guxie is the number one person in the Eastern Divine Region if you don’t count the king realms, and her strength definitely befits her fame and renown. In fact, even if the current Caizhi were to cross blades with her right now, she would not be able to beat Luo Guxie. But, you merely controlled a remnant of that white-colored tribulation lightning, yet you were able to severely wound her in an instant…”

Jasmine’s eyes gradually grew focused, “If that is the case, then if there comes a day where you can generate that white-colored tribulation lightning using your own profound energy, perhaps there really wouldn’t be anybody who could be your opponent in this universe.”

Yun Che gave a heavy nod of his head as he replied, “Mn, I understand.”

“Furthermore, in order to maximize the strength of the tribulation lightning, one naturally needs to have a compatible lightning profound art to go along with it.” Jasmine continued speaking and the words she spoke did not seem to be words that she had thought of on the fly, instead it sounded like she had already thought this through considerably, “Your Yun Family’s core profound art, the ‘Purple Cloud Art’, is a kind of lightning-based profound art. At the level of the God Realm, the Purple Cloud Art may not seem like much, but it has been passed down in the Yun Family for ten thousand years, and it has also gone through countless evolutions because of the Yun Family bloodline. Even though it is a far cry from the strongest, it is the profound art that most suits you and the lightning profound art that is the easiest for you to master. If there is no better choice, you can try to combine the heavenly tribulation lightning with your Yun Family’s Purple Cloud Art, and I believe that given your ability, you will definitely be successful in creating a lightning profound art that belongs to you alone.”

“In fact, I’ve already thought of a name for you.”

Jasmine slowly pronounced these five words, “Heavenly Law Tribulation Lightning Art!”

Heavenly Law Tribulation Lightning Art… the very name itself possessed a heavenly might that caused people to tremble.

Yun Che clenched his fist and the lightning in his palm disappeared. After that, he once again nodded his head with no hesitation, “Alright, then let’s call it the Heavenly Law Tribulation Lightning Art and even if it is in order to live up to the name that you have given it, I will definitely perfectly create it!”

Jasmine gave a small nod of her head. She had already charted the path for his future cultivation, so the progress that he made in the three thousand years he stayed in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm would be entirely up to himself.

“Tomorrow, you will follow that old villain to the Eternal Heaven Realm. After that, you will follow the entourage from the Eternal Heaven Realm and travel to the Moon God Realm to participate in the Moon God Emperor’s wedding. After that, you will enter the Eternal Heaven Pearl… Remember, you must make sure that you are under the constant protection of the Eternal Heaven Realms at all times. There are far too many people who are interested in you, so there will definitely be some who are unwilling to see you enter the Eternal Heaven Pearl.”

Yun Che nodded his head.

“The Eternal Heaven Divine Realm. At present, this is the only way you can escape the undercurrent that is flowing around you, and it is also possible that this is the only opportunity for you to obtain the greatest amount of growth in the ‘shortest amount of time’. You definitely mustn’t waste this opportunity.”

“Fine, fine, I’ve got it,” Yun Che said as he nodded his head again. After that, he suddenly took a step forward and gently pulled Jasmine, who had been giving him warning after warning, into his embrace.

Jasmine did not resist and she surrendered everything that was important to her in front of Yun Che as she gently closed her eyes.

“Jasmine,” Yun Che softly whispered into Jasmine’s ear, “From the first day that I met you in this place, I was able to detect that your body and heart were being held down by very heavy chains.”

Jasmine’s body unexpectedly shuddered at that.

Yun Che did not wait for Jasmine to deny this. He hugged her even tighter as he said, “Including the day that you chose to ruthlessly sever all ties to force me to leave, I am firmly convinced that it was not only for my own safety. If not, you clearly could have used many other methods which were far better than that… But don’t you worry, I won’t probe any further.”

Jasmine, “...”

“If it’s a burden that even you are having difficulty in dealing with, then even if you told me, given my miniscule and insignificant strength right now, there is no way I could help you. Furthermore, it would also become another chain and burden to hold you down. So, you are very correct. No matter if it is for me or for you, entering the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm is indeed my best choice.”

“After I enter the Eternal Heaven Realm, I won’t allow myself any slackness or distraction. And three years from now, I will have grown to the point where you will be willing to tell me everything, so that I can break the chains that bind your body together with you. It would be best… if I could also protect you… and if I could do it forever.”

