Chapter 1386 - Hope...

Against the Gods

Chapter 1386 - Hope...

“You…” An astonishment that she could not suppress appeared in Lin Qingrou’s eyes. After that, a smile crossed her face but that smile looked exceptionally forced and ugly, “Heh heh heh… I really did not imagine that such a base and lowly world would actually hide such a huge and pleasant surprise!”

But she was very much aware of whether it was actually a “pleasant surprise” or a “frightful shock”.

The Phoenix flames were normally exceptionally mild “flames which serenaded the world” but at this moment, the scarlet flames which burned on Feng Xue’er’s body were as violent and fierce as the Golden Crow flames which used to burn on Yun Che’s body. Moreover, the fiery might being emitted by Feng Xue’er was of such a high level that it was frightening… A terrifying sensation invaded Lin Qingrou’s body, a sensation which made her afraid of meeting Feng Xue’er’s gaze for too long. This sensation undoubtedly caused her heart to grow more and more alarmed.

Feng Xue’er was rarely ever angry and this was only the second time in her life that she had felt killing intent towards someone else. She stretched out her hand, the flames in her palm shooting straight at Lin Qingrou’s chest...

“But, surely you can’t be so naive as to think that you… are truly worthy to be my opponent?” Lin Qingrou said with a cold smile. However, no matter whether it was her words or demeanor, they were completely devoid of the composure and contempt from before… On the contrary, right now, they were tinged by a faint apprehension that she definitely would not be willing to admit.

Feng Xue’er did not speak. Instead, the image of the Phoenix flashed in her eyes once more. In an instant, the scarlet flames that were already raging on her body swelled up even more explosively, creating a gigantic storm of flames which swept straight towards Lin Qingrou.


Lin Qingrou lightly gritted her teeth as purple flames swirled around her. This time, her profound strength erupted at full strength as extremely dense purple flames ignited on her arm and she tried to grab the Phoenix flames in a forceful and strong manner.

If she knew that the flames in front of her were Phoenix flames, even if she had three times the guts, she would not dare to do so.

As the flames neared her body, her expression instantly and dramatically changed as a deep astonishment and disbelief clearly flashed in the depths of her eyes. However, her reaction was also extremely quick as her hand retracted backwards as fast as lightning. With a quick twist of her waist, she used an exquisite yet strange movement skill. Her body flipped sideways and moved to a point over three kilometers away from her original location. At this moment, she also thrust her arm out with all of her might. Purple flames filled the sky, instantly transforming into the figure of a wolf that towered over three hundred meters before it rushed straight toward Feng Xue’er. 

Feng Xue’er’s feet did not move. With a light turn of her arm, Phoenix flames soared into the sky, instantly incinerating the wolf made of purple flames… as if she had crushed rotten wood.

“!!!?” This scene sent tremors running through Lin Qingrou’s body. She looked as if her heartstrings had been cut, color draining from her face in fear and astonishment. She was so shocked that she could scarcely believe her own eyes.

Her opponent’s profound strength was indeed only at the third level of the Divine Origin Realm.

Yet it could so easily suppress and incinerate the divine flames that she had ignited with all of her might.

The only thing that could explain this was that the level of her opponent’s profound art was higher than her own… and her current opponent’s profound art was far above her own at that too!

A profound practitioner from the lower realms possessed a profound art far above her own… She had never heard such an absurd and ridiculous joke in her entire life!

As the fragmented purple flames swiftly dissipated in the air, Lin Qingrou had to watch her own flames disperse into nothingness. Right now, her heart was not only filled with astonishment and fear… because the feeling she felt most intensely was humiliation!

Her current humiliation was equivalent to the amount of mockery and contempt she had showed to Feng Xue’er just now.

“So this is all you’ve got,” Feng Xue’er said coldly.

Those words had undoubtedly stabbed right into Lin Qingrou’s heart like a poisoned needle, causing her face, which could still be regarded as pretty and charming, to instantly twist up. Her voice had also become rather hoarse as she spoke, “Heh… Heh heh… you think you’re worthy… a piece of trash from the lower realms… you think you’re worthy enough to act cocky in front of me?”

“Trash from the lower realms… will always only be trash!”

Her chest violently heaved as the purple flames on her body undulated. An amethyst longsword had already appeared in her hand, and the moment purple flames ignited on her sword, it suddenly shone with a strange purple glow. It was in the instant that this purple light flashed that it suddenly pierced toward Feng Xue’er.


