Chapter 1519 - Fury

Against the Gods

Jasmine disappeared. Together with the Evil Infant's Wheel of Myriad Tribulations, the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, and the devil gods, she had been cut off from the Primal Chaos forever.

She would never be able to return anymore.

Everything had happened in an instant. The crimson passage shattering, the Evil Infant being blasted into the crack on the wall; both had happened at almost the same time, and no one had seen it coming.

The Devil Emperor’s aura was gone. The devil gods’ auras were gone. Even the Evil Infant’s aura was gone… completely.

The collapsing space and the spatial storms receded quickly afterwards. Everything was returning to calm once more.

When the moment of shock had passed, what appeared on almost everyone’s faces was mad joy!

When the devil gods had approached without warning, they had been frightened, shocked, and at the brink of despair. Their strength was so far below the devil gods’ that there was fundamentally nothing they could do to stop them.

But the Devil Emperor cut them off before they could do anything, and the Evil Infant suddenly appeared and destroyed the crimson tunnel, cutting off their one and only way to enter the Primal Chaos.

Then, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor gathered everyone’s strength and attacked the Evil Infant from behind, blasting her out of the Primal Chaos at nearly the same time.

Just like that, the Devil Emperor, the Devil Gods, and the Evil Infant… The three biggest disasters to ever plague the Primal Chaos had been eradicated in a single day!

It was true there was a bit of irony involved because the Devil Emperor had left of her own volition, the devil gods had been cut off by the Devil Emperor herself, and the passageway had been destroyed by the Evil Infant. If it wasn’t for the Devil Emperor and the Evil Infant’s combined efforts, a world ending calamity would’ve entered the Primal Chaos!

But the Evil Infant had been taken by surprise, and the reason she had inevitably let her guard down was because she had spent all of her power destroying the crimson passageway and reeling a little from the impact...

But who cared about the process or the methods as long as the results were obtained, especially when this particular outcome was the most perfect outcome anyone could hope for!

“Good… good! Very good! Very good!”

“The heavens protect us!” A higher realm king shouted emotionally. 

“All three disasters are eliminated in a single day… the heavens really are watching over us!”

“What a quick reaction and decisiveness. He truly deserves to be our master.” Honorable Tai Yu sighed emotionally.

“This is bad,” Xia Qingyue muttered. The sudden approach of the devil gods, the sudden appearance of the Evil Infant, the sudden attack of Zhou Xuzi… No one had expected this to happen, and everything had happened in just an instant… It had been impossible to react to any of these unexpected events, much less stop them from happening.

She then looked at Yun Che and felt her heart sink further. Yun Che had made too many enemies in the God Realm, and he had the only Creation God inheritance in the entire world. Jie Yuan had been his talisman early on, and the Evil Infant was supposed to follow in her footsteps. But now that the Evil Infant was gone...

Yun Che froze like someone had cast a spell on him. He stared at the spot Jasmine had disappeared with shrunken pupils, shivering all over… This might be a gift from the heavens to most people, but to him it was just a nightmare that came out of nowhere.

“Jas… mine…”

His own mutter broke him out of his trance as he stumbled towards the Wall of Primal Chaos and was knocked back mercilessly...

The Wall of Primal Chaos was the most despair-inducing barrier in the entire world. It was impossible to break with any power.

On the other side of the Wall of Primal Chaos was a world of destruction and a horde of mindless devil gods. Jasmine herself had suffered serious injuries when she destroyed the crimson passage...

There was no way she could survive the situation she had been dropped into… So she would never return!

She was gone once and for all from this world and his life!

“Gah… ah… ah…”

His pupils contracted madly, and his heart bled. He felt like he had been dropped into the cruelest, coldest hell in the entire world, and the chill was seeping into the deepest part of his soul through every pore.

He turned around slowly and awkwardly until he was facing the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, the god emperor he trusted, respected and appreciated the most in the entire Eastern Divine Region. His rapidly fluctuating pupils turned as red as blood as he asked, “Why… why… did… you…”

The space turned calm, and the gazes on Yun Che suddenly became very complicated.