The trembling of the soft and delicate body in his embrace grew more and more acute as a trail of moisture soundlessly flowed down his chest.

“Yun… Che…” She softly sobbed into his chest, “Why… did I… have to meet you…”

Yun Che gave a faint smile as he said, “It was probably so that you could marry Caizhi to me.”

Jasmine laughed through her tears as her small hands lightly beat against Yun Che’s chest… After that, her eyes grew blurry, as if she could not believe that this kind of thing would happen to her.

“Yun Che, three years from, you not only need to protect me, you also need to protect Caizhi. If not, I'll never ever forgive you.”

“That’s a given. After all…. Mn.”

“But today, you need to be by my side constantly. You’re not allowed to go anywhere nor are you allowed to think of anyone else.”

“If not for the days where you chased me to where Caizhi was, I wouldn’t even have wanted to take a step away from you.”

“I already said you weren’t allowed to think of anyone else, not even Caizhi!”

“Understood. But the way you are now makes it seem like we will never be able to meet each other after this.”


In the distance, a colorful figure bounced vivaciously as she drew near. Caizhi seemed to have already regulated her own emotions, and starlight that was even more incandescent than before glowed in her eyes.

From a distance, she saw two people who hugged each other in silence and it seemed as if they were unwilling to ever part from each other. Her small hand flashed to her lips like lightning, and after that, she turned around and left on silent feet.


It was the fifteenth day since Yun Che had arrived in the Star God Realm, and it was also the time for his departure.

If he did not leave, he was afraid that the Eternal Heaven God Emperor might just take the initiative and send someone over to fetch him.

The day of the Moon God Emperor’s wedding was also today.

Even though the Star God Realm and the Moon God Realm were far away from each other, they also had dimensional profound formations which were linked to each other, so there was no need to be worried that he would be late.

“That old villain is about to leave. Hmph, as expected, he’s going to go as well.”

Jasmine had not handed Yun Che over to the Star God Emperor in advance. On the contrary, she needed to minimize the contact that Yun Che had with the Star God Emperor as much as she possibly could.

As she sensed that the Star God Emperor had drawn near to the dimensional profound formation that connected to the Eternal Heaven Realm, Jasmine finally said, “Caizhi, bring Yun Che over.”

She could not personally bring Yun Che over. After all, in the eyes of the world, she represented the words “cold-blooded” and “heartless”, so Caizhi was undoubtedly the better choice.

“Mn!” Caizhi brought Yun Che along as she said, “Brother-in-law, let’s go. Actually, I also have this small desire to see just what the new Moon God Empress looks like.”

As her colorful figure shimmered, Caizhi had already brought Yun Che to the front of the palace gates. As she watched Yun Che’s figure grow smaller in the distance, Jasmine’s gaze suddenly grew blurry and an anxious cry, that she could not control, involuntarily escaped her lips:

“Wait a moment!”

She rushed over and tightly hugged Yun Che. Her embrace was very tight indeed.

She did not say anything but her delicate shoulder violently trembled along with her entire body as she hugged him.

“Ah…” Caizhi turned around as she stared blankly at her big sister who had lost control of herself.

Yun Che lightly held the two hands that were wrapped around him as he gave a faint smile, “Don’t worry, even without the protection of the Eternal Heaven Realm, it won’t be so easy to ambush me. Three years from now, after I leave the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, I will come and look for you immediately.”

Jasmine still remained silent and this continued for a long period of time. After that, her body stopped trembling and the two arms which tightly wrapped around him lost their strength bit by bit until they completely let go.

She turned around in order to not let Yun Che see her current appearance before speaking in a very calm voice, “Yun Che, remember well every single word that I have spoken to you. You are not allowed to forget a single word.”

“Caizhi, you may leave.”

“Ah… Oh.” Caizhi once again led Yun Che forward but then hesitated before she left together with Yun Che at a very slow speed.

Jasmine never turned around during this entire process and it was only once she sensed that they had left the Star God Palace that she allowed the tears in her eyes to finally drip down her face.

Yun Che, goodbye forever…

I will always remember that there was a person who was willing to pluck a Netherworld Udumbara Flower for me, that there was a person who was willing to come to the Star God Realm for me.

In the past, I had spurned and detested destiny so much. But… the fact that I could meet you in this life has caused all the resentment to fade away.

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