Chapter 1524 - Devil God Prophecy

Against the Gods

Eastern Divine Region, Eternal Heaven Realm.

The Eternal Heaven Realm had ultimately decided to use the Voice of Eternal Heaven to search for Yun Che’s whereabouts.

A day went by without any news whatsoever.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor had been sitting quietly inside the main hall for the whole day. He hadn’t even bothered to entertain the Dragon Monarch, a guest who had decided to stay at the Eternal Heaven Realm temporarily.

What was once deep respect had turned into bone deep anger and hatred… Yun Che owed him a favor, but the favor he owed Yun Che was far bigger than the former.

After the Devil Emperor had returned to the Primal Chaos, Yun Che had been busy with the task of saving the world from destruction. Even the Heretic God divine power was a seed that ultimately led to the saving of the world… Yun Che deserved the title “God Child Messiah” no matter what. If it wasn’t for him, the God Realm would’ve turned into a purgatory of calamities already.

Just the same, the Evil Infant wouldn’t be inactive for three whole years if it wasn’t for him.

Everything had changed the moment he struck the Evil Infant.

Did he regret his decision?

No, he didn’t. He would’ve made the same choice even if he had a second chance. It was true that the Evil Infant had stopped the devil gods from invading the Primal Chaos and saved the God Realm, but he still wouldn’t have let go of that chance to eliminate her once and for all.

He did have one regret though. Yun Che’s current predicament wasn’t what he had wanted to see.

“My lord,” Honorable Tai Yu walked in and bowed from afar.

“Is there news of Yun Che yet?” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor asked weakly.

“Not yet, my lord,” Honorable Tai Yu replied.

“Then you may leave,” the Eternal Heaven God Emperor said. “Don’t ask about Yun Che’s birthplace again. It makes us no different from a devil person.”

“That isn’t why I’m here, my lord,” Honorable Tai Yu said. “The Heavenly Mystery Three Elders, Moyu, Mowen, and Mozhi have come to see you. They say that they have something important they must inform you of no matter what, something that relates to the peace of the God Realm.”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor raised his eyebrows a bit. The Heavenly Mystery Three Elders had never spoken uselessly, and their abrupt visit must carry great meaning.

“Invite them in.”

The Heavenly Mystery Three Elders walked in shoulder to shoulder. Their footsteps were hurried, and there was none of their usual steadiness and gracefulness. There was even darkness lurking behind their serious expressions.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor had known the Heavenly Mystery Three Elders for many years, but he had never seen them act like this. He asked, “What has happened to prompt such a sudden visit, my friends?”

“It’s about Yun Che,” the head of the Heavenly Mystery Three Elders said. The Heavenly Mystery Realm was the most unique realm of all upper realms. Naturally, there was nothing that escaped their knowledge.

“Sigh, I thought that might be the case.” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor sighed deeply before asking, “Masters... can you tell me if my choice is correct, or not?”

“Time cannot be reversed, what’s done is done. We are past the point of right or wrong already, Eternal Heaven God Emperor.” Moyu said, “Please, look at this.”

He raised his palm slightly, and a huge white book appeared after a flash of profound energy. The book was at least ten meters wide, and it was glowing gently. An ancient and holy aura emanated from it.

“The Heavenly Mystery God Canon?” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor frowned slightly before asking, “Have you glimpsed another important fate?”

“No,” Moyu shook his head before opening the first page of the Heavenly Mystery God Canon.

Back at the Profound God Convention, the Heavenly Mystery Three Elders had shouted the four words “Child of the Heavens” after Yun Che had attracted a nine-stage lightning tribulation and won the Conferred God Battle. After that, they revealed the prophecy regarding the return of the True God and stunned all profound practitioners.

They had boldly faced the people’s doubts and opened the first page of the Heavenly Mystery God Canon. What should’ve been a blank page had turned into a prophecy divined by the Heavenly Mystery Realm's Great Ancestor Haotian himself after the Heavenly Mystery Three Elders had showered it with the power of heaven’s fate...

Today, the Heavenly Mystery Three Elders were going to do the same thing again. They stretched out their arms and summoned a special profound energy that was unique to the Heavenly Mystery Realm inside their palms.

The inscription on the first page of the Heavenly Mystery God Canon appeared before their eyes once more:

When the nine stage heavenly tribulation appears,

the True God will return.

