Chapter 1487 - Eternal Imagery Stone

Against the Gods

Moon God Realm, the god emperor’s bedchambers.

Jin Yue was escorting Yun Che back to the Snow Song Realm and they were already on their way.

Xia Qingyue had already guessed that Yun Che possessed the darkness profound energy back at the Eternal Heaven God Realm. It was also exposed that Yun Che possessed the Sky Poison Pearl when the Devil Emperor returned… Ever since then, a special method of taking revenge on Qianye Ying’er had started to form in her heart.

And so, she took Yun Che away the moment he returned.

Now, everything had gone as she wished. Qianye Ying’er, who was incomparably formidable and sinister, had become Yun Che’s slave for a thousand years. 

As long as she did not need to worry about the consequences, she would be able to take Qianye Ying’er’s life and completely exact her vengeance anytime she wanted to within these thousand years.

But she clearly had no plans to do so.

Although everything was according to her plan, the potency of the Sky Poison Pearl, the manipulation of the dark profound energy, and the prowess of the Heaven Smithing Devil Emperor had all come from Yun Che. Thus, helping Yun Che get his revenge for the “Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark” back then was more important. At the same time, she would be able to help him find an extremely powerful talisman. As for herself, she would merely be venting her hatred at most.

Xia Qingyue was left alone in her bedchambers. Even though everything had gone smoothly, she could not help but feel restless for some odd reason. 

She paced back and forth slowly in silence but suddenly stopped in her tracks when she approached the doors of the hall. She stood there in silence for a short while before slowly turning around. 

A pitch black figure silently stood at the spot that she had just stepped across. She had a tall figure, a face full of scars, and a pair of eyes that flickered with black light that seemed to consume all creation with its incomparable darkness. 

The Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor!

Xia Qingyue slowly knelt down and greeted, “Moon God Emperor Xia Qingyue greets Senior Devil Emperor.”

“...” Jie Yuan had a cold expression and her presence made the entire bedchambers incomparably gloomy and silent. She looked at the girl in front of her and said coldly, “Pretending to borrow this ruler’s prowess to scheme against others. Are you not afraid now that you have seen me?”

Jia Yuan’s spiritual perception was extremely great and she could sense that the girl in front of her was not pretending to tolerate and act bravely. But she was truly not afraid and that indifference of hers was shocking.

“It would only be death at most, why should I be afraid,” Xia Qingyue said in a soft voice.

Jie Yuan’s black eyes narrowed and froze. This was the first time other than Yun Che that she had taken an interest in a human being, “The Nine Profound Exquisite Body and the Heart of Snow Glazed Glass appearing in one body. This ruler had not seen such a strange creature even in that era but it appeared in a mortal woman’s body in this era that has such turbid and faint aura. This ruler’s eyes have been opened.” 

Xia Qingyue, “...”

She stretched her arm out toward Xia Qingyue as she said in a freezing voice that could pierce one’s heart, “Although this ruler loathes the Moon God divine power inside of you, as a person… this ruler is very much interested in you!” 

A black light unexpectedly flashed in her palm and a ball of black energy descended from the sky and enveloped Xia Qingyue.

Xia Qingyue immediately felt like she dropped into an ice prison and her body shivered as she struggled. But Jie Yuan’s voice rang out in her heart, “If you want your soul to be injured, struggle all you want!”

“...” Xia Qingyue gradually ceased her struggles, resigned herself to fate and closed her eyes.

A dark aura swiftly swept through her soul… but immediately, this dark aura that had invaded the deepest parts of her soul froze abruptly before disappearing instantly without a trace.

“You…” Jie Yuan’s palm froze in midair while her expression changed drastically and her pitch-black devilish pupils froze in place for a long time. 

“?” Xia Qingyue took a step back weakly as she desperately gasped for air.

Xia Qingyue was aware that the Heaven Smithing Devil Emperor was reading her memories but she did not know why she had such a reaction.

“Xia Qingyue,” Jie Yuan shouted her name. “This ruler has never seen such a sorrowful fate before in my entire life… even this ruler, who has experienced the calamity of being banished outside the Primal Chaos, feels grief for you!”  

Xia Qingyue, “...”

“The most sorrowful part is that when you finally sensed it, you actually decided to comply with it?” The light in Jie Yuan’s devilish pupils turned even gloomier, “Was it because you felt that you were simply unable to resist it, or…”

She did not continue speaking as Xia Qingyue stood up straight and said in a low voice, “What is Senior speaking of? Qingyue does not understand.”

