Chapter 1384 - Calamity that Descended from the Heavens

Against the Gods

Chapter 1384 - Calamity that Descended from the Heavens

South of the Profound Sky Continent, Profound Sky Southern Sea.

The sea breeze was mild and gentle on this day and a small boat drifted in the wind along the mildly rippling surface of this boundless ocean. On top of this small boat, Yun Che and Yun Wuxin each held a long fishing rod in their hands as they maintained nearly exactly the same posture. Two fishing lines which had been cast into the sea now drew two parallel lines along the surface of the water.

Given Yun Wuxin’s profound strength, if she truly wanted to catch some fish, she simply needed to shoot out some profound energy and she would blast tens of thousands of fish out of the water every minute. However, the joy and satisfaction that came from calmly waiting for a fish to get hooked on your line simply could not be replaced.

At the same time, it could be said to be a form of training for one’s mind.

In the distant skies above, Feng Xian’er stood guard far away from the two. Furthermore, Feng Xue’er, who stood by her side, was also guarding them.

If one were to ask which was the most populous species in the entire Blue Pole Star, it would undoubtedly be the species which lived in the sea. After all, ninety-nine percent of the Blue Pole Star was composed of water and one could say that the distances between the three continents were extremely far in the vast ocean.

But an enormous ocean also meant that there would be enormous members of the ocean species and amongst them would exist several sea creatures so strong that even Feng Xian’er would have a hard time dealing with them. Even though these strong sea beasts were normally located deep in the ocean and the chance of meeting any one of them was extremely faint, Feng Xue’er would definitely not allow even the slightest possibility of danger to remain.

Yun Che was sitting upright, his eyes faintly closed. If not for the fact that his fishing rod was drawing a perfect curve in the air, anyone would have thought that he had fallen asleep already.

Beside him, Yun Wuxin sneakily snuck a few glances at him. After that, she blinked her eyes… Immediately, the patch of sea in front of her began to faintly move as abnormal ripples appeared on its surface.

“No cheating!” Yun Che suddenly said.

Yun Wuxin hurriedly withdrew the thread of profound energy she had sneakily released as she stuck out her tongue. She mumbled under her breath, “Really Daddy? You’re always quibbling with a little kid.”

“This is something that you said yourself. You wanted a fair competition,” Yun Che said with a serious look on his face.

“But…” Yun Wuxin said in a discontented voice, “Why are the fish biting on your line? I’ve sat here for an entire hour but I haven't caught a single fish!”

“Hmmmhmmm,” Yun Che’s lips crooked up on grin, “of course there’s a trick to it.”

“What trick?” Yun Wuxin put down her fishing rod and shook her father’s arm, “Teach me, teach me. Hurry up and teach me.”

“I’m not gonna teach you,”  Yun Che said as he tilted his head. “This is something that you’ll have to realize yourself. Your master has definitely said this to you before. Fishing is also a form of mental cultivation. So the only way for you to learn anything and benefit from it is to rely on your own comprehension.”

“But it’s already been so long and I still haven’t been able to think of anything… How about this Daddy, can you give me a little hint? Just a tiny one?” Yun Wuxin pleaded with him anxiously.

“No can do!”

“Stingy.” Yun Wuxin pouted. “If Daddy doesn’t tell me, I’ll… I’ll tell Mother that you flirted with Aunt.”

Yun Che’s arms trembled and he nearly dropped his fishing rod into the ocean. He anxiously said, “W-w-what, what do you mean flirted with your aunt!? Don’t talk nonsense!”

“I’m not talking nonsense!” Yun Wuxin pout grew even deeper, “I saw it with my own eyes. Furthermore, I caught you in the act many times… It wasn’t only with Aunt, it was also with Aunt Hanxue, Aunt Hanyue, and…”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait…” Yun Che stopped her from speaking in a great panic. But after that, the look on his face changed and he spoke in an incomparably proper and serious tone, “Xin’er, you must remember that what you think you’re seeing might not always be what is actually happening. Could it be that you’ve forgotten that your daddy used to be the Palace Master of Frozen Cloud Immortal Palace? I can still be considered the Grand Palace Master. Even though I no longer possess any profound strength, my understanding of the profound way is still far stronger than any of them. So when I give them guidance, there will inevitably be some body contact between me and the person that I am guiding… and that’s how it is.”

