Chapter 1418 - Unexpected Guest

Against the Gods

Chapter 1418 - Unexpected Guest

Snow Song Realm, Ice Phoenix Sacred Hall.

Mu Xuanyin said that she would give him twenty-four hours, and exactly twenty-four hours later the barrier that locked him up vanished as promised. When Yun Che looked up, he saw Mu Xuanyin standing right in front of him and staring at him coldly. It was almost as if she hadn’t moved a step since twenty-four hours ago.

“Master…” Yun Che started moving into a kneeling position.

“I can give you permission to visit the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake. I can promise not to force you back to the lower realms as well.”

Mu Xuanyin’s words caught Yun Che off guard… Yun Che had no idea how chaotic and complex her inner thoughts had been for the past twenty-four hours, but the biggest reason behind her change in attitude was undoubtedly Mu Bingyun.

“However, you must promise me one thing!”

Yun Che kowtowed before her before saying seriously, “I promise that I’ll listen to you, master.”

“Hmph! There’s nothing less trustworthy than that line when it comes out of your mouth!” Mu Xuanyin snorted coldly.

“...” There was nothing Yun Che could say against that.

“Don’t forget,” Mu Xuanyin’s tone suddenly turned low and heavy, “From here on, no matter where, when, who, or what, you’re not allowed… to use your darkness profound energy!”

“...!!” Her last three words were like a crack of thunder beside Yun Che’s ears. He abruptly looked up and stared at her in shock.

Out of all the powers and treasures he possessed, even more so than the Heretic God Profound Veins and Sky Poison Pearl, the darkness profound energy was the one secret he could never reveal to the public.

Yun Che had known this for a long time.

In fact, Jasmine had given him a similar reminder herself many times about it.

But how did Mu Xuanyin...

Mu Xuanyin stared at Yun Che’s shocked expression and said coldly, “Wondering how I knew your secret? You should ask yourself that question! There’s no way anyone would know about your darkness profound energy if you hadn’t exposed it yourself! But you just can’t help but think yourself infallible, can you?” 

“...” Yun Che was still in a state of shock.

Although he had had the darkness profound energy inside of him since a long time ago, he could count the number of times he actually used it on one hand. The only time he used it in the past few years was when he was reclosing the sealing barrier to the world of darkness beneath Cloud’s End Cliff.

Could it be… 

“Do you know what kind of consequences you would incur if anyone else besides me were to discover your secret?” Mu Xuanyin’s voice turned colder and colder, her words pricking into Yun Che’s heart and soul like icicles, “In the God Realm, a devil person is a heretic rejected by the very world itself! Anyone who possesses darkness profound energy is considered a devil! If your power were to be exposed to the world, then anyone would and should have the right to kill you!”

“Even Bingyun, the one person who cared for you the most wouldn’t hesitate to take your life!”

“You would not have a home anywhere unless you escaped to the Northern Divine Region!”

“You wouldn’t be the only one who would suffer from this secret either. Your family, your people, your sect, the star realm you’re in… Everyone and anyone who’s related to you would suffer alongside you! Anyone who dares get close to you or protect you would become the enemy of the world!”

“A mistake can be fixed, a sin can be cleansed, and a crime can be atoned for, but the brand of a devil is something that follows you for eternity! It is something that you can never come back from! Do… you… understand… me!?”

Every one of Mu Xuanyin’s words was heavier and colder than the last. Although Yun Che had known about all this for a long time—back during the Conferred God Battle, Wei Hen’s downfall and everyone’s reaction had already told him all he needed to know about a devil’s status in the God Realm—but Mu Xuanyin’s words still struck a chill inside him and made him sweat profusely.

She was right. Had Mu Xuanyin not been the one who had discovered his secret, had it been anyone else… 

He would be burying himself, everyone he was related to… and even Blue Pole Star itself!

“Master,” Yun Che looked up and asked in a very quiet tone, “Don’t you… hate a devil person too?”

A gust of cold wind entered the hall and lifted Mu Xuanyin’s blue hair a little. Her icy eyes suddenly became tinged with a kind of darkness Yun Che would never understand, but instead of replying to his question she said, “From now on, you will forget the fact that you are a devil person… can you do it?”

Yun Che got up to his feet and stared straight into Mu Xuanyin’s eyes, declaring, “This disciple, Yun Che hereby swears that he will never use the darkness profound energy no matter where, when, who, what, or even in death. If I were to break my promise, I…”

“Good!” Mu Xuanyin cut off the latter half of his oath icily, “Back at the Star God Realm, the fact that you didn’t use the darkness profound energy even in death proves that you’re fully aware of the consequences it would bring, so I will believe this oath of yours temporarily. I don’t need to hear the latter half of your oath though—everyone knows that is the most useless thing in the world!”

“...Yes, this disciple promises to remember your instructions.”

The Little Demon Empress, Feng Xue’er, and the rest of his wives would probably be stunned speechless if they got to see how obedient Yun Che was acting.

“May this disciple… head to the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake right now?” Yun Che asked in a very small voice. He had been feeling anxious since his greatest secret was exposed.

“You can, but not now,” Mu Xuanyin said. “The Heavenly Netherfrost Lake has been sealed for many years, and it’ll take a while to reopen it again. In the meantime, you’ll stay here and not take a step outside!”

After a pause, her tone softened a little, “There is one more thing that I must tell you, but again, today is not the right time… I’ll talk to you about it tomorrow.”

