Chapter 1420 - Goddess Meiyin

Against the Gods

Chapter 1420 - Goddess Meiyin

It was impossible to tell if Luo Guxie had meant to ridicule Mu Xuanyin or express her jealousy. Regardless, Mu Xuanyin didn’t fall for her taunt at all, “Luo Guxie, you’ve disturbed the peace of the Ice Phoenix Realm and wounded both my elders and my disciples. Is this a provocation I’m sensing?”

“Provocation?” Luo Guxie sneered, “You think that this tiny Snow Song Realm is deserving of my provocation?”

Mu Xuanyin, “...”

“But you have nothing to worry about. For every debt there is a debtor, and it is beneath me, Luo Guxie, to bully weaklings and wound the innocent. Yun Che is the only person who must die today!” Luo Guxie slowly stretched out her arms and pressed down on Mu Xuanyin with invisible might, “Surrender Yun Che to me, and all of you shall be left unharmed.”

“I’ve already given you face by not barging into your sect directly and claiming my prize. Don’t force me to do something unpleasant to you!”

“I’m sure that is a considerable amount of face you’re giving the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect,” Mu Xuanyin remained completely unmoved despite the increasing amounts of pressure Luo Guxie was releasing. She continued in a shockingly chilling voice, “He is in the Snow Song Realm, and you are free to see him as you wish.”

“Oh?” Luo Guxie looked slightly surprised, “It seems like you aren’t an unappreciative person.”

“But I have one question for you before I show you Yun Che,” Mu Xuanyin’s expression remained completely blank, “Who was the one who told you that he was here?”

“Heh,” Luo Guxie smiled as if someone had just told her a joke, “As you are now, you don’t have the right to ask me that. You have ten breaths. If in ten breaths, you are unable to surrender Yun Che to me… Then don’t blame me for what comes next!”

Her last line was clearly said with every intent to intimidate.

But to Luo Guxie’s surprise, the Snow Song Realm King remained perfectly unmoved despite her open intimidation. In fact, her eyes weren’t even shaking in fear or trepidation like she had expected them to be. It was almost as if there was a glimpse of something cold and soul piercing behind those eyes.


It was at this moment the melodious laugh of a girl suddenly ran in everyone’s ears. The person’s aura and the person were nowhere to be seen, but her voice wouldn’t stop resonating beside their ears as if it was imbued with some sort of strange magic, “Daddy, this here is Snow Song Realm. It’s such a pretty place, and there’s snow everywhere.”

“Hehe,” This time, it was a male’s voice that entered their ears. Although it was a lot milder and more solid than the first voice, it also lacked the former’s strange, persistent quality, “What can be prettier than eternal snow? Speaking of which, this is the first time I’ve been here, isn’t it?”

The man who spoke entered Luo Guxie and Mu Xuanyin’s spiritual perceptions after he was done speaking.

Mu Xuanyin furrowed her brows slightly, and Luo Guxie turned around abruptly with a strange glint in her eyes.

Soon, the two newcomers had entered their vision.

The man was tall and dressed in blue. His countenance was exceptionally easy on the eyes, but in reality it hid an awe-inspiring dignity that kept people from daring to shoot him a second glance.

No one could mistake him for anything but a monarch should he appear in any world to anyone.

But unfortunately for him, his awe-inspiring appearance was completely overcast by the girl next to him.

She was a girl clad in a black dress who looked like she was in her early twenties or even late teens.

She was bewitchingly pretty, with pitch black hair that stood out like a night in white snow, and a pair of vibrant, pitch black eyes that reminded people of a bottomless abyss. Her features and attire only served to accentuate her pale white skin.

The girl’s delicate lips curled slightly into a smile as she stared at the infinite snow and the people with them. Paradoxically, her smile was both innocent and bewitching at the same time. Even better, these contradictory qualities somehow coexisted in harmony on her person.