“Ohhhh…” Yun Wuxin dragged out her reply, an unconvinced expression on her face. “There were many times that Master and I witnessed those scenes together. Master said that Daddy has always been this sort of person, so there wasn’t a need to be surprised at all… Hmph, Master wouldn’t lie to me.”

“~!@#¥%…” The corner of Yun Che’s mouth twisted up… Why did Xue’er tell Xin’er everything? Oh you better believe that I’m going to spank you tonight!

Sigh, not having profound strength was really inconvenient. He could not even notice that someone was spying on him while he was doing naughty things!


In the distance, Feng Xue’er covered her lips as she giggled. Feng Xian’er turned her head towards Feng Xue’er, her eyes filled with suspicion… At this distance, Feng Xue’er could naturally hear every single word with perfect clarity, but she was not able to.

“Oh that Xin’er,” Feng Xue’er shook her head, laughing softly as she mumbled to herself, “I’m going to be ‘punished’ by Big Brother Yun yet again.”

“Eh?” Feng Xian’er’s suspicions grew even deeper, “Punishment?”

“Ah…” Feng Xue’er gave a soft cry before she hurriedly shook her head, “Nothing, it’s nothing… I was just talking to myself.”

Her face was already flushed red even as she said those words. The absolutely magnificent and beautiful scene that had unwittingly appeared in front of Feng Xian’er caused her to lapse into a daze for a good long while.

“Daddy, Master is so powerful, in fact she’s so powerful that everyone says that Master is the most powerful person in the entire world and every time someone sees Master, they will be especially respectful. So why is she so obedient to Daddy? It seems as if Master won’t object to anything that Daddy says.”

When the faraway Feng Xue’er heard this question, she could not help but smile.

“That goes without saying. Of course it’s because your dad’s charm is extremely potent.”

“...You’re so narcissistic!”

“Cough cough… Who was the one who taught you that word!?”

“Of course it was Mom!”


“Daddy, between Mom and Master, who do you think is more beautiful?”

It was very clear that this was a Catch-22 kind of question where the answer would be wrong no matter how you answered it. But how could the clever Yun Che fall for this trick? Instead, he shot the question back at Xin’er in a cheery voice, “Then who does Xin’er feel is more beautiful?”

“Of course it’s Master!” Yun Wuxin replied without the slightest bit of hesitation.

“Eh… Aren’t you afraid your mother will be unhappy if she hears this?” Yun Che asked in a worried and anxious voice.

“Of course not. Because Mother can’t hear me right now. But Master can hear me just fine, hee hee.”


Feng Xue’er’s lips curved up into a smile once more, stunning Feng Xian’er with her beauty once more… But immediately, she suddenly saw Feng Xue’er’s expression turn stiff as her gaze suddenly swiveled around and looked in the south-eastern direction.

Feng Xian’er had also unconsciously followed her gaze. However, she only saw the surface of the dark blue sea which stretched all the way to the horizon.

Feng Xue’er’s expression was not the only thing that had changed. In nearly the blink of an eye, the look in her eyes and her aura had drastically changed as well. Feng Xian’er hurriedly asked, “Goddess Sis, what's wrong?”

Feng Xue’er did not say anything. Instead, she simply grabbed her and with a flash of light, the both of them had already arrived in the air above the small boat.

“Ah? Master!” Yun Wuxin glanced upwards but just as she greeted her master, she was startled by the expression on Feng Xue’er’s face.

“Leave, we have to leave quickly!” As she said those words, she swiftly released her profound energy and used it to cover Yun Che and Yun Wuxin.

“What’s going on?” Yun Che asked in a deep voice. Feng Xue’er’s reaction caused him to suddenly have a premonition that something extremely bad was going to happen… She had already had the power that came with entering the divine way, so there was nothing in this world that should be able to cause her to make that sort of expression.

With a “bang”, the small boat exploded. As Feng Xue’er anxiously used her profound strength, she had already carried up the three of them and swiftly fled, “There is an abnormally strong aura drawing near to us… Oh no!”

Feng Xue’er’s expression changed yet again… The other party had not seemed to notice her at the very beginning but following the release of her profound energy, she instantly sensed an aura, an aura which was far stronger and more tyrannical than any aura she had ever sensed, firmly lock on to her. The speed at which it was approaching them also suddenly grew even quicker.


The space that existed in the lower star realms was simply too inferior and weak so one who possessed divine profound strength could easily leap through it. As space violently rippled in front of them, a figure appeared out of thin air, as if she had instantly teleported to their location.