“Ah, do you really not understand or is it that you don’t wish to understand?” Jie Yuan laughed dully. “But because of you, this ruler knows a secret that I should not have known… Haha, this thing called fate is truly remarkable, truly remarkable indeed.”

Xia Qingyue, “??”

A secret that was not supposed to be known? Jie Yuan’s words left Xia Qingyue at a complete loss.

Jie Yuan turned around and let out a sigh with an unfathomable meaning just as Xia Qingyue thought she was about to leave. Her tone slowly became gentle as she said, “Follow me somewhere.”


Jin Yue escorted Yun Che down the profound ark once they had reached the Snow Song Realm and took a look at the endless snow-white realm. She was momentarily stumped for words and did not blink for a long time.

“Jin Yue, this should be your first time coming to the Snow Song Realm, right?” Yun Che said with a smile, “Why don’t you remain here for a few days to play? After all, Qingyue didn’t say when you had to return.”

Jin Yue turned her gaze away and gently shook her head, “This servant girl thanks Young Master for his suggestion. But this servant girl will feel uneasy being away from Master for too long.”

“This servant girl takes her leave… I hope that all goes well for Young Master.”

Jin Yue was a little reluctant to leave but she still left without any hesitation. Yun Che was a little envious… she had only left for a short while but she had already started to feel uneasy. Just how did Xia Qingyue train these servant girls?

It is a good thing that I have Xian’er by my side, hmph, so I do not need to be envious!

Yun Che could not help by grin widely whenever he thought of Feng Xian’er, who was ever so obedient, lovable, charming, and who always adored him. Although he had only left the Blue Pole Star for a few days, he already very much desired to return.

Given the current situation, he would not have to be as cautious about returning to the Blue Pole Star as he used to in the past.

He returned to the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect and directly entered the Sacred Hall.

Only Mu Feixue was in the hall and Mu Xuanyin was nowhere in sight.

Mu Feixue quietly sat in the hall, like a snow lotus blossoming proudly. The sight was so beautiful that it could take one’s breath away and yet, it was cold enough to pierce one’s bones. She was indifferent about Yun Che’s return and she merely took a slight glance at him before turning her gaze away.

“Feixue.” Yun Che took a look at his surroundings and asked, “Where is Master?”

“Master is currently cultivating,” Mu Feixue said. “You will only able to see her the day after.”

“Oh.” Yun Che responded before he casually sat down and started to silently digest everything that had happened in the past few days. Too many thoughts flooded his mind, throwing it into a state of disarray, and it was a long while before he could slowly settle down.

The return of the Devil Emperor…

Jasmine and Caizhi who were in the God Realm of Absolute Beginning…

How he should face Jasmine, who had become the Evil Infant, and what he could do to make the universe accept her…

What had happened to Shen Xi… the Dragon Monarch had not found out about that “secret”, had he? But if Shen Xi did not choose to tell him about it, there was no way that the Dragon Monarch would have known.

Also right now, how am I going to explain Qianye Ying’er to Master…


Other than these things, there was still a problem that seemed to be bigger than the rest…

What present am I going to prepare for Wuxin!

Yun Che never wanted to see the look of great disappointment that she had given him the last time again.

Also, he felt much worse when he had broken a promise to her compared to any of the other times he had broken a promise… it was as if he had committed an unforgivable crime that he himself could not pardon.

So what present should I give her…

 Spirit jade, precious treasures, or divine crystals from the God Realm? 

But all those can be bought and are too conventional…

A Void Illusion Stone?

As he was thinking about it, he unintentionally took the Void Illusion Stone out but he silently put it away after that... Although it could protect one’s life and would be a most suitable gift for Wuxin, it was given to him by Caizhi. If Caizhi knew that he gave it to Wuxin, she would surely hammer him to death. 

How about gifting her a weapon?

His spiritual perception swept over the Sky Poison Pearl… all of those rare and nice-looking swords had already been eaten up by Hong’er. The rest of them were not only unsuitable for a girl based on their external appearance, but the current Wuxin would also not be able to control them yet.

Perhaps I should make a trip to the Moon God Realm another day. They should have some intriguing and fantastic things over there, shouldn’t they?

