Chapter 1319 - Divine Miracle Of Life

Against the Gods

Chapter 1319 - Divine Miracle Of Life

An inescapable destiny...

In fact, for the past few years, Yun Che himself had also been having this feeling, and it was a feeling that was growing clearer and clearer as time passed.

He possessed the Heretic God’s power and the Sky Poison Pearl, both were singularly unique items in this universe. Even though possessing these things allowed him to live a completely different life, they had also come with an equivalent amount of risk and danger. The moment they were exposed, it would definitely draw an extremely large amount of covetous eyes towards him, so it was inevitable that he had to be careful and vigilant at all times.

At present, his greatest secret had already been exposed to Qianye Ying’er’s side. Even if she did not tell anybody else, it still meant that he could forget about ever living a peaceful and carefree life… Unless he could rise above Qianye Ying’er, and rise above everyone else in the world.

Thus, Shen Xi’s words were not wrong to Yun Che’s understanding… Even if the points they were referring to may have been different.

“All of the things you said are things that I already understand,” Yun Che said. “Fine, I won’t try to force you to tell me the things you don’t want to talk about again. Right now, I only want to think of the quickest way to get rid of this Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark… I’ll think about the rest of it after this.”

“Senior Shen Xi, tell me this one thing first. Is there a way for me to get rid of the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark quicker, and if there is, what is it?” Yun Che asked. With the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark still in his body, what Qianye or Dragon Monarch… he basically did not have any spare effort to waste thinking about them.

Shen Xi replied in a cool voice, “Dual cultivate with me.”

Yun Che was immediately struck dumb, “Eh…”

“However, since you are able to create and manipulate light profound energy, that will also greatly shorten the amount of time it will take.”

Shen Xi turned around and walked towards the bamboo house that only one outsider, Yun Che, had ever stepped inside before. After that, she said, “Follow me.”

Yun Che paused for a moment before he followed behind Shen Xi and left He Ling quietly standing in her original spot as she remained completely dumbfounded for a long time.

The bamboo door closed behind them and the world became incomparably quiet.

It was just at the moment when Yun Che wanted to ask a question that Shen Xi extended a jade arm as she lightly traced something in the air, her white sleeve flapping in the wind. Immediately, a white light shone from an unknown location, illuminating the entire bamboo hut in a sea of lustrous white light. After that, one could no longer see a trace of emerald-green, it was as if the entire space had been transformed.

Even though the white light was dense, it was not glaring. Within this world that had turned pure white, characters started appearing in the air. These characters were also white, yet they were, strangely enough, exceptionally clear and easy to make out in this dense white light. These characters started to slowly dance in the air, eventually converging to form a gigantic profound art. As the white light curled up around these characters, they released an incomparably profound and holy aura.

Yun Che raised his head to stare at this strange profound art that was being bathed in light, “This is…”

“This is the light divine art that I am about to teach you,” Shen Xi said in a gentle voice.

“Light… divine art?” Yun Che muttered in a soft voice, his eyes rigidly fixed on those characters.

“Light profound energy is different from all the other profound energies you are familiar with, its true essence absolutely does not lie in force or destruction. Rather, the true essence of light profound energy is cleansing and salvation. Your body is weighed down by a very heavy aura of malice and blood, so this is definitely not a power suited for you to wield, and perhaps you are also not too interested in this sort of power which provides nearly no combat ability. However, if you want to quickly get rid of your Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark, then this light divine art is the best choice you have at present.”

As Shen Xi said these things, Yun Che had been silently staring at the light divine art that was floating in the air. He was very convinced that this was the first time he had ever come in contact with this profound art, yet he suddenly had this notion that he might have seen this somewhere before. This was an extremely strange and indescribable feeling.

“Senior Shen Xi, are you letting me cultivate this light divine art so that I can purge myself of the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark?” he asked.

Shen Xi gave a light nod of her head, “The reason why I was able to purge your Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark in the first place was by the power of this light divine art. So even though your strength is extremely far from mine, the power of other people and the power that originates from your own body can’t be put in the same sentence at the end of the day.”

“You can handle light profound energy so you just barely have the qualifications to cultivate this light divine art. If you are able to master the contents of this divine art, you will not only be able to cleanse yourself of the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark, your lifespan will also far exceed that of the human race.”