A gorgeous woman with a lithe and lissome figure had appeared in front of them. Due to her confidence in her own looks and figure, she was dressed in a very deliberate and revealing fashion.

The words “glamorous beauty” suited her perfectly. No matter where she went, she would immediately attract the gazes of many men... 

But it was very clear that she had found the wrong point of reference today.

It was just a little while ago that she had actually sensed a divine aura on this lowly plane in the lower realms. In her shock and amazement, she had swiftly rushed toward this aura, seeking to investigate what it was, both her eyes and her aura immediately locking onto her target. But the very first moment she saw Feng Xue’er’s features clearly, her eyes went wide for several breaths.

As a woman who had always taken pride in her own appearance, for the very first time in her life, she actually felt so inferior that she felt ashamed to show her face. Furthermore, her clothes which deliberately flaunted her figure had now undoubtedly added to her feeling of shame. 

Under her master’s orders, this girl had come to investigate one of the other continents on this small planet—this was Lin Qingrou who had been assigned to investigate the Profound Sky Continent! 

Feng Xue’er’s expression was calm, but her entire body was wound tighter than a spring.

Ever since her profound strength had stepped into the divine way, she had no longer felt anything that could be called an oppressive feeling. At this very moment, however, she could feel an extremely clear oppressive aura radiating from this woman’s body… This feeling undoubtedly told her that this woman’s power was above her own.

Even though Yun Che no longer possessed any divine senses, Feng Xue’er’s reaction had told him everything. A dreadful thought flashed through his mind.

Someone from the God Realm!?

But why would someone from the God Realm be here!?

Compared to the God Realm, the aura of the lower realms was thin and inferior and it did not help one’s cultivation in the slightest. Furthermore, an aura that was far too muddy and turbid would even shorten one’s lifespan to a certain degree. As a result, the profound practitioners of the God Realm would never deign to come to the lower realms unless they had some special reason.

However, the only thing that could cause Feng Xue’er to make such a reaction… was divine profound strength!

“Big Sister,” Feng Xue’er said with a small smile on her face, her voice soft and gentle, “where do you desire to go? To be able to meet each other in this blue sea is also a kind of a wonderful fate. If we can help you in any way, please do not stand on ceremony.”

If Feng Xue’er had been by herself, she would not be afraid. However, right now Yun Che, Yun Wuxin, and Feng Xian’er were by her side. Her profound energy quietly protected the trio but she did not dare make any sudden moves. She could only keep that small smile plastered on her face while praying that the other party did not have any malicious intentions.

Perhaps, Lin Qingrou did not have any malicious intentions originally.

However, when was a woman at her scariest?

It was not when she was facing her sworn enemies, no. Rather, it was when the fires of jealousy raged in her heart!

This was especially true because she had met a girl whose appearance had caused her to feel so inferior that she actually felt a sense of shame in the lowly and inferior lower realms that she looked down upon and despised… If this was the God Realm, the only thing she could do was to live with that jealousy, but in the lower realms, this sort of jealousy could be swiftly vented and released in various ways.

She smiled as she spoke in an unhurried and languid voice, “Who would have thought that I would actually meet someone who had entered the divine way in this tiny lower realm. It truly is a rare occasion. Furthermore…”

She used a gaze which secretly burned with the fires of jealousy to measure Feng Xue’er as she spoke with narrowed eyes, “This little sister is so beautiful. If my master saw you, he would definitely like you a lot.”

Feng Xue’er’s brows sank slightly but the smile on her face did not waver, “Big Sister must be joking. If we were to talk about who is more beautiful, how could I even compare to Big Sister?” 

The girl’s words caused Yun Che’s heart to sink heavily: The words “tiny lower realm” had undoubtedly proved that she had come from the God Realm. Furthermore, she had also mentioned a “master”... Could it be that she had not come by herself!?

“Daddy, who is she? Is she a bad person?” Yun Wuxin could sense that something was wrong with the current atmosphere so she whispered that question in a very soft voice.

Just as Yun Che was about to reply, she suddenly sensed the girl shifting her gaze towards him… At this time, a thought suddenly flashed through his head and he swiftly tried to turn his face to the side.

However, it was already too late. Lin Qingrou’s gaze swept across his face. After that, her eyes jolted open as a shocked cry flew from her lips, “Yun Che!?”

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