Chapter 1455 - The Fate of the Primal Chaos

Against the Gods

Chapter 1455 - The Fate of the Primal Chaos

He was… the master of the Sky Poison Pearl?

Furthermore, this “he” could only be referring to the Heretic God.

This revelation had truly stunned Yun Che.

There were very few records left about the Sky Poison Pearl in the current world. The most coherent record stated that the Sky Poison Pearl was an artifact that belonged to the devil race during the Primordial Era, and as for who its owner was, there were no records or rumours pertaining to that.

But if the Heretic God was the master of the Sky Poison Pearl, this was something that had not been known at all. Even the Ice Phoenix divine being who was aware that he owned the Sky Poison Pearl had not made any mention of it.

The Heretic God had been the master of the Sky Poison Pearl back then? How could it be… him, and it should not even have been him either!

Wait a minute, could it be...

Amidst Yun Che’s shock and bewilderment, his left hand was suddenly grabbed by Jie Yuan. Before he could even react to it, a dark green brilliance flashed from his hand. Following that, a dark green pearl, that seemed to be both an illusion and something real, slowly floated up from his...

The Sky Poison Pearl… had actually independently revealed itself.

He heard He Ling gasp in shock.

As she focused on the image of the Sky Poison Pearl, the gloomy light in Jie Yuan’s eyes rippled. She spoke in a low voice, “He actually… even gave the Sky Poison Pearl to you.”

There was no doubt that the three words Jie Yuan had just spoken, “Sky Poison Pearl”, resounded like three heavy hammer blows in the depths of the hearts and souls of all the Divine Masters present, shocking them so greatly that they could not help but gape.

“Sky… Poison… Pearl…” More than a few Divine Masters could not help but mutter those words under their breaths.

There had actually been a Heavenly Profound Treasure on Yun Che!

Following the Eternal Heaven Pearl and the Evil Infant’s Wheel, there had actually been another Heavenly Profound Treasure that had been moving around in the world and it had actually appeared in Yun Che’s possession… a young man who had been born in the lower realms!

This was extremely shocking news… but at this moment, they were unable to even let out a yelp of surprise.

The Heavenly Profound Treasures, every single one of them were exalted and unparalleled existences. The Eternal Heaven Realm had become a king realm that lorded over all creation solely because they had obtained the Eternal Heaven Pearl. On the very first day the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations had re-awakened, it destroyed a king realm and caused the entire God Realm to live in fear and trepidation... 

And right now, they had once again witnessed the existence of yet another Heavenly Profound Treasure!

Furthermore, no one would be able to forget that “Myriad Tribulations”, the poison which had brought the Era of Gods to an end all those years ago, had not only been created by the power of the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations, it had also been created using the power of the Sky Poison Pearl!

Under the power of the Sky Poison Pearl, all of creation would perish!

Its poison could even bury True Gods, so the living creatures of the current era would not even be able to imagine or understand the extent of just how terrifying the Sky Poison Pearl’s poison power actually was. However, by simply thinking of the name “Sky Poison Pearl”, people would automatically think of how the Era of Gods was ended and their hearts would go cold.

“It looks like the feeling our ‘ancestor’ had was right,” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor muttered under his breath.

Yun Che’s gaze went blank momentarily… The fact that the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor could tell that he possessed the Sky Poison Pearl in a single glance had already astounded him, but to think that she could actually directly summon the Sky Poison Pearl’s true body!?

He finally thought of something and he raised his head and said, “Senior, were you previously the owner of the Sky Poison Pearl… Or perhaps, you were the very first master of the Sky Poison Pearl?”

“That’s right,” Jie Yuan coldly replied as she stared at the Sky Poison Pearl.

“Back then, when Senior and the Heretic… and the Creation God of the Elements became husband and wife, the Creation God of the Elements gave his World Piercer to you. Did Senior give your own Sky Poison Pearl to him as well?” Yun Che continued.

“...” Jie Yuan’s eyes slanted slightly but she did not deny it.

“I understand now,” Yun Che’s voice grew gentle as he continued, “I think that after Senior got lured into a trap all those years ago, the Creation God of the Elements was filled with self-recrimination and guilt, so… he choose to return the Sky Poison Pearl to the devil race. Moreover, during that period of time, no one had ever found out that the Creation God of the Elements was the master of the Sky Poison Pearl and in the records concerning the Sky Poison Pearl, it had always been recorded as one of the artifacts belonging to the devil race and the very last time it appeared it, it was also with the devil race.”

If Yun Che had known where Jasmine had found the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations all those years ago, he would probably also have been able to guess that the devil clan the Heretic God had “returned” the Sky Poison Pearl to was most likely the Eternal Night Devil Clan.

If all of this were true, it meant that if the Heretic God had not returned the Sky Poison Pearl to the devil race, the Sky Poison Pearl would not have been hijacked by the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulation, and the “Myriad Tribulations” which covered the universe would not have been created. In fact, the Era of Gods may very well not have ended if not for this.

He did not know if the Heretic God had bitterly regretted his actions at the end of his life.