Back at the Conferred God Stage, it was this prophecy that had brought Yun Che to the center of the limelight. The Eternal Heaven God Emperor and the Brahma Heaven God Emperor had clashed against one another for the right to take him in as their direct disciple. God Emperor Shitian had wanted to take him back to the Southern Divine Region, the Brahma Heaven God Emperor had offered to wed his daughter to Yun Che, and the Dragon Monarch had adopted him right in front of everyone...

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor felt a surge of complex emotions as he recalled the past. He said, “This old one hasn’t forgotten about the prophecy, of course. Yun Che is the only bearer of the Creation God’s inheritance, so it’s no surprise that he would be the one to break our world’s current limit. Great Ancestor Haotian’s prophecies remain true to the end.”

“No, this is just the first half of our ancestor’s prophecy. There is a second half that we haven’t shown anyone,” Moyu said seriously.

“Oh?” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor was about to ask what it was when his eyes were suddenly drawn to the page.

Two new lines appeared under that well known prophecy:

Virtue will lead to eternal peace. 

Evil will bring the carnage of a devil god.

“...!” There was a short silence, and the Eternal Heaven God Emperor suddenly rose to his feet in shock.

“The last two lines of the prophecy had appeared to us during the Profound God Convention. However, Yun Che was neither evil nor devilish at the time, and he had clear eyes and a pure aura despite his unyielding character. That is why we haven’t made public the last two lines of this prophecy.”

“Later on, Yun Che’s actions perfectly matched the line ‘virtue will lead to eternal peace’. The Evil Infant awoke, the Devil Emperor returned, and the devil gods were coming, but because of him… The Devil Emperor willingly left Primal Chaos and stopped the devil gods from showing, and the Evil Infant was willing to stay in the lower realms and avoid conflict with the God Realm forever.”

“The great ancestor’s prophecy is perfectly true. As long as Yun Che is alive, the world can achieve eternal peace.”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s lips started trembling… then his hands… then his entire body.

“But now... Yun Che has turned into a devil! Eternal Heaven God Emperor, do you understand what this means?”

“...” Shaking like a leaf, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s pupils slowly lost color.

Evil will bring the carnage of a devil god.

Yesterday, Yun Che’s sadness, fury, and hatred had reached a critical limit and turned into pure evil. The darkness profound energy had appeared after that.

It was a reflection of the last line of the prophecy!

Mowen said, “We believe that Yun Che wasn’t a devil person at the beginning, and he has never had darkness profound energy. Devil people are devil beings whose hearts have been twisted by evil, and all they desire is chaos and disaster. If Yun Che was a devil person, he would never have done everything in his power to save the God Realm. That is why we believe that his darkness profound energy came to him just yesterday.”

Darkness profound energy was negative profound energy. When a living being’s negative emotions reach a certain limit, it would distort their profound energy and turn it into darkness profound energy… This transformation was incredibly rare, but it wasn’t like it had never happened in the God Realm’s history.

In fact, this was common knowledge among the higher realms.

In other words, Yun Che’s sudden transformation into a devil person wasn’t because he was a devil person from the start… it was because they had pushed him over the line.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor sank back into his chair heavily, his complexion turning deathly pale rapidly… He had no doubt that the Heavenly Mystery Three Elders were telling him the truth. In fact, their theory that Yun Che wasn’t originally a devil person had echoed perfectly with his own thoughts.

He had interacted with Yun Che many times in the past, and most of the god emperors and the Divine Masters in the God Realm had met him before. If he really had darkness profound energy, one of them would’ve noticed something.

Moreover, Yun Che was acknowledged by the Dragon Queen of the Western Divine Region herself, and he could cultivate light profound energy! One must have the legendary “sacred body” or “sacred heart” to cultivate light profound energy… and Yun Che had purified the Evil Infant devilish energy inside his body with light profound energy before. It was impossible to fake something like that.

There was no way he was a devil person at the time!

...Did he really drive a person with a “sacred heart”, a man who was prophesied to bring eternal peace to the world… into a devil person!?

“Was I wrong… Was I… wrong…” He muttered in a daze.

“The Eternal Heaven God Emperor, right or wrong no longer matters at this point,” Moyu said heavily. “Even if you were… you should work to stop it from growing as much and as soon as possible!”

