Chapter 1488 - Snow Song and the Lady Goddess

Against the Gods

Although the Eternal Imagery Stone was in essence a kind of high-grade Profound Imagery Stone, its overly mysterious aura alone proved that it was not just any ordinary item. Thus, it was absolutely true when Mu Feixue said that it was exceedingly rare and that they all came from an ancient era. They could never be produced in the current one.  

After sensing its aura for a long while, Yun Che put it away carefully.

He had not checked the inside of the Eternal Imagery Stone and so he had overlooked a detail… And that was, when Mu Feixue gave the Eternal Imagery Stone to him, she had not erased any possible images saved inside it. 

Even though Mu Feixue said she did it to repay the debt she owed him for saving her life, it became a load on Yun Che’s mind… Just what could he give her to repay her for such a precious item?

It was this sort of matter that worried him the most.

At that moment, an unusual fluctuation occurred in a far-off location and sounds of chaos also rang out in the distance within this calm and silent snow region.

Yun Che and Mu Feixue both sensed it at the same time, and it was at that very moment that a series of dull and muffled explosions rang in the air… Even though these explosions had come from extremely far away, they contained an oppressiveness that was so unfathomably great that it deeply alarmed both Yun Che and Mu Feixue.

“Someone has forced their way into the Ice Phoenix Realm!” Yun Che frowned deeply… With the situation at hand, all the king realms were respectful to the Snow Song Realm, and the upper star realms could not wait to grovel at our feet, so who would dare to force their way in!?

Also, such a terrifying oppressiveness...

Hold on! Could it be…

At this moment, a blue image flashed and appeared in front of the two of them as an icy-cold yet dreamy figure appeared.

“Master.” Yun Che and Mu Feixue voiced hurriedly and simultaneously. Clearly, she had been alerted at the first moment. 

My Xuanyin stared into the distance, her brows suddenly sank as she softly whispered two cold and icy words, “Qian…ye!” 

Mu Xuanyin’s soft words proved that the one who had come was indeed Qianye Ying’er! Yun Che could not help but be shocked… When he was in the Moon God Realm, he ordered Qianye Ying’er to look for him in the Snow Song Realm after she had given the “Sky Poison Pellet” to Qianye Fantian and settled all of her “future matters”, but he had not expected her to arrive so quickly!

After he gave the order to Qianye Ying’er, he had quickly returned to the Snow Song Realm. It had not even been that long since he had arrived but it seemed that Qianye Ying’er had arrived around the same time as he did!

It definitely was not because Yun Che was slow, after all, how slow could a profound ark of the Moon God Realm be? Rather, Qianye Ying’er’s powers and speed were simply far too terrifying. Back then, she had used her profound strength alone to bodily catch up with the Vanishing Moon Celestial Palace. Furthermore, Yun Che had casually used the word “immediately” when he had given her his orders. So it was natural that Qianye Ying’er would be going at full speed the entire time.

As a result, she had arrived so quickly that it had even caught Yun Che off guard.

“Master.” Yun Che hurriedly stood up and said, “You don’t have to worry, she is now…”

“Hmph!” Mu Xuanyin’s chilling tone could penetrate one’s bones, “With the current situation, even the Brahma Monarch God Emperor would need to bring gifts when he visits us, but she actually still dares to barge in! I would like to see what she is about to do!”

“Yun Che, stay here obediently and don’t leave this place until I have ascertained the situation! Feixue, watch him!”

“Master, she…”

No matter how fast Yun Che spoke, how could it be compared to the speed of Mu Xuanyin’s movements? He spoke hurriedly but Mu Xuanyin’s figure had already disappeared before his eyes.

Yun Che immediately felt his scalp turn numb. He no longer had the time to bother about anything else as he rushed out of the hall at his fastest possible speed. It had been completely impossible for Mu Feixue to stop him.

The air outside the Ice Phoenix Realm was icy-cold and oppressive. Every single snowflake had been firmly fixed in the air as they faintly trembled.

