Chapter 1456 - The God Child Messiah

Against the Gods

Chapter 1456 - The God Child Messiah

Qianye Fantian had simply made a brilliant opening move. All of these Divine Masters, who possessed an extreme amount of pride and dignity, were completely shocked by his actions. After that, it was as if all of them woke up from a dream. Any reservations they had were torn to pieces and they all strove to be the first one to bow down and loudly declare their devotion.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor and the Southern Sea God Emperor knelt and bowed down… the Dragon Monarch also knelt and bowed deeply as he bent his head. 

The dignity of a Divine Master? The dignity of a realm king? The dignity of a god emperor?

Their authority and strength were things that all of creation had to look up to for all of their lives. They were like "gods" who could not be offended or defied.

But in front of a primordial Devil Emperor, they were simply a joke!

Only Yun Che was left standing, still a little muddleheaded.

It was not that he had been frightened, but rather...

That… that was all it took?

The Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor simply decided to not bring disaster down upon this world just like that?

She had let go of those millions of years of anger and hatred simply… because of the words that he had just said??

All of the countless worries and feelings of apprehension that they had, the fear and gloom that could not be wiped away no matter how hard they tried… and it had not only been him. Even though the Ice Phoenix divine being had given him all sorts of encouragement and advice, in reality, Yun Che had always felt the pessimism contained in her aura and her words.

The Ice Phoenix divine being had also indeed said that even though the Heretic God divine power he possessed should be able to move the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, it should not be able to truly change her will or get rid of her hatred. It was the real existence of Hong’er and You’er that was actually their biggest hope.

But… he had not even mentioned the existence of Hong’er and You’er yet!

It had not even been fifteen minutes since the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor walked out of that crack in the Primal Chaos!

For her to let go of the millions of years of hatred that had been piling up within her in less than fifteen minutes…


It was only after he had stood there in a complete daze for a good long while that Yun Che suddenly came to his senses and hurriedly knelt down, the complicated feelings and shock in his heart far exceeding his joy.

Jie Yuan stood there and looked toward the diamond-shaped “crimson crystal” embedded in the Wall of Primal Chaos. She remained motionless for a long period of time, her expression unchanging. But a complicated black light continued to flash in her pitch-black devil eyes.

She had not died even after being banished outside the Primal Chaos for several million years and now that she had finally returned… She wanted revenge, wanted to see him again, wanted to see their daughter.

But, everyone had died and everything had changed...

It was the same world, yet it was also a completely foreign world to her.

It was only the power contained in Yun Che’s body, the power that contained a trace of “him”, that had welcomed her back.

“...” Jie Yuan closed her eyes and lightly gritted her teeth. Her fists were tightly clenched and they were trembling silently.

Everyone knew that she was the Devil Emperor. She was an incomparably terrifying existence and that was especially true for the living creatures of this current world… Yet they had all forgotten that she was also a living being herself, one with a full set of desires and emotions.

A living creature whose nature and will had not been warped despite being banished outside the Primal Chaos for millions of years.

She did not utter a sound but everyone was already kneeling on the ground and they did not even dare to lift their heads.

“Yun Che!”

Jie Yuan’s voice finally rang in their ears, but she had called out Yun Che’s name.

Yun Che raised his head, and following that, his arms and his body were directly lifted up by Jie Yuan.

She stared off into the distant void and coldly said, “Follow me somewhere.”

“Yes.” Yun Che clearly could not refuse.

The long needle in Jie Yuan’s right hand suddenly shone with a weak red brilliance… At that moment, she suddenly cast a small sidelong glance and said something strange.

“All of you better keep your mouths shut about the fact that this ruler has returned! When the time comes to tell the people of this universe who their new ruler is, this ruler will be the one who personally announces it! Understand!?”

“Yes… yes, yes. Without the Lord Devil Emperor’s command, we definitely won’t utter a single word.”

Everyone present answered at once.

Before their voices had even faded, a weak red light flashed and Jie Yuan had already disappeared along with Yun Che.

No one knew where they went… Because they had not left a spatial trace that could be detected, there was not even a single spatial ripple in the air.

Because that was the dimensional divine power that belonged to the World Piercer!

When the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor departed, that dark devilish pressure disappeared along with her. Immediately, they felt as if they had escaped billions of heavy chains of darkness and an indescribable feeling of relaxation spread throughout their bodies.

It was as if everyone present had made an agreement beforehand as they all sat numbly on the ground instead of standing up immediately. All of them breathed heavily, every part of their bodies drenched in ice-cold sweat.

