Chapter 1423 - A Cold Might that Terrifies the World

Against the Gods

Chapter 1423 - A Cold Might that Terrifies the World

The Divine Master Realm; the peak level of profound strength that one could achieve in the divine way and also the highest level that humankind could attain.

Moreover, a tenth level Divine Master represented the peak level of the Divine Master Realm itself!

These people were also the rulers amongst the Divine Masters!

The birth of a single Divine Master would shake up any single divine region.

But if a tenth level Divine Master were to appear in this world, it would send huge shockwaves through the entire God Realm!

This was because becoming a tenth level Divine Master did not only simply mean that one had become a supreme power, it also signified that one had stepped into the realm of the “god emperors”. It also meant that this person’s strength had already exceeded the realm of the “experts”, and that they had become a transcendent existence that could change the structure of the entire God Realm.

So, once the four words “tenth level Divine Master” spilled out from the Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s lips, they most definitely resounded in the ears of everyone who heard them like four heaven-shaking thunderclaps.

Boom! Crack!!

The sound of ice congealing and exploding rang out in the distance, each sound loud enough to rend the heavens and the earth while they also fiercely shook the eyeballs and eardrums of everyone present.

Wild winds howled, but this howling sound was exceptionally shrill, so shrill that it sounded like the howls of a fierce beast that was being tortured.

As Luo Changsheng’s master, Luo Guxie’s mastery over wind profound energy could be said to be unmatched under heaven. The speed, cutting force, and destructive power of her wind profound energy were all incomparably dreadful, but whenever she had just finished generating a storm, it would be instantly broken up or even sealed away. Furthermore, the cold energy that was coming from Mu Xuanyin was getting more and more terrifying. It continuously pierced through her power while also permeating through layer after layer of her protective profound energy, making her feel as if she was being unwittingly pushed deeper and deeper into an icy abyss.

“You… How exactly did you…”

Luo Guxie’s expression was no longer one of shock. Instead, her features were twisted up like the face of someone who had been stricken by extreme fear and panic. As the number one person in the Eastern Divine Region outside of its king realms, as someone whom even people like Shui Qianheng had to be respectful towards, she was actually being… completely suppressed by a middle star realm’s realm king!


Luo Guxie screamed as a long green whip appeared in her hand. The whip stretched over several kilometers when it undulated, generating a shockingly strange hurricane that seemed to have a life of its own as it swept towards Mu Xuanyin.

Mu Xuanyin extended an arm and even though no one saw her make a single move, a beam of icy-blue light explosively shot out from her hand. This beam of light pierced straight through the hurricane, swiftly sealing away the storm that was even breaking down the space around it before it collided with that long whip.


With a gentle ring, the entire world instantly turned still. An icy-blue brilliance then snaked up the length of the whip as fast as lightning, instantly spreading to Luo Guxie’s hand, causing a dreamy and gorgeous blue glow to explode beside her.

The hurricane had been dispersed and the long whip had flown out of her hand. Bright red blood spurted from Luo Guxie’s mouth and her body was sent hurtling through the air like a spinning stop. Mu Xuanyin’s palm descended right after and Luo Guxie was swiftly being buried within layers of ice...

“This… this…” the distinguished Glazed Light Realm King’s eyes were as wide as a dead fish's and his lips were continuously trembling.

Even though the four words “tenth level Divine Master” had been uttered by the Eternal Heaven God Emperor himself, he still could not bring himself to believe it. But the scene that was unfolding in front of him… During the clash between the two, from the very moment Luo Guxie had been forced back by Mu Xuanyin, she had been completely suppressed and beaten at every turn. In fact, within the short span of ten breaths, Luo Guxie had actually been wounded.

To be able to injure Luo Guxie within ten breaths… How many people in the entire Eastern Divine Region could accomplish such a feat!?

Middle Star Realm… Snow Song Realm King… Tenth level Divine Master!

He simply found this too hard to believe, and if news of this were to spread, it would cause huge shockwaves to ripple through the Eastern Divine Region… No, it would cause huge shockwaves to ripple through the entire God Realm.


The sounds of energy exploding were becoming more and more terrifying and Luo Guxie’s frantic yells were mixed in with them… After being wounded by a single blow from Mu Xuanyin, besides the actual wounds that she had received, her heart was beset by great rage and chaos. This was because she had still been completely suppressed even though she had unreservedly unleashed her full might. After that, she had been rendered completely powerless to retaliate, and in the end, a layer of icy light that was growing more and more dense had already formed over her body.

