Chapter 1383 - Devilish Energy Leaking

Against the Gods

Chapter 1383 - Devilish Energy Leaking

What was a twelve year old Overlord? It was someone who could shame any profound way master to their deaths just by being around.

When Yun Che had become an Overlord himself a few years ago, he had felt only peace and calm. But this time it was Yun Wuxin who had achieved the breakthrough, and to say his excitement was through the roof was a massive understatement. Still carrying his daughter on his shoulders, Yun Che started screaming without a care and running circles across the snow at least a dozen times before he had become dizzy from his own exertions. If Feng Xian’er hadn’t caught him with her profound energy in a hurry, he would’ve fallen head first into the snow.

A red figure appeared on the sky, and Feng Xue’er dropped down to the snow and smiled at the father and daughter. She said, “Big Brother Yun, Xin’er hasn’t just achieved a breakthrough in cultivation, you know. She has cultivated the World Ode of the Phoenix to completion as well.”

Feng Xue’er’s words utterly stunned Yun Che. He could barely believe what he was hearing.

“Although her profound strength level is preventing her from unleashing the ‘World Illuminator Red Lotus’ and the God Manifestation Art ‘Phoenix’s Descent’, she has mastered the two phoenix flame ultimate techniques before me. She will be able to unleash either of these techniques once she has sufficient profound strength.”

“Heeheehee,” Yun Wuxin giggled happily, “Master said that I’m absolutely amazing. Now it’s your turn to praise me too, daddy!”

“...” But Yun Che’s mind remained blank until some time later.

Yun Wuxin had no idea what she had done by cultivating the World Ode of the Phoenix to completion and mastering both World Illuminator Red Lotus and Phoenix’s Descent in just over a year’s time… Forget impressive, this was an achievement that would’ve shocked the whole world.

Not even Yan Juehai, the Phoenix sect master of Flame God Realm had managed to cultivate the World Illuminator Red Lotus despite being over ten thousand years old!

Yun Che was the only one in the world who had truly cultivated both techniques before Yun Wuxin showed up… Now that he was just a cripple, Yun Wuxin was undoubtedly the only person in the entire world who had mastered the World Illuminator Red Lotus.

Not even Feng Xue’er had been able to master it yet.

If Yan Juehai was here… he would probably need more than two knees to kowtow to Feng Xue’er bloodline purity or Yun Wuxin’s cultivation speed properly.

In terms of Phoenix bloodline purity, Yun Che was far inferior to Feng Xue’er, so it was only natural that Yun Wuxin was even further behind since her bloodline had been inherited from Yun Che. But the fact that she was able to master the World Ode of the Phoenix completely could only mean that she had inherited the Heretic God divine aura from him.

When his shock had finally passed, an incredibly happy smile appeared on Yun Che’s face… He might have become a cripple, but he was impossibly satisfied and happy to have left his daughter such an amazing amount of talent all the same. In fact, it was an indescribable happiness that couldn’t be replaced by anything that existed in the world.

It was a kind of pride and happiness that only a father could have.

“Xin’er, you are father’s… greatest pride of his entire life,” he said to his daughter from the bottom of his heart.

“Hee!” Yun Wuxin’s smile grew even brighter when she heard her father’s praise, “In that case… how are you going to reward me?”

“Er… what reward do you want?”

Yun Wuxin had clearly thought up her answer before because she immediately cried, “I want daddy to fish with me at the sea!”

“Mn? Hadn’t I promised you this for your thirteenth birthday?” Yun Che stared at her while smiling.

“I don’t care! I want it now!” Yun Wuxin shook his neck once.

“Fine, fine.” Yun Che laughed loudly. “Today is your day, so you may get anything you wish for! Let’s go right now!”

“Xian’er, please help me grab that fishing tool I just completed a while ago, and er… right, please also cancel my meeting with the Su Family and old man Zi Ji later this evening. Xin’er and I are going to be participating in a fair fishing competition today!”

