Chapter 153 - Cang Yue

Against the Gods

Chapter 153 - Cang Yue

Hence, the duel between Yun Che and Murong Yi concluded. The outcome of this battle was out of everyone's expectations, shocking their state of mind. Naturally, right after, Yun Che's name swept through the entire Blue Wind Profound Palace like a huge storm, and even the entire Blue Wind Imperial City.

A second ranker of the True Profound Realm, defeated someone at the ninth level of the True Profound Realm in a direct confrontation. This point alone was enough to shake the entire city. However, Yun Che, at the age of seventeen, who was only at the second level of the True Profound Realm was also able to wield the Overlord's Colossal Sword, which no one in hundreds of years was able to successfully wield, as he pleased. This additional fact added a certain amount of colors to his legend.

In just a short period of time, from all the different kinds of rumors about the duel, countless exaggerated names were posed upon Yun Che. For example, "Blue Wind Profound Palace's No. 1 Star", "The No. 1 Genius Blue Wind Profound Palace produced in a few hundred years", "The Peerless Demon who seems to be capable of challenging an entire Profound Realm higher than himself", and even "Blue Wind Imperial Palace's Future Support Pillar".

In a single night, from being a completely unknown existence, Yun Che became someone that seemed to be known by the entire city. Following after the spread of the different versions of the rumor, he became the target of envy and worship of countless young practitioners.

But in regards to all these, Yun Che was clueless.

After the battle with Murong Yi ended, Yun Che was pulled back into his quarters by Lan Xueruo.

The wound at Yun Che's waist was not light as it was at least half an inch deep, and the spill of fresh blood stained a large portion of his clothes red. After Lan Xueruo cleaned his wound, she carefully applied the medicine she prepared beforehand and wrapped his waist tightly with bandages. Although the injury he suffered was much lighter than she expected, the shocking wound and bloodstains still ached her heart.

"Senior sister, don't worry, it's not that big of an injury. Something like this will heal really quickly." Yun Che slightly smiled. With a body honed by the Great Way of the Buddha, he was able to recover to a large extent in just ten days when Little Fairy almost killed him before, let alone a small wound like this.

Throughout the entire process, his tender gaze was on Lan Xueruo the entire time. Lan Xueruo's actions were rough and clumsy; evidently, she rarely... or she might not even have cleaned and applied medicine on someone's wound before. His entire body and soul were filled with warmth by this fact.

"But... The new clothes Senior Sister made for me got stained." Yun Che raised the training clothes which was largely stained by fresh blood, and even had a large hole, as he said dispiritedly.

"It's alright, I can still make you a couple more. As long as you're okay." After tying the final knot, Lan Xueruo was drenched in sweat. She still clearly remembered the moment Yun Che was struck by Murong Yi's spear. She felt as if her heart sank into the deepest of abyss at that very instant. Although Yun Che's current injury pained her heart, at the same time, it also made her feel as if she had returned to heaven.

"Really?" Hearing Lan Xueruo's words, Yun Che, in an instant, joyfully laughed: "That's the kind of promise a girl would make to her own husband, you know... Senior Sister, are you finally willing to be together with me?"

"You, you~~" Lan Xueruo's entire face was dyed red in an instant, and her feelings were in a great mess. She bit her lips, and straightened her face with great effort. "Hmph! You married playboy! I have yet to lecture you for offending me before, how dare you try to push your limits! Next time... Next time, don't you... Don't you dare steal a kiss from me ever again!"

"Well, if I can't steal kisses... Does that mean I can kiss you upfront?" Yun Che gave a small laugh. Lan Xueruo's stern face was not even the least bit scary, but instead, included a hint of a girl's cuteness.

In terms of relationships, Lan Xueruo's experience was like a completely blank piece of paper. How could she be a match for Yun Che? With that single line from Yun Che, her feelings were even more confused than ever. Before she could think of anything to rebut, her hand suddenly warmed. Her sweaty small hand was already gently held by Yun Che. In front of her, Yun Che wore a warm smile as his face slowly approached, closer and closer... The scent of the man that made her heart beat slowly came closer.