Qianye Fantian was the first to stand up. He, the person who had lost the Three Brahma Gods, who had nearly been wiped off the face of the earth by Jie Yuan, and who was the first to forsake his pride and dignity, wore a completely calm expression on his face. He looked at everyone present and a faint smile had even appeared on his face. He gave a sigh that sounded like both a sigh of lamentation and helplessness at the same time as he said, “It’s a new era.”

Everyone stood up one after the other, each of their faces bearing varying degrees of heaviness and complexity.

Yes, the Devil Emperor had returned, a new era had come upon the Primal Chaos… One more true ruler had entered this universe!

And it was an absolute ruler at that.

“To think such a thing would actually happen.” Holy Eaves Realm King Luo Shangchen sharply inhaled a breath of cold air, his hands still faintly trembling.

A gloomy and sorrowful feeling rapidly started to spread.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor raised a hand to wipe the cold sweat off his forehead. After he took a few slow and unhurried breaths, a faint smile appeared on his face as he said, “No, you’re wrong, all wrong. We should count ourselves as extremely fortunate. Because… there is no better outcome than this.”

His words caused everyone to turn and look at him.

“The Devil Emperor returned with a hatred that could cover the entire universe, and this old man was simply awaiting death while in despair... But, the words of the Devil Emperor clearly showed that the Heretic God’s will had reached her, and she will no longer choose to vent her hatred on creation. She even… spared us, the ones who have inherited the remaining strength of the god race."

As the first person to find out the truth, his words were filled with heartfelt joy. To the Eternal Heaven God Emperor who had waited for this day in near despair, the present outcome was no less than a dream-like paradise.

“But, given how terrifying the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor is, if she wants to kill anyone or decides to change her mind on a whim, she can accomplish it with a single thought. Who would be able to stop her then?” the Western Region’s Qilin Emperor said.

“Hehe,” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor smiled while he stroked his beard, “have you all forgotten who exactly changed the heart of the Devil Emperor and eliminated all of her hatred?” 

Everyone was stumped for words.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor continued gently, “We unexpectedly found out that the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor and the Heretic God were husband and wife, and I’m sure that it shook the hearts of all who were present. But, for them to not hesitate to break the taboo and marry each other, and even exchange their Heavenly Profound Treasures at that, there is no doubt that the feelings that the two of them shared were extremely deep.”

“Because she had been exiled for a few million years, the Devil Emperor’s hatred was greater than the heavens. In this whole world, the only one who can influence her decisions, the only one she would be willing to give up her hatred for, is the Heretic God himself… No, it is the one who inherited the will and the divine power of the Heretic God, the one who also possesses the Sky Poison Pearl, Yun Che!”

“It was also Yun Che… who convinced the Devil Emperor to let us go with just a few words. At the very least… she has put down her extreme hatred for the time being.” 

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor was both emotional and filled with admiration as he continued, “Back when Yun Che was in the Dragon God Realm, Dragon Queen Shen Xi imparted light profound energy to him. This old one is making this news known to all, but I trust that all of you have already long heard of this. Furthermore, according to the ancient records, if one desires to cultivate light profound energy, one must first have a ‘sacred heart’ that will cherish and have compassion on all creation.”

“So by being able to cultivate light profound energy, Yun Che has already proven that he has a sacred heart that has compassion for the entire world. He will definitely spare no effort to save the universe and he will use his own ways to cause the Devil Emperor to gradually set aside all of her hatred. So that the outcome we are most afraid of will never happen again… He will definitely be able to do it! And just now, he has already accomplished that task so easily, right in front of our very eyes.”

As the Eternal Heaven God Emperor spoke, he suddenly turned towards Mu Xuanyin, “Snow Song Realm King, when your disciple Yun Che mentioned to this old one that he wanted to attend this Eternal Heaven General Assembly, this old one thought that it was merely a passing fancy of his. But I never imagined that he had actually intended to save the world, and he even brought along the power to save it as well!”

“If it weren’t for Yun Che today, this old one would have died long ago under the wrath of the Devil Emperor. Without Yun Che, the God Realm would also certainly meet with a great calamity. This sacred act of his should receive respect and honor from all creation. For the Snow Song Realm King to have brought up such a disciple… please receive a bow from this old one!”

