Chapter 1419 - Clash

Against the Gods

Chapter 1419 - Clash

It was like someone had poured a pail of cold water on top of his head. Yun Che shivered and felt his head become much clearer.

The gentle warmth on his face slowly moved away, and the teasing fragrance turned completely chilly… Mu Xuanyin slowly looked up from where she stood and stared towards the distance, her eyes shining with unbelievable coldness. At this point, Yun Che had completely broken out of his trance and was trying very hard not to breathe loud enough to be noticed.

This was the first time he sensed such terrible killing intent and coldness from Mu Xuanyin...

The voice in the sky came from far away, but the power behind it was scary and terrible. Worse, it was clearly calling for “Yun Che”!

Yun Che couldn’t help but be shocked by this… What was going on? He had just returned to the God Realm, and he had made sure to conceal himself completely before coming here. Moreover, Mu Feixue and Mu Xuanyin were supposed to be the only ones who knew that he was still alive… Maybe Mu Xuanyin had told Mu Bingyun about him, but it was still impossible for either of them to expose him.

What was going on here?

And this voice. It’s… 

“Little brat Yun Che, I know you’re still alive. Come out and die now or I’ll flatten this Snow Song Realm!”

A new rumble came from the far distance, causing Yun Che’s blood to churn for several breaths before he was able to suppress it… It showed just how scary the owner of the voice was even though he was already a Divine King.

Countless more young disciples in the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect were wounded by the terrible profound energy behind the shout.

It was at this moment Yun Che’s eyebrows suddenly lifted… He suddenly recalled where he had heard this voice.

Four years ago, during the grand final against Luo Changsheng… he had heard this voice many times before.

It was Luo Changsheng’s aunt and master, the Eastern Divine Region’s number one profound practitioner unless the king realms were counted, Luo Guxie!

The Conferred God Battle was ultimately a battle between juniors. No senior should ever interfere with the battle, much less a supreme Divine Master.

Luo Guxie was a denizen of the Holy Eaves Realm, but she didn’t belong to them. However, her strength surpassed all the higher realm kings of the Eastern Divine Region, and no one dared to earn her ire. She was also naturally reclusive, and she never provoked another person without good reason.

In the God Realm, “Fairy Guxie” Luo Guxie and “Sword Sovereign” Jun Wuming were both legends in the current Eastern Divine Region. They were both solitary profound cultivators who didn’t belong to any star realm under anyone’s rule.

However, it was this supreme ruler of the world who had tried to kill a mere Divine Spirit Realm junior during the Conferred God Battle in defense of Luo Changsheng. Moreover, she had done it in the most sacred and important place of the Eastern Divine Region, the Eternal Heaven Realm. 

Even to this day, her reaction was something that would confound the mind. There were plenty of god emperors present that day, but not a single one of them had managed to stop her in time… It was because no one had thought that someone like Luo Guxie would do something that low.

Perhaps the only explanation behind her inexplicable action was that Luo Changsheng was her greatest pride and love. Moreover, this love of hers had evolved to an extreme level.

That being said, what was even more unbelievable than her transgression was the fact that her attack had failed to harm Yun Che. In fact, she was dealt a grievous blow by the remnant lightning of the heavenly law surrounding Yun Che in an instant.

To Luo Guxie, her failure was without a doubt an indescribable disgrace.

There were a lot of people who were vying after Yun Che’s secrets including Qianye Ying’er, but if there was one person in the world who hated him to the bone and wanted to kill him the most, it was undoubtedly Luo Guxie!

Even if she was a profound practitioner of the highest level, she still had to destroy him with her own hands!

No one was surprised by the fact that she would show up in the Snow Song Realm personally after learning that Yun Che was alive.

Never had there been a supreme Divine Master who was publicly dealt a grievous blow by a Divine Spirit junior in the history of the Eastern Divine Region until Yun Che and Luo Guxie. Naturally, the humiliation she had suffered was equally unparalleled.

But the problem was...

Yun Che clenched his teeth slowly… If it really was Luo Guxie, then how did she catch wind that he was still alive? And how did she know that he was right here!?

