Chapter 1337 - Ashes

Against the Gods

Chapter 1337 - Ashes

“Broth… Brother-in-law…” Caizhi’s face grew even paler than it already was. Everything that had happened today, every single word, every single scene had completely turned her heart and soul upside down.

But Jasmine was still completely and utterly dazed. Her blank gaze was fixed on Yun Che, not willing to move away from him for even an instant. It was as if only he existed in her world right now and everything else… whether it was life or death, whether it was fresh blood or miserable screams, none of them was important any longer.

Because, this was… the last brilliant flash of his life...

Why… did it have to turn out like this...

Mother… Big Brother… Caizhi...

Yun Che...

Just what exactly… have I done wrong...

The far-too dense aura of blood had caused the air to turn sticky as the feeling of dread crazily grew and spread throughout the hearts of all the Star Guards. All of the Star Guards who had been primed to take action were now backpedaling in a fluster and some of them had even fled with their teeth chattering.

They were Star Guards, they had previously believed that they no longer had any fear within them. They also believed that they would no longer fear death since it was for the Star God Realm and their own glory and honor as Star Guards.

Until today, until this very moment...

They could die, but… to die to a junior who had been born in extremely lowly circumstances, and to die so easily and so miserably. How could they be content with such a death? How could they not help but tremble with fear?

“My king…” Heavenly Origin Star God Tumi spoke up. Even if they were elders who had known him for tens of thousands of years, they had never heard his voice become so warped, “This child, we definitely… cannot afford to let him live!”

Previously, both he and the Star God Emperor had said that they could absolutely not afford to kill Yun Che.

But right now, he had actually said “we definitely cannot afford to let him live”.

He was born in the lower realms… He had climbed from Divine Spirit to Divine King in a single year… Within a few breaths, his strength had exploded from Divine King straight to Divine Sovereign. Furthermore, he was currently displaying a power that was very likely to be close to the power of a Divine Master, despite only having the strength of a Divine Sovereign...

The word freak could no longer be used to describe him. He was not even thirty years of age yet, but he had already reached this stage. If they let him grow up… Ten years… A century… A millennium… After that, what heights would he reach!?

It was not possible to estimate, it was basically impossible to estimate this at all!

But there was one thing that was absolutely certain. If he was a friend, then it would be the most fortunate thing in the universe. But if he was foe… he would be more dreadful than any devil!!

Furthermore, after what had happened today, Yun Che only felt hatred and resentment towards the Star God Realm, a hatred and resentment that had pervaded his heart and sunk into his bones! If they were to let him live and he managed to escape, or if even the smallest mistake and accident happened after this… In the future, after he had finished growing, for the Star God Realm, he would become a calamity that covered the heavens themselves, a calamity that they would not even be able to imagine!

In this moment, he even felt some remorse sprout in his heart… If he had known about Jasmine and Yun Che’s relationship previously, if he had previously known that Yun Che would not even care about his life or death when it came to Jasmine, that he would barge into the Star God Realm all by himself, if he had known that the power Yun Che possessed was actually this dreadful, he definitely would have used all of his strength to advise the Star God Emperor to give up on this ceremony and start giving Jasmine and Caizhi the best possible treatment instead. He would also have given it his all to try to get Yun Che to become a member of the Star God Realm.

After all, no one knew whether this ceremony would even succeed or not and no one was able to calculate what the result would be even if the ceremony succeeded. So the other option would not only preserve two Star Gods, the Heavenly Slaughter and the Heavenly Wolf, it would also have allowed the Star God Realm to obtain a power that would be able to hold up the heavens themselves in the future.

But it was just that there was no such thing as what ifs in this world and it was also impossible to turn back time. Given the current circumstances, what they needed to do was to completely and utterly kill Yun Che off, they definitely could not allow him to have any… not even the slightest chance or opportunity to live. Compared to this, all of the secrets that he had were no longer important.

If even the Heavenly Origin Star God felt shock and fear in his heart, then how could the Star God Emperor also not feel the same way? His chest heaved and he yelled in an incredibly low voice, “KILL… HIM!”

He had only uttered two short words but every person present could clearly hear the fear within them,

He had caused the Star God Emperor… to feel fear in his heart!?

Even if it was the Moon God Emperor whom he viewed as a mortal enemy, he had never been given this “treatment” before.

“Don’t hold back anymore! Kill him!”

To Xing Mingzi, the words of the Star God Emperor were no less than taking a heavy burden off his shoulders. He gave an order and countless Divine Sovereign auras erupted simultaneously. The flow of air in the entire Star God City instantly blew apart and the space around them looked like the surface of a lake after a wild wind had blown over it as countless ripples spread across it.

All of the three thousand Star Guards took action simultaneously as the profound strength of three thousand Divine Sovereigns erupted at the same time. The aura that was generated by this action was as vast and mighty as the ocean, and for all intents and purposes, it was an aura that truly shook the heavens and the earth.