Mu Xuanyin’s icy brows knit together as she swiftly replied, “Eternal Heaven God Emperor, you definitely must not…”

“No, be it the great kindness of saving this old one’s life, or the sacred kindness of saving this universe, everyone should bow to the Snow Song Realm King!” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor said. He was not trying to flatter her, instead, every word came from the bottom of his soul. After he said his piece, he faced Mu Xuanyin and bowed deeply.

Mu Xuanyin, “...”

“What the Eternal Heaven God Emperor said is correct,” Shui Qianheng said walking forward. “Everyone has personally witnessed the power of the Devil Emperor. Under the wrath of the Devil Emperor, all living things are but ants before her. If it weren’t for Yun Che today, a calamity that would engulf the universe might very well have erupted. From this day forward, only Yun Che will be able to influence the Devil Emperor’s thoughts and cause her to gradually let go of her hatred and rage. Only he can make it so that the current world remains safe and sound for the rest of eternity in the wake of the Devil Emperor’s return.”

“If the Snow Song Realm King had not taken him in and nurtured him all those years ago, how would there be today’s Yun Che?” Shui Qianheng’s words resounded in the air as he gave a solemn and deep bow, his noble Divine Master body bent to form a precise right angle. After that, he continued, “Snow Song Realm King, please accept a bow from this Shui. Should there be peace in the Primal Chaos from now on, the debt of saving this world will definitely be forever recorded in the annals of the God Realm. Our Glazed Light Realm will also definitely record this in our annals and we will never forget it!”

Shui Meiyin stuck her tongue out and whispered, “Daddy's at it again.”

“No,” Shui Yingyue, who was standing beside her, replied softly, “this time, Father is right. If the returned Devil Emperor does not bring about disaster from now on, then, Yun Che… will truly be this universe’s messiah.”

Those who had personally seen and experienced the dreadfulness of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, were extremely aware of this point. She possessed the power to exterminate three Brahma Gods with a single flick of her finger, so it would be all too easy for her to flip the current universe upside down.

The inheritor of the Heretic God divine power… the owner of the Sky Poison Pearl… Shui Yingyue gave a small shake of her head, as she actually felt relieved instead. No wonder she had been completely outclassed by him even though her profound strength had been one entire realm above his back then. For her to have lost to this sort of freak, despite being one entire realm above him, now that she looked at it, it was something she could definitely accept. 

With the Eternal Heaven God Emperor having gone first and with the Glazed Light Realm King echoing his words, which supreme powerhouse present was an idiot? They all swiftly came to their senses after they had recovered from their extreme shock and hurriedly gathered toward where Mu Xuanyin was.

Even though they were all Divine Masters, because Mu Xuanyin was a middle realm king, she held the lowest status among all who were present… But at this time, she had instantly become the focal point of this gathering. One by one, groups and groups of higher realm kings started to bow down and sing her praises. They all fought to be the first, their postures completely messed up as they totally disregarded their reservations as Divine Masters.

“Snow Song Realm King, you must accept this Lu’s bow!”

“This king will personally visit the Snow Song Realm another day to show my heartfelt thanks.”

“Even ten lifetimes might not be enough to repay this debt of saving the world. Should the Snow Song Realm King encounter any problems in the future, please let my Flying Star Realm know at any time, we are willing to put our lives on the line for you!”

“It’s only because of the Snow Song Realm and its king that we have the God Child Messiah, Yun Che. From now on, the Snow Song Realm shall be the world’s sacred ground. Should anyone dare to offend it, that person will also be the eternal enemy of my Rising Sun Sacred Realm!”

“How fortunate the Eastern Divine Region is to have the Snow Song Realm King and God Child Yun!”


Anyone who was looking at this staged spectacle around Mu Xuanyin would be as shocked as a wooden chicken.

It was hard to change a person’s nature, but that did not mean that their behavior and methods would not change.

The strong and weak were opposites. If a person possessed unrivaled power in a lower plane and their majestic might could be felt throughout the world, then they would only ever look down on others and they would never have to look up to anyone. But if that same person was thrown into a higher plane, then perhaps they would have no choice but to wag their tails and beg for pity in order to survive.

A Divine Master was an exalted existence in the higher planes and no Divine Master had ever toadied up to a person to this extent before. Because, at their level, only they could decide the life and death of other people on a whim. Meanwhile, there was nobody who could simply decide their fate on a whim either.

But now, such a person had appeared.

This person could easily control their fates and destroy their entire clans on a whim… Yun Che was the only one who could influence this person, and Mu Xuanyin also happened to be Yun Che’s master.

As such, that unimaginable and rather ironic scene played out in an extremely natural manner… though it could also be said that this scene had to happen.

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