Chapter 142 - Clean Sweep

Against the Gods

Chapter 142 - Clean Sweep

“Se…… Senior brother Kui Yang!”

The three other disciples were shocked by the sudden scene. None of them expected Yun Che to suddenly attack; the speed of the attack was ghastly, and did not give them a chance to react. What made them even more shocked was the fact that Kui Yang, who was at True Profound Realm, was severely injured in one blow. He sprayed out a shockingly vast amount of blood. After sliding to the ground, his entire body twitched and he was unable to stand up until a long time.

“How dare…… How dare you sneak attack Senior brother Kui Yang. Let’s attack together, cripple him!!!” Han Feng’s expression was hideous as he pulled out a longsword. He and another disciple rushed ahead and tried to stab his chest while another tried to slash his head.

“Brother-in-law, careful!”

After Xia Yuanba’s sudden cry, he heard a “Cra” sound. The longsword in Han Feng’s hands had already been broken by a kick from Yun Che while the other disciple’s longsword was disarmed bare handedly by Yun Che. After which, he landed two solid punches on their chests.


The chests of the two caved in and their sternum was fractured as they flew into the same wall as Kui Yang while shrieking in pain.

The remaining disciple was about to attack but as he saw the others being severely injured, he was shocked that his pupils contracted and his whole body shivered, not daring to come forward. After a weird cry, he run out like a scared mouse. However, Yun Che turned around and stared coldly. Putting out his left hand, a scorching hot flame dragon shot out from Yun Che’s palm, instantaneously surrounding the escaping disciple. As he closed his palm, the escaping disciple was thrown back to the wall violently by the fire dragon while screaming.

“Brother…… Brother-in-law……” Xia Yuanba who was standing at one corner had been stupefied. He knew the four’s profound strength well. Kui Yang was already at the first level of the True Profound Realm. Han Feng was in the ninth level of the Nascent Profound Realm. The two others were also at the eighth level of the Nascent Profound Realm. Their profound strength levels were what he longed and thirsted for. Although he was bullied, he did not dare to retaliate, nor did he have the ability to. He also did not dare to tell Yun Che, for fear that Yun Che might impulsively seek revenge for him…… How could Yun Che have defeated the four of them?

However, he did not expect his brother-in-law to have already become so powerful. The four of them were practically like trash in front of Yun Che, and they were casually beaten like a dead dog by Yun Che.

“Yun Che, you…… You…… You’re finished!!” Han Feng sat up using the broken wall as a support. He wiped off the fresh blood at the corner of his mouth. Although he was still rattled by the overwhelming strength of Yun Che, he forced himself to coldly laugh: “ You actually…… Dared to injure us Outer Palace disciples….. Instructor Qi is Senior Kui Yang’s uncle. The fact that you injured Senior brother Kui Yang…… Instructor Qi definitely won’t let you off. You just wait to be crippled and thrown out of Blue Wind Profound Palace!”

The killing intent on Yun Che’s body still had not vanished. The entire cultivation room was now as cold as the freezing winter, and made the four beaten disciples shiver as they laid on the floor. He did not bother with what Han Feng said, and slowly walked in front of Kui Yang, who was still vomiting blood. Seeing him approach, Kui Yang revealed a face of terror but he immediately suppressed it. He forced a laugh: “Yun Che, if you kneel down and apologize now, I can consider letting you go…… If not…… my uncle….. will make you suffer a fate worse than death……”

Yun Che eyed him slightly before saying in a muffled voice: “When you kicked Yuanba, it was the right leg, right?”

Once Yun Che finished speaking, he did not wait for his reply and suddenly raised his leg and mercilessly stomped on Kui Yang’s right ankle.



A painful cry that seemed like pigs being slaughtered was heard. Kui Yang’s right ankle had been forcefully broken by Yun Che. Yun Che slowly removed his foot. His expression was as calm as ever, as if he had just snapped a normal twig. He coldly stared at Kui Yang, who held his right leg while rolling and howled in pain, before turning to face the three other disciples.

As Yun Che sweep his gaze, Han Feng’s face had already turned pale white…… They originally believed that Yun Che daring to harm people here was already extremely audacious, and he would stop after they mentioned the relationship between Kui Yang and Instructor Qi. Not only did they not expect Yun Che’s strength to be so unexpectedly frightening, they had not anticipated that he would be so decisively vicious. He did not even hesitate to break Kui Yang’s ankle…… Then, if he wanted to cripple them, or even take their lives, they were sure that he wouldn’t even blink at that.

How could Han Feng possibly dare to say any other malicious words? His entire body was already shivering from fear. As Yun Che walked towards him, his trembling body went limp and he laid paralyzed in place as he panickly pleaded: “Yun-yun-yun…… Yun Che, I…… I know I was wrong, forgive me…… Don’t kill me…… Don’t kill me…… Spare me……” As if suddenly remembering the conditions Yun Che said earlier, he took out all the pellets that he had stolen earlier and turned to face Yuanba while kowtowing repeatedly: “Junior brother Yuanba, I know my mistakes…… I shouldn’t have treated you like that…… I’m a beast, I’m a bastard. I deserve death…… Please forgive me. I won’t dare to do it again in the future, never dare to do it again……”

In an instant, Han Feng kowtowed more than ten times, and repeatedly banged against the ground. The other two disciples frantically knelt down, removed all their pellets, and kowtowed as well.

Yun Che revealed a cold sneer before turning back to Kui Yang to coldly speak: “What about yours? Or do you feel like not having both your hands?”

To dare break his ankle without hesitation meant that snapping off his hands was an even simpler task. Although Kui Yang was suffering from an abyssal pain, he still had his consciousness. He frantically rolled and crawled in Xia Yuanba’s direction before knocking his head on the ground several times. Then he handed over all the pellets he possessed with his trembling hands.

