Chapter 1338 - The Power of a Divine Master

Against the Gods

Chapter 1338 - The Power of a Divine Master

If it was before today, if someone had asked Xing Mingzi to take action against some little brat who was only thirty years of age, he would definitely have flown into a great rage then and there. He might even have lashed out in anger and reduced the person who had made the suggestion to slag… Because this was an extremely great insult to him, a Star God elder, a supreme Divine Master.

Becoming a Divine Master meant that one had become one of the rulers of heaven and earth. One could lord over the mortal world as all of the living creatures in this universe looked up to them. This sort of status and loftiness was unsurpassed but it was also something that could not be shaken or besmirched.

During the Conferred God Battle, Luo Guxie had struck at Yun Che in extreme rage and within a single morning, she had gone from the number one person in the Eastern Divine Region to the laughingstock of the entire universe. So if he, Xing Mingzi, a supreme Divine Master, were to personally make a move against Yun Che as well, the rest of the world would sneer at him too and even he would feel a deep shame.

That was why he had never made a move when the waves of Star Guards were being felled like grass before Yun Che’s blade, even though his face had gone ashen and his shock was compounded by fear. Now, however, the furious roar of the Star God Emperor had finally shattered the last layer of “resistance” in his body. He instantly took to the skies like a great eagle as an energy wave exploded in midair.

The power of a Divine Master was astonishing and world-shaking. In that instant, the heavens and earth truly changed color. The terrified and shocked Star Guards saw Xing Mingzi make his move and an expression of wild joy appeared on every single one of their faces, as the shock and fear in their hearts were swiftly washed away like tide.

“Yun Che, you punk… accept your death!”

Xing Mingzi was extremely furious. This was coupled with the dark shadow that had been spread by Yun Che and the Star God Emperor’s decree to execute him. When he made his move, the peerlessly terrifying oppressive might that he radiated nearly caused all the Star Guards below him to kneel to the ground… Shockingly enough, he was actually using more than eighty percent of his true power!

He clearly wanted to immediately smash Yun Che to death… smash him until even his bones did not remain!


It took just a single instant but the crimson sea of flames was completely extinguished by that far-too dreadful oppressive might. Not even the slightest bit of firelight could be seen, and even the high temperature which had been swiftly rising had also started to drop.

The profound light that radiated from Xing Mingzi’s body also looked like starlight, but compared to the Star Guards, the starlight radiating from his body was so dense that it looked real. What had originally been a large amount of distance between them was pulled close in an instant as the power of Divine Master, a power which represented the highest level of power in this universe, heavily smashed against Yun Che’s body.


This was the power of a Divine Master, it was enough to capsize a boundless ocean, it was even enough to destroy a small star… Much less the body of a person.

“Brother-in-law!!” Caizhi let out a cry of alarm as both of her starry eyes completely dulled due to her extreme shock and fright.

The crackling explosions of power engulfed everything in the world. It was as if a star had exploded in midair, completely ripping apart the blue dome of heaven. The entire space above Star God City seemed to have become shattered glass as it was filled with tens of thousands of black spatial tears. Due to the remaining energy that had not dissipated, these black tears desperately twisted and contorted and they did not close up even after a long time.

The Nine Suns Heaven’s Fury that was gathering and condensing flames had been completely dissipated. A ghastly and shocking fog of blood had exploded from Yun Che’s entire body as he was abruptly tossed into the air. He flew straight for fifty kilometers before heavily smashing against an enormous star stone. 

The sound of a great explosion rang out and the boulder directly disintegrated into little pieces as it collapsed. The scattering fragments of the star stone buried him in the blink of an eye and after that, there was no sound or movement.

There was only a steady stream of blood that slowly flowed out from beneath the rubble of the boulder.

Furthermore, there was a scarlet trail of blood that was nearly five hundred meters long before the location of the crash.

“Brother... -in-law…” Caizhi closed her eyes and buried her head in Jasmine’s chest as her delicate and slender shoulders continuously spasmed. But Jasmine still did not show any reaction whatsoever, as if she had completely lost her heart and soul the moment Yun Che had forcefully activated Other Shore Asura.

Xing Mingzi descended to the ground, the starlight in his hand dissipating. He looked at the place where Yun Che had been buried with not a single trace of elation on his face, there was only a gloomy solemness.

“Xing Minzi actually used eighty percent of his strength.” A Star God elder gave a light sigh and even though he had said those words, he had not felt that it was extreme in any way whatsoever.