“Other than that, this divine art isn’t just a simple light profound art, it also contains unique laws of ‘Creation’ and an extremely high level medical knowledge. If you can comprehend everything within it, you can not only save yourself, but others as well.”

All those years ago, she had used light divine power to save the Dragon Monarch who was on the brink of death… Not only had she completely restored his profound veins and meridians, she had even been able to completely restore his eyes and tongue which had been destroyed. In the God Realm, it was said that this power that transcended all normal understanding was something that only Shen Xi possessed.

This was also why Xia Qingyue, in her despair, had not hesitated to bring Yun Che to the distant Dragon God Realm.

Yun Che finally managed to move his gaze away from the floating characters before he asked, “If I am able to cultivate it, how long will it take me to get rid of the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark?”

“Within ten years,” The number Shen Xi had just uttered was five times less than what it initially had been.

Yun Che’s expression changed slightly… Even though it was still far too long, compared to being trapped in this place for fifty years, it was a far better option.

“But you shouldn’t become happy too soon. The level of this light divine art is extremely high and if you desire to comprehend its contents, being able to control light profound energy is only one of the most basic conditions. You also need an extremely high comprehension ability and the right opportunities. Besides that…”

Shen Xi’s words came to a small stop before a look of regret and pity appeared on her celestial mien, “This is only half of the divine art.”

“Half?” Yun Che was mildly stunned by those words, “Then where is the other half?”

Shen Xi shook her head, “This light divine art came from an incomparably distant era in the past, and it should also be the only remaining copy of the light divine art in the current universe. To be able to obtain even half of it is already being blessed by the heavens and the other half will probably never ever be found.” 

“This is… a divine art from the Primordial Era of Gods?”

“It’s not merely that,” Shen Xi’s eyes glowed with a strange light, “It came from the primogenitor of light profound energy herself, one of the Four Great Creation Gods of the Primordial God Realm, the Creation Goddess of Life Li Suo.”

Yun Che, “...!!”

“In other words, this is a… Creation God Art!”

Yun Che’s expression froze on his face and it remained like that for a long time.

After Yun Che’s Heretic God powers, yet another Creation God’s powers had appeared in this world… No! It had appeared at a far earlier time than Yun Che’s own Heretic God powers. It was just that the entire God Realm knew the “Dragon Queen Shen Xi” was the most unique existence under heaven, an existence that could turn death to life, could turn a rotten piece of wood into a forest. Yet they had not known that this unique power, a power that only she possessed in this universe, was actually the power of a Creation God.

The Creation Goddess of Life Li Suo’s Creation God powers!

Yun Che remained dumbstruck for a long period of time. Shen Xi had originally thought that he had been astounded by the name “Creation God Art”. Yet at this moment, Yun Che said something that actually stunned her instead, “This light divine art, is it’s name… the 【Divine Miracle of Life】?

“...” Shen Xi’s crescent brows twitched slightly as her beautiful eyes swivelled towards him, “You actually know of this name?”

Yun Che raised his head again and once more looked towards the white-colored profound art that was floating in midair, “This is the first half of the divine art and what is missing is the next half correct?”

As she looked at Yun Che’s clearly strange behaviour and appearance, Shen Xi began to feel a faint suspicion, “Why do you know of this?”

“Because…” Yun Che said as his hand grabbed his jaw, “I just happen to have the other half of the 【Divine Miracle of Life】.”

Shen Xi’s celestial eyes and body whirled towards Yun Che at the same time as shock and astonishment appeared on that face of absolute beauty for the first time.

Yun Che focused his will and closed his eyes and the characters that he had carved into his heart during his life in the Azure Cloud Continent started floating into his mind. After that it formed a profound shadow and following a wave of his hand, it slowly spread open in front of him.

The Heavenly Medicine Manual!

In the Illusory Demon Realm’s Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, the Golden Crow Spirit had clearly told him that the 【Heavenly Medicine Manual】that both him and Yun Gu had cultivated was absolutely not the medicine manual they thought it was. It was actually the Creation God Art of the Creation Goddess of Life Li Suo, the 【Divine Miracle of Life】.

As it involved a Creation God Art on the same level as the Heretic God’s powers, this was a conversation that Yun Che definitely was not able to forget. He had previously tried to comprehend it before, but he had met with no success. Even though, he had carved the entire “Heavenly Medicine Manual” into his heart, his understanding of it had basically all come from Yun Gu.