Even if they were situated right in the back or if they did not have an opportunity to strike, every single Star Guard’s body was flashing with a glaring starlight that was unique to their Star God Realm.


As their roars shook the heavens, countless beams of starlight hurtled towards Yun Che… The power of a Divine Sovereign was inferior only to the power of a Divine Master in this entire Primal Chaos Dimension, and it was enough to allow someone to tyrannize an upper star realm or become a king in a middle star realm. Countless profound practitioners would toil away for their entire lives without daring to even hope to see a Divine Sovereign, much less dream of becoming one.

And at this very moment, every single beam of star energy that was converging on Yun Che had come from a Divine Sovereign!

When he had just arrived in the God Realm, to the him who had not even stepped into the divine way yet, the two words “Divine Sovereign” represented a supreme and exalted divinity. It was so high that it was an existence that he could not even begin to hope or yearn for.

He could never have imagined, no one could ever have imagined, that in just four short years, he would actually be taking on three thousand Divine Sovereigns by himself!


Yun Che’s roar grew even more hoarse and terrifying as the bloody light that shone in his eyes grew even more sinister. The flames ignited on the body of the Heaven Smiting Sword as lightning crackled and popped. It carried his boundless hatred and resentment as it burst forth, and it ripped open a bloody curtain in the world that had turned a brilliant, lustrous white.

The crackling of lightning, Phoenix cries and miserable wails mixed together as the Star Guards who were within three hundred meters of Yun Che were all sent flying. Every single one of them had sustained heavy injuries and the furthest person was actually blasted straight into the Absolute Star Soul Barrier. Yet their nightmares had just begun. Crimson flames started burning on their bodies and they had spread across their entire bodies in the blink of an eye, causing the cries of misery that had not even dissipated yet to morph into miserable wails that sounded like the cries of a malicious spirit.

The divine might of the crimson flames that had been formed from the combination of his Golden Crow and Phoenix flames had shocked the world during the Conferred God Battle and everyone in the Eastern Divine Region had heard of it. But it was only after experiencing it at this very moment that they truly understood just how dreadful and cruel these flames were. All of their Star God Spears and Star God Armor were swiftly melting away like ordinary steel. It seemed as if their bodies had been buried inside the violent flames of purgatory as they were mercilessly roasted, it was pain they had definitely never imagined before.

“Ah… Aaaahhhhh… Save… Save me… Uwaaaahhhhh…”

Each cry of misery was more shrill and mournful than the last, they were so shrill and mournful that the other Star Guards were not able to process or believe what was happening. They desperately released profound energy, but those crimson flames were like maggots that had burrowed into their bones, refusing to go out no matter what the Star Guards did. Instead, these flames slowly spread to each layer of their bodies, from the armor to the flesh, from the flesh to the bones, from the bones to the internal organs and soul, each step thrusting them into a deeper purgatory.

It was just that no one could help them. Because Yun Che had already morphed into a blood-colored ray of light as he once again sent that devilish blade which came from the blood lakes of purgatory, hurtling towards the trembling Star Guards yet again.


A huge explosion rocked the blue dome of heaven and before a whole thirty Star Guards were even able to lift their hands, they had been buried in an explosion of fiercely burning crimson flames, instantly morphing into evil ghosts who were wailing within the flames.

The despairing Heretic God...

The crimson flames of despair...

The heavenly tribulation divine lightning of despair...

The Heavenly Wolf Sword of despair...

The him at this moment was already no longer Yun Che. Instead he was the Other Shore Asura that had been birthed from pain, rage, and the despair of knowing that death was imminent! He did not fight for life, did not fight to escape and did not fight for hope, he only fought on for hatred and death!


Crack!! Sizzle!!


A single stroke of that sword had snapped three Star Guards in half as it caught them at the waist… A single stroke caused the heads of nine Star Guards to rupture at the same time… A single stroke blasted fourteen Star Guards away as flames exploded, causing them to fall into a crimson purgatory… A single stroke caused seventeen Star Guards to be bound by a lightning which shattered their divine bodies… A single stroke sent an entire two hundred Star Guards flying in the same instant, the energy shockwave emitted by that attack caused several hundred Star Guards to fall to the ground and they did not dare advance for a very long time.

Wave after wave of Star Guards rushed forward and each glaring beam of starlight carried with it the power of a Divine Sovereign, a power that could destroy an ocean in the blink of an eye. But what greeted them were the roars of the Heavenly Wolf, exploding flames and the sharp whine and crackle of lightning… as well as the loose limbs and splashes of blood which flew through the air and filled the sky.

As Yun Che let out those devilish roars, al living creatures who approached Yun Che were either shattered by his sword might, set aflame by those crimson flames, or ripped apart by lightning. The power contained within every single sword stroke was extremely terrifying and these Star Guards, who were clearly peerlessly strong, were cut down like grass before his sword. As long as his sword might even touched their Divine Sovereign bodies, they would either suffer from heavy injuries or be directly hewn to death… Furthermore, the way they died was incomparably miserable; not a single one of them left behind a whole corpse.