"Wh... What are you trying to do?" Lan Xueruo instinctively pulled her body back as she nervously asked.

"Before, I stole a kiss and frightened Senior Sister. That was my mistake. So to make it up for Senior Sister, I have to once again kiss Senior Sister seriously."

Yun Che softly said. His every word, caused Lan Xueruo's heartbeat to speed up. While she was muddled, Yun Che's face was already really, really close. She could clearly feel his warm breath gently caressing her face. If she did not retreat now, in the next second, her lips would once again be kissed by him...

Her reasoning told her that she must dodge it immediately, but women, were never living beings who put reasoning first to begin with. Her heartbeat crazily accelerated; the blushing redness of her face was already spread down her neck, but she was still not making any sort of movement to avoid him... Because deep in her heart, she was basically not able to reject this sort of "offense". Rather, she had a certain... feeling of longing and expectation that she could not understand.

Suddenly, she could feel her own lips were finally lightly pressed against, and her waist was also sneakily wrapped around by an arm. Her body stiffened and her vision turned hazy. Slowly, she began to close her eyes...

The door to the room was pushed open with a “bang”, and a hearty voice, coupled with loud laughter, spread throughout the room. "Hahahaha! Yun Che, you little rascal, your performance today was simply amazing! As expected, you once again gave me a good shock. So no matter what, I have to personally hand you this Goldscale Dragon Transforming Pellet..."

Qin Wuyou brought in a gust of wind as he stepped into the room. Before he could finish his sentence, as if he was stopped by a stone wall in front of him, his pair of eyes instantly widened even larger than a pair of cow's eyes... In front of him, Yun Che's chest was exposed, his waist was wrapped in bandages, his left arm was tightly held around Lan Xueruo's thin waist, and was currently kissing deeply against her lips...

"Ah————" Lan Xueruo cried out of shock as she escaped from Yun Che's embrace with a lightning fast speed. She helplessly turned around and covered her beautiful face, which was currently flushed red, with her pair of hands.

Yun Che however, kept his cool. As he unsatisfyingly licked the scented saliva at the corner of his lips, he calmly said: "Instructor Qin, you're here."

"I... I... I... I... I..." Qin Wuyou, one of the only few Chief Instructors of Blue Wind Profound Palace, was currently utterly dumbfounded. His lips were curved and his eyes were slanted as he revealed a terrified look. He stuttered: "I-I... en… entered the wrong room. Y-y-y-you... You two... go on... go on..."

Qin Wuyou said as he retreated. When he reached the door, he even fell heavily onto the floor from tripping over the door's sill. It was obvious that he did not even turn to look at where he was going. After struggling to stand up, without even daring to raise his head to take another look at them, he fled from the lodging.

Yun Che stared at his every movement, up till the moment he fled. He then said softly: "He's already so old but he's still not able to take the sight of Senior Sister and I making out? He's really exaggerating things. Ah... mn. Senior Sister, let's continue."

"Who... Who would continue! I... I still have matters to attend to. I can’t... I can't be bothered with you any longer!"

With one hand, Lan Xueruo grabbed Yun Che's torn and bloodsoaked training clothes, then ran out of the room with a reddened face while leaving a tint of her fragrance behind.

Yun Che did not chase after her. He raised his hand and pressed it against his lips as he laughed satisfyingly. He then softly muttered to himself: "That's why, the strength of a man's charm, is completely unrelated to whether or not he’s married..."

Yun Che stood up, wore a shirt he randomly picked out over his body, and walked to the door. Just when he was about to close the door, he saw Qin Wuyou returning with an extremely queer expression on his face.

"Instructor Qin, did you walk into the right room this time?" Yun Che laughed.

"You... You rascal." The corner of Qin Wuyou's mouth twitched. Then, he let out a long sigh as he walked into the room. He sat in front of the table, poured a cup of tea for himself with the teapot, and gulped it down.

In Yun Che's eyes, this action, no matter how he looked at it, looked as if he was suppressing his astonishment.

