Chapter 141 - Explosive Rage

Against the Gods

Chapter 141 - Explosive Rage

The Inner Palace was the deepest place in the Blue Wind Profound Palace. If one wished to leave, they must cut across the Middle Palace and Outer Palace after leaving the Inner Palace.

The moment Yun Che stepped into the Outer Palace after passing through the Middle Palace, he was immediately recognized by the people there.

“Quick, look! That’s Yun Che! I saw him at the examinations for the new incoming disciples. He’s the one that’s challenging Murong Yi in two months.”

“So he’s that history’s number one clown? He looks pretty normal.”

“He indeed looks pretty normal, but his brain is definitely abnormal! Otherwise, why would he have the audacity to challenge Murong Yi, who is from the Inner Palace? And even chose a heavy sword and two of the trashiest Profound Skills?”

“In two months, he will definitely be abused by Murong Yi like a dog. I reckon that Murong Yi doesn’t even take him to heart, and simply sees him as a circus monkey. Hahahaha…”

Different forms of sarcastic remarks could be heard from afar. Yun Che turned a deaf ear on them, and proceeded forward. When he entered the Outer Palace’s Cultivation Area, Yun Che saw Xia Yuanba with a single glance.

The big and robust body Xia Yuanba had was obvious no matter where he was, even if Yun Che tried, he wouldn’t be able to miss his figure. He quickly walked over, and greeted him: “Yuanba!”

The moment Xia Yuanba saw Yun Che, his two eyes widened, and ran over excitedly: “Brother-in-law, why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be in the Inner Palace?”

“I’m exhausted from my cultivation, so I came out for a walk.” Yun Che said casually, and then inspected Xia Yuanba. He realized he did make some improvements in his profound energy, and he was not too far off from breaking through into the seventh level of the Elementary Profound Realm. “Yuanba, did your acceptance into the Outer Palace go smoothly? Did you tell your father that you’re here?”

“Hehe, Instructor Qin did not go back on his words. On the second day you entered the Inner Palace, he finished the arrangements of accepting me into the Outer Palace. I have already sent a letter to my father, and I received a reply a few days before. Father was very happy to know that I was able to enter the Blue Wind Profound Palace.” Xia Yuanba was full of smiles, and then, he praised: “As expected of the Blue Wind Profound Palace, it cannot be compared to the New Moon Profound Palace at all. The experts here are far too many. While I’m here, I have experienced many things that I could not hope to see in the past… Oh right, brother-in-law, look.” Xia Yuanba opened up both of his hands, and in his hands was a box of fresh pellets which emitted out a medicinal smell. “Today is the day the Outer Palace’s Profound Pellet Pavilion distributes the pellets. The pellets distribute here are much better than the ones in the New Moon Profound Palace… There’s thirty Small Profound Recovery Pellets, ten Small Profound Opening Pellets, and even three Bone Quenching Pellets and three Profound Quenching Pellets. I wouldn’t even dare to imagine something like this in the past.”

No wonder he was this excited, so they distributed the pellets today. Yun Che laughed, and said: “Yuanba, work hard. Even though you started off a little late, I believe that as long as you work hard, you will definitely not be worse off than anyone else… In any case, we must work hard together!”

After saying that, Yun Che casually patted on Xia Yuanba’s robust arm. He did not use a lot of strength, but the moment his hand made contact with Xia Yuanba’s arm, he withdrew his arm as if it was shocked by electricity. Xia Yuanba groaned, and his face revealed a pained expression.

Startled, Yun Che quickly took a step forward, and pulled the sleeves on Xia Yuanba’s left arm up. He suddenly realized, a large half of his left arm was reddish green. Especially on his shoulder joint, was a large swell. With a single glance, Yun Che was able to discern that it was dislocated not too long ago.

“What happened?” Yun Che’s brows sank. “How did you get injured?”

