Chapter 1422 - Tenth Level Divine Master

Against the Gods

Chapter 1422 - Tenth Level Divine Master

When Mu Xuanyin said those words, everyone’s expressions underwent different changes.

Luo Guxie slowly turned around as contempt flashed through those eyes which had originally been filled with hatred and resentment, “What did you say?”

“You barged into my Snow Song Realm, belittled my sect, injured my disciples, and elders for no rhyme or reason, but you simply want to leave right now?” Mu Xuanyin said, her voice cold and severe, “What sort of place do you take my Snow Song Realm for!?”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s expression shifted slightly as faint puzzlement appeared on his face. Shui Qianheng took a step forward before saying, “Snow Song Realm King, this matter…”

Just as he started to speak, he felt his daughter forcefully tug on his sleeve. Shui Meiyin gave him a light shake of her head, stopping him from saying the words that had not yet left his mouth.

“As expected of Big Brother Yun Che’s master, what a scary person…” Shui Meiyin said in a voice that only Shui Qianheng could hear, her eyes glowing with a strange light.

“...!?” Shui Qianheng’s heart and mind trembled when he heard those words. There was no one in this world who understood what exactly Shui Meiyin’s evaluation meant better than him.

On the contrary, the ones who showed the biggest reactions were the people of the Ice Phoenix Realm below them. Even though they did not dare to approach the situation, they could see everything that was happening in the air above them and they could hear each and every word that had been said all too clearly. The arrivals of the Moon God Emperor and the Eternal Heaven God Emperor caused their jaws to drop to the floor in shock. When Luo Guxie was finally forced to leave, all of them breathed a long sigh of relief.

But Mu Xuanyin’s words caused all the hairs on their body, which had just relaxed, to stand on end.

“Sect… What is Sect Master trying to do?”

“It was an arduous task to get Luo Guxie, that ominous star, to leave, but now, now, now…” 

“Don’t worry,” Mu Bingyun said calmly, “Sect Master has already thought this through.”

Upon saying that, she sighed softly in her heart: Big Sister, you’re really going to...

“He… Hehe… Hahahaha!” Luo Guxie initially started laughing in a very hoarse voice, but she soon burst out into peals of wanton laughter. It was as if she had heard the most unbelievably ridiculous joke in the world. After her wild laughter stopped, she languidly opened her mouth to speak and every word that she said was laced with undisguised ridicule, “So what? How are you, this Snow Song Realm King, prepared to deal with me then?”

“Leave behind three fingers. After that, you can get lost,” Mu Xuanyin said. Her face was completely expressionless and her words were ice-cold and heartless as they pronounced a judgement that could not be defied.

“...” The realm king of a middle star realm had actually told her to leave behind three fingers before leaving… For a moment, Luo Guxie herself did not even know whether she should be furious or if she should laugh. Her long and narrow eyes narrowed even further, the ridicule in her gaze made it seem as if she was looking at an ignorant clown as she said, “Snow Song Realm King, I am leaving today out of respect for the two god emperors. Who the hell do you think you are? Are you even qualified to say the words that you just spoke? No, you weren’t qualified to say even a single one of those words.”

“...” Yun Che’s brows faintly furrowed as he etched the words Luo Guxie just said into his memory.

Mu Xuanyin did not seem the least bit angered, her jade mien remaining as cold and icy as it had been initially as she said, “Luo Guxie, you have offended my Snow Song Realm so greatly that this king is also only requesting that you leave behind three fingers out of respect for the two god emperors. Don’t behave shamelessly when I have already given you face and force this king to personally take action!”

Shui Qianheng, “...” (Just what the hell did I come here for!?)

“With… Just… You… Alone!?”

Luo Guxie had seen a countless number of ridiculous people and heard a countless number of jokes in her life, but all of these things added up together could not equal the absurdity and ridiculousness of this current situation.

“Over the past few years, I have very rarely taken action and it was even more rare for me to fight with anyone. But I never imagined that a mere grasshopper from a middle star realm would actually dare to arrogantly strut in front of me,” Luo Guxie said. She did not try to leave any longer as she had immediately found something to vent the resentment and sullenness that filled her heart… and this ‘something’ had even delivered itself to her doorstep. She slowly raised a hand towards Mu Xuanyin as she made an incomparably contemptuous and mocking gesture and said, “Come, let me take a good look at how you, this Snow Song Realm King, is going to force me to leave behind three fingers!”

“Alright then,” Mu Xuanyin said as her phoenix eyes slanted upwards. “This king has already given you a chance but since you have chosen to allow this king to personally take action then we’ll do it your way. However, once this king moves personally, you won’t only be leaving three fingers behind!”

“Senior Mu…”

Just as Xia Qingyue started speaking, she was coldly cut off by Mu Xuanyin, “The one you want to protect is Yun Che. But now this is a matter concerning my Snow Song Realm, it has nothing to do with you outsiders and there is no need for anyone to interfere whether by word or deed!”