“To think that our Eastern Divine Region… was actually hiding such a person…” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor muttered in an absent-minded voice. His heart had been badly shaken, and he was unable to stop trembling even after a long period of time had passed.

He had personally come to the Snow Song Realm today solely for the sake of Yun Che. He blamed himself for not being able to properly protect Yun Che back then and the guilt stemming from that had filled his heart ever since. Upon hearing that Yun Che was actually still in the world of the living, he had been so overjoyed that he had chosen to personally come to this place. But he had never imagined that he would actually personally witness the emergence of yet another such existence in the Eastern Divine Region… No, it was the very first tenth level Divine Master to ever appear outside one of the king realms!

To him, this was absolutely considered yet another miracle that had occurred in the Eastern Divine Region.

The miracle of Yun Che depended on how brilliantly he would shine in the future. But the miracle that was the Snow Song Realm King was already shining with such brilliance that it covered the heavens! This was especially true to the Eastern Divine Region that was currently facing a calamity that was bearing down on it. In fact, this was practically a miracle bestowed by the heavens!

Xia Qingyue’s eyes were as cool and calm as they were before and she was the only one who was even faintly aware that even right now, Mu Xuanyin… was still not using her full strength.

Over the last few years, she had more or less figured out who exactly Gu Zhu, the person who was always by Qianye Ying’er’s side, was.

Moreover, back then, Mu Xuanyin, by simply using pure profound strength alone, without even revealing her own profound art, had actually resisted Gu Zhu’s might...

Xia Qingyue suspected that the current level of power she possessed was not simply at the level of a normal tenth level Divine Master. Her power had very possibly approached the levels of power that Yue Wuya or Xing Juekong had once held… In fact, it might even have reached the level of power that the Eternal Heaven God Emperor himself possessed! 

It was truly hard to imagine just how exactly someone from a middle star realm like Mu Xuanyin had climbed to such heights.

The battle between a ninth level Divine Master and a tenth level Divine Master was so devastating that the area around them would have long ago been turned into a wasteland if not for the fact that the entire battle had been sealed off from the rest of the world by the power of two great god emperors. Furthermore, at this moment, the aura of yet another Divine Master was flying in from the west at an extreme speed. This caused the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, Xia Qingyue, Shui Qianheng, and Shui Meiyin to glance to the side simultaneously.

Flame aura?

As the aura swiftly neared, a fire-red figure appeared in their vision and it was exactly the person they had been expecting.

Huo Poyun!

Upon sensing the clash of energies that were far too dreadful, Huo Poyun’s body slowed down noticeably. But the moment he sensed Yun Che’s aura, he no longer cared about anything else. His speed picked up dramatically as he rushed straight towards Yun Che. Before his body even came to a stop, he was already roaring with extreme excitement, “Brother Yun… is that really you? Is that really you!?”

He stared at Yun Che, his face as scarlet as flames, his voice faintly trembling with emotion… In fact, he did not even have the capacity to care about unparalleled battle that was happening behind him.

A faint smile appeared on Yun Che’s face as he stepped forward and said, “Brother Poyun, I trust that you’ve been well.”

“...” Huo Poyun’s eyes scanned him over several times and he still could not quite bring himself to believe what he was seeing as he said, “It’s truly… truly you? I heard the news that you were still alive, and I thought… I never thought that, you’d… you’d actually still be…”

“Haha,” Yun Che arrived at his side in a flash, extending a hand to pat his shoulder, “I’m extremely hardy, so how could I have died so easily?”

“I’m still alive, whereas you… seem to have been completely reborn,” Yun Che said as he looked at Huo Poyun, his words implying a deeper meaning.

Huo Poyun shook his head and it seemed like he wanted to say something. His lips moved but he did not know how to start. At this time, it was as if he had realized something and his body quivered as he spun around to look at the battle behind him… After that, his gaze grew completely stunned as deep shock appeared and froze on his face.

How could he not recognize that one of the two people that were fighting was Luo Guxie and the other person, who was completely suppressing her, was, astonishingly enough, Mu Xuanyin!

Even the Eternal Heaven God Emperor and Shui Qianheng were so shocked that they were still finding it hard to believe what they were seeing and come back to their senses, let alone Huo Poyun.

