Chapter 1271 - Journeying to the Moon God Realm

Against the Gods

Chapter 1271 - Journeying to the Moon God Realm

The Star God Emperor already stood before the dimensional profound formation. The only Star God beside him was Heavenly Origin Star God Tumi and he was only accompanied by four Star Guards, their formation was exceedingly simple.

To the Star God Realm, the Moon God Realm was definitely not a great place, so they were absolutely unwilling to give the Moon God Realm any sort of face. It was absolutely clear that the reason the Star God Emperor was going this time was in order to see for himself just who this mysterious Moon God Empress actually was.

To be able to make the Moon God Emperor go so far, nobody doubted that the new Moon God Empress was definitely an extraordinary person.

On the other hand, when he had brought Yun Che to the Star God Realm, the time limit the Eternal Heaven God Emperor had given was fifteen days. Yet even though the Star God Emperor was about to depart, he clearly had no intention to bring Yun Che back. Yun Che did not know if this was because he did not want to be refused entrance by Jasmine or if he had some other plans.

However, the moment he was about to step into the dimensional profound formation, his eyebrows jumped and he turned around.

Caizhi descended from the skies at an exceedingly fast speed. After that she threw Yun Che to the ground in a very rough fashion, while breathing a small sigh of relief at the same time, “Ah, we’re still good, we’re still good. We were almost late.”

Yun Che regained his stability in a somewhat pathetic fashion. After that, he paid his respects as soon as possible, “Junior Yun Che greets the Star God Emperor and the Heavenly Origin Star God.”

Two terrifying gazes swept over Yun Che, “This king actually thought that Jasmine wanted to force you to remain, so I was just thinking about how I should explain this to the Eternal Heaven God Emperor.”

The Star God Emperor spoke in a voice that was neither warm nor cold, and Yun Che could not grasp any sort of mood from it.

Caizhi immediately became dissatisfied as she said, “Hmph, you don’t understand Big Sister at all. If she said it will be fifteen days, then it will definitely be fifteen days. It won’t be a day less, but it won’t be a day more either.”

Jasmine was filled with hatred and resentment towards the Star God Emperor and it was clear that Caizhi did not treat him with much respect either.

“Heh heh, Her Highness Jasmine’s temperament has always been like this,” Tumi said with a chuckle. At the same time, he shot a look filled with meaning at the Star God Emperor.

“Yun Che,” the Star God Emperor was still looking at Yun Che and that gaze which could pierce the sun and moon seemed to be looking for something on his person, “How did your training in the Star God's Broken Shadow technique go?”

Yun Che immediately replied, “The Star God's Broken Shadow technique is indeed the pinnacle of all movement skills in this universe. Its marvelousness exceeds the rumours. This junior was lucky enough to have the Heavenly Slaughter Star God personally impart it to me. However, the duration was too short and my own talent is limited, so I was only able to grasp the basic concepts, but that has already filled me with the greatest satisfaction.”

“Then that’s good.” The Star God Emperor gave a calm nod of his head, “Besides the Star God's Broken Shadow technique, did you gain anything else?”

Yun Che spoke without a shred of hesitation or any attempt to dodge the subject, “This junior was also fortunate enough to have Her Highness Caizhi impart the Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome to me.”

Once he said those words, only ripples appeared in the eyes of the Star God Emperor and Tumi, but the expressions of the four great Star Guards who were accompanying them changed dramatically as shock clearly showed in their eyes.

“Caizhi, did you truly teach Yun Che the Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome?” The Star God Emperor’s brows furrowed slightly while his voice grew several octaves deeper.

“That’s right.” The expression on Caizhi’s face indicated that she was not at all bothered by that question, it was as if she had done a simple, ordinary everyday thing as she replied, “Big Sis asked me to teach him, so I taught him of course. However, Big Brother Yun Che truly deserves to be called the ‘child of the heavens’. I had originally thought that he would definitely not be able to learn it because he did not possess the Heavenly Wolf’s divine power, but who would have thought that he not only learned it, but learned it exceedingly quickly as well. No wonder Big Sis was willing to let him stay in the Star God Palace for so many days.”

“...” Upon hearing Caizhi say the four words “Big Brother Yun Che” in that charming voice of hers, Yun Che felt a sense of awkwardness pervade his entire body… Could it be that he had gotten used to her calling him “Brother-in-law” by now?

The Star God Emperor gave Caizhi a level look before he turned his gaze back towards Yun Che. After a short period of silence, he asked, “Since Jasmine asked Caizhi to teach you the Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome, then, did she also ask you and Caizhi to…”

“My king, the time draws near, we had better head off a bit earlier,” Heavenly Origin Star God Tumi suddenly spoke, cutting the Star God Emperor off. At the same time, he gave an extremely miniscule shake of his head.

A weird and complicated light flashed in the Star God Emperor’s eyes, but after that he turned around and did not pursue his previous line of questioning. “That’s fine as well. Let us go then.”

“Ah?” Caizhi felt a light sense of surprise blossom in her heart.