“...” Xia Qingyue’s delicate brows twitched but she did not try to advise Mu Xuanyin any longer. The reason she had personally come to the Snow Song Realm was because she did not want to expose the Snow Song Realm’s “trump card”, but Mu Xuanyin had made a choice that she had not expected.

“Eternal Heaven God Emperor, this is a grievance between the Snow Song Realm King and Luo Guxie, we indeed should not interfere,” Xia Qingyue said. “However, the other people in the Snow Song Realm are truly innocent. Since we are here, we should not simply stand by idly and watch. Let’s seal off this battlefield instead.”

Just how experienced was the Eternal Heaven God Emperor? Even though Mu Xuanyin’s actions surprised him greatly, Xia Qingyue’s reaction clued him into the fact that there had to be a reason for this situation. Her words made him nod his head deeply as a look of admiration appeared on his face.

Xia Qingyue and Zhou Xuzi released their profound energy. The power of the two great god emperors fused together and instantly sealed off the space around Luo Guxie and Mu Xuanyin. 

Luo Guxie could only feel that this was laughable, that this situation was incomparably ridiculous. After the barrier that had been formed by the two great god emperors had sealed off all the space around them, she felt as if a lion and a lamb had been trapped in a cage together… and to think that it was actually the lamb that had gotten them into this situation.

Besides feeling that this was ridiculous, Luo Guxie also felt as if her dignity had been trampled upon for no good reason. Her eyes grew dark as she slowly raised her arm and said, “This… was… something… you… asked… for… yourself!”

In an instant, all of the clouds in the sky and all of the flying snow in the area were swept up and gathered together, forming a gigantic cyclone behind her. Her aura also started to rapidly rise as she took action. The moment the gigantic cyclone formed completely, a world-shaking oppressive might engulfed the entire area around her.

Even though they were being separated from this by the barrier of the two great realm kings, the expressions of the gathered citizens of the Ice Phoenix Realm drastically changed. Massive amounts of terror appeared on the faces of all the Ice Phoenix disciples, even the elders and palace masters were no exception to this.

Because this was the terrifying oppressive might that came from a ninth level Divine Master, the number one person in the Eastern Divine Region outside of the king realms.

Such power was placed above a fair portion of the Star Gods and the Moon Gods, mythological existences in the Eastern Divine Region!

“There are also levels to the power of a Divine Master and a difference of half a step is like the difference between heaven and earth.” Wild wind billowed around Luo Guxie’s body as she said every word as if they were absolutely correct, “Because you managed to cultivate to the rank of Divine Master in a middle star realm, you can indeed do as you please in this world. But it’s a pity that you’re actually stupid enough to try to fight me… But it’s already far too late to regret it now!”

As she looked at Mu Xuanyin’s face and figure, a face and figure that would drive any woman mad with envy, Luo Guxie’s eyes abruptly turned dark as she formed her hand into a claw, “Look at how I rip all your clothes off!!

In the next instant, the cyclone wailed and spun towards Mu Xuanyin. After the cyclone had engulfed Mu Xuanyin, the entire sky suddenly grew dark and even light itself was being devoured by this far-too-terrifying cyclone.

Yells of shock and terror rang out from the Ice Phoenix Realm below them, but the expression of Mu Xuanyin, who was taking the whirling cyclone head on, was calm and clear. Her body had yet to move but her icy hair danced in the air as blue light flashed in the pupils of her eyes. The image of an Ice Phoenix that seemed almost real appeared behind her body. It let out a long and cold cry of might before it suddenly soared to the sky and welcomed that cyclone head-on.

In this instant, the expression on Shui Qianheng’s and the Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s faces drastically changed as well.

Because the icy oppressive might that erupted from Mu Xuanyin’s body was actually no lesser than the oppressive might that had erupted from Luo Guxie’s body.

As the image of the Ice Phoenix flashed into life, a layer of deep blue light covered the areas where light itself had been devoured. As it let out its long cry, it suddenly explosively increased its speed and pierced straight into the cyclone like a sharp and icy-blue knife...


The howling cyclone let out a shrill wail as it was directly ripped through like a wad of cotton.

“Wha… What!?”

A scene that had not even appeared in her wildest dreams was unfolding in front of Luo Guxie, causing the pupils of her eyes to narrow into pinpoints. But in the very next instant, a beam of blue light exploded and the blackish-green cyclone that had been cut apart was actually swiftly turning into an azure-colored ice cyclone as it started spinning toward the completely dumbstruck Luo Guxie. 

Luo Guxie had not descended into panic in spite of her shock. Her afterimages filled the air as thousands of green beams of light instantly exploded out from her hands, shattering the ice cyclone into fragments of dying light which was scattered across the sky… However, at this moment, Mu Xuanyin finally made her move. Icy light bloomed in the air as if a galaxy of stars were forming a path towards Luo Guxie.

The flying snow that filled the air had also morphed into a countless number of deadly ice spikes that dove straight at Luo Guxie.