“Hehe.” The tall man smiled faintly, “Your humble servant from the Glazed Light Realm, Shui Qianheng, has invited himself over to the Snow Song Realm. Please excuse me for my unannounced arrival.”

The man in blue was none other than Shui Qianheng, Realm King of the Glazed Light Realm!

Mu Xuanyin raised her head slightly and said, “What is there to be excused, when it can only be a blessing to all who are visited by the Glazed Light Realm King and Goddess Meiyin? Welcome to the Snow Song Realm.”

The girl in black dress took a few steps forward and gave Mu Xuanyin a junior’s bow, “Junior of the Glazed Light Realm, Shui Meiyin, greets the Snow Song Realm King.”

After the greeting, Shui Meiyin raised her head and stared at Mu Xuanyin very seriously before smiling, “Mother has told Meiyin that the Snow Song Realm King is the prettiest woman of the north side of the Eastern Divine Region when she was younger. Today… I have discovered that you are even prettier than my mother claimed.”

“Meiyin, don’t be impolite,” Shui Qianheng spoke up, but without any real sting behind his words.

“...” Mu Xuanyin nodded slightly but didn’t say anything. However, she didn’t stop staring at Shui Meiyin until three breaths later.

The Glazed Light Realm was known as one of the three strongest upper star realms of the Eastern Divine Region. However, they had never been able to surpass the Holy Eaves Realm in terms of fame.

For the first time, that balance had changed this year.

It wasn’t that the Holy Eaves Realm had suddenly become weaker. On the contrary, Luo Changsheng’s rise to Divine Master level seven after three thousand years in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm had stunned the entire God Realm and won them unparalleled glory.

However, Luo Changsheng’s achievement wasn’t the only feat to astound the world. In fact, his achievement wasn’t even the most stunning one.

It was because Shui Meiyin of the Glazed Light Realm had also become a seventh level Divine Master… Even better, she was a level seven Divine Master with a Divine Stainless Soul!

Even her elder sister, Shui Yingyue, had exceeded expectations and became a fifth level Divine Master. It meant that two new stars were born in the Glazed Light Realm in a single night!

In the past, Luo Changsheng was a star that outshone every generation compared to his peers. This time though, Shui Meiyin from the Glazed Light Realm had outshone even him...

But for whatsoever reason, the dazzling star of the world and the pride of the heaven herself had suddenly decided to visit the Snow Song Realm with her father, the Glazed Light Realm King today...

“Why are you here, Shui Qianheng?” Shui Qianheng’s arrival at the Snow Song Realm today was a surprise to everyone including Luo Guxie. The latter seemed to realize their reason for being here today and felt her mood darken.

Shui Qianheng’s smile remained unchanged, “Well, I had caught wind of a strange rumor that Yun Che hadn’t perished during the Evil Infant disaster. In fact, it was even said that he was residing in the Snow Song Realm right now. As you and the rest of the world are aware, my daughter and Yun Che have had a wedding engagement since four years ago. That is why I’ve come to check if the rumors are true.”

Mu Xuanyin, “...”

“Speaking of which, I should be the one asking why you’re here, Fairy Guxie,” Shui Qianheng threw the question right back at Luo Guxie. At the same time, he shot a sideways glance at Shui Meiyin and let out an inward sigh.

“Heh.” However, Luo Guxie showed no trace of politeness towards Shui Qianhen even though it was clear that he wasn’t looking for trouble. She sneered at him and said, “Do you really not know why I’m here today?”

Shui Qianheng’s eyebrows wrinkled, but he still maintained his smile and said, “It looks like Fairy Guxie hasn’t forgotten about the old grudge. Still, Yun Che is just a junior. Considering your status, why must you lower yourself to the level of a junior?”

Although Shui Qianheng was the Glazed Light Realm King, he clearly didn’t want to have a falling-out with Luo Guxie… In this world, there was no one who was willing to offend someone like Luo Guxie unless they had no other choice. The title of “number one profound practitioner beneath the king realms” wasn’t a joke, after all.

