Chapter 1518 - An Unforeseen Event

Against the Gods

At the other side of the crimson tunnel, inside another black tunnel that was connected to it.

A huge barrier stood in front of Jie Yuan, pushing back the onrushing devil gods, completely blocking their power, and preventing them from even coming half a step closer to the crimson tunnel.

“Devil Emperor… Why… Why…”

The devil gods let out hoarse yells of rage, indignation, and madness.

Jie Yuan had an incomparably calm expression on her face. There was no panic and no pain. There was only a cold calmness on her face as she said, “Stop… Those who have harmed us have already turned to dust. We have no right to vent our hatred and resentment on the mortal beings of the current age, let alone destroy the peace of an entire era.”

“That is something that they owe us… OWEEE USSS… EVERYONE SHOULD DIE… ALL OF THEM SHOULD DIEEEE!!” They let out desperate roars as they rushed forward with all of their might.

Yes, all of them had lost every shred of rationality a long time ago. They had been completely reduced to evil spirits who only lived for vengeance.

“Our misfortune has nothing to do with them.”

“Don’t worry,” Jie Yuan said softly. “No matter what, I will accompany all of you, I will protect your lives and on the day that all of you have passed on to the next world, I will naturally follow right after you.”

“Ah… AAAAAHHHHHHH!!” The attacks and roars of the devil gods grew even more frenzied and violent.

More and more devil gods were rushing towards her and the barrier that she had formed with all of her power was gradually reaching its limit as well… She was well aware that she could not hold on for much longer.

Jie Yuan turned her head and looked behind her, the look in her eyes simply far too gloomy and dim.

She had chosen to bury herself and all her clansmen in the world beyond the Primal Chaos… and there was one other reason for her decision, a reason that she had not told Yun Che about.

The most important and also the most “terrifying” reason…



A golden sword that shimmered with a strange light had appeared in Qianye Fantian’s hand. It flashed with a dazzling golden light as it thrust straight towards the crimson tunnel, causing a clanging sound that was so piercing that it nearly shattered everyone’s eardrums.

At this moment, countless high-grade profound artifacts and treasures were being taken out and used at a crazy pace. Even trump cards that did not usually ever get to see the light of the day were being used right now. All sorts of tyrannical auras were being chaotically released, causing even the powerful god emperors who were standing at the forefront to feel a stifling sensation.

However, these attacks still did not seem to provoke much reaction from the crimson passageway. The cracks that covered its surface, the cracks that did not seem to widen no matter what they did, seemed to be mocking their inferiority and uselessness.

And Jie Yuan had only given them fifteen breaths worth of time… Fifteen breaths!

That was also to say that, even with her abilities, against an ever-increasing amount of devil gods, against what could end up being nearly a hundred rampaging devil gods, she would only be able to completely hold them off for fifteen breaths of time.

After those fifteen breaths had passed, the power of those devil gods would be able to pierce the barrier and leak into the Primal Chaos, burying most of these powerhouses… After that, once the very first devil god had stepped through the passageway, all would be lost!

Yun Che gritted his teeth so hard that it felt like they were going to break, but he was the most useless person here.

In fact, if he even dared to take a single step out of the protective barrier Xia Qingyue had created, the excess power being radiated by the combined might of all of these powerhouses would be enough to instantly kill him, let alone any devil god power that might leak out from the tunnel.

Time continued to pass quickly. It was the first time in their lives that they had ever resented the swift passage of time! As he looked at the crimson passageway which had barely changed under the weight of their full strength, even the Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s face had become completely distorted as he suddenly let out a furious howl that sounded like that of a wild beast’s.


A large amount of fresh blood spewed out from his lips and splattered all over his body.

But shockingly enough, what came after this fresh blood was his blood essence, and an even more frenzied profound energy also started surging up from his body like a flood.

This turn of events greatly shocked everyone but after that, all of their eyes were dyed with a determined red light. All of the Guardians behind the Eternal Heaven God Emperor also used their blood essence at the first possible moment. After that, a stunning turn of events happened as everyone… from the lowest higher realm king to the supreme Dragon Monarch, used their blood essence.

Immediately, wave after wave of horrifying and desperate power exploded in the easternmost part of the Primal Chaos.


The crimson tunnel swayed slightly. Yet that rather muted clanging sound pierced through everything and resounded in everyone’s hearts and souls.

But… in the end it had merely only swayed a little.

However, that loud clanging noise and that little bit of movement that everyone saw did not evoke feelings of pleasant surprise. Instead, it provoked feelings of abject despair.

Even though it was only a spatial passageway that did not possess any life and would not even counterattack them, it was still something that had been created by the spatial divine power of the World Piercer. Its level was simply far too high.

