Chapter 152 - Goldscale Dragon Transforming Pellet

Against the Gods

Chapter 152 - Goldscale Dragon Transforming Pellet

“No need to keep fighting.” Qin Wuyou walked over: “Even though you acted with mercy, Murong Yi’s injuries are still not light and he no longer has the energy to fight. This battle... Yun Che, you have won with an overwhelming victory.”

He had seen clearly that if Yun Che had not shown mercy in his third strike, the ferocity and matchless strength of that heavy sword would be enough to disperse the protection from his almost-depleted profound energy, and crush Murong Yi into a meat patty.

Yun Che stored the Overlord’s Colossal Sword away and did not speak any more as he stood there with a slight smile.

The entire stage had disappeared, turned into a pile of crumbling ruins. Every one of the surrounding disciples nearby had expressions of deep shock and disbelief written on their faces. When Qin Wuyou had proclaimed the outcome, not only did no one cheer loudly, there was actually only a field of deathly stillness.

A confrontation between a second ranker of the True Profound Realm and a ninth ranker of the True Profound Realm, the difference in profound strength in this battle was incomparably large. To everyone, the outcome of this battle had no suspense whatsoever; they had come today only to witness the splendor of Inner Palace disciples and watch the miserable ending of an arrogant disciple. They had mocked Yun Che for overestimating his own abilities, laughed at him for being stupid and idiotic. He had even been a source of laughter for discussions during leisure time; they mocked him in order to enjoy a feeling of intellectual and mental superiority...

Today, the shocking truth that had appeared in front of them told them that they simply lacked all qualifications to ridicule Yun Che. This person, which they had laughed at for several months, already stood at a height they could only dream of, looking down upon all of them. Thinking back to all of the glib ridicule addressed to Yun Che, many of the Outer Palace disciples flushed with embarrassment, and a few of the people that had just been shouting insults really wished they could find a hole and crawl into it.

Everyone looked at Yun Che blankly, their gazes never to have that contempt they showed before the match ever again; replacing it was a deep look of shock and reverence, which evolved into fanaticism and worship. To prevail over an opponent that surpassed him by seven levels and shake the entire stadium with one wave of the heavy sword; in their eyes, the current Yun Che appeared almost like a character from myths. Especially those three earth-shattering strikes, which were enough to leave everyone a lasting impression of shock.

“Too… too powerful! Before, I had actually ridiculed him continuously… Turns out I’m the most laughable one.”

“Ninth level of the True Profound Realm doesn’t count for much, I’ll be able to reach it one day too… but stepping across seven levels to defeat an opponent... This is true strength! I reckon I’ll never be able to accomplish this in my lifetime. This Junior Brother Yun is too… too frightening.”

“This heavy sword, is really too flashy; this is a true weapon for men… Which son of a b*tch told me heavy swords were garbage? This won’t do! I want to train in another weapon! I’ll apply to reselect a weapon at the Common Weapon Pavilion immediately!” An Outer Palace disciple roared with a face full of emotion before breaking into a run towards the Common Weapon Pavilion.

Once these words were spoken, countless people that thought the same instantly appeared. A huge expanse of Outer and Middle Palace disciples clamored to head back towards the Weapon Pavilion area, afraid that all the heavy sword-type weapons would already be seized. Those three strikes from Yun Che had shocked them too much, and they burned with passion amidst the shock.

The final result was that in not even half a day of time, the countless heavy sword-type weapons in the Common and Earth Weapon Pavilions were completely looted.

Qin Wushang slowly stood up and stared at Yun Che who stood in the center of the plaza with a face filled with deep emotion. He murmured with a voice only he could hear: “Worthy of being someone selected by Princess Cang Yue… Second level True Profound realm controlling the Overlord’s Colossal Sword, easily defeated a ninth level True Profound realm, has a threatening aura yet reserved manner, seems unassuming but is actually very sharp and shrewd… This kind of genius is barely seen in one’s entire life!"

He also firmly believed, all this wasn’t Yun Che’s full strength. After all, after Yun Che revealed his heavy sword, he had only swung three times.

But these three strikes revealed a godly strength and brought about an overbearing feeling; even millions upon millions of a light sword’s swing could not even begin to compare to it.

Subsequently, Qin Wushang’s clear and bright voice sounded, and spread widely throughout the entire Central Plaza with a peculiar penetrating force: “This truly was shocking, yet brilliant battle. Yun Che, you defeated the Inner Palace disciple Murong Yi with second level True Profound Realm strength, and controlled the Overlord’s Colossal Sword, which none have been able to control in the past several hundred years of the Blue Wind Profound Palace; without an exception, all of this is truly breathtaking! With just what happened today, addressing you as the number one genius in the past three hundred years of the Blue Wind Profound Palace would not be a stretch. And you are still young; your future prospects are boundless.”