As Feng Xue’er watched the father and daughter who were clinging to each other as naturally as sugar and cakes with a smile, the desire to have a child suddenly dawned inside her heart.


Azure Cloud Continent, Cloud’s End Cliff.

Lin Jun, Lin Qingshan, and Lin Qingyu were all frowning at the edge of Cloud’s End cliff.

It was the middle of the afternoon, but the abyss beneath their feet was unnaturally pitch black. Despite being at Divine Soul Realm, neither Lin Qingshan nor Lin Qingyu were able to see or perceive anything beyond three hundred meters into the veil.

The only thing they could feel was a chill that clung to their entire body.

Lin Jun’s eyebrows sank deeply.

The devilish energy was still very weak even though they had traveled almost five hundred kilometers closer to the origin, but for some reason it didn’t make him feel secure at all. On the contrary, he had a very bad premonition about this whole thing.

“Master, are we sure that the devilish energy is coming from this place? Why wasn’t I able to detect anything?” Lin Qingshan asked.

“The level of this devilish energy is much higher than you can possibly imagine. Of course you weren’t able to sense it,” Lin Jun replied in a low tone.

Lin Qingshan abruptly turned around to look at him in disbelief.

He was a divine way profound practitioner from the God Realm, and he was even a “genius” among the younger generation of the Stellar Star Realm. How could this lowly lower realm planet possibly possess anything that was far greater than the plane he was in?

Of course, he dared not disbelieve his own master. What his master was saying was that the thing that was hiding under this abyss—be it devil person, devil spirit, or devil beast—could easily destroy him.

“Hmph!” Lin Jun humphed softly before continuing, “Still, its aura is incredibly weak despite its level. It’s entirely possible that it has suffered a terrible injury and is on its last legs… Heh, if we can kill this thing or capture it alive, then our merit will be twice as big.”

“Come on, let’s head down and take a look!”

Lin Jun jumped down and started falling swiftly into Cloud’s End Abyss. Lin Qingyu and Lin Qingshan exchanged a glance with each other before forcing themselves to follow.

When they dropped down Cloud’s End Abyss, the world in front of them suddenly turned completely pitch black. When they looked up, they were shocked to discover that no ray of light was able to make it through the veil either. 

It was a scene that literally transcended everything Lin Qingshan and Lin Qingyu knew, and the fact that they were right in the middle of everything made their hearts beat wildly. Lin Jun didn’t change his mind despite the unusual phenomenon however, although he wasn’t moving quickly either.

The darkness and the whistle of the wind beside their ears continued until they were several thousand meters deep or more. Finally, Lin Qingshan and Lin Qingyu sensed something and blurted out at the same time, “Darkness devil energy!”

It was at this moment that Lin Jun suddenly came to a stop. He had also unleashed two gusts of profound energy and stopped his disciples dead in their tracks.


Lin Jun didn’t answer his disciple’s call. He froze as if some invisible energy had frozen him solid, and the only body part that was capable of movement was his contracting pupils and standing hair.

The reason behind his unusual reaction was because he had sensed a strange isolation barrier vaguely ahead of them.

Behind that barrier was a small, independent world.

He could also sense that the world was incredibly high level, and that the unusually weak devilish energy was leaking from it. It wasn’t a devil person on their last legs at all.

If this bit of devilish energy was this scary already… then the terrible dark world sitting beneath the abyss could only be far, far worse!

It was at a level that even he, an elder of a realm king sect dared not imagine.

“Leave… we need to leave now!”

He said in a low tone before grabbing his two disciples physically with his arms. He was just about to speed back up to the surface when he forced himself to calm down and even withdraw his aura as best he could. Finally, he carried his two disciples back to the surface very, very slowly.

He didn’t want to risk disturbing the dark world beneath them if at all possible.

Lin Jun’s terrifying tone caused both his disciples to shut up immediately. They also withdrew their auras just like their master.