Mu Xuanyin was undoubtedly referring to the “Evil Infant”. However, she needed time to convey the news to Yun Che properly.

The Eastern Divine Region today was largely different from the Eastern Divine Region Yun Che used to know. Yun Che himself was one of the big reasons behind this change… even though he had no idea right now.

She had no way of predicting Yun Che’s reactions after hearing everything either.

“Yes, Master,” Yun Che said respectfully.

“I’ll say this one more time, you are not allowed to call me master again!” Mu Xuanyin’s voice turned cold once more, “Since the day you perished in Star God Realm, you are no longer my disciple. Feixue is my only disciple right now.”

“...” Yun Che looked sad. He said quietly, “In this disciple’s heart, you’ll always be my master.”

“Hmph!” Mu Xuanyin was just about to list out his many crimes of disobedience when her eyes suddenly glazed over with an unnatural blue flash. Then, the soundless iciness in her eyes suddenly melted into a pool of mistiness.

Mu Xuanyin turned around and whispered softly, “Do you wish so much for me to be your master, Che’er?”

Mu Xuanyin’s earlier hmph had caused Yun Che to tense up in preparation for another scolding… but what actually entered his ears afterward was a soft, velvety voice that seemed to be confessing something. He looked up in confusion, and he was met with a countenance that was full of allure, a pair of lips that breathed like flowers, a beautiful half-smile that pulled at his heart strings. The earlier chill in her eyes was completely gone, melted into something that reminded Yun Che of mist covered water.

Yun Che’s eyes instantly became fixed...

Normally, Yun Che held so much reverence towards Mu Xuanyin that he did not even dare to look at her straight in the eye. But now? It was still the same countenance, the same snowy white clothes, and the same body shape as before, but for some reason those wonderful curves had suddenly looked a hundred times more eye-catching and pulse racing than before. Every part of her body, every inch of her skin seemed to be oozing demonic temptation, and even her normally frozen eyes had suddenly become capable of stealing one's soul… It made his mouth run dry, and made his heartbeat quicken in just an instant.

Yun Che’s attention was completely transfixed on Mu Xuanyin for at least a couple of breaths’ time. His blood circulation suddenly ran hot and quick against his control… However, a quiver broke him out of his trance before he bowed his head like lightning. Inside his heart, he groaned: She’s… turned into “that” again...

“Do you… really want me to be your master forever?” Once again, Mu Xuanyin’s words had slipped into Yun Che’s shaken heart like velvet. Her voice was so soft that half his body was melting just listening to it.

Yun Che did not dare look up to face her. He said with some difficulty, “Master… will always this disciple’s master.”

“Oh? Am I?” She strode towards Yun Che and got closer. However, a fragrant wind reached Yun Che’s nostrils instead of the usual freezing aura.

She pursed her lips slightly after she stopped right in front of Yun Che, “Back at the Flame God Realm, you’d spent an entire day and night on me, smearing me completely in your scent… That didn’t seem like something a disciple would do to his master, was it?”

“~!@#¥%…” Her low, mellow voice was like that of a pretty wife throwing a cute tantrum beside him. Her words thundered through Yun Che’s head until he was dizzy and lost.

Back in the Flame God Realm, Yun Che had done what he did because he had “no other choice”. Since Mu Xuanyin hadn’t mentioned it even once after he was taken back to the Snow Song Realm, Yun Che wisely didn’t mention a single word while in her presence. Both parties were pretending like it had never happened.

That was why he hadn’t expected her to bring it up of her own accord, and the way she said it was so… blunt that it was a little too much even for Yun Che.

The smile on Mu Xuanyin’s face grew ever more seductive after seeing the clear effect she had on Yun Che. She slowly lowered herself and moved her face right next to his ear, her flower-like lips exhaling breathless air just a couple of centimeters away from his cheek, “Haven’t you been having shameless fun with your wives all day and night in the lower realms for the past couple of years? So why are you as timid as a mouse when you’re in front of me? Do I really scare you that much? Where has the courage you showed at the Flame God Realm gone to?”

“...” Yun Che’s eyes looked completely hypnotized, and he was barely catching anything Mu Xuanyin was saying at all. It was because the cloth covering her chest had bent naturally with her, revealing an entirely excessive pair of snow white globes and a rapture-inducing ravine...

All Mu Xuanyin was doing was speaking right next to his ear, but it was still enough movement to make them tremble like a ripple on a pond.

His blood temperature skyrocketed in an instant, and evil thoughts were growing like wild grass all over his mind. However, he was so experienced in the matters of women that he managed to keep his will and his hands firmly clenched and controlled despite everything. Unfortunately, the struggle to control his mind caused him to lose his balance without knowing. He instantly face-planted into a soft mass of flesh and warmth, and his very consciousness was instantly blown out of his head. His body deflated like someone had sucked out all the energy… He felt like he was in heaven itself.

Mu Xuanyin froze as her pupils suddenly contracted. Then, she narrowed her eyes slowly into a pair of dangerous, seductive slits.

“Che’er,” She didn’t push Yun Che away immediately. Instead, she pressed a finger to his chest lightly and said, “It looks like I’ve underestimated your courage after all…”


Suddenly, a loud noise blew her soft, dreamy words away like a bomb. It was then followed by a low, icy, and hate-filled voice of a woman, “Come out here and die, little brat Yun Che!!”

“...” Mu Xuanyin’s movements ceased, and the charming glint in her eyes instantly transformed into something colder and deadlier than even a hell made of ice.

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