Chapter 1517 - The Devil Gods

Against the Gods

The darkness barrier dispersed at this moment, revealing Yun Che’s and Jie Yuan’s figures once more.

The gazes of the god emperors and Divine Masters present focused at the same time.

Yet Jie Yuan still did not spare anyone a single glance. With a flash, she already stood in front of the crimson passageway.

This action of hers caused everyone present to hold their breaths. Every single person could clearly hear the sound of their heart beating with incomparable intensity. 

There were more than a few gazes directed towards Yun Che, as if they wanted to obtain some sort of clue from him… But Yun Che did not match gazes with anyone. Instead, he fixed his gaze on Jie Yuan’s back.

His mood was completely different from everyone else’s.

After You’er had let out that soft cry, it took Jie Yuan a full hundred breaths before she could finally calm herself and dismiss her barrier.

There were so many eyes on her right now and not only was everyone afraid of her, they were also all eagerly waiting for her to leave. In fact, the sooner she left, the better… But none of them knew why exactly she was leaving, what burdens she bore, and what she would face once she returned to beyond the Primal Chaos.

Only Yun Che knew.

He was even more acutely aware of the fact that Jie Yuan did not wish to leave… If she had chosen to be even a little bit more selfish, she would not have chosen to leave.

In fact, if anyone present were to swap places with her, they would not have chosen to leave either.

This was a devil… A devil that, in the eyes of these people, was an irredeemably wicked existence which could not be tolerated by heaven or earth.

This was the Devil Emperor that Mo E had not hesitated to shave off his own lifespan to try and kill back then! The Devil Emperor that he was willing to use despicable methods, methods that he normally loathed, to kill back then!

How lamentable, how sorrowful.

Jie Yuan started walking forward amidst that silence. She grew ever closer to the crimson passageway that was just slightly more than three meters long, until she was only a single step away from it… At this time, Yun Che bowed towards her as he cried out in a soft voice, “I respectfully send Senior off.”

That cry had been very soft and it was filled with an indescribable melancholy and sorrow.

The eyes of the present god emperors and Divine Masters wavered slightly as they all hurriedly bowed down and said, “We… respectfully… send… off… the Devil… Emperor…”

Due to their extreme excitement and wild joy, their shouts had actually devolved into a cacophony of chaos, a rather ironic contrast from their previous orderliness.

With just another step, Jie Yuan would enter the tunnel and once she traveled through the tunnel, she would enter the void that lay beyond the Primal Chaos… She would destroy the tunnel from the other side, cutting off the only possibility for her and the devil gods to return.

But it was at this moment that Jie Yuan’s body suddenly froze and the look in her eyes abruptly changed.

Her emotions fluctuated, causing the aura in the space around her to abruptly change. Yun Che raised his head and just as he was about to ask her what was going on, he saw black light suddenly explode from Jie Yuan’s body before she fiercely smashed both her arms against the crimson crystal.


An incomparably deep and heavy sound reverberated in the air and it nearly caused everyone’s internal organs to flip. In an instant, the space in the area started to toss and turn, and the elements around them went completely berserk, as an incomparably huge spatial storm sprang into life.

Yun Che was greatly shocked… At this moment, Zhou Qingchen, who was the person nearest to him, instantly moved and an enormous power engulfed their area around them. He anxiously asked, “Brother Yun, are you okay?”

At almost the same time, Xia Qingyue had also moved close to his side. Her crescent brows sank as she asked, “What’s going on?”

“I have no idea,” Yun Che replied through gritted teeth. Black light once again exploded from Jie Yuan’s body as Yun Che’s voice fell and a power that was even darker and gloomier than a black hole once again exploded against the surface of the crimson crystal.


Space shook violently once again as everyone present was sent flying into the distance… This was accompanied by a tearing sound that was so piercing that no words could even begin to describe it.

A crack swiftly spread on the surface of the crimson crystal.

It was very obvious that Jie Yuan was using an extreme amount of power to destroy the spatial tunnel!

All of the energy and blood in Yun Che’s body was churning but he could not even be bothered to adjust his breathing as he stared at Jie Yuan with an astonished look on his face.

He thought: She should only be destroying the tunnel after she passed through it. So why was she suddenly attacking it right now?

If she destroyed the tunnel from the inside, wouldn’t that mean that she would not be able to leave the Primal Chao Realm either!?

