Chapter 1523 - Nightmare

Against the Gods

“Now… die!”

It was a chant so indifferent that even her killing intent had frozen completely. Yun Che stared at her under the purple light. Even now, he didn’t believe that she would kill him...

But the purple light was slowly but surely moving closer to Yun Che’s heart. This power could easily kill even the likes of a Divine Sovereign, much less him. Just like what she had said earlier, it would take only an instant to reduce him into nothing, to leave no trace of him behind…

Many people had closed their eyes… Xia Qingyue’s choice was normal and sensible. There was no way Yun Che was escaping death, and even if he was allowed to live, the god emperors' greed would make him wish he was dead. If there was no way to keep him alive, then Xia Qingyue might as well kill him and cleanse her own reputation.

On the other side, Qianye Ying’er’s face writhed with pain as golden light bathed her. She was losing her Brahma God divine power rapidly, and the process was absolutely irreversible.

She sensed Yun Che’s approaching death due to the slave imprint. She struggled to raise her head and...

“Mas… ter…”

A weak cry later, profound energy abruptly exploded from her body. The profound energy was no longer gold in color, but it was powerful and it freed her from the eighth Brahma King’s restriction immediately. She swung out her arm, and a beam of light cut through space in just an instant and hit Yun Che.

The light erupted and unleashed a strange form of spatial energy… and Yun Che vanished from the spot just like that.


A heart-rending sound of destruction followed immediately after, and the space in front of Xia Qingyue turned into nothing in an instant. This terrible vacuum lasted for several breaths straight before space finally slithered back in fear.

Had the Brahma Monarch Goddess been slower by even a tenth of a second, not a single trace of Yun Che would’ve been left in this world.

It was proven that Xia Qingyue wasn’t putting on a show. She had been seriously trying to kill him.

“What…” Shocked silence filled the space for a moment. Absolutely no one had seen this coming.

Everything had happened too fast. Although both her divine power and her slave imprint were falling apart, Qianye Ying’er defied all expectations to break free from the eighth Brahma King’s restriction and save Yun Che. Worse, the item she struck Yun Che with was clearly the...

“Void Illusion Stone!” a dozen or so voices growled in unison.

Void Illusion Stones were extremely rare, and they were non-renewable resources. The fact that the Brahma Monarch Goddess had one with her was not unusual, but no one had expected this to happen.

Had it been any other spatial artifact, its activation time would’ve been much slower. Anyone present could’ve interrupted it easily.

Normally, a spatial artifact would leave behind a trace, but the Void Illusion Stone was instantaneous and untraceable! All thirteen god emperors of the God Realm were present in this place, but not one was able to trace it at all. 

“Not good!” A cry broke out among the Divine Masters as a heavy weight settled on everyone’s faces.

They quickly moved toward the spot Yun Che had disappeared from and tried to track him, but it was obviously an impossible task.

“We cannot let him escape!” Honorable Tai Yu declared. Yun Che possessed the Heretic God’s divine power and the Sky Poison Pearl. If he were allowed to escape to the Northern Divine Region… it was impossible to tell what kind of devil he would transform into just looking at the treatment he received today and the sheer amount of hatred he displayed.

Yun Che was completely suppressed, and every Divine Master and god emperor had had their sights on him. He didn’t even have the chance to use his own Void Illusion Stone… Who would’ve thought that something like this could happen!

The purple light in Xia Qingyue’s hand vanished before she shot Qianye Ying’er an indifferent glance. “You sure raised a good daughter, Brahma Heaven God Emperor! If anything bad were to happen in the future, you’ll be the first person to suffer our wrath!”

Qianye Fantian stared darkly at his Eighth Brahma King. This time, the latter used all his power to hold down Qianye Ying’er before bending his back. “This subordinate requests to be punished severely for his terrible mistake!”

“Slave imprints truly are amazing,” said the Southern Sea God Emperor while smiling at Qianye Ying’er. “To think that a lady goddess like Ying’er could do so much to protect her master. Truly amazing.”

“Why do you say that? Have you never implanted a slave imprint on anyone?” Qianye Fantian asked.

“Ridiculous!” The Southern Sea God Emperor snorted disdainfully. “Why would I need a heretical object like that to get the woman I want!? That being said…”

He shot Qianye Ying’er a glance, but he didn’t say anything.

“Don’t worry,” Qianye Fantian suddenly said in a soft voice, “Yun Che never touched her.”

“...!?” The Southern Sea God Emperor abruptly turned to look at him. His reaction seemed unusually strong for some reason.

If Qianye Fantian was anyone else, the Southern Sea God Emperor would never believe them. He narrowed his eyes a little and asked, “May I know why you’ve suddenly decided to change your mind, Brahma Heaven God Emperor? Wise it may be.”

“Is that important?” Qianye Fantian replied with a smile.

“No, it is not. It isn’t important at all. Hahahaha!” The Southern Sea God Emperor laughed loudly in response.


One last golden burst erupted from Qianye Ying’er before everything became still.

With the destruction of her Brahma God divine power and Brahma Soul, the slave imprint inside her had crumbled away completely.

Qianye Ying’er had finally obtained complete freedom of her soul.

Qianye Ying’er basically had two souls because she cultivated the Brahma Soul. As a result, the slave imprint was rooted in both her true soul and her Brahma Soul. That was why destroying either soul would cause the slave imprint to lose its foundation and collapse upon itself.

This was the last resort she had kept for herself. It was the last resort that she would use only if she had no other choice.

Her Brahma Soul was destroyed, and her true soul had suffered huge damage. When her Brahma God divine power left her completely, Qianye Ying’er finally lost consciousness.

