Chapter 1320 - The Weird Changes in Profound Sky

Against the Gods

Chapter 1320 - The Weird Changes in Profound Sky

Yun Che’s comprehension ability was extremely high, yet he had never been able to grasp the “Heavenly Medicine Manual”. But now that he possessed light profound energy, when his divine senses swept across this light divine art, he could immediately sense an extremely enormous change. The moment his eyes came into contact with these originally arcane and difficult to understand characters, a strange resonance actually suddenly rang out in his soul. As he focused his mind a little more, all the profound energy in his body started to move by itself, releasing a layer of pure and flawless white light. A vast and boundless world of pure white started to gradually unfold and spread before his eyes.

Sacredness, light, life, forgiveness, love, kind-heartedness, salvation, cleansing, healing, creation, warmth, peace... Within this pure-white world, all of the beautiful and good things one could imagine had started to appear. As he was immersed in this kind of world, Yun Che’s heart and soul had become peaceful and empty. All of his frustrations, resentments, maliciousness, apprehension, and hesitation… All of it had been blown away by that warm white light, and he could no longer feel any negative emotions.

Yun Che withdrew his will, and the pure-white world in front of him vanished. Yet that flawless peace and tranquility still remained in his heart… and all of this had occurred due to his comprehension of the very first verse of the divine art.

Even though it was just a verse, he could clearly see another world… A brand new world that had never appeared before within his knowledge or experience.

“Light profound energy…” Yun Che involuntarily breathed out those words. When he had discovered that he had suddenly gained light profound energy due to Shen Xi, he had not been too excited about it. Instead, he had only felt curious and amazed. But right now, having used light profound energy to once again face the “Divine Miracle of Life”, he now truly understood that he had opened a giant door to another world… A world of light that no one in this universe had stepped into aside from Shen Xi.

The “sudden enlightenment” that had happened recently, had lingered in his consciousness for only a few short breaths, but he understood that a lot of time may actually have already passed by. During this entire period, Shen Xi had not said a single word, and she had not given him any attention at all. She was also quietly looking at the reunited and complete “Divine Miracle of Life”. Compared to Yun Che stepping into a whole new domain, the throbbing in her heart was several times stronger than his.

Because she was far more clear on what exactly the complete resurrection of the “Divine Miracle of Life” meant.

“He appeared… and he even brought the completion of ‘Miracle of Life’ with him...” The words that were said from the bottom of her heart had actually absent-mindedly spilled from her lips, “It looks like this is truly the will of heaven…”

“Royal father… Lord Li Suo… Xi’er has finally… finally…”

Yun Che glanced to the side as he gave the clearly out-of-sorts and absent-minded Shen Xi a strange look. He had once again heard her utter the words “Lord Li Suo”, and he had also clearly heard her say… Royal father?

Her father was… a king?

The king of what race?

Shen Xi had finally noticed his eyes which were staring directly at her. She regained her senses and her beautiful eyes, which had also turned peaceful and calm again, turned towards him. “Yun Che, I said before that if you are able to cultivate the incomplete ‘Divine Miracle of Life’, it would take you ten years to completely cleanse yourself of the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark.”

“But having the complete Divine Miracle of Life is obviously a completely different notion from having the incomplete version. If you are able to fully grasp and comprehend the entire Divine Miracle of Life, then… the amount of time you will need to cleanse yourself of the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark will be greatly reduced. It is very possible that you will be able to purge the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark within a year.”

“Within a year?” Those three words shook Yun Che greatly. 

He had already personally experienced the dreadfulness of the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark. Furthermore, this Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark was personally inflicted on him by Qianye Ying’er and no one could get rid of it other than Shen Xi. But right now, Shen Xi had personally told him… that if he was able to cultivate the Divine Miracle of Life, even someone who was only at the Divine Spirit Realm like him would only need a year to get rid of it!?

Was the Divine Miracle of Life truly that strong?

“This will also depend on your own comprehension ability and your compatibility with the ‘Divine Miracle of Life’. If you find yourself unable to cultivate the ‘Divine Miracle of Life’, then the only option you will be left with is to rely on my power to help you get rid of the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark,” Shen Xi said.

“I understand,” Yun Che nodded his head before sucking in a small breath. What had originally been fifty years had now been reduced to “one year”. Those two words were so beautiful and perfect that he found himself nearly unable to believe them—But the precondition was that he had to completely comprehend the Divine Miracle of Life.

The level of the Divine Miracle of Life was undoubtedly extremely high, it existed at the level of creation itself, the same plane as his Heretic God Arts. But the short period of sudden revelation just now caused him to feel no apprehension in his heart.

“In the next year, I don’t expect you to cultivate the Divine Miracle of Life, even comprehending a bit of it is fine. But, there is one goal that you definitely need to accomplish,” Shen Xi’s gaze gradually grew focused and solid. Following the reappearance of the complete Divine Miracle of Life, the look which she gave Yun Che was subtly different from before, “The Divine King Realm!”

