Chapter 1415 - Xuanyin’s Violent Fury

Against the Gods

Chapter 1415 - Xuanyin’s Violent Fury

Both Yun Che and Mu Feixue were stunned at the same time. Mu Feixue shot a glance at Yun Che and replied, “Yes, Master.”

“Senior Brother Yun, please,” Mu Feixue said as she rose and retreated a few steps.

Yun Che stood there blankly for a few breaths, a complex look in his eyes. After that, he finally started moving and he walked into the Sacred Hall.

“…” Mu Feixue turned around and silently left.

The extremely cold and pure aura within the Sacred Hall seemed both distant and familiar at the same time. Upon stepping into the Sacred Hall, the first thing Yun Che saw was Mu Xuanyin’s figure… Even though he only saw her back, it seemed to be formed from the coldest and most gorgeous ice in the entire universe. The silhouette of her back was so absolutely beautiful and powerful that even Yun Che, the man who was the closest to her in this universe, still did not dare stare straight at her.

Mu Xuanyin did not react at all to him entering the Sacred Hall or approaching her.

Yun Che stopped as he knelt down and said, “This disciple Yun Che greets Master.”

Yun Che had gotten rid of all of his disguises the moment he entered the area around the Sacred Hall. In fact, he even deliberately released his aura. He was convinced that Mu Xuanyin had been aware of his return from the very moment he stepped into this place.


Mu Xuanyin slowly turned around and a face that seemed to be carved from ice jade, a face so beautiful that it looked like a celestial fantasy, appeared in Yun Che’s vision, “Who is your master!?”

Yun Che was struck dumb by those words and he felt his heart go ice cold.

His body contained the soul crystal that Mu Xuanyin had personally implanted so Mu Xuanyin would have been the first person to know of his death. Regarding his death, everyone else would only have heard of it; it was only her who had clearly seen what had happened before his death and exactly how his death had played out.

As a result, in Yun Che’s reckoning, she should have been the person who was most certain that he was dead, and consequently, she should also have been the person who would be the most shocked upon his sudden resurrection and return.

He had thought of the many different reactions Mu Xuanyin would have to seeing him, but… the Mu Xuanyin in front of him was not shocked, she was not agitated, she was not even disbelieving. Her eyes and her snowy face only radiated an icy and heartless might, and every word that proceeded from her lips pierced the bone and chilled the heart.

“Master, I…”

“Shut up!”

Just as Yun Che spoke, an icy rebuke completely sealed away the words that he was just about to say. At this moment, her cold and heartless eyes were filled with a rage that would cow all living beings, “Right now, my direct disciple is Feixue. As for you… The most stupid decision that I ever made in my entire life was to have such a foolish disciple as yourself!”

“…” Yun Che’s eyes widened, he was left completely speechless.

“Three years ago, in the Star God Realm, one man massacred a host of Star Guards and he even managed to kill a Star God Elder. Ah, that was truly an awe-inspiring act,” Mu Xuanyin’s voice grew even colder as every word that proceeded from mouth pierced Yun Che’s heart. “For the sake of the Heavenly Slaughter Star God, even though you were well aware that you would definitely die, even though you were well aware that you could not even save her, you still raced across a great distance to reach the Star God Realm and you used the power that you exchanged your own life for so all those people could die together with you. How awe-inspiring and impressive, how deeply moving!”

“Heh! You died happily and terribly, you died a death that was wrought by deep emotions, you did right by your Heavenly Slaughter Star God! However… do you know how many people have paid the price just to ensure that you lived, how much blood and effort these people extended to preserve your life!? They took great risks and nearly even gambled the future of an entire star realm to give you the opportunity to take refuge in the Dragon God Realm. Yet you still wanted to rush to your own death despite knowing that you were going to die… Have you done right by them!? Have you done right by yourself!? Have you done right by your wives and family members who were waiting for your return in the lower realm!?”

“Besides the Heavenly Slaughter Star God, who else have you ever done right by!?”

Mu Xuanyin grew more and more enraged as she spoke, and by the time she had finished speaking, her chest was already violently heaving.

Under her cold fury, even the flying snow outside of the Sacred Hall had stopped fluttering.

“…” Yun Che’s lips trembled. A very long time passed before he could even try to speak and he did so with great difficulty, “Master, I…”

“You’re not allowed to call me Master!” Mu Xuanyin once again sealed his lips as she shouted, “I took you as my disciple, allowed you to use the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake as you pleased, bestowed upon you the best resources in the entire realm! In order to quickly help you ascend to the Divine Tribulation Realm, I put aside everything related to the sect and personally helped you cultivate, not leaving your side through night and day… But this is how you would repay me!? This is how you would repay the Snow Song Realm!?”