Yun Che’s eyebrows twitched as he grew puzzled.

According to Jasmine’s own words, she had already told the Star God Emperor that she was going to betroth Caizhi to Yun Che—No matter whether he agreed to it or not. Yun Che had also thought out his answers to the Star God Emperor’s questions well in advance, but such a “huge affair” had happened and he was actually not going to ask about it all?

The interruption of the Heavenly Origin Star God had clearly been deliberate so as to cut those words off and not allow the Star God Emperor to continue talking about this matter… The Star God Emperor had only hesitated for a moment and he did not ask any more questions after that.

What was going on? No matter what angle you looked at it from, this was something that definitely should not occur.

In any case, Yun Che was  the “child of the heavens” that the various great king realms had tried to attract to their sides, and even the Goddess herself desired his hand in marriage, so the most normal response of the Star God Emperor would be to use this matter to persuade him to remain in the Star God Realm. Why did he forcibly avoid it instead… Could it be that he felt like the time was not right?

As Yun Che mused about this, they had already stepped into the dimensional profound formation and a cluster of white light immediately engulfed Yun Che within. 

In the last moment before the white light dissipated, Yun Che gave Caizhi a warm and light smile… as if he was saying goodbye.

To him, the next time they would meet would be three thousand years from now.

A dimensional profound formation forged using the power of a king realm was naturally extraordinary, so even though the Star God Realm was far away from the Eternal Heaven Realm, the dimensional teleportation only lasted a few short breaths.

After the white light had dissipated, the dense spiritual energy belonging to the Eternal Heaven Realm rushed in to meet them. Yun Che raised his head and looked toward the Eternal Heaven Tower which soared into the heavens, his heart overcome by a momentary melancholy.

After he returned to the Eternal Heaven God Realm once more, he would be entering the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm.

Both of his lives added together were merely sixty years of time. But after he entered the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, he would be immersed in cultivation for an entire three thousand years and he would also be separated from this world for a whole three years while doing that.

Three thousand years…

He also could not anticipate what sort of changes would occur to his beliefs or mental state after three thousand years and neither did he know if the him at that time would be the same as the current him.

As he put away his melancholy, he thought about every word that Jasmine had said and his thoughts and gaze recovered their resoluteness… Given the current scenario he was facing, this was indeed be his best and perhaps only choice.

It was not only for the present but it was even more so for the future.

The dimensional profound formation had sent them to the outskirts of the Eternal Heaven Realm. The Star God Emperor led the way, his steps slow and measured… But, even until the moment when they stepped past the Eternal Heaven Realm’s protective barrier and into the domain of the Eternal Heaven Realm, he had not asked Yun Che a single thing.

After they entered the Eternal Heaven Realm, the Star God Emperor came to a stop and finally turned around and spoke, “Yun Che, the moment we entered this realm, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor was already aware that you had returned to his realm. As one of the thousand heaven chosen children, you have the qualifications to participate in the Moon God Emperor’s wedding celebration. However, this time the Moon God Emperor, that old fellow, invited so many people, so your Snow Song Realm should also have received the invitation. Are you prepared to follow the Eternal Heaven Realm or will you follow your own sect?”

Yun Che did not hesitate as he gave his reply, “This junior intends to accompany his own sect there.”

“That’s fine as well.” The Star God Emperor nodded his head, “Xing Ling, escort Yun Che back to where the Snow Song Realm is residing.”

“Yes,” Xing Ling said as he received the order.

The Star God Emperor did not continue speaking, he merely left along with Tumi and the other three Star Guards.

Yun Che was crowned with the mantle of the “child of heavens” and also had countless other world-shocking halos adorning his head, so he definitely could not be treated purely as a “young profound practitioner who came from a middle star realm”. Even though the Star God Emperor treated Yun Che with a rather strange detachedness, he still gave him great face… He had personally instructed a Star Guard, and it was the head of the Star Guards at that, to personally escort him back.

“Brother Xing Ling, we meet again.” Now that the Star God Emperor had left his side, Yun Che felt the pressure on him lessen dramatically and he smiled as he greeted Xing Ling.

However suspicion rose in his heart yet again: Xing Ling was the chief of Jasmine’s Star Guards, but it seemed like the Star God Emperor liked to bring him along whenever he traveled. He had brought him along when they participated in the Profound God Convention and this time, when they were travelling to the Moon God Realm, he had only brought four Star Guards with him and Xing Ling was once again included among them.

However, this suspicion merely lasted for an instant and Yun Che did not take it to heart.

Xing Ling gave Yun Che a graceful and courteous bow, “Sir Yun, please.”

After returning to the Eternal Heaven God Realm, Yun Che’s mental state and goals were completely different.

The two men walked side by side as they moved towards where the Snow Song Realm was staying. After he had hesitated for a long period of time, Xing Ling finally could not help but asking, “Sir Yun, did her Highness Caizhi truly impart you the ‘Heavenly Wolf Hell God’s Tome’?”