“He was afraid… but who would not be afraid of such a monster?” another Star God elder questioned. Yun Che should have died more than ten times over under this blow so he felt as if a great burden had been lifted from his heart, “It was good that this child was young and full of youthful vigor. For the sake of his so-called deep emotions and passion, he actually came to this place despite clearly knowing that he would be sending himself to his own death… Otherwise, if he had enough maturity and forbearance, in the future… Hooo…”

As the two Star God Elders spoke, both of them glanced at the Star God Emperor at the same time as elation blossomed in their hearts.

It had been far too dreadful… A level one Divine Sovereign had gone berserk and had explosively slaughtered five hundred other Divine Sovereigns… and he was not even thirty years of age… It was simply far too dreadful...

The world turned silent once more but the scalps of all the Star Guards were still numb and the cold energy which filled their chests would not dissipate even after a long time had passed. Xing Mingzi’s eyes swept over the surrounding area before he bowed towards the Star God Emperor, “My King, this old one was mistaken about that child’s power. I was not able to react in time and I allowed five hundred Star Guards to die in vain. This sin… This old one has to bear all the blame for it.”

The Star God Emperor’s complexion was still changing. It was clear that his heart and soul were still unsettled, so he could not be bothered about whether there was any guilt or not. Instead he said in a deep voice, “Immediately destroy Yun Che’s entire body, do not leave behind even a single strand of hair!”

A junior who was in the first thirty years of his life had actually caused so much fear and apprehension in the Star God Emperor that it was hard for him to feel at ease even after that junior had died. This sort of thing had never happened before and would definitely never happen in the future. Xing Mingzi immediately bent his head as he shouted, “Yes!”


Just as his voice fell, a small and faint sound rang out in the distance—shockingly enough, it was coming from those shattered rocks which had buried Yun Che.

Even though it was only a very soft sound, it caused everyone’s eyes to nearly instantly zoom in on that spot. In the very next instant, the shattered remains of the boulder abruptly and fiercely blew apart with a malicious and bloody energy which soared to the heavens radiating outwards.

“Wha…” Xing Minzi jolted to his feet, as though an arrow had pierced his body. Within those eyes that had been expanded to their utmost limits, the Yun Che who should have been smashed to death, for whom survival should have been completely impossible, was actually slowly standing up. Blood dripped from every part of his body and the body of his sword had also been completely dyed in fresh blood. But the aura which assaulted them, an aura which was mixed with the dense stench of blood, had actually not weakened in the slightest...

No, it was even more dreadful than it had been before!

Especially those eyes of Yun Che’s, Xing Mingzi had never seen such a terrifying light radiate from any other eyes before.

“You…” Xing Mingzi was rooted in place as his brain suddenly froze up for half a breath. No matter what, he could not bring himself to believe his own eyes.

“He… actually didn’t die?”

“That was a blow that contained nearly all the strength that the Thirty-Seventh Elder could muster!”

“This… this, this… This… How is this… possible…”

The shock and astonishment brought about by this scene was no less than it would have been if the fabled gods and ghosts of lore had descended to the mortal realm in front of them. Everyone present had witnessed with their own eyes just how strong Xing Mingzi’s blow had been. It was an attack that he had made in fear and extreme anger, yet Yun Che was actually still alive… How was it possible that he was still alive!?

Not only was he still alive, his aura was becoming even more terrifying than it had been before.

Under everyone’s horrified gaze, Yun Che dragged the bloody Heaven Smiting Sword behind him as he slowly moved forward with a crunch. This step felt as if it was stepping on the hearts of all who were present, causing their bodies to suddenly shrink. In the next instant, Yun Che let out a hoarse roar and he rushed towards Xing Mingzi like a crazed evil spirit, the Phoenix flames and Golden Crow flames merged on his body once more as the light of the crimson flames mixed with the bloody profound light. Every Star Guard felt as if their eyes had been stabbed by needles as an icy-cold sensation that pierced the bone spread throughout their bodies.

A junior who had been born in the lower realms, whose master was from a middle star realm, who was not even thirty years of age, was now attacking a true Divine Master who possessed the power of a ruler. Just how absurd, comical, and ridiculous a scene was this, yet not a single person present could find it in them to laugh.

Xing Mingzi’s brows greatly furrowed as his face grew dark and starlight shone from both his hands. He directly grabbed at the Heaven Smiting Sword that was smashing down towards him, but the moment the sword might and the crimson flames neared his body, the pupils of his eyes suddenly contracted.