Within the barrier, all the Star Gods and elders could only look on dumbly. Their hands and feet were gradually growing icy-cold and their numbed scalps seemed as if they were about to explode at any time… No one was able to utter a single word for the longest time.

The fresh blood and shattered bones that were dancing in the air were the lives of one Star Guard after the other. They were a power that was inferior only to the Star Gods and the elders and there would only be around three thousand odd Star Guards during every single generation of the Star God Realm. Raising just a single one of them required an immense amount of resources and effort, and the death of any single one of them was a huge loss.

But at this moment, they were being chopped to pieces before their very eyes.

It definitely was not because the Star Guards were too weak. After all, within the vast Star God Realm, they were third-ranked existences. But the Yun Che at this moment was simply far too terrifying… he radiated a terror that one could not understand no matter how hard they tried!


Light pulsed as four Star God Spears which concentrated all their power together ripped through Yun Che’s crimson flames and directly pierced into his chest… But Yun Che did not even spare these spears a glance as his Heaven Smiting Sword exploded forward.

Four Star Guards were caught by complete surprise and they did not even have enough time to pull back their strength… As the Star God Spears all pierced into Yun Che’s chest, a power that was even more terrifying than a nightmare swept across their bodies at the same time. Their bodies had been snapped in half at the waist and the shattered fragments of their internal organs spread through the air...


With a loud roar, he blasted away the four Star God Spears that were stuck in his body as blood wildly sprayed out of his wounds like a geyser. The enraged devil seemed to have lost some strength due to those wounds, and the Heaven Smiting Sword, which had slaughtered wave upon wave of Star Guards, was slowly lowered to the ground… The shocked and terrified gazes of the Star Guards shook before all of them rushed forward with all of their might… But it was also at this moment that they suddenly sensed that the temperature around them was rising at an explosively fast pace and an abnormal distortion appeared in their gazes that had been locked onto Yun Che.

“Get back!!” The Heavenly Origin Star God let out a furious bellow.


What kind of existence was the Heavenly Origin Star God? His spiritual senses were abnormally sharp and he had yelled out that warning at the first possible moment. But Yun Che’s speed in gathering and releasing that fire was simply far too fast. As the Phoenix divine blood and Golden Crow divine blood burned at the same time and the despairing power of the Heretic God was utterly unleashed, the attack was so quick that all of the god emperors of this current era would not be able to imagine it.

Within a single short breath, “Yellow Springs Ashes” had erupted and the center of Star God City was engulfed in an exploding sea of crimson fire.

Firelight filled the sky and everywhere one could see within the Star God City had been dyed with those crimson flames as deep as blood. The abnormal swaying of this crimson sea of fire was as enchantingly beautiful as the reflection of a sunset… yet it was also the world’s most beautiful and graceful grave.

Sounds that sounded like the wailing of ghosts or the howling of wolves rang in the air, but these cries were not coming from within the sea of fire, they were coming from the borders of the sea of fire. Those Star Guards which had nearly been caught in the edges of this conflagration were backpedalling furiously. They had clearly not been touched by the flames but their entire bodies were glowing red like iron that had been heated in a forge, their pain was unbearable. But within that crimson sea of flames, besides the sound of flames igniting, one could not hear a single trace of wailing or struggling...

Because all of them had been directly burned to ashes within these sea of flames… All of the people who had been caught within this conflagration, a whole three hundred and thirty Star Guards, three hundred and thirty Divine Sovereigns… Not a single one of them had escaped!

At this point, more than five hundred Star Guards had fallen to Yun Che’s sword. The third-ranked power in the Star God Realm, five hundred Divine Sovereigns who could proudly reign over any middle star realm, by Yun Che alone… had been reduced by one-sixth of its strength.

Just what kind of absurd nightmare was this?

All the Star Guards started to retreat once more, especially those who were nearest to the sea of flames. It was as if they had just taken a stroll along the borders of purgatory, their guts and courage had nearly been shattered by fear… Yun Che, this person that was suddenly bathed in blood, just what kind of devil was he? Every single second he continued seemed to slowly shear away at their souls and confidence.

The gazes of the Star God Emperor and the Star Gods pierced through the layers of flame as they locked onto Yun Che’s body. Within the sea of flames, he slowly knelt to the ground and the Heaven Smiting Sword had also heavily sunk into the ground… Indeed, a power that could incinerate more than three hundred Divine Sovereigns in an instant, no matter how heaven-defying Yun Che was, that should have been enough to exhaust all of his power.

The sea of flames was clearly dissipating swiftly, yet the temperature in the air continued to rise just as swiftly, and the oppressive crimson might which engulfed Star God City seemed to be sharply swelling with every second that went by.

They involuntarily raised their heads… In the distant skies above, there were, shockingly enough, seven blood-colored suns that were burning in the air.

“Nine… Nine Suns Heaven's Fury!!”

“Xing Mingzi, why haven’t you made your move yet!?” The Star God Emperor roared so fiercely that he nearly ripped his throat.

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