Once Qin Wushang spoke, the noise in the plaza died down. Every one of his words, was sonorous and solemn, and not one felt they were exaggerated: “Starting from today, you are officially an Inner Palace disciple, and you will replace Murong Yi’s position in the Heavenly Profound Ranking, which is the seventy-third rank. Furthermore, according to your performance today, you will be allowed to enter the Supreme Profound Hall at any time, and there will be no restriction on the number of profound techniques and profound arts you choose, or how long you hold them for. You will also be awarded a Goldscale Dragon Transforming Pellet.”


Once Qin Wushang finished speaking, the entire crowd instantly went into an uproar.

To have the right to enter the Supreme Profound Hall at any time, and be able to select an unlimited amount of profound arts or profound techniques, it can be said that this was an unprecedented occurrence in the Blue Wind Profound Palace. Just this award, was already immeasurable. And what truly shocked people was the “Goldscale Dragon Transforming Pellet” he spoke about. The Goldscale Dragon Transforming Pellet was something everyone in the Blue Wind Imperial City knew about, a high-grade pellet everyone dreamed of possessing. The Blue Wind Profound Palace was directly subordinate to the imperial family and was Blue Wind Empire’s largest profound palace. Naturally, their tremendous strength was undoubtable but they could only make one Goldscale Dragon Transforming Pellet every two years. It was said that it took approximately one hundred medicinal materials and dozens of precious crystals to make a Godscale Dragon Transforming Pellet. Refining it was even more incomparably harsh but its effects was even more incomparably astonishing: After ingestion, it would let any profound practitioner at the Spirit Profound Realm or below… to gain a level in one night.

In the past, the Blue Wind Profound Palace’s Goldscale Dragon Transforming Pellet would only be given to the Blue Wind Profound Palace disciples who were seeded competitors prior to the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament. It was so that they would take a big leap before the competition. Nevertheless, it was the first time it had been given to a disciple as a reward.

While all of the disciples envied this award greatly, none thought it was excessive. Because Yun Che’s performance today completely deserved of this kind of reward.

As for the Murong Yi who was just lying there, he had been the main character of the event at first , yet now he had been forgotten. Everyone’s gazes were focused on Yun Che, and practically no one looked directly at him.

Murong Ye charged forward, helped Murong Yi get up, and prepared to leave while clenching his teeth. Just as he took two steps, Yun Che’s figure sounded from behind him.

“So you’re just going to leave like that?”

Murong Ye’s body shook from head to toe, and turned around with difficulty: “Yun Che, you better not bully intolerably… My cousin is the only son of the Northern Field’s Great General. You have competelely offended my cousin today. J… Just wait to regret it.”

Murong Ye had on a stern expression but his insides were soft; while he spoke maliciously, his body was cowering and trembling, and his heart was beating even more violently. Even though he didn’t want to admit it, the reality was, as one who had always bragged about being a genius, the disparity between him and Yun Che was no less than the distance between the sky and the earth. In front of Yun Che, let alone being arrogant, he didn’t even have the qualifications to lick his shoes.

“Senior Brother Murong, there’s no need to be so nervous. I only wanted to remind Murong Yi about something.” Yun Che smiled lightly: “Back then, when we scheduled the fight, we agreed in front of the crowd that, if I lost, you could punish me however you like, but if you lost, you would have to agree to three of my demands, and you definitely cannot decline any of these demands… Murong Yi, you couldn’t have forgotten about this, right? It’s alright if you did forget, any of those present at the time can help you remember; Palace Chief Qin also a witness at the time.”

“You... “ The heavily-wounded Murong Yi’s face suddenly turned purple, and his lips shivered. After, his eyes rolled upwards, and directly fainted out of anger.

A white silhouette flashed in front of Yun Che and Feng Baiyi appeared, standing between him and Murong Yi. To have ended this appointed battle with such a conclusion, Feng Baiyi’s expression was very ugly, but a cold smile still hung on the corners of his mouth: “Yun Che brat, not bad… Sadly, for a wild brat with no background like you to be so arrogant, you’ll pay bitterly later.”

Yun Che returned a similar cold smile: “There have been countless people who have wanted me to pay bitterly, but if they didn’t end up crippled, they ended up dead. I’m actually really looking forward to see, just who’ll be the next that wants me to pay bitterly?”

Feng Baiyi’s eyes narrowed ferociously and a strand of coldness flashed in his eyebrows. He turned around, and brought Murong Ye and the unconscious Murong Yi away.

“Brother-in-law… Brother-in-law!!”