“I, Mu Xuanyin, don’t have a foolish disciple like you!”

She turned around once more, her massive bosom drawing beautiful and heart-stirring arcs in the air as her chest heaved violently.

This was the first time Yun Che had ever seen Mu Xuanyin so angry… Even if back in the day, when he had been caught by her after he had made a great mistake and fled, she had not been this furious.

“Mas… ter…” Yun Che bowed his head and spoke softly, “The debt this disciple owes you is as heavy as a mountain and you are the one who has treated this disciple the best in the world. Yet, this disciple has let you down time and again. This disciple knows that he has no face to…”

“Enough!” Mu Xuanyin roared coldly, her back still facing him, “Why did you return? Who asked you to come back!?”

Those words left Yun Che completely stunned for several breaths.

She had not asked him why he was still alive. Rather, she had asked him… why did you return?

It was as if… she had found out that he was still alive a long time ago?

“Master, could it be that you were long aware…”

“I asked you for your reason for returning! Give me a proper answer!” Mu Xuanyin was not even giving him the chance to ask any questions.

The pleasant surprise that he had felt from seeing her again had now turned to fear and panic because of her coldness and fury. He hesitated for a brief period of time before he sincerely said, “Because of the crimson calamity.”

“The crimson calamity? Speak clearly!” Yun Che’s reply caused Mu Xuanyin’s icy brows to twitch.

There was no reason for Yun Che to hide anything from Mu Xuanyin so he honestly told her everything, “An Ice Phoenix god lies hidden at the bottom of the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake but this is something that Master has definitely been aware of since a long time ago.”

Mu Xuanyin, “…”

“This disciple has met her twice already so she knows about disciple’s past and the powers that I possess. She also long ago sensed the existence of that crimson crack in the Wall of Primal Chaos. She was also aware of the reason for its existence and the calamity hiding behind. In fact, she heavily emphasized to this disciple that the powers that I possess are the only hope left that could stop this calamity.”

“She also said that the moment this disciple inherited the Heretic God divine powers, I also had to shoulder the duty of stopping this calamity from happening.”

Mu Xuanyin, “…”

“Every single word this disciple has said is true,” Yun Che knew that the words he had just said were simply far too outrageous, and the so-called “hope” and “duty” were even more vague and illusory than that. No matter who heard it, they would not believe it and they would even feel that these words were ridiculous and absurd.

“This disciple has been in the lower realms for the past few years. Because the Blue Pole Star that disciple was born on is near to the eastern part of the Primal Chaos and close to the crimson crack, disasters began to occur on a more and more frequent basis over the years, and they were getting more and more severe as well. It was gradually reaching the point where no one would be able to control it.”

“The same sort of calamities are definitely also happening in the Eastern Divine Region and if this goes on, it will grow more and more severe with each passing day. Thus, this disciple decided to return to the God Realm and was prepared to enter the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake once more to see the Ice Phoenix god. Perhaps she will be able to tell this disciple how to deal with this calamity.

After a brief and heavy silence, Mu Xuanyin finally turned back to face him again. Her eyes coldly stared at him as she said, “This was your reason for returning?”

“…It is also because this disciple has always missed Master,” Yun Che said as he bowed his head, he did not dare come into contact with her far-too cold gaze.

“…” Mu Xuanyin’s icy eyes faintly narrowed as her tone grew several degrees gentler, “Which means that you still indeed view me as your master?”

“Yes!” Yun Che immediately nodded his head very vigorously as he said, “I will always view you so.”

“Good, very good.” She gave a small nod of her head as her voice abruptly grew cold once more, “If you really do view me as your master, then right now… immediately… get lost and return to your lower realm. You are never to take half a step into the God Realm ever again!”

Yun Che raised his head, “Master, I…”

“Stopping the crimson calamity? Your duty?” Mu Xuanyin coldly said, “Don’t you find it ridiculous as well?”

“The crack in the Wall of Primal Chaos does indeed hide a yet unknown calamity. The moment it erupts, it is very likely that the Eastern Divine Region will be faced with an overwhelming calamity. To stop this calamity from happening is the duty of all the people living in the Eastern Divine Region. In fact, it is the duty of everyone in the God Realm, the duty of all living creatures in the Primal Chaos! When did it ever became your duty alone!?”

“Given your experience, status, and capabilities, are you even worthy of undertaking such a mission?”

Yun Che’s lips parted but he was unable to respond to those words.

