Chapter 165 - Reverse Kill!

Against the Gods

Chapter 165 - Reverse Kill!

The world was large. The more people one meets, the more places one visits, and the more likely one would feel how small they really are. From Floating Cloud City, to New Moon City, to Blue Wind Imperial City, and to the Heavenly Sword Villa; the concept of genius had been redefined time and time again in Yun Che’s mind. Today, without any preparation, he came into contact with the real number one individual of Blue Wind Empire’s younger generation. He was cultured, refined, and possessed neither arrogance nor flaw.

If such a man were to become an enemy, without a doubt, he would be much more frightening than those who were haughty and domineering.

Yun Che spent the entire afternoon tending to his injuries, and the sky had already darkened by the time he left the Imperial Palace. Because of the dreadful parasite affecting Cang Wanhe, Lan Xueruo was immensely worried. Thus, Yun Che did not allow her to see him out, and he left the Imperial Palace by himself as he headed towards the Blue Wind Profound Palace.

In the late night, there were already not many pedestrians on the imperial city streets. The internal injury Yun Che had received from Ling Jie’s attack was not light, and even though he possessed the Great Way of the Buddha, it was not an injury that could heal completely in a single afternoon. Hence, he did not use his profound energy, but took his time walking instead. When he was halfway to his destination, he suddenly made a turn, and walked leisurely towards the east.

Yun Che only stopped when he arrived at an open field where there were no signs of people in the surrounding area. He stared ahead, and said lightly, “Come out.”

After he said that, his immediate surroundings were dead silent. Only after a long while did he hear a cold snort behind him. Accompanying it, were the clear sounds of footsteps.

Yun Che turned and saw a youth dressed entirely in black. He did not have a tall figure, and looked to be around the age of twenty. His eyes were hazy, and the way he was looking at Yun Che was somber, as if he was looking at a corpse.

The aura of profound energy emitted from his body was very rich, and it greatly surpassed Yun Che’s… It even surpassed Murong Yi’s, who was at the ninth level of the True Profound Realm!

Yun Che’s face did not show any hint of fear. Arms crossed, he laughed coldly, “There’s still one more of you, isn’t there? Reveal yourself as well. What, you don’t even have the guts to reveal yourself here after tailing me for so long?”

“Hahahaha!” The moment Yun Che finished his sentence, crazed laughter resounded in the air. Right after, a youth dressed in white slowly walked out from behind a tree. That particular youth was Feng Baiyi.

“Yun Che, I was still having trouble earlier about finding a place to kill you without leaving any trace. I didn’t expect you would actually find such a fine grave for yourself. Should I call you an idiot, or a fool?”

“Grave?” Yun Che smiled faintly as he looked at Feng Baiyi and and the black youth. “That’s right, this is indeed a fine place for a grave. But I did not find it for myself, rather, it’s for the both of you.”

Feng Baiyi’s expression sank, and he laughed coldly, “Death is at hand, yet you still dare to utter such boastful words. Well, so be it. There’s no need to say anything more to a dead person anyway; Xuelang, kill him!”

Xuelang? When Yun Che heard this name, he recalled it instantly… It was a name listed in the Inner Palace’s Heavenly Profound Ranking, and that person was ranked seventh! The profound strength he possessed was at the peak of the tenth level of the True Profound Realm.

The moment Feng Baiyi gave the instruction, a thin sword covered entirely in red appeared in Xuelang’s hand as his figure shot out explosively. Under the night sky, a faint black shadow swept through the field. His red blade sliced through the night like a poisonous snake, and thrusted towards Yun Che’s throat.

Xuelang’s attacks were clean and crisp; his movements and the speed of his sword were extremely quick, as though it was a stream of light!

Killing intent flashed through Yun Che’s eyes. With Star God’s Broken Shadow activated, he pushed his body into the air, causing Xuelang’s lightning-speed attack to hit the air. While in the air, Yun Che’s body stiffened, and a piercing pain arose from his chest.

When he used his profound energy, it momentarily agitated his internal injury, which had yet to heal completely.