“Brother Yun, your master is actually… is actually…” He barely croaked out and no matter what, he simply could not spit out the rest of the words that he wanted to say.

Yun Che gave yet another faint smile but he did not say anything.

Neither of the two sensed that on the other side, Shui Meiyin’s eyes were staring straight at Huo Poyun and her gaze remained fixed on him for a very long time. In the depths of her eyes, a pair of black butterflies were gloomily dancing.

Xia Qingyue took notice of Shui Meiyin’s abnormal reaction, her brows furrowed slightly.


With a huge ringing sound, Luo Guxie’s body heavily smashed against the ground, shattering tens of kilometers of the icy plains. But in the next instant, she had soared into the sky once more, the expression on her face sinister. Over a hundred cyclones had gathered behind her and as her power congealed and focused, they were actually slowly merging into one deep purple storm.

“How could I… Luo Guxie… lose to you!?”

After Luo Guxie’s shrill yell, the space around them terrifyingly undulated like an ocean wave. But even before the apocalyptic storm she had generated with all of her might could be unleashed, a blue light suddenly flashed in front of Luo Guxie’s eyes. Immediately, it felt as if countless ice needles had been stabbed into her eyes and her profound veins... 

It was the divine figure of an Ice Phoenix which hurtled down from the sky above. Before it even neared them, the entire purple storm had actually solidified in an instant as it completely stopped in its tracks.

The divine figure of the Ice Phoenix swiftly grew larger in Luo Guxie’s eyes. It made a very long ice blue arc in the air as it pierced through her profound energy domain, pierced through her storm barrier, and pierced through her protective profound energy before exploding against her chest… With a long cry that seemed to be so near yet so far away at the same time, the Ice Phoenix passed through her body.


Luo Guxie’s eyes lost their color and all of the stormwinds dispersed in mid air. Her body directly hurtled toward the ground as it fell into the snow region below them.

But the divine figure of the Ice Phoenix did not dissipate after a time. Under the guidance of Mu Xuanyin’s aura, it drew a beautiful circle in the air before hurtling towards where Luo Guxie had fallen like a streaking azure meteor.


Crack, crack, crack, crack, crack, crack, crack, crack, crack, crack...

It was as if tens of thousands of ice mountains had crazily exploded within the span of a few breaths. The sound of ice exploding was so terrifying that it caused Shui Qianheng’s heart to violently tremble. The exploding ice blue profound light spread over the dome of heaven and it did not dissipate for a very long time. The cold energy that had been dispersed throughout the air and the ground transformed the surrounding area into a true icy hell.

At this moment, if a profound practitioner who was at the Divine King Realm or lower were to approach this area, their lives would directly be sealed away.

The sound of ice exploding quickly subsided. Mu Xuanyin descended from the sky, her eyes coldly stared at the area below her… The world had descended into a complete and deathly silence. From the most ordinary Ice Phoenix disciples to even the Eternal Heaven God Emperor himself, not a single person made a single sound.

Luo Guxie lay paralyzed in a stretch of shattered ice. A layer of blue light had engulfed her body and her exposed skin had been completely frozen white, but there were no bloodstains… Because even her wounds had been frozen over by the cold energy.

Her body trembled in the cold and her pupils continued to contract, but Luo Guixie did not struggle to get to her feet… Perhaps at this time, she was currently greatly suspecting that she was stuck in a nightmare right now, because such an absurd and ridiculous thing could only happen in a nightmare.

She had never lost in such a miserable and ugly fashion before.

Furthermore, she had never imagined that she would lose...

Mu Xuanyin slowly walked in front of Luo Guxie as a pair of icy eyes coldly looked down at her, “Fairy Guxie? The number one person in the Eastern Divine Region? As it turns out, this is all you amount to.”

“Luo Guxie,” the cold light in Mu Xuanyin’s eyes was like heart-piercing needles which bored straight into her heart and soul, “no matter how arrogant and despotic you are outside of this place, it has nothing to do with this king. But if you think you can behave atrociously in the Snow Song Realm… You are not qualified to do so!”

She extended two fingers on her right hand as a long ice blade congealed on her fingertips. She pointed it towards Luo Guxie’s chest as she said, “Just now, on account of my respect for the two god emperors, this king had only wanted you to leave behind three fingers. However, it’s a pity that you did not appreciate my kindness and forced this king to personally take action!”

“Right now, are you prepared to keep your left hand, or your right?”

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