“I don’t mind telling you one thing,” Mu Xuanyin said as she looked at him. “In order to deal with this calamity, the Eternal Heaven Realm has already gathered the strength of all of the king realms and upper star realms in the Eastern Divine Region and they have constructed a grand dimensional formation that can access nearly half of the Primal Chaos. This formation will allow anyone to travel to the easternmost part of the Primal Chaos through the Eternal Heaven God Realm, and it was just completed ten days ago.”

Yun Che was completely stunned… A grand dimensional formation that could access nearly half the Primal Chaos?

Could such a thing truly exist!?

“Other than that, the 【Eternal Heaven General Assembly】will start in slightly less than a month’s time. This Eternal Heaven General Assembly was organized in order to deal with the crimson calamity, and the only ones who are qualified to participate in this assembly are…” Mu Xuanyin paused for a moment, “Divine Masters!”

Yun Che, “…”

“Given the scale of this calamity, even if one is a Divine Sovereign, one still would not have the qualifications to deal with it in any way, shape or form. So what can you do? The words you just said were simply a huge joke!”

“There will naturally be people who will deal with the crimson calamity and this isn’t only limited to the Divine Masters within the Eastern Divine Region. The powerhouses of the other divine regions will also participate as well, so it definitely won’t be something that you will have to worry about! Before anyone else discovers that you are still alive, hurry up and scram back to the lower realms!” Mu Xuanyin’s voice was icy and resolute, it left absolutely no grounds for argument.

“But the Ice Phoenix god told me herself. Moreover…”

Mu Xuanyin’s icy brows sank as she said, “Then are you prepared to listen to her words or are you going to listen to mine!?”

“…” Yun Che froze in place, completely unable to reply.

Mu Xuanyin suddenly extended a hand and an icy-blue barrier was instantly constructed, sealing Yun Che within it… This barrier could seal away all light, sound, and aura. Furthermore, she had personally made this barrier so even ten thousand Yun Ches could forget about escaping it.

“Since you dared to return, then it means that you have already made up your mind. I won’t force you to come to an immediate decision.”

Mu Xuanyin’s voice rang inside the barrier, “I will give you twenty-four hours, you better give serious thought to what I just said. Think about the consequences of being discovered while in the God Realm and think about the wives, family, and daughter you have in the lower realms!”

“After twenty-four hours, you either obediently scram back to the lower realms, never to return again or I will break your legs and personally hurl you back there myself!”

Her voice faded away, and after that, Yun Che could not hear any other sounds. He could only stand there in a complete daze within that icy blue world.

Why does Master know that I have a daughter…

Could it be that…

Outside the barrier, the cold expression on Mu Xuanyin’s face instantly slipped away but her chest started heaving even more violently than it had before and it was a long time before she finally calmed down.

Mu Bingyun slowly strode out from behind Mu Xuanyin. Upon seeing Mu Xuanyin’s appearance, she gloomily sighed, “Big Sister, you’re going to scare him silly this way.”

“Hmph, I think that I actually didn’t scold him enough!” Mu Xuanyin gave a cold snort, her lingering anger yet to completely fade.

“I know that Big Sister has always been angry that he still went to the Star God Realm to save the Heavenly Slaughter Star God despite knowing that even ten lives wouldn’t be enough. You were furious that he did not treasure his own life. But…” Mu Bingyun softly said, “back then, didn’t he also do the same thing for Big Sister?”

Mu Xuanyin, “…”

“In the Flame God Realm’s Ancient God Burying Inferno, when Big Sister faced off against the ancient horned dragon, your wounds were extremely severe and you had exhausted almost all of yourself. You had even been struck by the horned dragon’s poison so you were definitely going to die. The three sect masters of the Flame God Realm and the other sect elders, none of them dared to go and save you. Only he did… He only had the power of the Divine Origin Realm, he was an incomparably pathetic and lowly existence. Yet for your sake, he rushed towards the ancient horned dragon that no one in the entire Flame God Realm dared to approach… For him, that was also something that he wouldn’t survive even if he had ten lives.”

“I had originally thought that you had been furious at him back then because you were forced to lose your chastity to him. But it was only later that I realized that you had not only lost your chastity to him, but you had lost your heart to him as well,” Mu Bingyun said as she looked at her sister, her soft and gentle words stirring her heart and soul. “Wasn’t the thing that stole your heart, the thing that made the Heavenly Slaughter Star God willing to become the Evil Infant, that very “stupidity” of his?”

“Don’t say anything else,” Mu Xuanyin said as she closed her eyes, “you wouldn’t understand.”

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