Those four words, which had been uttered in a soft and gentle voice, caused Yun Che’s eyes to go completely wide instead, “Become a Divine King… within a year? How is that even possible!?”

His current profound strength was at the fifth level of the Divine Spirit Realm. To cultivate from the fifth level of the Divine Spirit Realm to the Divine King Realm, even at the level of the king realms themselves, was purely a nonsensical fairytale. It was definitely not something anybody would believe.

“Just based on your own strength, it is indeed impossible,” Shen Xi said gracefully. “But I will help you and Ling’er, and this Forbidden Land of Samsara will also help you.”

“...?” Yun Che still did not understand.

“The aura within the Forbidden Land of Samsara is not stained by any impurities, and the majority of the spirit flowers and mysterious plants found in this place can only be found here. Previously, you did not even know of the name ‘Shen Xi’, so you also should not know where the very best spirit medicines in the God Realm are produced.”

This was something that Yun Che indeed did not know. He had always been in the Snow Song Realm previously, so he had naturally not come into contact with anything at this level. Upon hearing Shen Xi’s words, his eyebrows twitched and he said, “Could it be this place?”

To the rest of the God Realm, the Forbidden Land of Samsara was not only a forbidden ground, it was also a sacred ground!

As the one and only true pure land within the God Realm, all the pellets and medicines that came from the Forbidden Land of Samsara were sacred items to the rest of the world. At certain intervals of time, Shen Xi would gift the Dragon Monarch with spirit pellets she had refined personally. This was not to thank the Dragon Monarch himself, but it was a present to the dragon god race.

After all, she was also from the dragon god race.

The stronger the medicinal strength of a profound way medicine was, the greater the risk. If one foolishly overestimated oneself and ate one, it was the same as digging your own grave, this was one of the most basic principles of the profound way.

Even if one was as strong as Yun Che, when he had forced down the Universe Penta Jade Pellet during the Conferred God Battle… If Mu Xuanyin had not been by his side, his body would have long ago been crippled and he would have died.

However, the medicines that came from the Forbidden Land of Samsara were all extremely pure. It was also because of this that no matter how high-level or strong the medicinal strength of the medicines were, they did not carry any risk whatsoever. Even an entirely mortal person could directly swallow them, and that person’s entire body would be completely transformed within a night, giving the person a new lease on life.

So these spiritual medicines which defied common sense were existences that were on the level of the most valuable treasures, even to the dragon god race that reigned supreme under heaven. Over the last several hundred thousand years, they had only ever gifted seven of these pellets… and every single pellet was a gift to the other king realms.

Shen Xi did not reply. Instead she said in a warm and gentle voice, “As a member of the Wood Spirit Royal Family, Ling’er possesses many abilities unique to her alone. She can speed up the growth of all of the divine trees and spirit flowers in this place and she can also perfectly capture their spirit energy when she harvests them. From tomorrow onwards, I will get her to refine spirit pellets and spirit liquids for you, to increase your vitality and profound energy. Furthermore, your time will be divided like this. Thirty percent will go to comprehending the ‘Divine Miracle of Life’, thirty percent will be to cultivate and stabilize your profound strength, and the remaining time… I will need you to dual cultivate with me for at least six hours every day.”

Yun Che, “Eh…”

The two words “dual cultivate” had been uttered by Shen Xi with incomparable coolness and indifference, it had not been stained by any emotion or desire. But once Yun Che heard that, he was basically unable to keep his cool...

“I will help you refine my vital yin and cultivate the Divine Miracle of Life together with you. This is the quickest way to allow you to comprehend the Divine Miracle of Life and increase your profound strength.” She gave Yun Che a deep look before speaking softly, “Do not forget the situation you found yourself in today. It is not my expectation or hope for you to become a Divine King within a year, it is simply a goal you definitely need to accomplish… if you ever want to escape the grasp of Qianye and become able to face the Dragon Monarch head-on that is!”


Outside the God Realm. In a corner of the Primal Chaos. On a planet called the Blue Pole Star.

Profound Sky Continent, Blue Wind Imperial City.

As time flowed by, it had somehow already been four years since Yun Che had left the Profound Sky Continent to head to the God Realm.

During these four years, the legend of Yun Che had not faded one bit in the Profound Sky Continent, but no one had seen him either. Furthermore, there had been many guesses as to where he had gone and the more they spread, the fiercer they got.

However, in Blue Wind Nation, Yun Che was undoubtedly a character that had become legend. He had saved Blue Wind Nation, saved the Profound Sky Continent, and had also greatly changed the status of Blue Wind Nation within the Profound Sky Continent. He was the greatest pride in all Blue Wind history. 