“Guilt? Why would he feel guilt? What did any of this… have to do with him at all!?” Jie Yuan spoke in a voice that was filled with a deep and gloomy coldness.

“He felt guilty because he was not able to protect you, he felt guilty because he was unable to avenge you or seek redress on your behalf. But even more than that, he felt guilty because…”

He wanted to say that “He was even more guilty that he couldn’t protect the child he had with you”, but once those words neared his mouth, he forcefully swallowed them again before he continued, “As a result, he not only quietly returned the Sky Poison Pearl to the devil race, he even completely abandoned his title as a Creation God. Instead, he called himself the ‘Heretic God’ and even though he still belonged to the god race, he… no longer involved himself in any matter concerning the god race.”

“And even during the final vicious battle between the two races, he did not help the god race. Instead, he chose to assist neither side.”

“Heretic God… Heretic God…” Jie Yuan softly mumbled. After that, she suddenly let out a cold and bleak laugh, her eyes misting up with a layer of melancholy that no one else would ever be able to understand.

In this world, besides the Heretic God himself, only she truly understood the meaning of the two words “Heretic God”.

As Yun Che spoke, he was paying attention to the reactions of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor the entire time. He raised a hand, the bright-red profound light gradually pushing his body to the limits of its endurance, and said, “Senior Devil Emperor, the power that this junior has inherited is not simply a bloodline divine power. Rather… it is the complete and whole Heretic God origin power, and I’m sure that you can definitely sense it as well.” 

Jie Yuan, “...”

Heretic God… origin power?

Those four words caused shock to ripple in the hearts of the Divine Masters who had been cowed into silence by fear.

“The Heretic God was the very last god to fall. After the Era of Gods had come to an end, he originally still would have been able to live for a very long period of time after that. However, he did not hesitate to end his own existence before his time had come in order to leave behind a drop of indestructible blood… This junior only found out about this a few days ago. The reason why he did such a thing was not only to leave behind a sufficiently strong divine power legacy, it was also… for you, Senior Devil Emperor.” 

Yun Che had originally been suspicious of why the Heretic God, who had also been struck by the Myriad Tribulations poison, could survive for such a long time. But right now, it seemed that the greatest possibility was because he had once been the master of the Sky Poison Pearl.

“The Heretic God knew that you had the World Piercer, so… he definitely knew that there would come a day when you returned safe and sound from the void outside the Primal Chaos. Moreover, a world without any more gods would simply be unable to withstand Senior’s rage and resentment. So… this was the power that he left behind along with his will.”

“With the fall of gods and devils, the people you hated, the race that you hated, have long ago been reduced to the dust of history. He hoped that you would remember the relationship you had with him as husband and wife and also turn your vengeance and hatred to dust, so that you could treat this current world kindly. At the very least, he wanted to prevent you from venting those millions of years worth of rage and resentment on this innocent and frail world.”

“This was the will that the Heretic God left behind. I believe that Senior Devil Emperor is definitely able to clearly sense it.”

Yun Che spoke in an exceptionally calm and measured fashion. In the vast confines of the cosmos, no other sound interrupted him or cut him off. There were varying expressions on the faces of the experts from the God Realm, but the one thing that remained the same was that they had not uttered a single sound from the start to the end of Yun Che’s speech.

All eyes were now directed at Yun Che.

They were all incredibly clear on what Yun Che’s words meant… The two choices laid out in front of them would dictate the destiny of the entire God Realm, the entire Primal Chaos.

Jie Yuan did not interrupt as she listened indifferently.

She had waited for Yun Che to finish speaking and she had not said anything for a very long time… and the others did not dare to utter a sound either.

Yun Che was not even two feet away from the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor and this distance was absolutely enough to even frighten a god emperor out of their wits. Yun Che did his best to suppress the thumping of his heart as he waited for the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor’s response… Gradually, his body started to faintly tremble and his face had become as scarlet as blood.

Though he had already become a Divine King, it was hard for him to stay in the Hell Monarch state for too long.

The change in aura around Yun Che’s body finally provoked a reaction from Jie Yuan. Her gaze turned slightly as she coldly said, “If you can’t endure, then there’s no need to force it any longer!”

As her words fell, she casually tapped the air with a finger. Immediately, the profound light on Yun Che’s body was extinguished in a single instant. The Heretic God Gates, Heretic Soul… Burning Heart… Purgatory… Rumbling Heavens… Hell Monarch, all of them closed in that exact same instant.

Yun Che was not surprised in the least that she could suppress his power in an instant. But she had actually directly closed his Heretic God Gates… now that had truly given Yun Che a huge shock.

Because the level of the Heretic God divine power was extremely high, his Heretic God divine power could be suppressed, but it could never be sealed or interfered with. Whether it was in the lower realms or the God Realm, all sorts of sealing profound arts or profound formations had been useless against him.

However, with a casual tap, she had interfered with the very roots of his power!

To think that she was actually so familiar with the Heretic God profound veins… No, to think she was so familiar with the Heretic God Arts!?

“Treat this world kindly?” Jie Yuan’s voice was so cold that it bored into one’s soul, “Hmph, when has this world ever treated us kindly!?”

