Chapter 1387 - “The Simplest Choice”

Against the Gods

Chapter 1387 - “The Simplest Choice”

The Primal Chaos was enormous with a trillion planets and star realms, so the chances of someone from the God Realm visiting one specific planet was extremely low. Besides, the profound practitioners who were used to the aura of the God Realm would not even be willing to step into the lower realms in the first place.

A beam of red light shot down and covered Yun Che, protecting Yun Che’s incomparably weak life vein in place of Feng Xian’er’s profound energy. At the same time, it allowed the Phoenix Spirit to have a clearer picture of how bad a condition Yun Che’s body was in. The Phoenix Spirit gave a light sigh, “To think that this day would actually come so quickly… Sigh.”

“Lord Phoenix God, I beg you to quickly save him. You can definitely save him,” Feng Xian’er pleaded with the Phoenix Spirit again and again.

“I cannot save him,” the Phoenix Spirit’s words were like a bucket of cold water that was poured over Feng Xian’er… and Yun Wuxin.

“His body is ruptured and all his internal organs are shattered. His life vein is heavily damaged and all of his meridians have been severed… Even if it was when I still had all of my divine powers, I still wouldn’t be able to save him,” the Phoenix Spirit said in a slow and gentle voice.

The words of the Phoenix Spirit caused the color to drain from the pupils of Feng Xian’er’s eyes. In a single instant, Yun Che had been so severely wounded that he was on death’s door. Normally, if Yun Che had suffered any illness or injury, her first reaction would be to find Su Ling’er. But this time, it was the spatial tremors that had torn his body apart and he had sustained both internal and external injuries. If not for the fact that her profound energy had been preserving Yun Che’s life all this while, those injuries had been enough to take his life in a single instant.

Upon seeing such an injury, she could only think of the Phoenix Spirit. If even it was not able to save him...

However, the words that the Phoenix Spirit was about to say would cause Feng Xian’er’s lifeless eyes to light up once again.

“Even though I cannot save him, there is someone who can. In this world, she should be the only one who has the capability to do so as well.”

“Who? Who is it!?” Feng Xian’er’s head jerked upwards as she shouted those words in an anxious voice.

“She is right in front of you.”

After the Phoenix Spirit had spoken, a pair of scarlet lights fell upon Yun Wuxin. Under that scarlet light, her eyes were shimmering with a watery light. It was clear that Yun Che’s serious injuries had severely shocked and frightened her. But as she listened to the Phoenix Spirit’s words and felt its gaze, Yun Wuxin’s lips parted slightly.

“You’re talking about… Wuxin?” Feng Xian’er said in a stunned voice.

“The power that Yun Che previously possessed had been inherited from an ancient Creation God being known as the Heretic God.” The Phoenix Spirit did not withhold any information from them. “The level of the Heretic God’s divine power is so high that it would be unfathomable to the two of you. After he was crippled, the Heretic God divine power in his body also went silent. In a universe with no gods, there existed no power that could awaken the dead Heretic God divine power… Except for the last remaining trace of Heretic God divine aura in this universe.”

“However, that last trace of Heretic God divine aura was inside the body of his daughter. That is also to say, your body,” those Phoenix eyes stared at Yun Wuxin as it slowly told Yun Wuxin what it had told Yun Che back then.

Feng Xian’er listened intently. Even though she did not understand what a Creation God being was, or what the Heretic God divine power was, the Phoenix Spirit’s words were enough for her to catch on to something, “Could you… be saying that…”

“We need to draw out the Heretic God divine aura from her profound veins and transfer it into Yun Che’s dead Heretic God profound veins. Perhaps it would be like lighting a spark in the middle of a dormant volcano, causing it to awaken once more.”

It seemed like it was speaking to Feng Xian’er, but in reality, these words were being directed toward Yun Wuxin.

“So I can save Daddy… this way…”

Feng Xian’er could not understand what the Phoenix Spirit was saying, so it was natural that Yun Wuxin understood what it was saying even less. But at the very least, it understood that the voice coming from these strange pair of eyes was telling her that there was a way to save her father.