Moreover… The Holy Eaves Realm and the Snow Song Realm were very far apart from each other. Even if a Divine Master were to fly at top speed, it still would’ve taken her an incredibly long time to reach him. He had only returned to the Snow Song Realm for slightly over a day… So she had to have learned of his location from almost the very beginning!

What on earth was going on!?

“Master…” He turned to look at Mu Xuanyin, but her expression was so chilly it was scary.

A cold wind entered the room, and Mu Bingyun rushed in with an urgent report, “Sis, someone has intruded our realm. They’re just outside the Ice Phoenix Realm, and…”

“It’s Luo Guxie!” Mu Xuanyin said coldly.

“What?” Mu Bingyun was clearly astonished. Luo Guxie was a woman’s name, but it was also the name of the Eastern Divine Region’s number one profound practitioner. It was an intimidating name to say the least.

“It really is her?” Mu Bingyun’s eyes turned many times more serious than before, “But I don’t think you’ve seen her before, sister.”

“I remember her voice,” Mu Xuanyin said coldly.

Yun Che, “...”

“...” Mu Bingyun’s gaze slowed slightly, “But how did she know that Yun Che is still alive? Yun Che, who else except Feixue knows that you’re still alive?”

Yun Che shook his head, “I used the dimensional stone you gave me to return directly from Blue Pole Star to the Snow Song Realm. I’ve not set foot in any other place along the way. I didn’t even take off my disguise—appearance, voice, and aura—until I’d returned to the sacred hall, so there is no way anyone except Feixue could’ve known that it was me.”

Yun Che replayed his memories in his head while he was replying to Mu Bingyun… Suddenly, his pupils shook violently with shock.

It can’t be… 

No… Impossible… Absolutely impossible...

Yun Che’s shock was so great that even his aura had fallen slightly into disorder. Mu Xuanyin shot him a glance but said nothing. Frowning, Mu Bingyun never noticed his slip up, “The Great Elder has gone ahead to negotiate on our behalf. Big Sister, I believe you should conceal Yun Che inside a barrier as quickly as possible. We cannot allow Luo Guxie to detect him. Yun Che’s death was confirmed by the Eternal Heaven Realm itself, and there is no way Luo Guxie can be sure that he’s still alive no matter where and who she got her news from. It shouldn’t be difficult to dissuade her.”

But Mu Xuanyin said, “No. Luo Guxie may hate Che’er deeply, but someone of her stature wouldn’t come all the way to the Snow Song Realm unless she was absolutely certain.”

Mu Bingyun’s eyes froze at her reply.

“Very well,” Mu Xuanyin lowered her voice, “to think that she would deliver herself to our doorstep… This is a good opportunity to settle both old and new debts at once. Very good.”

Yun Che: “...?” (Old debt? What? Didn’t Palace Master Bingyun just said that she had never met Luo Guxie in her life?)

Mu Xuanyin’s statement shook Mu Bingyun greatly. The latter grabbed her sister’s clothes urgently and said, “What are you planning to do, sister? She’s Luo Guxie!”

“Don’t worry,” Mu Xuanyin replied indifferently, “I’ll be meeting her in person.”

“Che’er, you will come with me.”

Once again, her order had shocked both Mu Bingyun and Yun Che greatly. Mu Bingyun’s grip on Mu Xuanyin’s hand abruptly tightened, “What did you say, sister?”

“Hmph. What’s the point of hiding if he’s already been exposed?” Mu Xuanyin said. “Also, do you think that there’s any point in keeping him hidden once he hears of the Evil Infant?”

“...” This time, Mu Bingyun didn’t say anything. Slowly, she let go of Mu Xuanyin’s palm.

Yun Che was still confused: Evil Infant? What Evil Infant?

On the other side, Mu Huanzhi was leading a group of palace masters and elders straight towards the source of the voice. They were immediately met by the proud figure of a woman the second they had exited the Ice Phoenix Realm.

It was Luo… Gu… xie!

Forget the Snow Song Realm, she was someone not even the upper star realms could afford to offend!