She stretched out an arm and under those torn and tattered black robes, one could see that her arm was covered with scars upon scars. Scars that were so detailed and horrific that even these divine profound practitioners did not dare to stare at them directly, “All these years, the humiliation, pain, despair, and death that we have endured… Who then should pay for it!?”

Yun Che’s entire body went cold but he did not speak immediately. Instead, he said with a sincere expression on his face, “Then let’s… use the rest of this universe’s time to make up for the last few million years that Senior has endured.”

Jie Yuan’s brows sank as she look at Yun Che.

“To slaughter all of creation to vent your hatred, to kill all who live to take revenge… Rather than that, why not become the ruler of this new world. Let all of the living creatures in this universe fear and respect you. Allow them to obey your every wish and follow the rules and laws that you have set. There will no longer be anyone who can harm you or entrap you and there is no one whom you will ever need to fear or be apprehensive of ever again.” 

“You can choose to indulge in your hatred and bring misery and suffering to all who live, or you can rule over all things and reign supreme for all the ages. I believe that the latter option is the one that suits Senior more. This is also definitely the will of the Heretic God, what he wished for.” 

Jie Yuan, “...”

Everyone quietly listened to those words, their hearts seizing up and wildly thumping alternatively. They were very clear and they were even somewhat amazed… that Yun Che could actually persuade the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor in such a calm and rational fashion.

Yun Che’s words were pointed toward the best outcome they could think of right now.

It would allow them to keep their lives and it would also preserve the current God Realm.

“The two races of god and devil have already died out so even though Senior Devil Emperor did go through a gigantic calamity because of that trap, you were also able to avoid the calamity of extinction because of that. Now that you have returned, all of the living creatures in this universe will be at Senior’s beck and call… Even though these words are somewhat inappropriate, how can this not be seen as a sort of compensation that destiny has given to Senior? Furthermore, it is the sort of compensation that Senior can safely accept.”

When Yun Che finished speaking, he let out a very long and soft exhalation. After that, his heartbeat and his breathing were completely stifled.

However, Jie Yuan’s expression had not changed at all from start to finish.

Silence, a frightening silence… In the distant God Realm and the vast lower realms, no one was aware that this very moment in the easternmost part of the Primal Chaos would decide the very fate of the entire Primal Chaos.

It would very likely be decided with the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor’s next words.

Finally, Jie Yuan had a reaction. She actually started smiling and it was a very dull smile at that, a smile that no one was able to understand. Her gaze shifted from Yun Che’s body as that strange faint smile remained on her face. After that, she asked in a peculiar voice, “What’s your name?”

A primordial Devil Emperor had asked a mortal being for their name… Just based on this one point alone, Yun Che could boast about it for an entire lifetime.

Yun Che said, “This junior’s surname is Yun, and my name is Che.”

“Yun… Che…” For some odd reason, she repeated that name and after that, her smile deepened as she said, “Very good, very good indeed… You’re absolutely right. That old villain Mo E is already dead and the entire god race has completely died off. Moreover, these people are merely some mortals who have picked up some of their divine power inheritances. These sort of people, even if I were to kill trillions of them, I would still not be able to vent my hatred over what happened back then!”

Those words were filled with a contempt for “mortals” that was bone-deep, yet Qianye Fantian and the others were overjoyed by this series of events, and some of them were so excited that their bodies started to shake.

Jie Yuan’s gaze slowly swept across their bodies as she said in an indifferent voice, “Even though all of you have inherited the bloodlines and powers of those dogs of the god race, Yun Che’s words have reached this ruler’s heart, so it is fine if this ruler does not kill you. Moreover, all of you… will be obedient in the future, corr… rect?”

No one had ever dared to say such things to a Divine Master before… To say nothing of the fact that there were even several god emperors mixed in with these bunch of people, including… the Dragon Monarch, the man who was publicly recognized as the supreme ruler of the Primal Chaos.

However, the moment Jie Yuan said those words, it sounded like celestial music to the ears of these powerhouses who stood at the peak of this current universe. Qianye Fantian, who had originally been on his knees in a slovenly manner, assumed a proper kneeling stance at the fastest possible speed. He bowed down deeply in the most humble manner possible as he said, “This little king, Qianye Fantian, is willing to forever swear loyalty and servanthood to my Lord Devil Emperor along with the Brahma Monarch God Realm. If we even show a hint of disloyalty, it will definitely cause me, Qianye Fantian, and my entire Qianye Clan to be struck by lightning again and again, cause us to be scoured off the face of the earth!”

At this moment, the number one god emperor in the Eastern Divine Region was taking the words “able to bend or rise” to an art form with his performance.

With all of the higher realm kings of the Eastern Divine Region gathered here, with many god emperors by his side, he had still completely discarded all of his glory and dignity at the first possible moment. He had not hesitated or dithered in the slightest, swearing his loyalty at the first possible opportunity.

He had prostrated his body on the ground in an extremely humble fashion. His words were so sincere that they were practically spoken with a devout fervor, his oath so venomous that it sent chills through the souls of all who heard it.

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