“During this period of time you have lived with your father, you should have heard many legends regarding him, correct? Then you also should know just how strong he used to be,” the Phoenix Spirit’s eyes stared straight at Yun Wuxin, “I cannot guarantee that this will definitely work but if it does work, his power can be revived. Moreover, as long as he recovers his powers, even if his wounds were ten times worse than they are right now, he would be able to completely recover from them in a short amount of time.”

Even though her mind was a maze of confusion, the Phoenix Spirit’s last sentence caused Yun Wuxin’s eyes to blaze with an incomparably bright light. She involuntarily took a small step forward as she asked in an anxious voice, “Is it true… is it true… save my daddy… please save my daddy, quick…”

“Does this mean that you are willing to abandon your Heretic God divine aura?” the Phoenix Spirit asked.

Yun Wuxin did not even understand anything about the Heretic God divine aura and she was even more completely unaware of what she possessed. She nodded her head without any hesitation, “I don’t know anything about this Heretic God divine aura, but as long as you can save Daddy… anything is fine! I beg you to be quicker, Daddy is…”

“Wait a minute!” Feng Xian’er suddenly shouted at this moment as she spoke in an extremely uneasy voice, “Lord Phoenix God, if we do as you say and draw the Heretic God divine aura out of Yun Wuxin’s profound veins, what will… happen to Wuxin?”

She was very certain that the Phoenix Spirit had said these words to Yun Che as well. But it was very clear that Yun Che had not agreed to this. In fact, he would rather remain a cripple than agree to it. It was to the extent that he had never even mentioned this to anyone else before.

“If we want to draw out the Heretic God divine aura from her body, we first need to disperse all of the profound energy in her body. As a result, all of the cultivation she has attained up to today will be gone. Additionally, only a very small part of her abnormal talent is due to her Phoenix bloodline, most of it comes from the existence of the Heretic God divine aura. Once she loses that thread of Heretic God divine aura, her innate talent will also become ordinary… It is also possible that her profound veins will be harmed by this extraction. In fact, it definitely isn’t impossible for her profound veins to be completely destroyed.”

The Phoenix Spirit did not try to hide or conceal anything.

“Since that is the case, then it also might not succeed… right?” Feng Xian’er asked in a dazed voice, she felt as if her wits had left her.

“There’s about a twenty percent chance,” the Phoenix Spirit replied and it already felt that this twenty percent was an extremely high chance. “This is the only method I can think of. There hasn’t been any precedent for this in history so I naturally cannot guarantee its success.”

“But, if this method truly can reawaken his Heretic God divine power, even if it’s a one in a billion chance, we still need to try it.”

These words were said because of its position as the Phoenix Spirit who had inherited the will of the true Phoenix.

This was because, ever since the moment it had sensed that “dreadful aura”, it had started to vaguely guess the reason why the Heretic God left such a complete inheritance and legacy behind. It was very possible that he had not only left behind power… even more than that, he had left behind hope.

It was a hope that absolutely could not be shattered and also a hope that it, as the inheritor of the true Phoenix’s will, absolutely needed to protect.

“Yun Wuxin,” the Phoenix Spirit’s gaze grew even more focused, “Did you understand what this noble one has just said? If you want to save your father, you will lose all of your power. Your innate talent will also disappear without a trace. Furthermore, there is a possibility that you will never recover and your profound veins might also be heavily damaged… As such, are you still willing to gift your Heretic God divine aura to your father?”

She would lose all of her power, all of her hard work would vanish into thin air, her innate talent would be damaged forever and there was even a possibility that she would be crippled in the process.

To a girl who was only twelve years old, those words and this choice were undoubtedly far too cruel.

But… what shocked Feng Xian’er and what shocked the Phoenix Spirit even more was this. It was clear that Yun Wuxin had not yet digested everything she had just heard as she simply stared dazedly at the air. Yet she nodded her head, she nodded her head without the slightest bit of hesitation, “As long as I can save Daddy, I am willing to do anything.”

“No, you can’t! You can’t!” Feng Xian’er shook her head, “Young Master definitely will not agree to this! Young Master views Wuxin as his most precious treasure, he definitely won’t agree to such a thing… If anything happens to Wuxin, Young Master he… even if he can successfully regain all of his powers, he will definitely live in self-recrimination for all his life… he will live with an unbearable pain for all of his life… You can’t… you can’t…”

During this period of time, she had accompanied Yun Che night and day, so she had witnessed just how precious Yun Wuxin was to him.