The power that the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor had summoned in a hurry had left countless cracks in the crimson tunnel and her attacks had basically already destroyed its foundations. As long as some external force managed to penetrate it and widen those cracks, it would completely collapse. 

However, the power that came from combining thirteen of the supreme powers in this universe, along with the vast majority of the ultimate powers that existed in the Eastern Divine Region, had actually… not even managed to widen those cracks by even one iota, and this was after all of them had forcefully used their blood essence.

This was the distance between a mortal being and a Devil Emperor.

Perhaps, even Jie Yuan had not imagined that they would all actually be so useless.

“This isn’t good, nothing seems to be working!”

“My lord… what should we do?” the Eternal Heaven’s Honorable Tai Yu asked through gritted teeth.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s complexion had already gone so pale that it looked practically bloodless. But the despair and malevolence on his face had actually dimmed and transformed into a gloomy resignation. He looked ahead and muttered, “Is this the will of heaven… In the end… we still can not escape this calamity…”


Wave after wave of dreadful noises rang out from the crimson tunnel, energy explosions mixed with hoarse cries of devil gods. However, the power of the devil gods had not leaked out from the passageway yet. It was clear that their power was still being desperately blocked by the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, because if even a little of it leaked out, it would be enough to kill or injure most of them. 

They could faintly sense that the devil god auras already numbered in the dozens. This meant that the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor was actually blocking dozens of devil gods by herself at this very moment!

But even if it was the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, she could not keep this up for too long and the devil gods might very well break through her obstruction in the very next breath.

“Sigh…” After he gave a long and drawn-out sigh, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor closed his eyes and he seemed to have resigned himself to his fate.

But it was at this exact moment that a young girl’s voice suddenly rang out in the air:

“All of you—get out—of my way!!”

The voice of this young girl was clearly a voice that sounded especially sweet to one’s ears. Yet it pierced directly into everyone’s souls like a poisoned blade, causing all of their hearts to violently shudder and even halting the flow of the profound energy in their bodies for an instant.

Yun Che’s head jerked around as he cried out, “Jasmine!”


The void was fiercely ripped open by a beam of black light. Within that slash of black light stood the figure of a girl in red. Her hair was as black as night and her eyes were like deep abysses. She was accompanied by the silhouette of a strangely-shaped wheel, wreathed in nightmarish black mist.

The Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations!

“The Evil Infant!”

“It’s the Evil Infant!!”

The aura that radiated from the Evil Infant was far less terrifying than the aura that had come from the devil gods, but it penetrated one’s heart and soul to a greater extent… This was because that was the power of the Evil Infant that surpassed the level of the True Devils! 

As they faced the Evil Infant, the eyes of all the god emperors, who were supposed to be panicking in fear, flashed as they all realized something in that instant. The Eternal Heaven God Emperor was the first one to withdraw his power and as he retreated, he let out a furious roar, “Get back!”

As everyone retreated panickedly, Jasmine brought the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations that was completely encased in black light to bear. She instantly shot past all the figures and released profound light like an abyssal meteor and smashed into the crimson passageway.


The world-destroying devil wheel heavily smashed into the crimson passageway as a black light which desired to swallow up the entire Primal Chaos exploded out from it. The heart-wrenching cry of a baby seemed to ring out in the distant horizon.

The instant that impact rang through the air, it nearly caused the god emperors, who were closest to the point of the impact, to vomit blood. But they could not be bothered about such a small detail. With wide eyes, they saw the cracks on the crimson tunnel suddenly spread under the abyssal black light that had been released by the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations.

Even the color of those cracks had been dyed pitch-black.

Although Jasmine was strong, it was still impossible for her power to compared to the combined power of all the powerhouses who were present.

However, when confronting this crimson passageway, one's impact power was more important than overall strength!

Within the Seven Great Heavenly Profound Treasures, the World Piercer was ranked sixth while the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulation was ranked second. So in terms of the level of power, the Evil Infant’s darkness power definitely above the spatial divine power of the World Piercer!

It was like a sudden flash of hope in the midst of despair. After they had gotten over their shock, expressions of wild joy appeared on everyone’s faces as they could feel hope once more.

They had definitely never imagined that it would actually be the darkest existence in this universe that would give them the most dazzling hope at this moment! 

Jasmine’s body was flung far away by the impact. But in the next instant, she resumed her fierce assault. The Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations once again smashed heavily against the crimson tunnel. Black light once again flooded the area. A voice resounded in the hearts and souls of everyone present. At one moment, it sounded like the wails of an infant, in the next moment, it sounded like the howls of a devil.

The cracks on the surface of the crimson passageway widened yet again and after that, it started to violently shake.


The Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulation smashed down for the third time… Even though the darkness energy of the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations had only clashed with the spatial energy of the World Piercer twice, the overly-terrifying recoil caused blood to leak from a corner of her mouth. However, her eyes still remained gloomy and desolate and the Evil Infant’s Wheel Of Myriad Tribulation swiftly hurtled downward yet again. It exerted all of its strength with every assault and every blow would release a black light that caused even the space around it to tremble.

The cracks on the surface of the crimson tunnel were growing bigger and bigger and its shaking was getting more and more violent… Blood flowed endlessly from the corner of Jasmine’s lips and it looked incomparably bright red and glaring.

“Hurry… Hurry up and help the Evil Infant!!”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s great roar roused everyone from their dreams. Everyone started to focus and unleash their powers, which had been halted for a short moment, at full strength as they transformed into beam after beam of profound light that exploded against the crimson tunnel.

Even though it was nearly impossible for their powers to affect the spatial divine energy that came from the World Piercer, if they could seize that particular moment, they might be able to change the destiny of the entire Primal Chaos.

“Everyone… Quickly pass your power to me!”

As he roared those words, a pale white profound formation swiftly formed on the back of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor and all of the people who belonged to the Eternal Heaven God Realm instantly understood what this meant. The seven Guardians who were present and Eternal Heaven Crown Prince Zhou Qingchen gathered behind the Eternal Heaven God Emperor as quickly as possible before they started pouring all of their power into that profound formation.

This was the unique divine power that belonged to the Eternal Heaven God Realm alone. It could fuse different types of power at an extremely fast rate, which would fundamentally change the strength and level of the person who possessed it… The Eternal Heaven God Emperor had displayed this ability once before, when they had first arrived at the easternmost part of the Eastern Divine Region and came face to face with the crimson crack. At that time, this skill had focused the power of all the Divine Masters who were present.

The arrival of the Evil Infant had proved one thing. It had proved that level of one’s power was far more important than quantity of one’s power. In that case, perhaps this power, a power that had undergone a slight fundamental change after focusing and combining other powers, could be slightly useful.

The others reacted to the situation after their moment of shock. Immediately, they withdrew all of their power before sending it hurtling toward the profound formation on the Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s back in the next instant.

The profound formation swiftly revolved and a cluster of overly-dense white light engulfed his entire person. His eyes locked onto the crimson passageway that had started to violently shake as he prayed that the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor could hold on...

One breath, two breaths, three breaths...

It was only an instant away from the “fifteen breaths” worth of time that the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor had given them, so the Eternal Heaven God Emperor did not dare to continue condensing the power that had been given to him. With a low roar, he was about to fully unleash the power he had condensed inside of him, but it was at this moment that an incomparably mournful and shrill wail rang out in the Primal Chaos Dimension.

After a beam of black light that could swallow up stars struck it, the crimson tunnel, which was now riddled with black cracks, violently burst apart, transforming into reddish-black spatial fragments which filled the sky.

After the tunnel had collapsed, a hole that was about as big as the tunnel appeared in the Wall of Primal Chaos. This hole was ruthlessly torn open the moment the tunnel collapsed… before it swifty started to contract. 

“No… NO!!”

They could hear waves of despairing howls… coming from the other world that existed beyond the Primal Chaos.

Shock, excitement, ecstasy, fantasy… All of these expressions chaotically appeared on the faces of everyone present… The tunnel had collapsed and there was no possibility of it ever reappearing again. The crack in the Wall of Primal Chaos would disappear in the next instant, and then the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor and those dreadful devil gods, who had been so close to them just moments before, would never again be able to step foot into this world.

They had survived a great calamity… They had once again survived another great calamity!

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s arms, which contained the condensed power of everyone present, came to a halt. After his wild joy had passed, a hint of conflict and struggle suddenly appeared in his eyes. However, this tiny bit of struggle only lasted for less than an instant and the arm which had originally been stretched toward the crimson crack now suddenly changed direction...

And fiercely smashed into Jasmine’s back.


With an explosive detonation, space completely shattered and everyone, including the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, was forcefully thrown into the air… Jasmine spewed out a long arrow of blood before she and the Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulation hurtled toward that swiftly contracting crack in the Wall of Primal Chaos like a black falling star.


In the instant that Jasmine’s body passed through the crack in the Wall of Primal Chaos, the crack that seemed to be distorted by lightning completely disappeared. It did not even leave a single trace behind… it was so smooth that it would cause one to feel despair.

“Keh… Kehkeh…”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor continuously vomited out foamy blood, but there was an incomparably happy and placid smile on his face. “The Devil Emperor, the devil gods, and the Evil Infant have all been eliminated. The Primal Chaos… can finally be at peace.”

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