Xia Yuanba wasted a considerable amount of energy to finally push through the layers of people, and charged in front of Yun Che. His face glowed red, and exclaimed with extreme emotion: “I just knew, brother-in-law would definitely win! Waaaah… brother-in-law! You’ve actually become this powerful now! I look up to you, look up to you so much that... Ahh ahh. In short, I really look up to you! If my sister knew that brother-in-law was no longer a person with crippled profound veins, and had become this strong, she would definitely be very shocked.”

“Hehe.” Yun Che could not resist but laugh a little. Listening to Xia Yuanba’s words, the heavenly image of Xia Qingyue couldn’t be restrained as it flashed in his consciousness... A year’s time had passed since he had left the Xiao Clan and in this year’s time, he would think of her often. Without mentioning anything else, they had paid respect to the heaven and earth, entered the bridal room, and through the sixteen year old engagement, she had become Yun Che’s official wife. With this identity, it was impossible for him to forget about Xia Qingyue.

He looked to the side, and instantly identified the four people who had bullied Xia Yuanba in the crowd. Once those four people met Yun Che’s gaze, their bodies shrunk, and they all revealed incomparably flattering smiles… They had originally come today to watch Yun Che humiliate himself and vent their anger, yet they’d have never thought a disciple on the Heavenly Profound Ranking would be beaten like a dog by him. Now, even if they were given a hundred guts, they would definitely not lay even a finger on Xia Yuanba, and they would work like mad to curry favor with him.

This included several disciples present who were familiar with Xia Yuanba and had ridiculed him for his low profound strength; now that they saw his relationship with Yun Che, their intestines turned green on the spot. While sweating, they were also silently thinking about how to apologize to Xia Yuanba, how they would have to try to maintain a good relationship with him in the future, and so on...

“Big Brother Yun, you’re truly too mighty, too powerful!” A delicate and pretty young man squeezed forward, and exclaimed excitedly.

“Yun Xiaofan?” Looking at the young man he had met during the palace entrance exams, Yun Che smiled lightly: “You really were able to stay in the Profound Palace.”

“Mn mn.” Yun Xiaofan nodded: “It’s all thanks to Big Brother Yun’s help, I had a second chance at the exams with Instructor Qin and passed smoothly. Otherwise, not only would I not have been able to stay here, I would’ve had to leave with a body full of injuries… Big Brother Yun, not only are you my great benefactor, you are also my idol. In these five years at the Profound Palace, reaching your level will be my highest goal!”

“Haha! Good luck! The Outer Palace is only your temporary residence, your goal is the Inner Palace.”

“I will definitely work hard.” Yun Xiaofan clenched his fists, and said with conviction.

In the periphery, watching Yun Che, who had become the focus of the entire plaza, was a completely relieved Lan Xueruo; her face now revealed an incomparably happy smile. She herself couldn’t see just how gentle and beautiful her smile was, and her heart was filled with a kind of deep sense of pride that she herself didn’t even notice.

In this long length of time she had associated with Yun Che, she knew that he was definitely not one to speak without thinking or one to overestimate his own abilities, and that he had the shocking ability to fight those who were several levels stronger than him. Because of that, when he had challenged Murong Yi, she didn’t actually have a very pessimistic attitude… But she never would’ve thought Yun Che had become strong to this extent, and not only did he defeat Murong Yi... he had utterly steamrolled him.

But once the happiness passed, a deep anxiety began to spread in her heart.

She was clearer than anybody about what might happen after this showdown.

The Blue Wind Profound Palace was directly subordinate to the imperial family and helped foster a younger generation of geniuses for the imperial family which would in turn foster the future backbone and cornerstones of the imperial family. In a sense, it was also the face of the imperial family. If a disciple entered the Inner Palace, his name would be known to the entire Imperial City, because the future accomplishments of those who can enter the Inner Palace would definitely be extremely great, without an exception.

And, a disciple that completely defeated a ninth ranker of the True Profound Realm at second level of the True Profound Realm, moreover, at the age of seventeen… What kind of peerless genius was this! At least in the last several hundred years, the Blue Wind Profound Palace had never produced such an incredible person, and he was only seventeen years old; his future accomplishments are practically unimaginable.

Without a doubt, the name Yun Che would spread throughout the entire city in a short duration of a few days; so much so that it would cause a commotion in the entire city. This would allow him to obtain an extremely great amount of attention and praise, but at the same time, he would also sink into a whirlpool of public opinion.

But Lan Xueruo was actually not worried about all of this.

What she was anxious about, were her two brothers… The Crown Prince Cang Lin and Third Prince Cang Shuo.

She believed they would definitely try to rope Yun Che in. Not only that, they would definitely try to rope him in much more vigorously than the other Inner Palace Disciples… Even more than the top ten in the Heavenly Profound Ranking!

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