The blue sea tossed and turned, and the blue skies were once more covered in fiery light.

What did a battle between divine profound powers mean in this world? It was absolutely no less than a calamity filled with heavenly might. In the blink of an eye, the tremors in space had spread to the space hundreds of kilometers around them.

In the south of the Profound Sky, countless profound beasts let out terrified roars due to this dreadful profound aura. After that, they either wildly scrambled about like headless chickens or simply shivered on the ground completely paralyzed. Many people raised their heads and looked to the south. In their widened eyes, the skies in the south had shockingly been split into scarlet and purple… A feeling that was hard to describe told them that this fiery light was something they could not understand, a fiery light that could even pierce the dome of heaven.

When one’s profound strength reached the divine way, even the difference of a single level meant absolute superiority. As a result, even in the Divine Origin Realm, the very first realm of the Seven Divine Profound Realms, every level was split into even smaller “realms” that were described as early-stage, mid-stage, late-stage and peak. These smaller “realms” were used to differentiate the grades of one’s level. So to be able to ignore the difference in levels in divine profound strength… meant one of two things. The first scenario was that the person had extremely great talent and aptitude and either their understanding of the laws and principles of the profound way or their ability to control profound energy was abnormally good. The second scenario was that one’s body or profound art was absolutely superior to the other person. Both of these scenarios were exceedingly rare.

Before he had lost his profound strength, Yun Che was the only person in the universe who could ignore the difference in divine profound realms and defeat his opponent. This was also because he had fulfilled both of the scenarios described above. Whether it came to talent or physique, he was an extreme abnormality.

He had inherited the powers of a Creation God—and it was the complete and whole profound veins of a Creation God too. Thus, when he faced a profound practitioner who had barely inherited the power of a True God, opponents who had at most inherited some bloodlines and profound arts… If they were in the same realm of power, it could even be said that he was bullying them.

But he was the one and only exception in this universe. When Lin Qingrou faced Feng Xue’er, whose flames clearly far exceeded her own in terms of grade, one could say that her world had been turned completely upside down.

Because she had never encountered this situation even in the God Realm.


The sea region was crazily tossing and churning crazily and most of the water could not even turn into water vapor as it was instantly incinerated into nothingness.

It was good that this was at sea. If this battle had taken place in the Profound Sky Continent or the Illusory Demon Realm, one of those places would have already turned into a disaster zone.

The sky flashed red and purple as their powers remained deadlocked for a long time. But after a Phoenix cry pierced the skies, the purple flames were forcefully extinguished. Feng Xue’er’s body flipped as scores of “Star Scorching Demon Lotuses” bloomed in the air in a matter of seconds.


Half of the fire lotuses had been crushed but the other half buried Lin Qingrou in a flaming hell of demon lotuses. Lin Qingrou suddenly let out a miserable cry as she shot straight down from the sky that was filled with fiery light, plunging into the restlessly churning sea region below.

Feng Xue’er’s fragrant bosom rose and fell as she gasped heavily for breath. Even though she had relied on the Phoenix flames to suppress Lin Qingrou, her opponent’s profound strength had still been two levels higher than hers, so how could it have been easy? 

Even though Lin Qingrou had been burned by Phoenix flames and had fallen into the sea, Feng Xue’er would not be so naive as to believe that she had already been defeated. Given Lin Qingrou’s profound strength, she probably had not even sustained any serious injuries.

She did not take off in pursuit. Instead she regulated her own energy and breathing before swiftly releasing her divine senses… Yet she could not detect Feng Xian’er, Yun Wuxin, or Yun Che’s auras.

She swiftly held up a sound transmission jade, “Xian’er, where are all of you? How are Big Brother Yun’s wounds?”

But after she had finished sending her anxious speech, she realized that… she was actually unable to transmit it!?

She hurriedly tried to send a sound transmission to Yun Wuxin… but she encountered the exact same result.

Her heart was thrown into great chaos so she swiftly sent a sound transmission to Su Ling’er, “Ling’er, have Big Brother Yun and Wuxin reached your location?”

“No they have not,” Su Ling’er replied. Feng Xue’er’s anxious tone caused her heart to tense up and her own tone had also clearly changed, “What happened?”

“They did not send any sound transmissions to you?”

“They didn’t do that either… What exactly has happened?”

“He was wounded, Xin’er and Xian’er are by his side, we need to hurry up and find them!”