But she remembered everything that had happened. 

Meanwhile, the Dragon Monarch said in a dignified voice, “Send word to all realms to find the devil person Yun Che. Once he’s discovered, he may be killed on the spot! Anyone who attempts to protect or conceal him… will be executed as if they’re a devil themselves!”

The Dragon Monarch’s order was answered affirmatively by everyone.

Yun Che’s surprise escape due to Qianye Ying’er had left a shadow in everyone’s heart… except the Eternal Heaven God Emperor. He actually let out a small sigh of relief after the incident. Perhaps Yun Che’s survival had helped to alleviate some of his guilt.

“My lord.” Honorable Tai Yu whispered to him, “If Yun Che is allowed to escape to the Northern Divine Region, with his potential… the consequences will be unimaginable. Didn’t you mention that you’d learned of his birthplace some time ago?

“Yun Che values relationships deeply, and he loves his planet a lot. He wouldn’t have been willing to give up on staying in the God Realm otherwise. Why don’t we use this to force him out of hiding?”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor frowned deeply before saying, “We will not!”


“We will not speak of this again.” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s voice grew firmer.

“Yes, my lord.” Honorable Tai Yu stopped talking.

At the side, Qianye Fantian quietly shot a glance at the duo. Although the Eternal Heaven God Emperor and Honorable Tai Yu were conversing quietly, he had heard every word they said.

His eyes flashed eerily as he stared at the unconscious Qianye Ying’er. He then looked at his Brahma Kings and ordered, “Take Ying’er home and build a Brahma Heart Formation yourselves. Make sure she awakes as soon as possible.”

“Yes, my lord!” The Brahma Kings received the order.

One by one, the people started leaving the easternmost region of the Primal Chaos.

The Dragon Monarch would be staying at the Eastern Divine Region temporarily to wait for news regarding Yun Che.

Even the Southern Sea God Emperor had temporarily stayed behind in the Eastern Divine Region, although he was waiting for good news from the Brahma Monarch God Realm… Yun Che no longer mattered to him. Even his seething hatred and jealousy for the young man had completely vanished.

Prior to their departure, a lot of people turned back to look at the Wall of Primal Chaos… there was no longer a crimson crack or a crimson passage to be seen.

The Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor had left permanently, and the Evil Infant had been taken by surprise and thrown out of the Primal Chaos. Everyone could see that the fate of Primal Chaos had changed completely.

However, no one realized yet that a dark shadow even more terrible than the returned Devil Emperor was silently moving toward the three divine regions...

The return of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor hadn’t been spread, and not a word of Yun Che’s heroic acts had been leaked to the public. However, the rumors that he was a devil person quickly spread through all three divine regions and caused quite a stir.

At the same time, the warrant for “Devil Person Yun Che” was sent out, causing countless star realms to jump into action… It was because the reward for capturing or killing “Devil Person Yun Che” was as high as the bounty for the Evil Infant, but the difficulty and risk involved were much more lower.

Very few people except the highest level knew that the devil person everyone was hunting was also the God Child Messiah whose praises were sung by both the realm kings and the god emperors just yesterday!

Eastern Divine Region, Glazed Light Realm.

A profound formation that looked like screens of pure water was operating in silence, and Yun Che was lying inside it. The profound light isolated the unconscious young man’s aura from the outside world, keeping him hidden. His sleep didn’t look peaceful, however. His teeth were clenched together so hard that blood kept pouring down the corner of his lips.

Both his body and his facial features kept twitching. His fingers especially were clenched so tightly for so long that they were completely white.

He had been like this for almost twenty four hours now.

Crack… Crack… Crack...

The sound of his teeth breaking kept coming from his mouth, and another trail of blood flowed down the corner of his lips… until a hand appeared and wiped it away for him softly.

She could sense the bone deep hatred in every molecule of his blood.

“Big Brother Yun Che…” The girl called out softly. She felt like her heart was bleeding non-stop as she stared at his painful and hateful face. She turned away again, unable to bear the sight of his expression.

“Why did this happen… why did this happen…” She had asked herself the same question countless times already, but she still couldn’t find an answer… Or rather, she was unable to understand or accept the answer she already knew.

A series of heavy footsteps started as Shui Qianheng and Shui Yingyue approached the forlorn girl. Their expressions turned complicated when they saw how distracted and sorrowful she was.

“Is he still asleep?” Shui Yingyue asked.

“...” Shui Meiyin didn’t react to his question at all. Her normal cheer had completely fled her body, and she looked so wan that it was heartbreaking.

“Meiyin,” Shui Qianheng finally said in a heavy tone, “we need to send him away soon. My arrogance led to me revealing to them about your wedding… and it’s only a matter of time before they come searching for him.”

Shui Meiyin shook her head slightly and replied, “Where can he go… if he leaves this place?”

“He has to leave,” Shui Qianheng said. “It’s dangerous for both him and us if we keep him around any longer.”

He was risking his entire realm just by taking Yun Che in. One might say that he had repaid all the debt he owed Yun Che. Even if he was willing to risk his realm further, twenty four hours was their absolute limit.

Shui Meiyin didn’t object to his statement. She said quietly, “Once he wakes up… I’ll send him away myself.”

She could feel in her Divine Stainless Soul that Yun Che wasn’t really unconscious. He had trapped his own consciousness inside a pitch black prison.

It was because he couldn’t accept everything that had happened… no one could.

Shui Qianheng wanted to say something more, but Shui Yingyue put a hand in front of him and shook her head. Finally, Shui Qianheng moved his lips, but simply let out a sigh. He stopped talking, but he didn’t leave.

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