Chapter 1414 - Returning to the Sect

Against the Gods

Chapter 1414 - Returning to the Sect

Although he denied it, Yun Che felt as if ten thousand horses were stampeding around in his heart.

What was happening?

What was going on!? How did she recognize me? It doesn’t make sense, it’s not possible!

Had it been a blind guess? That’s not right! Even if it was a blind guess, there still had to be a basis for this blind guess. Furthermore, his appearance, voice, manner of speech, and name had all been changed, and the only profound energy he had revealed was lightning energy. What’s more, there was also the fact that everyone in the God Realm already thought that “Yun Che was already dead”.

Even Huo Poyun, who had even more contact with him, and whose profound energy and divine senses had reached the heights of the Divine Master Realm, had been completely unable to recognize him. So where the heck did Mu Feixue come up with those three words “Senior Brother Yun”!?

Mu Feixue did not get angry or doubt herself because of what Yun Che had said. Instead, that pair of icy eyes stared affectionately into his own… In the past, she definitely would not have stared at him with such eyes. On the contrary, she would avert her gaze the moment her eyes came into contact with his.

However, in this world, the things which stirred one’s heart the most were “forever losing something” and “suddenly regaining what you had thought was lost forever”…

“I know it’s you,” she said in a soft voice, a voice so soft and faint that it seemed to be coming from an illusory dream.

The corner of Yun Che’s mouth crooked and he wanted to open his mouth and deny those words… But upon coming into contact with her gaze, he suddenly found that he was unable to say what he was going to say. After that, he found that he had even involuntarily averted his own eyes.

Mu Feixue had not only recognized him, she was also… clearly incredibly convinced of this fact!

Damn it all! Where exactly did I make a mistake?

Furthermore, the look that she was giving him…

Ssss… Could it be… No way, right??

“You… Why did you call me ‘Senior Brother Yun’ or whatever?” Yun Che asked in a low and suppressed voice.

His averted eyes and his clearly weakened tone were already things that practically confirmed her words. Mu Feixue said, “During the past few years, Master would often tell me about things concerning you. Master said that you had once left the sect and traveled to a star realm called the Darkya Realm to train, and during that period of time, you changed your name to ‘Ling Yun’.”

Yun Che’s eyes widened and he grew even more stunned as he gasped, “It… It was just because of this?”

Whenever Yun Che changed his name on his travels, he would always use the name ‘Ling Yun’. This definitely was not because he had any improper feelings towards the Young Villa Master of Heavenly Sword Villa, Ling Yun. Rather, it was because this name was simple and easy to say and to use, a name that was very common… It was simply because of that.

Mu Xuanyin was indeed completely aware of the things he had done when he had escaped to the Darkya Realm after she had done a check, so it was also absolutely normal that she knew that he had used the fake name ‘Ling Yun’. However, this name was a common one, in fact, you could easily find tens of thousands of people with that name if you randomly chose a small planet. So how could Mu Feixue think of him simply based on this name!?

This was simply nonsense!!

If you told this to a ghost, even that ghost wouldn’t believe you!

“This name caused me to be even more convinced, “Mu Feixue’s gaze remained the same as before, “From the very first moment I saw you… Even though your appearance, voice and aura were all different, I immediately thought of you.”

Yun Che, “…???”

“Because…” She said as she looked at his involuntarily darting eyes, “I remember your eyes and your smell.”

“…” Yun Che was completely struck dumb and he was left at a complete loss for a moment.

He was not Huo Poyun, a person who was like a white sheet when it came to the relationships between men and women. In fact, he was all too clear on what Mu Feixue’s words meant.

Eyes… Smell… and she even managed to recognize the him who had been disguised so well that the disguise was nearly perfect. The only possibility was that his figure had been carved into an extremely deep part of her heart, a part so deep that it reached the innermost depths of her very soul.

“…” Yun Che was unable to say anything for a very long time, because for a moment, even he could not bring himself to believe such a thing.

He had come into contact with many exceptional and outstanding women in his life, so his experience when it came to the relationship between a man and woman was incomparably rich. Therefore he could easily sense when any girl took an interest in him. However, when it came to Mu Feixue… The only time he had ever come into proper contact with her was when he had been “ambushed” by Mu Xuanyin and had nearly pushed her down and raped her. He had not hesitated to injure himself in order to stop himself forcefully. After that, he had really barely even seen her.