Her emotions were in such a mess that her profound energy had actually gone out of control, causing the sound transmission jade in her hand to suddenly shatter and turn to dust.

Feng Xue’er balled her hands into fists as she stared intensely at the churning sea… She was extremely anxious to go and find Yun Che and Yun Wuxin, but she couldn’t leave yet. Because no matter where she went, that woman was sure to follow.

She needed to kill her!


A colossal tidal wave suddenly exploded without any warning and a beam of purple light shot out from the split tidal wave and soared straight towards Feng Xue’er’s chest… Beneath that purple light, Lin Qingrou stood there completely naked, her hair wildly flying and her eyes filled with a violent hate. It was as if she was staring at an enemy she could never reconcile with!

It was also as if she had completely forgotten that she was the one who had been rude and contemptuous from the beginning, that she was the one who had insulted them first and that she was the one who had hurt someone first!


The blue skies above the sea were once again completely engulfed in fiery light.


Feng Xue’er was unable to contact Feng Xian’er and Yun Wuxin and naturally there was a reason for that. Because at this moment, the two of them and Yun Che had been transported into a special space.

They were inside the Phoenix Trial Grounds.

The world around them was pitch-black. Feng Xian’er tightly hugged Yun Che but the moment they appeared, she had already fallen to her knees and started crying out in panic, “Lord Phoenix God, I beg you, please hurry up and save… Hurry up and save Young Master… Lord Phoenix God!”

The change of location and Feng Xian’er’s voice caused Yun Wuxin to feel completely helpless and at a loss. However, at this moment, two huge scarlet eyes suddenly opened in the air above them, radiating a fiery red light in this world of darkness. This shocked Yun Wuxin so much that she let out a soft yelp.

“Lord Phoenix God!” The Phoenix Spirit had appeared, causing Feng Xian’er let out a sorrowful cry, her entire body nearly collapsing from fear.

“What happened?” Divine senses swept over Yun Che’s body as the Phoenix Spirit’s voice suddenly grew deep.

“It was a terrifying woman, she suddenly made a move to attack Young Master!” Feng Xian’er released profound energy from both her hands as she was trying her best to preserve the last bits of Yun Che’s weak and flagging lifeforce. Her voice was shaking terribly as she spoke, “That woman was extremely terrifying, even Goddess Sis… It’s very possible that she is even more powerful than Goddess Sis.”

Those Phoenix eyes clearly slanted downwards.

Even though its divine sense very rarely extended to the outside world, it was well aware of the identity of the “Goddess Sis” that Feng Xian’er spoke of.

Feng Xue’er was the one who had obtained the entire legacy and will of the other Phoenix divine spirit, she was also the first person in this world to truly enter the divine way. As such, she was worthy of being called the “Phoenix Goddess”.

“Could it be someone from ‘that realm’?” the Phoenix Spirit asked in a deep voice. The only people who could best Feng Xue’er were the people who lived in the God Realm—the world which was currently considered the highest level of the Primal Chaos Dimension.

How could the current Feng Xian’er even spare the effort to be bothered about “that realm”? Right now, the lifeforce of the Yun Che cradled in her arms was frighteningly weak and faint. If she relaxed her profound energy for even an instant, he might just expire on the spot. She pleaded, “Lord Phoenix God, Young Master has suffered extremely serious injuries… I beg you to save him… When you instructed me to follow him back then, you told me that if there was a day when his life was in danger or he met with an unsolvable crisis, I was to burn the Phoenix tail feather that you had bestowed upon me and bring him and Wuxin to this place… You can definitely save him… I beg that you save him quickly!”

One and a half years ago, when Yun Che was about to leave the Phoenix Clan, the Phoenix Spirit had specially summoned Feng Xian’er to give her some instructions… No, it was to request that she stay at Yun Che’s side while also bestowing upon her a Phoenix tail feather that contained a special dimensional power. This would allow her to one day, when Yun Che had met with an unsolvable danger, immediately burn that Phoenix tail feather, bringing both him and Yun Wuxin here.

It had heavily emphasized that she must not bring Yun Che here alone. She had to bring Yun Wuxin as well.

It was just that it had never thought that Yun Che would actually be brought here so quickly. Furthermore, this definitely was not the “opportunity” it had been waiting for.

But right now, they really had been met with an unsolvable crisis… Not only because Yun Che had suffered fatal injuries, but even more because people from the God Realm had actually come to this tiny planet!

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