Xia Yuanba hurriedly pulled down his sleeves, and let out a smile. Without paying it any mind, he said: “It’s nothing. I was sparring with the seniors. Since my profound strength is bad, it’s very normal to for me to be injured. And they’re not serious injuries, so they will completely recover in a few days.”

What Xia Yuanba said made sense. Spars are unavoidable while training in the Outer Palace. It was hard to prevent injuries if one were to spar a lot. But Yun Che felt that Xia Yuanba’s injuries were too unusual. His gaze landed on Xia Yuanba’s neck, and he once again frowned. “Then what’s with the bruise on your neck? You guys even target the neck during your spars?”

Xia Yuanba quickly shrank his neck, and even pulled up his shirt. He hurriedly showed the same indifferent expression, and laughed. “Brother-in-law, I know you’re worried about me, but I’m really alright. Although I usually get injured during my spars, I would always gain new insights and improvements after getting injured every time. So, even if I’m injured, I’m still very happy about it. And I’m not the only one injured. No disciples in the Outer Palace is injury-free. If we don’t spar, how are we supposed to improve? Hehe.”

Yun Che’s expression was somewhat relieved, as if he believed his words, and nodded. “Although cultivation is important, do not break your body because of it. Also, even though your profound strength can be said to be the weakest in this Outer Palace, it definitely does not mean that you should be bullied by others… If anyone were to bully you, you must definitely tell me!”

“Hehe, understood, brother-in-law.” Xia Yuanba smiled sillily. “The seniors are all very nice to me. Why would there be anyone bullying me? You don’t have to worry. In two more months, you will be fighting against that Murong Yi. You must work hard with your cultivation in the Inner Palace. But I believe that even if it’s that Murong Yi who is rumored to be really strong, brother-in-law will definitely be able to defeat him… Then, brother-in-law, I will be going back to the Cultivation Room. I won’t hold up anymore of your time.”

“Mn, go on then.”

Looking at Xia Yuanba’s quickly disappearing figure, Yun Che’s expression sank slightly.

He did not head for outside the Profound Palace, rather, he changed his direction, and slowly walked towards the Cultivation Room Xia Yuanba was heading to.

Xia Yuanba’s Cultivation Room was the 2296th room. Every Cultivation Room had five Outer Palace disciples. Yun Che soundlessly walked over, stood beside the window, and looked inside.

The Cultivation Room was not large, as it was not even at the size of Profound Cultivation Room in the Profound Gathering Tower. When Xia Yuanba entered, the other four disciples were already inside. Seeing Xia Yuanba’s return, they looked at each other in the eye, and revealed a teasing smile.

“Yo, big lunk, you’re back? You even retrieved the pellets, right?” A blue clothed youth who was originally sitting down on the floor cultivating, stood up. He laughed as he looked at Xia Yuanba, and cynically said.

Xia Yuanba’s neck evidently shrank, and his face revealed a scared expression, as he forced out a smile. “Senior Han Feng, this time, is it possible to leave me a few pellets…? A few of them is enough…”

The expression of the disciple called Han Feng instantly changed. He grinned at Xia Yuanba and said: “Oh? You actually learnt to bargain? Are your bones itching again, and you want us to loosen them for you? Cut the crap, and give us all that you have! Every day, the four of us have to give pointers to you, a trash who is only at the Elementary Profound Realm, and you actually forgot to show even the basic form of respect!?”

The other three disciples also began to laugh coldly in disdain. Especially the seemingly handsome male youth dressed in white, who was sitting in the middle, just simply by how he glanced at Xia Yuanba, it was as if he was looking at a lowly clown.

Xia Yuanba’s face was furiously red, he gritted his teeth, but still obediently handed over the pellets he received. Han Feng grabbed all of them with a single hand, and did not leave even a single one of them. Then, he praised smilingly: “Tch, that’s better. Don’t worry, as long as you listen to us obediently, and show us the proper respect, we will treat you, our little junior, well. In our future ‘spars’, we will definitely hold back, hahahaha.”