Whenever he had seen her on those rare occasions, he could only ever sense coldness and rejection from Mu Feixue’s body… This combined with Mu Feixue’s temperament and what he had done to her convinced him that he was absolutely the person she hated the most in this universe.

However, right now, as he faced her fixed gaze, as he heard her say the words “I remember your eyes and your smell”… Yun Che had been left completely dumbstruck.

Just what was going on? When exactly did this happen? This shouldn’t be happening… There was no reason for this to happen… It was impossible!

“Do you still want to deny what I said?” she asked softly.

“You… Aren’t you afraid that you’ve gotten the wrong person? After all… After all…” Yun Che had been rendered rather incoherent by this turn of events.

“There are some stirrings of the heart that only happens once in your life, and only happen for one single person,” she said. She continued to look at him and she was not willing to avert her gaze as she said, “So, there’s no way that I am wrong.”

“…” The words that Mu Feixue said were extremely similar to the words that Huo Poyun had just told him.

Oh that’s right, Huo Poyun…

Yun Che’s head started to hurt.

Back in the day, after he had become Mu Xuanyin’s direct disciple, his status in the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect had immediately vaulted to the highest echelon. He also knew that there were many senior and junior sisters who admired him within the sect… However, he was incomparably convinced that even if every woman in the sect were to like him, there was definitely one person who would not even dain to look at him.

And that person was Mu Feixue.

But today… at this very moment, he suddenly realized, amidst that long daze of his, that he perhaps still did not understand women.

After taking in a deep breath, Yun Che released his spiritual senses and swiftly used them to sweep the area. After he confirmed that no one was around them, his expression grew complicated as he said, “Fine, I’ll admit it. I’m Yun Che… a living and breathing Yun Che.”

As he said those words, he stretched out his hand and an icy light flashed in his hand before scattering, evoking the Ice Phoenix aura in that very instant. After that, he lifted his palm and casually wiped it over his face, revealing his true appearance.

“…” Mu Feixue’s pearly lips quivered and her icy eyes shook as she gazed upon his face that was mere inches away from her. The gaze that had been fixed on his face suddenly flitted away in a fluster and her aura had clearly grown disordered.

With another wave of his hands, his face transformed back into Ling Yun’s face within a few short breaths as his heart sighed with angst… His perfect disguise! How could it actually be so weak and flimsy in front of a woman?

Eyes? Smell? How the heck was he supposed to disguise those!?

After her eyes had darted away from his face in a fluster, Mu Feixue suddenly turned around as her chest heaved. It was only after a good long while that she managed to regulate her own aura and she spoke in a voice that was both gentle and cold, “If Master finds out that you’re still alive, she’ll definitely be very happy.”

“Don’t let anyone know that I’m still alive yet,” Yun Che said.

“I know,” Mu Feixue had not asked why he was still alive, she also had not asked where he had been for the past few years nor had she asked about why he had returned, “Return to the sect with me, I will bring you to see Master.”

“Alright,” Yun Che nodded his head.

The profound beast rampage assailing Illusory Smoke City had been pacified and even the greatest and most deeply hidden disaster that could threaten it had been eliminated. Even if a beast tide assaulted the city after this, Illusory Smoke City should be able to defend itself.

Mu Feixue’s injuries would not impede her for the time being and once the Divine Ice Phoenix disciples greeted Illusory Smoke City’s governor, they boarded their profound ark and returned to the sect. Yun Che accompanied them in the name of paying a visit to the Snow Song Realm King.

The ice ark cut through the winds as it flew towards the Ice Phoenix Realm that the sect was located in. As he stood at the very front of the ice ark, Yun Che stared at the boundlessly pale white world as his heart violently stirred.

He was finally returning to the sect. He would finally see Master and Palace Master Bingyun again.

He did not know what reaction they would have when they saw him again… The past few years where he had been “dead” had definitely caused them a lot of anxiety.

“Why didn’t we see Young Sect Master Huo?” Yun Che asked. When they had left Illusory Smoke City, he had, surprisingly enough, not seen Huo Poyun.

Mu Hanyan said, “Oh! I nearly forgot about that. It seems as if Young Sect Master Huo received a sound transmission from his sect at the last moment, so he left in a hurry. Before he left, he told me to send his regards to Senior Ling and Senior Sister Feixue.”

“Ah, so that’s what happened,” Yun Che said as he nodded his head. He somehow felt as if something was not quite right, but he did not pay it much mind.