"Instructor Qin, are you personally here to hand me the Goldscale Dragon Transforming Pellet?" Yun Che sat in front of Qin Wuyou and asked this rhetorical question.

However, Qin Wuyou did not nod at his question. Instead, he stared at him and said in a strange tone: "Three months ago, you said you and Xueruo, during that period of time... uhh, slept together. I had my suspicions but I didn't expect that, y-y-y-y-you..."

He really could not find the right words to describe Yun Che. He clearly knew of Lan Xueruo's identity. And even if she abandoned her identity, her appearance was still rather unparalleled in the country. The number of handsome youths who had tried to woo her, just by the ones he knew alone, were more than he could count with his bare hands. But even though Lan Xueruo was kind and gentle to everyone, she never had any deeper relationship with a single man. She was burdened with too many things in her heart and basically did not have any room for that sort of thing.

He did not expect that, not only was Yun Che's talent frightening beyond compare and surpassed everyone's expectations every single time, he was even an expert at flirting. He actually conquered Lan Xueruo in less than a half year’sworth of time. The main issue was that Yun Che did not have any sort of background. He did not have any relatives to speak of, was two years younger than Lan Xueruo, and was even married! In Qin Wuyou's eyes, this was really... too illogical!

"I like Senior Sister Lan Xueruo, and Senior Sister Lan Xueruo likes me as well. Isn't that a really normal occurrence?" Yun Che said calmly.

Qin Wuyou shook his head, looked directly into Yun Che's eyes, and said: "Then do you know of Xueruo's identity and background?"

Yun Che was startled for a moment, and then shook his head. "I don't know. But from Senior Sister's temperament and manner of speech, and even the many feelings I get from her, Senior Sister Xueruo must be of a noble background. But I have never took the initiative to ask her about it, and had never intentionally inquire someone else about it. If she doesn't want me to know, I will only be making it difficult for her if I attempt to ask her. She will naturally tell me when she thinks it's the right time to do so. But she will definitely not harm me, and that's the only thing I need to know."

"You don’t know her identity, yet you dare to do that sort of thing to her. You're really... really... haaa." Qin Wuyou once again sighed. He scratched his head out of frustration, and then raised his head. "Since she still did not tell you yet, then let me tell you... I admit you're a genius that’s hardly seen once in a century. Not just me, even my elder brother Qin Wushang was deeply shocked by your performance today. But, you are still too young at the moment, and is still a little fledgling. Even though in this entire Blue Wind Empire, when compared to all the youths of this generation, you could be considered to be one of those at the top without question, if you remove this age restriction, your strength is still at the very bottom of the spectrum. On the real stage, you basically do not possess any ability to cause any sort of huge stir in the empire."

"I wish that, after you hear what I'm about to say, you will take the opportunity to think about your current level of strength. Then, objectively consider whether you have sufficient ability and courage to take on the things that might happen... If you think you can act without fear of the consequences, then, protect Xueruo with all your might. If you lack this conviction, then, please take the initiative to distance yourself from her. For her future, and especially more so, for your own life."

"..." Qin Wuyou's words were extremely heavy. With a heavy heart, Yun Che furrowed his brows and asked with a stern expression: "Senior Sister Xueruo's identity... Just what is it?"

Every word that came from Qin Wuyou was articulated very clearly. "Cang Yue, the current Blue Wind Emperor's only daughter, and Blue Wind Imperial Palace's only princess, titled ‘The Blue Moon Princess'."

"..." Yun Che's expression stiffened and his pupils began to violently tremble.

"The name Lan Xueruo, came from her mother. Princess Cang Yue's mother’s surname was "Lan", and she passed away when the princess was fourteen. Before she passed away, she changed the princess' name to 'Xueruo', hoping that she would stay as pure as the white snow, and distance away from the corruption and impurities of the world. Probably because at that time, her mother had already felt of the impending crisis in the imperial palace, and hoped that Princess Cang Yue could distance herself from the chaos and protect her own life."

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