While laughing complacently, Han Feng took ten Small Profound Recovery Pellets, then, he distributed ten Small Profound Recovery Pellets each to the other two disciples. Finally, he arrived in front of the youth in white, bent his waist, and said fawningly: “Senior Kui Yang, here’s ten Small Profound Opening Pellets and three Bone Quenching Pellets. Please kindly accept them.”

The youth in white called Kui Yang was nineteen this year. His profound strength was the highest among the four, as he had already broke through into the True Profound Realm, and was at the first Level of the True Profound Realm. Among the fifty thousand disciples in the Outer Palace, he was also a leading figure whose ability is enough to be placed in the top two thousand. He stretched out his hand to receive the pellets, and then stood up. He approached Xia Yuanba, and suddenly grabbed onto Xia Yuanba’s left hand, snatching away the three pellets he was tightly holding onto in his palm.

“He actually hid three Quenching Profound Pellets.” Kui Yang squinted as he laughed coldly. Then, his leg suddenly flew, and it landed on Xia Yuanba’s lower abdomen, causing him to tumble. “Whelp, if you dare to be dishonest next time, believe me, I will rip your legs apart!”

“As expected of Senior Kui Yang.” Han Feng and the other two disciples hurriedly laughed as they sucked up to him.

Being kicked in the lower abdomen, Xia Yuanba fell onto the floor. His body painfully spasmed, but he did not let out a cry. Rather, he propped himself and stood up. His red face was ashen, but even though he dared to be angry, he did not dare to say a single word as he slowly moved to the corner of the Cultivation Room.

Yun Che burned red with fury, a surge of bloodlust exploded from his chest. He could not watch any longer, as he took a step forward, and kicked the door of the Cultivation Room.


The Cultivation Room’s sturdy wooden door was shattered with Yun Che’s single kick. The wooden scraps scattered in the air, startling the five people in the Cultivation Room.

Seeing furious Yun Che standing there, Xia Yuanba panicked for a moment. He hurriedly stood up, stuttering: “Brother… brother-in-law…”

Yun Che ignored Xia Yuanba, his gaze swept across the four standing Outer Palace disciples as he said in a low voice: “I shall give you two choices. One, hand over all the pellets you have, then break your own right arm, and then, prostrate in front of Xia Yuanba and admit your mistakes. Two… Die!!”

They were actually about to ask who was the person who came to challenge them. After hearing Yun Che’s words, they were stunned for a moment, and then, all of them laughed loudly.

“Where did this whelp come from? Daring to act wildly here… You want me to prostrate? You want us to break our own right arm? Did you forget to take your medicine today? Ahahahaha!”

“Yo! This guy looks a little familiar… Aiyo, woah! Isn’t this that extremely famous Yun Che, the number one clown in Blue Wind Profound Palace history, who shouted that he wanted to challenge Murong Yi the moment he entered the Palace!?”

“Mn? So he’s that Yun Che?” When the white clothed disciple Kui Yang heard the name “Yun Che”, he began to laugh scornfully. “I heard that Yun Che was half insane, but from the looks of it, the rumors weren’t the least bit untrue. What was it? You want us to kneel? Hehe. If you were to kneel in front of us now and beg for forgiveness, I could still break one less leg of yours later.”

The moment Kui Yang finished uttering those words, his vision suddenly blurred. A surge of bloodlust came pouring down on him, causing his entire body to stiffen. His expression paled for a moment, but before he could even react, Yun Che’s ice cold face already appeared right in front him.


Kui Yang felt like his chest was directly struck by a ten ton sledgehammer. His entire body convulsed, and a violent energy of incomparable strength instantly assaulted all of the profound veins in his body. He spit out a mouthful of blood, and his body flew from the kick, landing heavily onto the wall of the Cultivation Room… With a short tremor, a large crack formed in the wall of the Cultivation Room, and Kui Yang’s entire body was embed in the wall. It was only after a long while, did his body slide down like a dead dog.

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