How could he possibly accept such a thing!?

“Then are you willing to watch him die instead?” the Phoenix Spirit said with a sigh. “Furthermore, if he does not recover his power, the person who wounded him might just bring an even greater calamity down on this world. Only he, who has completely recovered his powers, can defuse such a crisis. Given my experience and knowledge, this is a choice that has to be made before my eyes.”

“...” Feng Xian’er’s face was pained. She kept shaking her head but no words could come out of her mouth.

“Aunt Xian’er, it’s fine,” Yun Wuxin’s comforting words rang in her ear. She dazedly lifted her head to stare at Yun Wuxin, but Yun Wuxin’s face contained not a single trace of pain, struggle or hesitation. On the contrary, she wore a very small and warm smile on her face, “Daddy played many games with me which involved making choices. But this choice was far simpler than any choice I had to make when Daddy played those games with me. Because… I can live without having any profound strength, but I definitely cannot do without Daddy.”

“Wuxin…” Feng Xian’er’s vision instantly turned blurry.

“Furthermore, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having no profound strength,” Yun Wuxin said with a cheery smile. “Mom will protect me, Master will protect me, and Xian’er will also protect me, right? Once Daddy regains his powers, he will protect me even more. Furthermore, this time I’m protecting Daddy, Mother, and Master… All of them will definitely praise me… WAH! Just thinking about it makes me feel so happy!”

“...” Feng Xian’er’s lips quivered. She could not choose… Yet Yun Wuxin had not hesitated in the slightest to make her choice.

Those Phoenix eyes clearly slanted upwards as the soul fragment that had come from a divine spirit felt deep stirring… Yun Che would choose to be a cripple forever instead of harming his daughter’s innate talent. Yun Wuxin was willing to let go of all attachment to her profound strength and her innate talent just because there was a hope that her father could be saved… Perhaps from its point of view, human emotions were so marvelous and wonderful that they were hard to understand.

“Xian’er,” the Phoenix Spirit said, “I understand your worries. I will bear all of his resentment and his hatred… I just hope that I can endure to that point.”

“Lord Phoenix God?” The words of the Phoenix God caused Feng Xian’er’s head to jerk upward.

But she did not get a reply. Instead, a beam of red light descended from above and teleported her out of this Phoenix dimension.

Scarlet light spread through the air and only Yun Wuxin and Yun Che, whose lifeforce was so weak that it could barely be sensed, were left… He did not know that the Phoenix Spirit had ignored his wishes and had advised Yun Wuxin to make a choice she definitely should not have made.

“Yun Wuxin,” the Phoenix Spirit’s voice was slow and solemn, “I will need you to be fully cooperative and willing in order for me to draw our your Heretic God divine aura. As long as you are not willing, no one will be able to force you to do this. So this noble one will ask you one final time…”

“Save Daddy…” she had already spoken up anxiously without even waiting for the Phoenix Spirit to finish. However, anxiety was not the only thing present in her voice. Even more than that, there was a resoluteness in her voice that should not have been present in someone so young. 

She lifted her face, her eyes staring straight at those scarlet Phoenix eyes which hung in the air. The Phoenix Spirit could not detect the slightest traces of discontent, unwillingness, nor hesitation from her eyes or her soul… The only thing it could sense was her fear and anxiety.

“Alright…” the Phoenix Spirit replied. A strange fiery light flashed through its scarlet eyes and its originally stern and mighty voice became incomparably gentle, “This noble one will no longer speak any more unnecessary words. The only thing I can do is to use up all of my remaining power and soul to ensure that everything will succeed.”

“Yun Wuxin, remember this well: If there comes a day that the darkness that enshrouds this universe is beaten back because of your father, then… you will actually be the true savior of this universe, the one behind it all!”

As the Phoenix’s gentle voice fell, those scarlet Phoenix eyes suddenly widened to their biggest possible size and released two clusters of incomparably dense and deep Phoenix flames which engulfed both Yun Che and Yun Wuxin.

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