Could it be that she could not bear to part from Hong’er and You’er in the end, and so she went back on her word? Or...

Wait a minute!

Yun Che’s pupils suddenly contracted. 

Could it be...

At this moment, the already dark space around them suddenly grew even darker and the rampaging spatial storm howled like a wild beast as it grew more and more violent… If Yun Che was not being protected by Xia Qingyue’s power, he would have been ripped to shreds within seconds.

However, even he, who was the weakest of all who were present, could clearly sense that this incomparably terrifying dark oppressive might, as well as the power that was causing this spatial catastrophe, were coming from where Jie Yuan was standing.

But they were not coming from Jie Yuan herself, they were coming from inside the crimson tunnel!

“Could it be…” Xia Qingyue’s complexion abruptly changed as well.

It was at this moment that everyone finally noticed what was going on as their faces went pale with shock.

“The devil… devil gods!!” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor cried out in shock.

What followed that dreadful dark oppressive might and aura of destruction was a voice that seemed to come from a distant abyss, a voice that confirmed that awful guess in everyone’s heart:

“It’s the aura of the Primal Chaos… The aura of the Primal Chaos!!”

Those short few words sounded so hoarse that they nearly split apart everyone’s internal organs but more terrifying than that was the twisted insanity contained in that voice… It was even more sinister than the wails of most terrifying evil spirit they could imagine.

And there was more than one such voice!

“We’ve finally returned… finally returned… AHAHAHAHAHA… WAHAHAHAHA…”

“It’s the Devil Emperor’s aura! Our exalted and supreme master is waiting for us!!”


Jie Yuan’s complexion was incredibly cold and gloomy as she once again smashed her terrifying power against the surface of the crimson tunnel, causing more than a dozen cracks which swiftly spread.

Along with the sinister roars and howls of the devil gods.

“The tunnel is shaking… Is it going to collapse!!?”

“No… Someone is trying to destroy the tunnel!!”

“Let’s hurry! Damn it… No matter who it is… they all deserve to die!”

“All of the gods in the Primal Chaos, every living creature… all of them deserve to die! ALL OF THEM DESERVE TO DIE!!”

The roars and incomparably terrifying auras of these devil gods grew nearer and nearer… That was right, it was the devil gods! The devil gods who had survived up to now outside the Primal Chaos! They were currently using the crimson passageway the World Piercer had opened up to return to the Primal Chaos.

Every step they took felt like a crushing weight on everyone’s heart and soul!

All the god emperors and Divine Masters present had gone as pale as a sheet. The joy they had felt at the impending departure of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor had been completely devoured by endless darkness and fear!

“How could it have happened so quickly…” Yun Che’s hands balled into fists. This horrifying turn of events had caught everyone off guard… including the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor herself!

At first Jie Yuan had told him that if the devil gods wanted to use their own power to open a connection to the crimson passageway, it would still require around three months, even if they had started at the first possible moment.

But right now, only a little over two months had passed!

The time Jie Yuan had chosen to depart was still more than early enough and this date had specifically been chosen to prevent such an accident from happening.

But it had actually still happened anyways!

And it had occurred at the very last moment in such a cruel and coincidental fashion!

Yun Che was sure that this was not the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor’s intention. It was just that he had never imagined that there could actually be something in this world that even she could miscalculate!

Could it be that the extreme thirst and insanity they felt as they gazed upon the successfully opened crimson tunnel had triggered a power that exceeded their very limits!?

The reason was already no longer important… The moment these devil gods entered the Primal Chaos, they would definitely cause a universe-engulfing calamity that was unimaginably terrifying!

Those roaring devilish voices contained an extremely dense resentment and maliciousness!

Nearly a hundred devil gods whose souls had been twisted and who hated the world!

The moment they entered the Primal Chaos, no one would be able to stop universe-spanning calamity that would befall all of them. Not even Jie Yuan could! 


Another huge world-shaking explosion rent the air, causing space to crazily collapse. The internal organs of some of the Divine Masters immediately ruptured, causing blood to gush out of the corners of their mouths… This was not even because they had been trying to withstand Jie Yuan’s power. They had actually merely been caught up in the backlash of her attacks, something that could not even be considered as the aftershock of her blows, but it was something that was already this terrifying!