Because of the existence of one person, Yun Che, Blue Wind Nation had become the country one could least afford to offend in the Profound Sky Continent. Even the Four Sacred Grounds who represented and symbolized the profound way in the Profound Sky Continent… Absolute Monarch Sanctuary’s current Saint Emperor Xia Yuanba was also someone from the Blue Wind Nation, and the Supreme Ocean Palace that had been pardoned by Yun Che also had to pay tribute to the Blue Wind Imperial Family every year. As for the other two Sacred Grounds, the Divine Phoenix Sect had bent their heads to the Blue Wind Imperial Family for the past few years and up to this day, they were still paying reparations to the Blue Wind Nation for the sins they committed in those years. Even less needed to be said about Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace; three years before this, it had already become the Blue Wind Nation’s guardian sect.

Furthermore, the previous Palace Master had been Yun Che as well, so even though Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace had the weakest total strength of the Four Sacred Grounds, it was actually their leader.

Because of all of these reasons, the Blue Wind Nation was undoubtedly the place that you definitely could not afford to shake in the entire continent.

But in the past half a year, the Blue Wind Nation had not been peaceful.

The Blue Wind Palace Chief Dongfang Xiu landed in a restricted area within the imperial palace. With hurried feet, he rushed into the imperial hall.

“This old servant Dongfang Xiu greets Her Majesty the Empress.”

Cang Yue’s pair of phoenix eyes were gentle but there was steel in them. As she looked at the Dongfang Xiu who was kneeling before her, her eyebrows furrowed and she said, “Palace Chief Dongfang, your expression is so hurried and anxious, could it be that the profound beasts have started rampaging again?”

“Replying Your Majesty, it is exactly that,” Dongfang Xiu proclaimed solemnly with a bent head. “The area which has been affected by this disturbance is the Wasteland of Death. Those profound beasts that normally never leave that domain have all crawled out of their nests, even the herbivorous profound beasts which have never harmed anyone before have also become exceptionally violent and irascible. The Wasteland of Death is where most profound beasts reside in our Blue Wind, so the profound beast rampage this time around is far bigger than the previous ones in scale.”

Cang Yue’s crescent brows faintly knitted together before she said, “The area of unrest is in the eastern region of the Wasteland of Death?”

Dongfang Xiu immediately replied, “It is! Currently the fifty kilometer area which comprises the eastern part of the Wasteland of Death has been affected, if we do not put a stop to it soon, it will definitely bring about a great disaster. I request Your Majesty to quickly to give us a command and to also request help from the Divine Phoenix Sect.”

Cang Yue stood up. She continued thinking for a while more before she muttered to herself, “This is already the sixth time.”

“Palace Chief Dongfang,” Cang Yue said with furrowed brows, “immediately return to the Blue Wind Profound Palace. Marshal all the elite profound practitioners within the inner palace and immediately rush towards the eastern part of the Wasteland of Death afterwards.”

Dongfang Xiu was shocked by that command, “Your Majesty, this is…”

Cang Yue’s face was solemn and an authoritative might coolly radiated from her, “During the past few years, Blue Wind’s might has spread to all the corners of the realm due to my husband’s name and reputation. Countless profound practitioners have started to become arrogant and they no longer have any sense of danger, they have even forgotten that our nation was on the brink of destruction just a few years ago. This profound beast rampage will be dealt with by the profound practitioners of the Blue Wind Profound Palace. Tell them that this is Blue Wind Nation, we cannot forever rely on the Divine Phoenix Sect!”

“But the profound beasts that come from the Wasteland of Death are no laughing matter. Furthermore, there are an extremely large amount of them gathered there right now. Even if the entire inner palace were to head out, it would still be very difficult to deal with. Moreover… even if we are able to suppress it in the end, it will also definitely result in a lot of injuries and deaths,” Dongfang Xiu said in a worried voice.

“The Royal Family will naturally compensate for any and all casualties.” Dongfang Xiu’s words had not moved Cang Yue in the slightest, “It is time from them to wake up and smell the roses. If there are cowards or unwilling participants, there is no need to force them. But you must immediately expel them from the Blue Wind Profound Palaces and forbid them from ever returning!”

The Blue Wind Empress’ orders had been set and Dongfang Xiu naturally was unable to say anything else. As he thought of the atmosphere in these Blue Wind Profound Palaces that had gradually been changing due to the might of their country, he also gave a silent sigh in his heart. After that, he kowtowed deeply before swiftly departing. 

Just as Dongfang Xiu had left, the authoritative might on Cang Yue’s face immediately disappeared and it was swiftly replaced by an expression of deep worry.

She picked up a sound transmission jade and whispered into it, “Xue’er, there is something I need to bother you with.”

After Cang Yue had finished that sound transmission, the worry on her face deepened even further. She looked outside of the palace and muttered to herself, “In just a short half a year, six consecutive strange occurrences had happened with the profound beasts and the interval between each incident grows ever shorter… Just what exactly is happening here?”

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