Yun Che walked over and collected all the pellets they returned and coldly spoke with indifference: “Since you all are still quite obedient, I’ll spare your pathetic lives for now. However, if you dare to bully Xia Yuanba again, I'll make you regret coming into this world.”

“Won’t dare, we won’t dare to ever do that anymore. Next time, we will treat Yuanba exactly like how we treat our fathers…… We won’t dare anymore……” Han Feng said in a frightened manner.

“Then, about today’s matter, what are you going to say?” Yun Che squinted, as his gaze filled with killing intent.

“It…… It was injuries we suffered during sparring…… It is not the slightest bit related to Junior brother Yuanba or Junior brother Yun Che……” Han Feng replied cautiously.

“Hmph!” Yun Che coldly snorted, before saying: “Lastly, don’t let me hear anything outside that I don’t want to hear. Otherwise, I will come take your lives at any time.”

The four people, including Han Feng, remained silent…… After seeing the frightening strength and ruthless methods he employed earlier, they did not dare to doubt what he had said.

“But even if you guys spread word of this, it doesn’t matter anyway,” Yun Che began to laugh scornfully: “Do you know why Palace Chief Qin allowed me to enter the Inner Palace straightaway? Do you really think that Palace Chief Qin would break a thousand year old precedent just for a slightly special battle? Truthfully speaking, my relationship with Palace Chief Qin is one that you all cannot imagine even in your dreams. If rumors were to really spread, know that the ones being punished won’t be me, but you guys. It may even be possible that you guys may evaporate from this world without a trace, for the dead cannot testify as witnesses…… Yuanba, come out with me.”

As he finished, Yun Che turned and left the cultivation room in heavy steps, leaving the four injured people trembling with faces still filled with fear.

The last words Yun Che said were naturally made up, but he believed that it was sufficient to make the four cower. Because if the four really spread word of today’s incident out, although he didn’t care one bit about it, he was afraid that it would affect Xia Yuanba’s future prospects in Blue Wind Profound Palace.

Xia Yuanba drooped his head like a child who had done something wrong as he followed behind Yun Che. Yun Che kept walking until he arrived under the shade of a big tree before stopping and turning to face Xia Yuanba.

“Uuu…… Brother-in-law. I, I, I…… I was wrong.” Xia Yuanba timidly said as he lowered his head.

“Sigh……” Yun Che let out a long sigh, before returning the pellets he retrieved back from the four to Xia Yuanba: “Just take these. Although they’re not any sort of high quality pellet, they just happen to suit the current you.”

Yun Che refined numerous pellets using his Sky Poison Pearl. However they were too high in quality and they were too unique and unsuitable to be of use to Xia Yuanba.

Xia Yuanba received the pellets and shrunk away nervously while mumbling: “Brother-in-law, I know I was wrong, don’t be angry at me. I…… I didn’t mean to lie to brother-in-law. But I was afraid it would cause you to lose focus, and affect your match in two months time, I……”

Yun Che shook his head before patting Xia Yuanba on his arm, and calmly replied: “Yuanba, the fact that you’re bullied is actually not surprising to me. It’s because your profound strength is still too weak. Perhaps letting you stay in Blue Wind Profound Palace was a wrong decision. The differences in your profound strength and this sacred training ground is too overwhelming. However, I will not ask you to leave because of this. In fact, I hope that you continue to stay here. Yuanba, in this world, the only people that won’t be bullied are the strong. If you are strong enough, no one would dare bully you, nor would anyone have the ability to bully you. How those four trash acted towards you, was because they were stronger than you, much stronger than you. If you don’t want to bullied, become strong, become stronger than them. Becoming stronger than anyone.”

“I understand!” Xia Yuanba tightly clenched his fist: “I will definitely use you as my role model and work hard!”

“That’s not the main point.” Yun Che shook his head, before saying sternly: “What I truly hope for you to understand, is that one can have weak profound strength, he can even be weak, he can even be looked down upon by others, but he cannot lose dignity and uprightness! I am not angry that you hid it from me…… I know that you are thinking about me and don’t want me to get into trouble. I am just angry…… Why did you not retaliate and not resist? Even if you weren’t the other party’s match, you should have resisted!”

“I…… I didn’t dare…… Brother-in-law, I know I was wrong. I won’t be like this next time.” Xia Yuanba drooped his head even lower as his face filled with guilt.

Yun Che exhaled deeply, and let out a helpless sigh in his heart. Xia Yuanba’s temperament was one that he was familiar with. Even though he looked rugged and tough, he was actually overly kind. He even had the weak immaturity of a child that had yet grown up. That was expected as he was not even sixteen yet.

Changing his personality with a few words was definitely impossible.

“Yuanba, let me see your profound veins.”

“Ah? Ou.”

Once a person reached the True Profound Realm, under the condition that they had permission from the other party, one could inspect the other party’s body using profound energy. Yun Che stood in front of Xia Yuanba, pressed his hands on Yuanba’s chest, and slowly closed his eyes. Then, he instantly removed his hands from Xia Yuanba’s chest with an undisturbed complexion. But in his heart, he was extremely shocked.

Because Xia Yuanba’s profound veins were just too strange. They were more than two times thicker than a normal person’s profound vein and the vein was a kind of creepy greyish black color. His profound entrances were also located at completely different locations when compared to an ordinary person’s. It was as if he was an entirely different entity.

Why were Yuanba’s profound veins like this? Could they really be the “Tyrannical Emperor’s Profound Veins” that Jasmine had mentioned before?

These profound veins possessed such a domineering name, but why were they so weak?

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