Or perhaps he could take something from Qianye Ying’er? Mnn… that was not being realistic! Qianye Ying’er would most definitely have left all of the good stuff in the Brahma Monarch God Realm before she went to the Moon God Realm. There was also a great possibility that she had “sealed” away all of her memories that were related to any taboo secrets.

Although Mu Feixue had remained silent, she would occasionally shoot a quiet glance in Yun Che’s direction. She observed that he would either furrow his brow, grimace, or shake his head from time to time. It was unspeakably strange, as if he was deeply troubled by something.   

“What are you thinking of?” Her words seemed to slip out unintentionally and it was too late to take them back.

Yun Che turned toward her and answered, “Before I came back, I promised to bring a present from the God Realm for my daughter when I returned home. But, I returned home earlier because of the Heaven Smithing Devil Emperor and totally forgot about the matter.”

Mu Feixue, “...”

“So before I return this time, I mustn’t forget, no matter what. It’s just...” Yun Che scratched his head as he said, “What exactly should I get her?”

“This is my first time being a father, so I am really unable to think of what a girl of her age would fancy.” While Yun Che was still struggling, his eyes brightened up suddenly as he looked at Mu Feixue and said, “Oh right, Feixue, you know the God Realm better than I do, do you have any good ideas?”

My Feixue’s snowy jade face turned away slightly and she did not directly meet his gaze as she said, “Have you heard of the Eternal Imagery Stone?”

“Eternal Imagery Stone?” Yun Che shook his head. “No.”

“The Eternal Imagery Stone is a type of Profound Imagery Stone which can be used to record an image.” Icy rays glimmered in Mu Feixue’s beautiful pupils and her tone was cold and clear as she said, “A regular Profound Imagery Stone has a limited lifespan, even when a profound image is recorded on the highest grade of Profound Imagery Stone, it will only have a lifespan of a thousand years. The image will dissipate after a thousand years unless it is recorded again before the Profound Imagery Stone crumbles. A regular Profound Imagery Stone also has a small chance of crumbling suddenly and the recorded image would also disappear.”

Yun Che became thoughtful after listening to Mu Feixue’s words and said, “From the name Eternal Imagery Stone, could it be that the recorded image would be retained forever?”

Mu Feixue nodded slightly, “Humans change everyday, especially a girl of her age. Once she has grown up, she can never go back to being a child. The father and daughter relationship between the two of you is so intimate, if you could record an image of the two of you during your current everyday life forever… To her, this would be a wonderful gift.”

“...” Yun Che’s desire was activated, he thought for a moment and his eyes lit up immediately before asking, “Where can I buy or find this Eternal Imagery Stone?”

“The Eternal Imagery Stone is an ancient artifact that cannot be produced in this era. Thus, they are rare and hard to find.” Mu Feixue glanced at him. 

Given the special traits of an Eternal Imagery Stone, people who got their hands on it were unable to pass it on to others, and thus, obtaining one was incomparably difficult. Yun Che thought for a while and said, “Then I shall make a trip to the Heavenly Mystery Realm.”

“There is no need,” Mu Feixue said. “I just so happen to have one with me.”

Her jade hand stretched out and in her palm lay a smooth round exquisite white jade. It was different from a regular Profound Imagery Stone as it was a strange snow-white color and it faintly glimmered with an icy light. It was akin to Mu Feixue’s snowy palm, bright, smooth, and pure. 

As Yun Che looked at it, he could sense a special kind of aura radiating from it. It was an aura that had a hazy feeling of “eternity”, alien and special, yet it existed solidly in reality.

Yun Che was about to ask something but Mu Feixue had already flicked her jade finger and a lustrous arc was immediately drawn in the air as the Eternal Imagery Stone softly landed in Yun Che’s hands.  

“I’m giving it to you.” After she had finished speaking, she had already closed her eyes and started to concentrate, as if it were just a small matter.

A special feeling, mysterious aura, and even containing a faint warmth from Mu Feixue’s body… Yun Che’s gaze drooped down subconsciously: This is an Eternal Imagery Stone, an item that could record an image forever…

“Feixue, this Eternal Imagery Stone is so precious, how can I…”

“It is of no use to me,” Mu Feixue said. “You saved my life before, consider this as repayment for that.”

Yun Che pondered for a while before putting the Eternal Imagery Stone away and said with a smile, “Alright, I shall keep it then. I’m sure that Wuxin will like it very much.”

Mu Feixue did not reply, instead she returned to being cold and silent.

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