Luo Guxie thrust out both her arms, causing gale force winds to sweep out from her to block that incomparably gorgeous glacier… However, it only managed to block that glacier for an instant, and her expression drastically changed once more after that...


As the glacier bore down on Luo Guxie, her tempest was flattened. Her body sped backwards as she panickedly retreated from the ice glacier and ice spikes pressing in on her. She continued to dash backwards until she had covered scores of kilometers.

Besides the world-shaking and deafening explosions of profound energy that rang out in the air, the rest of the world was filled with a deathly stillness as intense looks of shock appeared on the faces of everyone else...

The battle between Luo Guxie and Mu Xuanyin should have been a completely one-sided and overwhelming display of power, but… it was Luo Guxie who had been forced tens of kilometers backwards after clashing twice with Mu Xuanyin!

Shui Qienhang was completely dumbfounded, the eyes of all of the Ice Phoenix members looked as if they were about to explode, and Yun Che’s jaw had dropped open… Even the Eternal Heaven God Emperor wore a shocked expression on his face.

What sort of figure was Luo Guxie? Outside of the king realms, she was truly unrivaled. She was a terrifying character that even a king realm would absolutely not be willing to easily provoke in the Eastern Divine Region.

Mu Xuanyin had long ago become famous in the Eastern Divine Region. This was not only because she was a woman of exceptional beauty, it was also because she was someone who had cultivated into a Divine Master despite being from a middle star realm. She had also barely been able to rise above the other middle star realms and her power was superior to a fair number of higher realm kings… But when compared to a personage like Luo Guxie, they simply could not be compared at the same level.

It was because once one reached the level of Divine Master, every small step forward was as difficult as reaching the heavens. Even climbing up by half a small realm was already like crossing a huge chasm, much less one entire small realm.

In the Eastern Divine Region, Luo Guxie was definitely a personage who could move as she pleased outside of the king realms. Even someone who was as strong as the Glazed Light Realm King’s Shui Qianheng had to speak softly in front of her.

But right now, while dueling with Mu Xuanyin… a middle star realm king, she had been pushed into a disadvantageous position after two clashes!

Furthermore, this definitely was not because Luo Guxie had been careless. When the profound energy in Mu Xuanyin’s body had erupted, Shui Qianheng was so startled that his jaw nearly hit the floor, because it radiated an oppressive might that was clearly greater than his own!

The Glazed Light Realm was currently the number one star realm among the upper star realms and even though Shui Qianheng could not rival Luo Guxie, his own personal strength was definitely enough to be placed within the top ten of the upper star realms… A power that was above his own, what sort of shocking concept was that?

In his extreme astonishment, his very first reaction was that he could scarcely believe what he was witnessing.

Mu Xuanyin’s figure swept forward rapidly as she hurtled towards Luo Guxie. Her long icy hair danced as it radiated an Ice Phoenix profound light, her entire body being bathed in the purest and most flawless icy blue brilliance in this universe. She was extremely and dreamily beautiful, as an inviolable sacredness radiated from her body. But the moment the light flashed, what was released was a tyrannical might that caused the heavens and earth to tremble.

Among all those who were present, the one who was the most wildly shocked was undoubtedly Luo Guxie. As she was being forced into retreat, she felt shock, anger, and humiliation chaotically rage in her heart. It was as if countless flames were exploding inside her body. Her face had gone completely dark and a hoarse roar ripped from her throat as the storm that had suddenly appeared in the space in front of her was shattered like glass… As the storm swept up the spatial fragments, it instantly grew to an enormous size, bearing down on the tiny Mu Xuanyin like a world-destroying devil dragon with the intent to devour her whole.

This was the power that she had sent out with all her strength due to her sudden rage, the power that a ninth level Divine Master could display when she was enraged!

Yet Mu Xuanyin did not even retreat a single step. Her eyes grew coldly focused as she softly chanted under her breath and an ice lotus that spanned over three kilometers bloomed proudly in the middle of this storm.

Immediately, the storm came to a sudden stop, as if it had been frozen. After that, the ice lotus ruptured, exploding into countless beams of blue light which mercilessly pierced through that apocalyptic storm. Terrifying wails which filled the heaven and the earth spread through the air and it was as if myriad arrows had pierced through the heart of a wildly violent and tyrannical enormous beast.

In that instant, the weather in entire Snow Song Realm drastically changed.

“Tenth level… Divine Master.” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor breathed out those words in a low voice. Those four simple words had actually been said with exceptional difficulty.

“Wha… What!?” Shui Qianheng could not help but let out a cry of alarm, his originally coldly stern and imposing face instantly distorting as if someone had delivered a fierce punch to his face.

It was not that the Glazed Light Realm King’s mental state was weak and frail. It was just that the four words “tenth level Divine Master” were simply far too alarming.

Because these four words had never appeared outside of a king realm before.

Even the Eternal Heaven God Realm, the king realm that was second only to the Brahma Monarch God Realm among the four king realms of the Eastern Divine Region, only had two tenth level Divine Masters, and that was including the Eternal Heaven God Emperor himself!

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