Furthermore, it was entirely composed of medical knowledge and had not involved the profound way or any principles of the universe.

However, he had once again heard the four words “Divine Miracle of Life” from Shen Xi’s mouth, so at that moment he instantly understood why this light divine art in front of him seemed so strangely familiar...

It was the slightly wondrous feeling of compatibility that came from the same divine art!

The Heavenly Medicine Manual, also otherwise known as the latter half of the Divine Miracle of Life, had also unfurled itself in this white-colored world… It was clearly only characters that had been conjured up by Yun Che’s using profound light, but the moment it opened up and spread out, it was suddenly covered with a layer of dense white light that had definitely not come from Yun Che.

Following this, an incomparably strange and fantastic scene unfurled before their eyes. The two parts of the divine art that had come from Shen Xi and Yun Che respectively had actually started to dance together. After that, they drew near to each other at a very swift speed… until they perfectly merged together. Following that, the light and aura radiating from these characters flowed and blended together before spreading out to reveal a complete light divine art, and at the same time, it also opened up a whole new world.

Shen Xi raised her head as she dazedly stared at the air above her.

“The complete… Divine Miracle of Life,” she said in an absent-minded voice. Bright ripples spread within her beautiful eyes and they did not fade away for a very long time.

Yun Che was also looking at this scene dumbly… He had clearly only used profound light to make those pale white characters appear, yet they had merged together with the other characters as if they had their own senses and their own life.

This was a… Creation God Art! Its profound mystery was not something that could be measured by the logic of the mortal plane.

“It actually… actually…” Shen Xi muttered to herself, as her beautiful eyes had unconsciously grown hazy.

This was the Divine Miracle of Life that had come from the Creation Goddess of Life Li Suo, and at this moment it had actually appeared in front of her, so how was this not a true divine miracle… a divine miracle that she had long ago stopped hoping would appear.

She closed her eyes for a long time before slowly opening them again. After that, she turned towards Yun Che and said, “This latter half of the Divine Miracle of Life, where did you obtain it from?”

Yun Che answered honestly, “I was not the one who found it, it was my master.”

“Your master?”

“Master isn’t proficient at the profound way, so he is my master in the art of medicine. This half of a divine art was something he unwittingly found. Master was convinced that this was a very special medical manual that stored an extremely deep and high level of medical knowledge. So he called it the ‘Heavenly Medicine Manual’ as a way of saying that this was a medical manual that the heavens themselves had bestowed on him.”

Shen Xi, “...”

“It was also this ‘Heavenly Medicine Manual’ that allowed my master to become a divine doctor and indirectly also change my life,” Yun Che said as heart was stirred up by those memories.

Yun Che’s words caused Shen Xi’s crescent brows to furrow slightly, “So you’re saying that your ‘master’ was actually able to fully grasp this half of the ‘Divine Miracle of Life’?”

“No,” Yun Che shook his head before answering in a frustrated voice, “Master is someone who has a pure and sacred heart. He has only sought to help people and increase his medical prowess his entire life, and he is even somewhat repulsed by the profound way. From the beginning to the end, he had thought this was a medical manual and he was completely unable to comprehend ninety-nine percent of the knowledge contained within it. The remaining tiny one percent was medical knowledge he comprehended through sheer devotion to his craft and his own intuition as a physician.”

Just what kind of existence was the Divine Miracle of Life, that even though Yun Gu had only comprehended one tiny part of it, one percent of it to be exact, it was enough to make him the number one divine doctor in the Azure Cloud Continent… And today, he was also the number one divine doctor in the Illusory Demon Realm.

“The Divine Miracle of Life does indeed contain medical knowledge, but the level of those medical principles are extremely high. For your master in medicine to be able to comprehend just the slightest bit of it with his mortal heart and perception, is already enough to call him a person of extraordinary talent.”

Yun Che nodded his head with no hesitation whatsoever at Shen Xi’s words.

When he had followed Yun Gu all those years ago, he had grown accustomed to it. But after Yun Gu had passed away, he began to gradually realize that Yun Gu was a genuine saint by any and all measures. A person like that was someone he might not find again in his life and even in the entire mortal world.

Even though he did not possess light profound energy and was not proficient in the profound way, he was able to use his pure doctor’s heart to comprehend a part of the medical principles contained within the “Divine Miracle of Life"… Perhaps this was also something a second person would not be able to replicate.

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