All of the Ice Phoenix Palace Masters and Elders had mobilized, with Mu Huanzhi and Mu Bingyun acting as their vanguard. Meanwhile, the person who stood in front of them was a golden figure who radiated a terrifying oppressive might.

During this period of time, countless experts had been vying to visit the Snow Song Realm and even god emperors had visited them personally. They had been extremely shocked at first, but they gradually started to become a little numb to it.

However, when facing the sudden arrival of the Brahma Monarch Goddess,

every single one of their scalps had turned numb and their hands and feet had turned icy as well.

Qianye Ying’er’s hand stretched out, her palm facing these scum who were blocking her line of sight… That was right, in her dictionary, all living things that lived on a middle star realm could only be described with a single word, “scum”. 

The slave imprint would only implant the notion to “be absolutely obedient to Yun Che” in her mind. It would not change her temperament, nor would it affect her cognitive abilities. If she was not aware that these people were from the same sect as “Master”, she would not even have had the patience to faceoff with them for even this short while.

“All of you, get lost!”

Those five short words seemed to be like heaven’s mandate that could not be disobeyed. Moreover, the golden light that flickered in her palm caused everyone’s hearts to skip a beat. A few of the Ice Phoenix Palace Masters involuntarily retreated a few steps as their entire bodies trembled uncontrollably.

“Lady… Goddess.” Mu Huanzhi spoke as gently as she possibly could, “We have already informed the sect master of your Highness’ arrival, please wait for a moment.”

Qianye Ying’er’s golden brows furrowed slightly, the golden light that was flickering in her palm seemed to pierce the deepest parts of everyone’s eyes, “To have wasted so much of my time while I am trying to find Master… This crime is unforgivable!”


A dull noise rang out and a golden light filled the sky. All the elders and palace masters had already been sent flying as if a huge weight had slammed into them, without even having the time to react or shout.

A large gap appeared in the Ice Phoenix Realm behind them. 

Given Qianye Ying’er’s exalted status, strength and style of doing things, she would not blink even if she killed many people from a middle star realm. But this time, the elders and Ice Phoenix Palace Masters who were sent flying were only blasted far away. There were no fatalities and even those who were injured had only suffered minor injuries. 

It definitely was not because she was being merciful, but because they were from the same sect as Yun Che.

In the past, her interests were the first priority, no matter what she did. But now, she would put Yun Che’s interests as her top priority. 

Just as Qianye Ying’er was about to enter into the Ice Phoenix Realm, a blue figure arrived, bringing along an icy chill that could freeze the heavens and the earth. It caused her to retreat forcefully and the gap in the barrier that had just split was also sealed in an instant.   

“Mu… Xuan…yin!”

She growled at the unexpected appearance of a girl’s figure, the gaze in golden pupils turned complicated and she said in a cold voice, “Although you are the master of my master, you cannot afford to be held responsible if you delay me from finding him! Get lost!”

The tips of Mu Xuanyin’s brows arched slightly.

Anyone who heard the word “master” coming out from the mouth of the Brahma Monarch Goddess would think that they had heard wrongly. 

Mu Xuanyin swept her spiritual perception over her surroundings and found that though everyone had been attacked, none of them were injured. She was extremely astonished and reduced the killing intent in her icy tone, “Brahma Monarch Goddess, even if it were your father who was visiting, he would still have to be polite and respectful. What are your intentions for barging your way into the Ice Phoenix Realm!”

“Hmph, as long as I fulfil my master’s orders, so what if I exterminate your whole Snow Song Realm, let alone barging into this tiny Icy Phoenix Realm!”

Mu Xuanyin, “...?”

To the current Qianye Ying’er, returning to Yun Che was her most important mission. She had already reached the limits of her patience as she shouted, “Get lost!!”

Qianye Ying’er’s palm pushed forward lightly and though it was just a light push, it seemed as if ten thousand stars were falling from heaven. All of the elders and palace masters turned pale from the startling and immense pressure, and shouted from a distance, “Sect Master, be careful!” 

Mu Xuanyin seemed to show no fear and she stretched out her hand as well. An icy light that was the color of sunset instantly flooded the entire realm… But at this moment, her icy brow abruptly furrowed. 