“Senior Ling,” Mu Hanyan said rather hesitantly, “you should have heard that Sect Master’s personality is cold and indifferent and she normally does not wish to be disturbed. Even though we owe you a great debt for saving Senior Sister Feixue’s life, and even though Senior Sister Feixue is personally bringing you to see Sect Master, it would be better… if Senior does not have too many expectations going in.”

“I understand,” Yun Che said in a carefree and relaxed manner. “If I can see her, it will naturally be my great fortune. But if it isn’t meant to be, then that is also what it should be. Rather, it seems as if my sudden intention has been too abrupt.”

Mu Hanyan hurriedly made a bow but after hearing those words, he had grown slightly more relaxed.

Mu Feixue walked over and stood at Yun Che’s side at the head of the ice ark. She looked into the distance together with him but the two people did not even look at each other or speak to each other.

The silence of these two people caused the world to turn exceptionally quiet. Mu Hanyan, who was standing there, suddenly felt as if his presence was rather unnecessary. He opened his mouth but chose not to speak, instead, he simply left on silent feet.

“Uh…” Since there were no outsiders around, Yun Che finally could not help but ask, “Why haven’t you asked me why I am still alive?”

Mu Feixue did not react in any way.

“Huo Poyun, he…” Yun Che paused for a moment before he continued, “You definitely can sense that he likes you.”

From the reaction of Mu Hanyan and the rest of them, it was clear that this had stopped being a secret a long time ago. Indeed, now that Huo Poyun had become a Divine Master, he had absolute confidence in himself when facing any woman. At the same time, he was also exceptionally proactive. Over this period of a year, it was very clear that he had come to the Snow Song Realm many times… just for the sake of Mu Feixue.

“What has that got to do with me?” she replied expressionlessly.

Yun Che stealthily glanced to the side before he asked in brazen manner, “You could recognize me just by my eyes and my smell, a person who was supposed to be already dead. It can’t be that you’re… secretly in love with me, right?”

“…and what has that got to do with you?” Her reply remained as cold as ever and it was as if she had returned to the way she had been all those years ago.

“…” Yun Che was rendered speechless for a time.

Huo Poyun liked Mu Feixue and he had not stopped liking her for a whole three thousand years. But Mu Feixue clearly… Yun Che stretched out a hand to scratch his head. Ah, his brain hurt… his brain hurt.

His unconscious action caused the icy light in Mu Feixue’s eyes to faintly dim before she suddenly spoke in a cold voice, “What he does is his own business. What I do is my own business. All of this has nothing to do with you, so you don’t need to fret over this.”

Upon finishing her speech, she turned around coldly and silently left.

Yun Che turned around to look at her retreating back as he exhaled deeply… It would be great if it was truly that simple.

This was stranger than strange. How did she end up liking me?

Up to now, Yun Che still could not understand why Mu Feixue would start having feelings for him… He really could not think of even a single indication or reason that would explain this.

As the ice ark flew, Yun Che released his divine sense and he finally sensed the aura of the Ice Phoenix Realm. This also caused his heart to throb even more as Mu Xuanyin’s face and figure grew clearer and clearer in his mind.

It had been four years already…

I don’t know if the me right now is still present in her world… or if she’s completely erased me from her memories.

The ice ark sailed through the Ice Phoenix Realm before it swiftly started to descend, and the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect that he remembered swiftly grew nearer and nearer in his vision.

While he was off in his own world, Mu Feixue appeared at his side and said, “We will go directly to the Sacred Hall.”

Her voice lingered in his ears but Mu Feixue had already started her descent. Yun Che calmed his emotions and closely followed behind her.

Other than Mu Xuanyin herself, the only other people who could freely enter the area around the sect’s Sacred hall were Mu Bingyun and Mu Feixue. So being brought in by Mu Feixue was undoubtedly the best option. As they witnessed Mu Feixue departing with “Ling Yun”, all the gathered Ice Phoenix disciples found it rather strange but no one said anything about it.

The Ice Phoenix Sacred Hall, where the flying snow resembled rainbows. After his feet had once again stepped into this sacred region that had been buried by snow since time immemorial, Yun Che’s footsteps had unconsciously grown a lot lighter. At some point in time, he had also gone from following behind Mu Feixue to walking by her side.

He got rid of the disguise on his face and the cold energy that was unique to the Ice Phoenix God Investiture Canon appeared in his aura.

In front of the Sacred Hall, Mu Feixue knelt down and said, “Feixue greets Master…”

Just as she started to speak, an extremely icy voice rang out of the Sacred Hall, “Let him roll inside here by himself!”

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