The wind started whistling once more, and after a long ascent the darkness finally parted to reveal the light. After having a treat to absolute darkness, the light was too much for either Lin Qingshan and Lin Qingyu to bear. They closed their eyes, opened them, and noticed that they were standing on Cloud’s End Cliff once more.

The two disciples were just about to say something when they noticed that their master, Lin Jun was completely drenched in cold sweat at the same time.

“Master,” Lin Qingyu asked, “could it be that that devil person is someone not even you can defeat?”

“Heh… hehehe…” Lin Jun was sweating even now, but he was also laughing under his breath before he turned around with an odd expression on his face. He said slowly, “Heaven itself must be looking after us… Hehehe… Hahahaha…”

His sudden burst of laughter made his disciples exchange a confused glance with each other. Then, Lin Jun revealed the truth with barely suppressed excitement, “There is no devil person down there. Oh no… it is a hidden Dark Devil Domain!”

“Dark… Devil Domain!?” The three words held enough weight to catch anyone by surprise.

“This small world of darkness possesses an extremely high level energy, and it might even be the equal of a lower star realm, or even a middle star realm in the Northern Divine Region! No… considering how unbelievable the energy that is leaking from that world is, it might be even higher than that.”

Lin Jun’s excitement grew the more the talked, “Who knew that such a little lower Realm planet would be hiding an independent devil domain!”

“In fact, this devil domain alone might be bigger than this entire planet.”

“This…” His two disciples’ shock grew with every word. An independent world of darkness that was comparable to a lower star realm, or even a middle star realm in the Northern Divine Region? How was that possible!?

“This independent devil domain has probably existed for a very long time already. Maybe a race from the Northern Divine Region migrated over in secret, or maybe it was a ‘base’ the Northern Divine Region had set up to test the Eastern Divine Region. This pitch black abyss itself is the entrance to the devil domain, and an isolation barrier has been placed around it to keep any devilish energy from leaking. Perhaps the reason the profound beasts on this continent have gone rampant is because the barrier has gotten weaker as of late, causing some devilish energy to leak out of its borders.”

At this point, Lin Qingshan and Lin Qingyu’s shock was being replaced by growing excitement.

Obviously, the discovery of a devil person and the discovery of a hidden devil domain were on two entirely different levels. The former was a merit, but the latter was a merit as big as heaven itself!

To the denizens of the Eastern, Western, and Southern Divine Regions, darkness profound energy was an evil energy that shouldn’t exist in the world. Murder was the one and only way to deal with darkness profound energy. That was why the Northern Divine Region was a special place among all four divine regions. Not only was it shunned by the three divine regions completely, it was even called a “devil domain”. The Northern Divine Region had been shrinking bit by bit because the darkness energy in the Primal Chaos was growing thinner and thinner. It was only a matter of time before it perished on its own.

Three years ago during the Conferred God Battle, “Wei Hen” had suddenly employed darkness profound energy on the Conferred God Stage and took Li Jianming down with him. Not only had he shamed the Eternal Heaven God Realm deeply, he had ignited the fury of every profound practitioner in the Eastern Divine Region as well. At the time, the order to annihilate all devil persons in the Eastern Divine Region had been sent using the Voice of Eternal Heaven immediately.

If they were to inform Eternal Heaven’s enforcers about the existence of this devil domain, they couldn’t even imagine how the Eternal Heaven God Realm would reward them.

“Master, should we call back Junior Sister Qingrou immediately?” Lin Qingshan asked.

“No need to hurry,” Lin Jun stroked his short beard with a sharp glint behind his eyes, “We’re all on the same planet, and she’s on another continent right now. Who knows, she may have had her own findings. Anyway, we should search through this continent thoroughly before she returns… Hehehe, from here on, all our fates will never be the same.”



[PS: “God Emperor” is the title of a king realm’s realm king, not an independent realm of the profound way. All god emperors are at the peak of the Divine Master Realm (Divine Master Realm level ten)]

[Ancient True God Realms: Divine Extinction Realm (Half God) →True God →Creation God →Ancestral God →?]

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