In some cases, they were strange and contemplative.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor closed his eyes as if he couldn’t bear to meet Yun Che’s eyes. He sighed and said, “The world wouldn’t rest easy as long as the Evil Infant remained in existence, and that just now was a once-in-a-lifetime chance… I just couldn’t allow myself to miss it.”

“Guh… heh…” Yun Che’s breathing was so heavy that it looked like his chest would burst open at any moment. An unprecedented level of anger, sorrow, hatred, and disbelief spread across his body, and his mind and aura had never been more chaotic than they were now. Even his vision had turned blood red in color before he realized it. “You… did you forget your promise to me earlier! I promised on behalf of Jasmine to back off and stay in the lower realms forever… and you promised that the two of you would never attack each other… you promised it yourself!!”

“Ah…” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor let out a heavy sigh before replying, “That was a desperation choice. I knew that I didn’t have the power to eliminate her, and that forcing it would only result in desperate retaliation and endless troubles.”

“Even if she remained in the lower realms… she’d still exist. No one can guarantee that she’d restrain herself forever, and no one can truly forget or relax knowing that a fully awakened Evil Infant still existed in this world…”

“It is true that I’ve broken my promise despite being a god emperor,” said the Eternal Heaven God Emperor sorrowfully. “I did you wrong, and I’ve brought dishonor to the title of the god emperor. But… I don’t regret my decision, even if it means earning your hatred and being despised by the entire world.”

“She saved your lives! She saved your lives!!” Yun Che screamed like he had gone insane. “If it wasn’t for her, there was no way that passage would’ve been destroyed! The devil gods would have come in… and all of you would’ve died! Everyone would’ve died!!”

“She was the one who saved your lives! She was the one who saved everyone’s lives and the God Realm’s present and future!”

Yun Che’s roar had turned completely hoarse at this point. Every word he uttered sounded like they were soaked in blood. “But you… you took this opportunity to attack her! You attacked a person who did everything in her power to save all of your lives! How! How dare you feel no regret!? How dare you!?”

“Brother Yun,” Zhou Qingchen sounded a little flustered as he spoke, “Ple… please calm down first.”

“Haah.” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor sighed again before saying, “You’re right. If it wasn’t for the Evil Infant, a calamity would’ve struck us all. It is true that she was the one who saved us all. I was the one who committed treachery and bit the hand that feeds… my sin is irredeemable.”

“I did you, the Evil Infant, and the entire world wrong with the sin I’ve committed. I can no longer live in this world knowing my shame.” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor withdrew his aura completely and said in a weak, powerless voice, “To compensate for your loss… I will surrender my life to you.”

His words shocked everyone present. The leader of the Guardians, Honorable Tai Yu blurted out in shock, “My lord, what… what are you saying?”

“Tai Yu,” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor closed his eyes and said, “Qingchen is still young, and he’ll be needing your support for some time to come. It is a shame that I won’t be able to bid the forefather goodbye, but it is necessary… God Child Yun, please take my life. At least then I feel that my guilt will be lessened… Also, no one is to stop this exchange or pursue God Child Yun for this after the fact.”

“Royal Father!” Zhou Qingchen appeared next to Zhou Xuzi in a flash. “What nonsense are you talking about!”

“My lord!” The guardians had also moved closer to Zhou Xuzi before Honorable Tai Yu said, “My lord, a sacred one like you can’t do something so foolish! You weren’t wrong! You weren’t wrong at all! It’s true that you did Yun Che wrong… but you absolutely don’t have to die for it!”

“You are our lord, the god emperor neither the Eternal Heaven God Realm or the Eastern Divine Region can afford to lose! You’re not allowed to speak of your death so easily!”

“Heh, hehe…” Yun Che laughed. His smile was colder than ice, and his hatred was devouring everything he had like a cruel beast of the wild. Blood was trailing down the corner of his lips without him realizing, and every time he spoke blood flew all over the place. “A life for a life?... Heh… what a joke… Your life isn’t worth my Jasmine’s, Eternal Heaven!!”

“My Jasmine is someone who never used her power to take revenge against the world even when she was betrayed by her next of kin, or feared and hated by the world… When the situation was dire, she had stepped out and saved everyone’s lives at the cost of her health… She is the true messiah you should all be thanking and worshipping for the rest of your lives!!”