After the question had escaped his lips, Xing Ling immediately said in a very apologetic voice, “My humble self was merely shocked and amazed at this news. If I have offended you in any way, I beg for Sir Yun’s forgiveness.”

Yun Che smiled as he shook his head, “Brother Xing Ling, you don’t need to go to such an extent. Of course this matter is true. I mean, how could I dare to trick or hide something like this from the Star God Emperor?”

Xing Ling gave an admiring sigh as he said, “The divine tomes of the various Lord Star Gods are forbidden from being imparted to outsiders. To think that Sir Yun would be bestowed with such great favor, this truly causes me to gasp in amazement. Furthermore, when my humble self observed the Lord Star God Emperor, he did not seem unhappy about this at all.”

Yun Che gave a mild laugh but he did not confirm or deny anything.

Xing Ling looked at him and continued to exclaim in admiration, “The whole world knows that Sir Yun is the ‘child of the heavens’ who was chosen by the heavens themselves, someone who has been baptized by nine tribulations, a phenomenon that has never been seen up to this day. For my Lord Star God Emperor and Her Highness Caizhi to be willing to go this far for Sir Yun is something that perhaps isn’t actually too strange.”

“Hahaha,” Yun Che gave a dry chuckle before changing the subject, “Brother Xing Ling, why did the Star God Emperor choose to bring such a small entourage when he decided to go to the Moon God Realm to attend the impending wedding celebrations?”

Xing Ling gave a bitter laugh as he replied, “Even though Sir Yun has been in the God Realm for such a short period of time, you should also have heard of the grievances that exist between our two realms. This time, if not for the fact that the Lord Star God Emperor was exceedingly curious about the Moon God Realm’s new Moon God Empress, perhaps he might not have personally attended.”

“Ah, so that’s how it is.”

As the two men chatted, they had already arrived at where the Snow Song Realm was being housed.

During the half month that Yun Che had stayed at the Star God Realm, it seemed that the Snow Song Realm had not left and had stayed in the Eternal Heaven Realm as well. The Moon God Emperor had invited nearly the entire Eastern Divine Region to attend his wedding celebration this time, so it was clear that he also borrowed the impetus that drove this Profound God Convention to do so.

Yun Che bid Xing Ling farewell before landing within the courtyard, “Palace Master Bingyun and the gathered elders, disciple Yun Che has returned.”

Mu Bingyun, Mu Huanzhi, and the rest of the Ice Phoenix elders and palace masters were here and all of the disciples that had accompanied them were also present. So it was clear that they were presently preparing to travel to the Moon God Realm as well.

Upon seeing that Yun Che had returned, Mu Bingyun felt her heart relax. Her icy eyes measured him as a faint smile seemed to grace her lips, “Ah, you’ve returned just in time. Furthermore, upon seeing your current appearance, it looks like you’ve finally fulfilled your heart’s desire.”

Yun Che smiled as he said, “Not only did I obtain what my heart desired, I even got a very unexpected reward.”

His words were filled with gratefulness… Because he had finally fulfilled his wish to meet Jasmine and had even sworn an eternal vow with her. All of this was something that was due in large part to Mu Bingyun.

The first step he took into the God Realm was also due to Mu Bingyun bringing him over.

“Oh? An unexpected reward?”

“Eh… it’s not that important.” Yun Che said with some embarrassment. The “unexpected reward” he was talking about was actually Caizhi and he did not know why those words had slipped out of his mouth either.

As he saw the many elders and disciples in the background, Yun Che said in a very soft voice, “Could it be that all of us are allowed to go to the Moon God Realm?”

“That’s right.” Mu Bingyun said with a nod of her head, “It looks like the Moon God Emperor is in rather high spirits right now. Not only did he invite nearly the entire Eastern Divine Region, he did not limit the number of guests either. So everyone who was present in the Eternal Heaven Realm has been allowed to go to the Moon God Realm.”

Yun Che was rendered rather speechless by those words, “So the Moon God Emperor is hellbent on making this wedding celebration as ostentatious as possible. We don’t even know what kind of personage this new God Empress is, but even if it is a woman like the Dragon Queen or the Goddess, it should not cause the Moon God Emperor to go to such lengths, correct?”

“What happened to Yue Wugou all those years ago caused the Moon God Emperor to suffer extreme disgrace. So it is clear that he is trying to get that back many times over. As for what kind of personage that God Empress is? We will know today.”

He had sent those wedding invitations three years ago, causing a great uproar to occur in the Eastern Divine Region. Three years had passed and not only had the Moon God Emperor not tried to calm the furor that this wedding celebration had created, he even tried to make the occasion grander and grander. Furthermore, to this date, the identity of this “God Empress” was still a mystery to everyone.

So this also undoubtedly aroused a great curiosity in everyone as well.

In the distance, a white-colored pillar of light rushed towards the sky. Mu Bingyun lifted her eyes towards that pillar of light and said, “The dimensional profound formation has been activated. Let’s leave.”

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