“We absolutely cannot allow ‘the carnage of the devil god’ to happen!”

“In other words,” Mozhi added, “we must do everything in our power to kill Yun Che! There’s no changing the fact that he’s a devil… so we absolutely, absolutely cannot allow him time to grow further!”

“We cannot!”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s eyes focused at once. He abruptly rose to his feet and shouted, “Tai Yu!!”

Honorable Tai Yu appeared in a flash.

“Ready a ship immediately!”

Honorable Tai Yu realized that the Eternal Heaven God Emperor’s depression was gone. The aura and the look in his eyes had also surprised him. He asked, “Yes, my lord… where are we headed to?”

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor said slowly, “We’ll be traveling to… Blue… Pole… Star!”

Honorable Tai Yu frowned. This was the first time he had heard of this planet’s name. However, he quickly realized what the Eternal Heaven God Emperor was saying and exclaimed in shock, “Is that… the devil person’s birthplace?”

“Make preparations immediately!” The Eternal Heaven God Emperor nodded slightly before saying harshly, “And spread the news in the shortest amount of time possible!”

“Go now!”

Honorable Tai Yu immediately left with his orders. A dark shadow loomed over the Eternal Heaven God Emperor, but his body was shaking and covered in cold sweat. He looked like he just had a terrible illness.

Outside of the Eastern Divine Region, those who had never come into contact with a member of the Heavenly Mystery Realm didn’t believe in their mystique. Some even thought that it was a load of nonsense.

However, the Heavenly Mystery Realm was practically legendary within the Eastern Divine Region. The Eternal Heaven God Realm especially trusted their prophecies almost unconditionally.

It was because the great ancestor of the Eternal Heaven Realm was best friends with the great ancestor of the Heavenly Mystery Realm. The latter’s very first prophecy was that the Eternal Heaven Realm would become a king realm, and none of the Heavenly Mystery Realm’s prophecies had missed the mark since!

In fact, the reason the Eternal Heaven God Emperor valued Yun Che as much as he did was largely because of the phrase “the True God will return”.

That was why he couldn’t sit by and ignore the line, “Evil will bring the carnage of a devil god”!

He was the one who drove Yun Che into transforming into a devil. If this terrifying prophecy were to come true, then he would undoubtedly become the ultimate sinner of the God Realm for eternity!


Brahma Monarch God Realm.

Inside the Brahma Heart Formation, Qianye Ying’er had finally recovered from her coma.

The destruction of her Brahma Soul had dealt terrible damage to her true soul. Although she was healed by the Brahma Heart Formation, and she was unconscious for an entire day, it was impossible to heal completely.

Qianye Fantian had been waiting by her side all this time. When he sensed that Qianye Ying’er had awakened, he finally turned around to see her.

“Royal Father,” said Qianye Ying’er while forcing herself to get up. Her voice was still weak, but her pupils had regained their intimidating pressure. “Ying’er has committed a grave mistake.”

Of course, the “grave mistake” she was referring to was sending Yun Che away with the Void Illusion Stone while she was still enthralled by the slave imprint.

“That’s no longer important,” Qianye Fantian said. “Tell me, where is Yun Che’s birthplace?”

Right after he asked the question, a person entered the room in a flash and bowed behind Qianye Fantian. The person said urgently, “My lord, the Eternal Heaven God Realm has sent us an urgent message. The Eternal Heaven God Emperor is now on the way to Yun Che’s birthplace to force the devil person Yun Che into showing himself. It seems to be a planet called ‘Blue Pole Star’ to the east.”

“...!” Qianye Fantian frowned deeply when he heard this.

His original plan was to travel to Yun Che’s birthplace in secret after obtaining its whereabouts from Qianye Ying’er… It didn’t take a genius to figure out Yun Che’s birthplace couldn’t be ordinary. It might very well be hiding a terrible secret.

He didn’t expect the Eternal Heaven God Emperor to change his mind so suddenly and disrupt his plans.

“Prepare a ship immediately,” Qianye Fantian said. “We’ll be chasing the Eternal Heaven God Emperor.”

Very soon, a profound ship flew out of the Brahma Monarch God Realm and chased after the Eternal Heaven God Realm’s profound ship. He wasn’t the only one. Countless high level profound ships were also departing from their respective star realms and flying in the same direction...

…to where the Blue Pole Star was.

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