She sensed Yun Che’s aura which was approaching at a fast speed.

Her jade hand suddenly halted before her hand gestures abruptly changed as she forcefully shifted from defense to offense as she sought to completely suppress Qianye Ying’er’s powers… But at this moment, Yun Che’s frantic shouts could be heard from far behind them, “Slave Ying, stop!!”

These three words were shouted so abruptly and anyone who heard it would be puzzled by it. But Qianye Ying’er turned rigid and completely suppressed the Brahma divine powers that she was about to unleash, risking the chance of injuring herself. 

At the same moment, she was hit head-on by the Ice Phoenix energy that Mu Xuanyin hurriedly released. Qianye Ying’er let out a soft cry and was forced to retreat several meters. She turned pale for an instant but recovered soon after.

She would not be easily injured given her strength. But all of the blood and energy in her body would be in chaos for a short while as she had suppressed her powers forcefully and taken a blow from Mu Xuanyin. She only managed to suppress it after taking a few breaths.

“Master, are you injured?” Yun Che hurriedly stepped forward and asked anxiously. He only heaved a sigh of relief only after he sensed that Mu Xuanyin was not harmed.

“...” Mu Xuanyin glanced at him with deep astonishment in her eyes.

Yun Che turned his head after that and swept his spiritual perception over his surroundings, “Elders, Palace Masters, is anyone injured?” 

Mu Bingyun hurriedly said, “We are unharmed. Yun Che, step back immediately! It’s too dangerous here.”

Yun Che shook his head and turned his gaze on Qianye Ying’er without having any time to explain. His expression turned serious and shouted in a stern voice, “Slave Ying! This is my sect, who gave you the permission to be so impudent and strike them!?” 

Qianye Ying’er had just calmed her vital energy down when she suddenly heard these words and became alarmed, “Slave Ying was too eager to find Master and so…”

Following that, she realized that she should not have tried to explain her actions to her master. She swiftly got down on one knee and bowed her head, “Slave Ying knows her mistake, please punish me, Master.”


The sound of eyeballs and jaws smashing on the ground rang out in the originally exceptionally silent Snow Region.

They looked at Yun Che who was glaring at the kneeling Brahma Monarch Goddess who had bent her head towards him. Hearing the words “Slave Ying” and “Master” coming from their mouths… had made their eyes bulge. Their jaws had also dropped so low that one would be able to shove many Yun Ches into their mouths. It was as if they had seen a ghost in broad daylight.

[email protected]#¥%...” Mu Xuanyin looked at Yun Che and then at Qianye Ying’er who was kneeling down, her head turning in an extremely slow and stiff manner.

“Slave Ying, listen to me,” Yun Che said in a serious tone. “The Divine Ice Phoenix Sect is my sect, so without my orders you must not make any rash moves here! You must not be disrespectful to any of my seniors in my sect! You must obediently obey all the rules here and never violate any of them, understand!?”

He still felt a little scared as he was giving out orders. Given Qianye Ying’er’s outstanding terrifying strength, it would be unknown how many would die here if she misbehaved even just a little bit.

“Yes, Slave Ying will obey Master’s orders.” Qianye Ying’er still knelt on the ground with her head bowed, not daring to stand up.

Yun Che turned around and said, “Master, this was an oversight of this disciple for not informing you of this matter. It should… it should no longer be a problem.”

“...” Mu Xuanyin turned her gaze back to him and silently stared at him without saying a word for a long time.


A loud and clear slap rang out in the quiet air.

Mu Huanzhi touched his face that had been reddened from the slap he had given himself. He felt the burning pain, but this caused him to become even more confused instead.

What...what, what… w-w-w-what… what was going on!???

Brahma Monarch Goddess… Yun Che… he a-a-a-actually...

This was the Brahma Monarch Goddess! The future Brahma Heaven God Emperor and the person who was publicly recognized as the number one goddess in the Eastern Region! Even the king realms did not dare to provoke her… but she was actually kneeling in front of Yun Che and calling him “Master”!? 

Am I dreaming, have I gone mad, or has the entire universe gone insane!?

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