A muffled explosion rang through the air and the profound stones beneath the feet of both people crazily exploded as the exploding firelight and starlight caused the space thousands of meters around them to become riddled with holes. Xing Mingzi’s hands had grabbed the Heaven Smiting Sword and while he had desired to directly snatch the Heaven Smiting Sword out of Yun Che’s hands, right now he felt as if he had grabbed a brand of purgatory. A burning pain, so painful that it was abnormal, instantly pierced into all of the nerves of his body.


As a Divine Master who proudly looked down upon the world, he actually let out a strange yell and hurriedly pulled his hands back. Furthermore, his body’s instinctive urge to flee allowed Yun Che’s power to fiercely suppress his as it bodily shattered Xing Mingzi’s power of the stars, as that despairing sword might directly hit Xing Mingzi’s chest.

Xing Mingzi’s upper body bent backwards before he fiercely flipped backwards. His feet fiercely swayed when they hit the ground again and he very nearly fell over.

“Thir… Thirty-Seventh Elder!?”

All of the Star Guards had been struck completely dumb and the Star Gods and elders could also no longer be bothered about the ceremony as most of them leapt to their feet in shock.

The thirty-seventh elder of the Star God Realm, a “divinity” who was exalted and supreme in the eyes of the word, had actually been… beaten back by a single stroke of Yun Che’s sword!

Xing Mingzi’s eyes widened into ovals as his hair and beard stood on end. He had chosen to directly welcome Yun Che’s sword but he was the one who had actually been forced back. The shock and rage in his heart grew ten times greater than they were before, as they erupted due to the greatest humiliation he had ever experienced in his life… Under his shock, extreme rage and humiliation, a faint dizziness had actually appeared in his head, but what was even more clear and distinct than all of these things was the pain that radiated from his head, a pain that bored through the soul.

Red marks that continued to deepen were branded into the palms of his hands. Given the will of a Divine Master, even if his hands had been chopped off, his expression would not change, but these two burn marks which should have been completely insignificant, made him feel as if millions upon millions of iron hooks that had been tempered in poison were now piercing and stabbing through his very body and soul, causing his arms to continuously spasm and twitch in pain.

“You little punk, you… actually… dare…”

Xing Mingzi’s entire body was shaking, but before he could even finish spitting out those fierce words, Yun Che had already rushed to where he was as the Heavenly Wolf sword might he shot out burned with those nightmarish crimson flames, fiercely smashing towards Xing Mingzi’s head.


Within the firelight, Xing Mingzi’s body instantly shot into the sky and he fled several kilometers away. He actually had not dared to forcefully take that blow… He was not afraid of Yun Che’s sword might, but he no longer dared to touch those flames of his. Having to flee yet again was undoubtedly piling one humiliation on top of the other. His face twisted and a clanging sound filled the air as a pale white chain appeared in his hand. While undulating in the air, the chain generated a heavenly might powerful enough to rip apart stars, then shot out like a thunderbolt falling from the heavens as it directly hurtled towards Yun Che.

“He was actually forced to use the Star Suppressing Chain… Could it be that Yun Che’s power has truly already reached… the level of a Divine Master?” Heavenly Origin Star God Tumi muttered to himself.

The Star Suppressing Chain was a full three hundred and thirty meters long and after it had morphed into a streak of light after being thrown out, it left behind a trail of shattered space in its wake. Yun Che’s eyes seemed to glint with blood at that moment. A bloody wolf roared behind him as the Heaven Smiting Sword smashed against it….


The clanging sound that was created the moment the sword and chain clashed with each other had nearly instantly ruptured the eardrums of every Star Guard. Xing Mingzi’s eyes widened to their limits once more. The Star Suppressing Chain which contained enough power to break apart stars, which contained all the focused power of his extreme fury, had actually been blasted aside by a stroke of Yun Che’s sword. The dreadful sword energy ran along the entire length of his chain and transmitted itself to his right arm, causing his entire body to shake intensely, numbing his right arm for an instant.

The fact that Yun Che had not died despite receiving his attack was already an unbelievable miracle, and when he had been forced back by Yun Che, he was afraid of his flames, not him. But right now, he had taken out the Star Suppressing Chain and he no longer held back any of his Divine Master power due to his explosive fury and humiliation...

But it had actually been shoved aside by a single stroke of Yun Che’s sword yet again!


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