I have to end this battle quickly… Yun Che held onto his chest for a bit. With a wave of his hands, the Overlord's Colossal Sword appeared in his hands within a fleeting flash of dark light and crimson red phoenix flames suddenly began to envelop his body as well.

The moment he realized his attack had missed, Xuelang changed direction with lightning speed. Lifting his red sword, he thrusted towards Yun Che, who was descending from the skies.

“Die… Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing!”

Cold flames flashed through Yun Che’s eyes. The phoenix flames around his body soared and a pair of phoenix fiery wings appeared on his back, bringing about a frightful heat wave, as Yun Che dove towards Xuelang.

Xuelang specialized in speed, be it his movements or the speed of his sword, they were both as fast as a stream of light. But right in front of him, Yun Che, who was initially still about a dozen meters away from him, had suddenly appeared right before him. The frightening speed he displayed was akin to that of a falling meteor. He was completely unable to react in time, and what’s more, was that the impact which struck him head on, was terrifying enough to cause him to pale in fright.

In the next moment, only an explosion could be heard. A large fireball exploded between Yun Che and Xuelang, instantly dispersing the afterimage of the slashing red sword. Even his red sword broke into three pieces, as if it was scrap metal. The momentum of Yun Che’s heavy sword did not decrease as it ruthlessly smashed onto Xuelang’s waist.


Xuelang’s protective profound energy, under the combined might of the heavy sword and the energy of the phoenix flames, broke apart like a piece of scrap paper. As he screamed, his ribs and vertebrae were smashed into pieces, and his entire person flew like a broken sack. The large pool of blood and internal organs which scattered through the night sky separated into two portions, falling onto the ground in front of Feng Baiyi one after another.

“Wha… What!?”

Feng Baiyi took two step back. Looking at the broken corpse on the ground, he lost his initial prideful sneer; it was replaced by an aghast expression.

When Murong Yi lost to Yun Che, Feng Baiyi firmly believed that it was because of Murong Yi’s complacency and underestimation of his enemy. He even gave Murong Yi a well-ordered analysis on the reasons for his failure. He was even more confident that, if he were to exchange blows with Yun Che, he would be able to kill him within ten moves… And as for the reason why he brought Xuelang along, it was mainly because he did not wish to do the deed himself and leave any form of evidence. At the same time, it was to provide another level of guarantee to Yun Che’s death.

In today’s assassination, he had thought of many possible situations, which even included Yun Che escaping by unique tricks and means. But what he did not think of, was that Xuelang, who was a level stronger than Murong Yi, would actually be horrendously killed by Yun Che with a single blow!

“Feng Baiyi, it’s your turn!” Yun Che said coldly. With his sword pointed at Feng Baiyi, he slowly walked towards him. Earlier, when he activated the Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing, his internal injury worsened slightly, and he was currently in unbearable pain. However, his face was still as calm as ever… Even though his internal injury had worsened, it was still enough for him to kill Feng Baiyi!

“Yun Che, you think… you’re capable of killing me!?” Although Feng Baiyi was still as arrogant as before, his face evidently paled, and his voice began to tremble. Xuelang’s rank in the Heavenly Profound Ranking was nearly thirty ranks higher than his, but he was still dismembered by Yun Che with a single blow. How could he not feel afraid?

Watching Yun Che approach him slowly, Feng Bai suddenly roared. He grabbed onto a green colored longspear with both hands, and a raging windstorm swirled around the spear as he swept it towards Yun Che’s neck.

“Blue Dragon Stirring Sea!”

Like Murong Yi, Feng Baiyi also trained in the “Blue Dragon Spear Art”. Back then, when Yun Che exchanged blows with Murong Yi, Yun Che had suffered a small injury from this very same attack.

Facing this spear attack which was even stronger than Murong Yi’s, Yun Che smiled coldly. Back then, the reason why he had suffered an injury from this attack, was mainly because Murong Yi had done a sneak attack, and Yun Che did not have a weapon to block it. But currently, with his heavy sword in hand, how could an attack of this level trouble him?