“But you… you’re always talking about justice… always talking about saving the world… but you’re the one who killed the true messiah in the most despicable, shameless, and malicious manner possible! And you dare say you have ‘no regrets’!?”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s eyebrows trembled, and his face looked languid. He looked like he had aged years in just an instant.

“Even an animal knows what gratitude is, but you? You don’t deserve to be called the Eternal Heaven God Emperor! You’re less than even a pig! You want to repay Jasmine’s life with yours? Your life isn’t worth nearly as much, you dog!!”

Everyone’s expression changed when they heard Yun Che’s insult. The Eternal Heaven God Emperor was the most reputable and respected god emperor in the Eastern Divine Region. No one had ever ridiculed him like this! No one had even tried to!

The guardians of Eternal Heaven God Realm bristled at the insult. Honorable Tai Yu’s expression turned dark as he growled, “You’ve gone too far, Yun Che!”

But Yun Che wasn’t looking at him at all. He was staring at the Eternal Heaven God Emperor with a kind of hatred that could only be sated by tearing his victim into bits in the most cruel fashion possible, and even then that might still not be enough.

“Old dog Eternal Heaven!!” Before today, Yun Che could never imagine that he would use such words on the god emperor he respected the most, “Your dog life isn’t worth burying with Jasmine’s… but you deserve even less to live in this world!!”

He let out a roar and activated “Hell Monarch” in an instant. Like a wild beast who was filled with hatred and bloodthirst, he pounced towards the Eternal Heaven God Emperor with fingers that were surrounded by blood energy. It looked like he was wielding a bloodstained claw as he swiped ruthlessly at the Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s throat.

The god emperor didn’t move at all. He didn’t circulate his aura either.

“Yun Che stop!” Xia Qingyue shouted urgently.


But Yun Che was knocked away before Xia Qingyue could stop him herself. Honorable Tai Yu was standing in front of Zhou Xuzi with his hands raised and his eyebrows knitted. “Don’t think I won’t hurt you, Yun Che!”

“Back off!” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor said in a low tone, “Do not stop him.”

“Royal Father!” Even Zhou Qingchen had stood in front of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor to block Yun Che’s path. His voice hardened as he looked at Yun Che and said, “Brother Yun, it’s true that my father had done you wrong, but it is also true that he did the right thing! My father holds no grudge against the Evil Infant at all, he only did it to save everyone in the world! I would’ve done the same thing if I was in his place!”

“You have the right to humiliate my royal father to your heart’s content, but how can you actually try to take his life!?”

“Keh… keh keh…” Yun Che coughed painfully as blood poured out of his lips. It was impossible to tell if he was bleeding because Honorable Tai Yu had wounded him, or sheer fury causing his blood circulation to go out of control.

“The Eternal Heaven Crown Prince is correct.”

A low voice suddenly cut through space as Qianye Fantian walked out slowly from the side. “We’ve all heard the Eternal Heaven God Emperor agreeing to a non-aggression pact with the Evil Infant, and none of us disagreed with his decision back then. But it is also true that that was the only decision we could’ve made in that situation.”

“Everyone knows that the Eternal Heaven God Emperor has a kind heart that encompasses all of the world, and his righteousness is only outdone by his faithfulness to his promises. But he went so far as to break his promise, commit a despicable act and risk his honorable reputation… Why?”

Yun Che looked up and stared at Qianye Fantian.

Qianye Fantian’s voice abruptly turned deeper as he growled, “It’s because the Evil Infant’s death will bring peace to the world! The Eternal Heaven God Emperor went so far as to sacrifice his reputation and integrity to protect the world! How is he wrong!?”

“God Child Yun, you’re the one who saved the world, and no one can point a finger at you. But…” An odd glint flashed across Qianye Fantian’s eyes. “I’ll be the first person to disagree if you choose to attack Eternal Heaven for an evil that shouldn’t have existed in the world in the first place!”

An imposing and even more intimidating voice rang out at this moment. “Eternal Heaven broke his promise to wipe out the world’s greatest calamity. Although he has broken his promise, it only makes his sacrifice all the more respectable.”

The words of this person caused tremors in everyone’s heart.

It was because the owner of the voice… was the Dragon Monarch himself!

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