Mu Huanzhi forced himself to focus before asking normally, “What a surprise to see you here, Fairy Guxie. It is our mistake to not welcome such an important guest on time. May I…”

“Stop giving me that pretentious nonsense!” Luo Guxie’s eyes were icy, and her words murderous. Naturally, Yun Che was the target of her killing intent because he was the one who had given her the biggest humiliation of her life… even though she had technically brought it all upon herself.

“Surrender Yun Che to me immediately,” she said coldly. “Do not test my patience.”

Mu Huanzhi smiled bitterly, “Fairy Guxie, it is true that Yun Che is our sect’s disciple, but it has also been three years since he perished in the Evil Infant disaster. This is supposed to be public news… Could it be that you’d been cultivating in seclusion lately?”

Mu Huanzhi seriously didn’t know that Yun Che was in the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect right now. His confusion was absolutely real.

Luo Guxie raised her hand slowly and caused both wind and snow to freeze in their tracks. A dangerous aura started permeating throughout the sky, “You are right to assume that you’re not qualified to know this, and you’re definitely not qualified to speak to me. Summon your sect master and have her speak with me… now!”

Mu Huanzhi’s expression changed as he persuaded cautiously, “Yun Che’s death is absolutely true. Literally anyone in the Eastern Divine Region can attest to this. You must’ve made a mistake somewhere, Fairy Guxie. Why don’t…”

“Noisy fellow!” But before Mu Huanzhi could finish his sentence, Luo Guxie abruptly narrowed her eyes and swung her palm at him.

Luo Guxie’s movement stunned all the Ice Phoenix denizens present. They exclaimed at once, “Great Elder, watch out!”

Luo Guxie was a most formidable opponent, so naturally Mu Huanzhi hadn’t let his eyes off her for even a second. The second Luo Guxie had raised her palm.


A wild gust passed right in front of him, causing half of Mu Huanzhi to become covered in cold sweat.

“How dare you avoid my attack!” Luo Guxie’s face darkened at Mu Huanzhi’s reaction. Seniority wise, Luo Guxie was actually below Mu Huanzhi, but that didn’t stop her from feeling that Mu Huanzhi had disrespected her. Angered, she swiped at Mu Huanzhi again.


Her palm strike penetrated through space itself and imprinted itself directly on Mu Huanzhi’s chest. The attack was so swift that there was no way Mu Huanzhi could have avoided it even if he was ten times faster than he actually was. His body folding, his person shaking and his face turning as white as a paper, Mu Huanzhi flew backwards like a shattered leaf while leaving behind a long trail of blood.

Mu Huanzhi was one of the only two Divine Sovereigns the Snow Song Realm had. A Divine Sovereign was a powerful being that was feared and respected by countless mortals, but this time he was facing a true Divine Master. No matter how powerful he was, he was nothing before the strongest power of the world right now.

“Great Elder!!”

Every Ice Phoenix elder and palace master turned pale with shock. However, a blue figure suddenly appeared out of nowhere, extended a palm and swung her hand gently at Mu Huanzhi. The Divine Sovereign immediately started slowing down as the violent energy surrounding him was stripped away layer by layer.

Mu Huanzhi’s face was white as he shook all over… Just now, he felt like he was about to pass through death’s door. If the power that afflicted him hadn’t been stripped away in time, his injuries would definitely have been at least ten times worse.

“Sect… Master…” He knelt down in midair, but couldn’t stop shaking due to his injuries.

“Go treat your wounds,” Mu Xuanyin instructed with her back facing towards Mu Huanzhi. Her icy eyes were fully focused on Luo Guxie, “The rest of you have no business here either. Retreat and stay away.”

“Yes, Sect Master,” Mu Huanzhi clutched his chest and sank to the ground, yet his aged eyes were filled with worry and fear.

The elders and palace masters did not dare to disobey Mu Xuanyin’s order, but they were plagued by fear and worry all the same… It was because their offender was none other than Luo Guxie herself!

“You are Snow Song Realm King Mu Xuanyin?” Luo Guxie shot an indifferent glance at Mu Xuanyin before her lips curled into a half-smile, “I can see that you were born with a nice body. It’s no wonder that you are unforgettable to so many realm kings.”

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