Without even caring about Feng Baiyi’s attack, without even using any profound skills, Yun Che continued to walk towards him, as he swung his sword across. This overly simple horizontal slash of his sword brought about a powerful windstorm which was much stronger than Feng Baiyi’s “Blue Dragon Stirring Sea”. With a “bang”, Feng Baiyi’s windstorm attack brutally dispersed.

Feng Baiyi was taken aback... That moment Yun Che swung his sword, he finally, fully understood the terror that was known as Yun Che. At the same time, he understood why Murong Yi and Xuelang could suffer such miserable defeats under his heavy sword. This was because the wave of air brought about by a swing of his sword was as strong as a tidal wave, which could envelop his entirety within… It was not because Murong Yi or Xuelang did not want to dodge his swings; rather, under the terrifying pressure of the tidal waves, their bodies were basically unable to move, let alone dodge the swings or counter-attack.

Everyone’s impressions of heavy swords were always wild and tyrannical, but every swing of the sword would be heavy and slow. At the same time, it would leave large openings. But whenever Yun Che swung his heavy sword, it was as though as he was wielding a nimble light sword!

Feng Baiyi’s windstorm attack was completely dispersed and a large force came assaulting from the front, ruthlessly smashing onto his longspear, causing it to instantly bend and fly out of his hands. His entire body felt as if it was being smashed by a heavy mace as a violent force penetrated through his body, causing dozens of his meridians to rupture.


Feng Baiyi screamed as his body flew a dozen feet away and heavily smashed onto the tree which he had hidden behind earlier. The tree shook for a moment, and leaves began to flutter onto the ground.

Feng Baiyi sprawled on the ground and coughed out a couple of mouthfuls of blood. Even after a long while, he could not bring himself up.

Yun Che’s internal injuries worsened by another level, and his face began to pale as a thin line of blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth. He spent no more time delaying as he leaped forward and swung his Overlord’s Colossal Sword towards Feng Baiyi’s neck without hesitation. If this attack were to really land, it was enough to smash Feng Baiyi into smithereens.

As death loomed close, Feng Baiyi’s body shrank back in panic. At the same time, he let out an extremely horrified roar, “Uncle Fang, hurry and save me!”

The moment Feng Baiyi howled, an old man’s angry, ear-splitting roar suddenly came from the sky, “Junior! Don’t you dare harm my young master!”

From the angry roar came a force with the weight of a mountain that pressed down upon Yun Che. The strength of this force was something Yun Che could not hope to block. If he had taken another step forward, he would have been ground into dust by that force.

Although Yun Che was shocked, he did not fumble as he quickly used Star God’s Broken Shadow to retreat. Using all his strength to stop his frontal charge, he escaped from the range of that pressing force, but was still affected by its widespread effects. He snorted coldly as he continuously jumped backwards for a distance of over sixty meters; only then did he manage to rid himself of that frightening force.

Standing in front of Feng Baiyi was an old man with a grey beard who was dressed in black. His appearance allowed Feng Baiyi, who escaped from death, to heave a large sigh of relief. Then, as if crazed, he howled, “Uncle Fang, hurry and kill him. Kill him!”

Feng Baiyi’s and Murong Yi’s households had relationships that spanned generations, so naturally, his background was not worse off than Murong Yi’s. With such a background, as the son born of the first wife, his safety was naturally of utmost importance therefore, someone powerful would always be protecting him from the shadows. And this old man with the surname Fang, was Feng Baiyi’s guardian. But, his role was to only protect him from the shadows, not listen to Feng Baiyi’s commands; he would not interfere in any of Feng Baiyi’s actions or decisions, but rather, appear only when Feng Baiyi was in extreme danger.

Yun Che held onto his chest, as he gasped for air. In the depths of his mind, Jasmine’s voice resounded, “Third level of the Earth Profound Realm. He’s not someone you can go up against.”

The old man’s angry eyes looked straight at Yun Che, and he said, “Junior, if you had let my young master go after severely injuring him earlier, this old man would not have interfered. But your heart was actually so vicious that you wanted to deal the killing blow, so do not blame this old man for taking your life!”

“Heh!” Yun Che laughed coldly. “Take my life? You alone, are not worthy!”

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