Under Jie Yuan’s power, yet another spiderweb of cracks split open on the surface of the crimson passageway. At this moment, the entire diamond-shaped tunnel was filled with countless web-like cracks and it seemed to be teetering on the edge of complete collapse.

The howls and malicious auras of the devil gods had also started to approach them at a breakneck speed. The spatial passageway that was about to collapse caused them to notice something and they started to let out increasingly terrifying roars.

However, Jie Yuan’s movement paused at this exact instant. After that, her body transformed into a beam of black light that shot forward and completely entered the crimson passageway… Leaving behind only a vast devilish voice that resounded in everyone’s ears:

“If you don’t want to die, destroy this tunnel within fifteen breaths of time… No matter what you have to do!”


A huge explosion that sounded like world-shaking profound lightning rang out from inside the passageway along with the miserable cries of several devil gods.

Their auras had also became much thinner and shallower all of the sudden… It was clear that they were being blasted far away and blocked by the power of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor.

“Devil Emperor, you… what are you doing?” The devil gods let out hoarse and frenzied howls of astonishment.

“Go back!” Jie Yuan said in a deep voice. “All the other gods and devils have been wiped out and the current Primal Chaos is no longer a world that we belong in!”

“No… No! Devil Emperor, have you gone mad!!?”

“Just how much torment have we endured to wait for this day to arrive… The Devil Emperor has gone mad! The Devil Emperor must have gone mad!”

Jie Yuan did not say another word. She knew that using words to persuade them would have no effect at all. She completely unleashed all of her dark divine power as she steadily pushed back the approaching devil gods. She was also completely blocking their power simultaneously, so as to prevent it from leaking into the Primal Chaos and harming Yun Che… and her daughters.

“The Primal Chaos is right in front of us… no one will be allowed to stand in our way!!”

“The Devil Emperor has gone mad… Stop the Devil Emperor! The Devil Emperor has gone crazy!”

Their auras weakened before they were pushed back even further… But after that, more darkness auras suddenly appeared!

More and more devil gods were approaching! It had gone from several auras to over a dozen auras… and it would keep increasing!

“Hurry up and destroy that passageway!!” Yun Che roared in a voice that nearly tore his throat. 

It was only then that all of the people present, all of whom had been scared and shocked silly, woke up from their reverie. The Eternal Heaven God Emperor was the first to spring into action. He braced against the devil god power that could gush out of the tunnel at any time as he rushed towards its entrance. Profound light exploded from his body as he directly smashed the crack-riddled crimson passageway with all of his power. This blow was accompanied by a great shout, “Hurry… Hurry!!”

After the Eternal Heaven God Emperor had sprung into action, eleven other god emperors had also rushed over as well. Their powers erupted simultaneously as profound light filled the area.

After she had covered Yun Che’s body with a protective barrier that flickered with dense moonlight, Xia Qingyue also started to move and soon, the powers of thirteen god emperors simultaneously exploded against the crimson passageway.

There were a total of fourteen god emperors in the three Divine Regions. Today, the powers of thirteen of these god emperors were blasting out their power with all of their might and this was absolutely the first time something like this had happened in the history of the present Primal Chaos.

After the god emperors had taken action, all of the others had also rushed forward as well. Beam after beam of Divine Master-class profound light pierced through the void and exploded against the crimson tunnel.

“Qianye!” Yun Che roared in a loud voice.

Qianye Ying’er obeyed as she released a golden profound light.

With the sole exception of Yun Che, all of the people present were blasting their power in one direction with all of their might.

The natures and moral values of everyone present may have differed and there may have been hostility or even hatred between some of them. But at this moment, every single person wore a solemn grimace on their face. All of their profound energy exploded out at full power and they were not holding anything back.

Because this was not merely a simple spatial tunnel that had been carved out by the World Piercer. This was a convergence point of their fates, a convergence point of the fate of the entire Primal Chaos!

If they failed, they would all be caught up in catastrophe!

Under such circumstances, who could have selfish thoughts? Who would even dare to have selfish thoughts!?

However, this was still the spatial divine power that had come from the World Piercer. Even though cracks riddled the surface of the tunnel, even though it looked like it was on the brink of collapse, it actually did not seem to change at all despite being continuously bombarded by such terrifying power… In fact, it only seemed to be trembling very lightly under such a cavalcade of attacks.

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