In order not to provoke Luo Guxie, Shui Qianheng avoided pointing out that she was the one who had tried to ambush Yun Che in a most despicable manner, and that she was the one who had brought all the humiliation on herself. He even made sure that his choice of words was tactful to the utmost… But Luo Guxie continued to look at him coldly, “And what if I refuse? What are you going to do then?”

Shui Qianheng smiled, “Yun Che and my daughter are engaged, and I’m sure that you know that he’ll be part of the Glazed Light Realm eventually. It is a coincidence that we meet today, so… why don’t you give me face, Fairy Guxie? I will return the favor to you in the future.”

“Give you face, you say? Heh… Then what about my own face? Who will wash clean the humiliation I suffered back then!?” Not only did Luo Guxie not concede a step, her expression only grew darker and darker until her malevolence was almost visible… The fact that someone was protecting Yun Che only served to deepen her hate and fury even more.

At this point, Shui Qianheng was done being soft with Luo Guxie. His face hardened as his voice turned to steel, “In that case, there’s nothing else to say. Today I’ve come for two things only: to confirm that Yun Che is still alive, and bring him back to the Glazed Light Realm! If you wish to settle this grudge, then I suppose you have no choice but to visit me at the Glazed Light Realm next time!”

“Is that so!?” Luo Guxie’s hands turned into claws, “Then let’s see if you truly have the power to take Yun Che safely away with you!”


There was a dull buzz, and a terrible wind that looked like a bottomless abyss suddenly circulated behind Luo Guxie. Her clothes looked like they were swollen with power, and the snow region five hundred kilometers around her instantly became embroiled in a storm.

“You…” Shui Qianheng’s expression changed as he frowned deeply.

When Shui Meiyin had forcefully dragged him over to the Snow Song Realm, he had thought that she was making something out of nothing. He hadn’t imagined that Luo Guxie would hate the humiliation Yun Che had dealt her so much that she would personally visit the Snow Song Realm, spurn him, the Glazed Light Realm King without the slightest courtesy, and even attack him outright!

It was almost as if she had gone insane!

Shui Qianheng knew that he was no match for Luo Guxie, not to mention that their battle would bring great chaos to the Snow Song Realm. But just as he was about to say something to alleviate the situation, Shui Meiyin suddenly broke her silence and yelled angrily, “Luo Guxie! You’re the shameless one who tried to attack my Big Brother Yun Che back then! You’re the one who brought the humiliation on yourself! Now you wish to put all the blame on him? You don’t deserve the title Fairy Guxie at all, you shameless, unreasonable old hag!”

Shui Qianheng was scared out of his skin before Luo Guxie even had the time to react to Shui Meiyin’s words. He said urgently, “Meiyin, don’t be impolite.”

“Hmph!” Shui Meiyin raised her nose, “Daddy, we have no reason to be afraid of her. You will beat her with me around.”

“Heh… Shui Qianheng, you’ve raised quite the good daughter, wouldn’t you agree?” Luo Guxie smiled dangerously and stared at Shui Meiyin…

She froze. Shui Meiyin’s infinitely dark eyes suddenly grew bigger and closer, filling up her entire vision until she was completely swallowed in darkness. Everywhere she looked, there was only infinite darkness and black butterflies...

Luo Guxie’s eyes suddenly turned straight as she wobbled. Even the whirlpool behind her had become strangely distorted until she suddenly shuddered and pulled herself out of the darkness. A look of shock colored her features deeply before she looked away swiftly from Shui Meiyin. She was actually afraid to stare the girl in the eye despite supposedly being invincible unless the king realms were involved, “What a Divine Stainless Soul, what a Goddess Meiyin! Alright, let me see just how impressive the two of you really are!”

The atmosphere tensed up in an instant, primed to explode at any moment… until suddenly, a distant and indifferent voice came from the distance like a voice from heaven, “Are you absolutely certain you’re going to act here, Luo Guxie?”

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