Chapter 166 - Destroyed Fantasy

Against the Gods

Chapter 166 - Destroyed Fantasy

“Arrogant brat!” Having received such mockery from a junior, the old man surnamed Fang flared up for a moment.

“Uncle Fang, don’t waste your words on him, just kill him immediately. If he doesn’t die today, he will definitely kill me in the future!” Feng Baiyi supported his body up with a single arm as he shouted, his face filled with a mix of hatred and fear.

With a snort, the old man surnamed Fang suddenly leaped into the air. He extended his right hand, and reached straight for Yun Che’s throat. With the power behind his grip, it would be enough to break Yun Che’s neck in an instant.

Yun Che prepared to dodge, but the moment he tried to use his profound energy, an unbearable pain arose from his chest. His expression darkened as he gazed at the old man surnamed Fang’s rapidly approaching life-taking claw, and growled in his heart, “Jasmine, kill him!”

It had been several months since Jasmine had suffered from the poison break-out when she killed the flame dragon, so her three-month restriction period of not using any profound energy had long been over. Currently, Jasmine could use her profound energy for a short period of time… And with the mighty strength Jasmine possessed, she could kill an Emperor Profound Dragon in an instant, let alone someone whose strength was only at the Earth Profound Realm. Although the poison in her body would act up to a certain extent every time she took action,, he had no choice but to rely on Jasmine’s strength in this situation.

“There’s no need for me to act!” Jasmine actually rejected his request: “Someone else will naturally save you.”

“Un?” Yun Che was startled. At this time, the old man surnamed Fang was not even three meters away from him, and it would only take a second for him to crush Yun Che’s neck.

And right at this moment, the old man surnamed Fang’s eyes, which were filled with killing intent, suddenly widened, and abruptly forced himself to stop his frontal charge. Within his line of vision, a hint of blue light appeared from the sky above, flew across him, and stabbed into the soft patch of grass between him and Yun Che.

This was a thin and short dagger, yet it released a fantastical icy-blue color. And this hint of blue seemed to suppress all the other colors between heaven and earth for an instant, making it seem incomparably fantastical and dazzling.

And if one were to take a careful look at it, one would realize it was not actually a short dagger, but a piece of an… Icicle, shaped as a dagger. But after landing on the ground, the icicle did not have any sign of melting; rather, it stayed stabbed diagonally into the ground as it released an ice-cold blue glow.

The old man surnamed Fang who possessed profound strength at the Earth Profound Realm looked at the blue glow, and his eyes unexpectedly revealed a hint of horror; he even subconsciously took a step back. The blue glow in front of him was incomparably beautiful, yet, a deep feeling of fright had welled up in his heart. And that moment the blue light had descended, he felt a soul-piercing chill penetrate through his entire body. And it was this soul-piercing chill, that had caused him to stay rooted in place, and he no longer dared to take another step forward.

Yun Che also clearly felt the frightening pressure emitted by the cold light in front of him. His heart, which had just calmed down, started to throb with excitement… Could it… Could it be…?

"This one wonders which senior is present, may you reveal yourself?" The old man surnamed Fang took a deep breath, and saluted to his surroundings; his tone carried a hint of respect. At the same time, he no longer dared to act against Yun Che… He suspected that this person in the shadows, was most possibly the guardian of the youth in front of him. Also, that person’s profound strength was stronger than his own, surpassed him by at least a great realm. And, to have a guardian of such strength, the identity of this youngster was definitely not ordinary. His background might even surpass that of his household’s young master, Feng Baiyi.

The night sky was tranquil, and even a long time after he had shouted, there was not even a single reply.

“Uncle Fang.” Feng Baiyi shouted from behind him, “I have already investigated this Yun Che’s background. He simply comes from a small city called New Moon City; he doesn’t even have a single parent, let alone a family. It’s basically impossible for him to have a guardian of any sort! But this person is very tricky and sly, that blue thing must be a sort of trick of his! Uncle Fang, don’t let him intimidate you, kill him immediately! If you don’t kill him now, there will be a day when I will die by his hands!”

The old man surnamed Fang hesitated when hearing Feng Baiyi’s words. He looked at Yun Che’s expression, and realized that after Feng Baiyi had said those words, Yun Che evidently revealed a hint of panic on his face… Although he covered it up really well, it was still seen clearly with his old, keen eyes.

Although the blue glow on the ground was still releasing an intimidating chill, the old man surnamed Fang, who had ‘figured everything out’ was not the least bit afraid. His expression also immediately darkened. “Junior, you actually dared to make a fool of this old man! Die!”

After saying that, he stretched his arm out, instantly crossed over the icy blue glow on the ground, and grabbed at Yun Che once more...


An extremely light sound faintly rang, as if a thin metal needle had dropped onto the floor. And the moment that faint sound rang, the old man surnamed Fang’s body strangely stopped on the spot. His right stretched-out hand was less than a foot away from Yun Che’s neck, yet, as if they were separated by a chasm, he was unable to take even half a step forward.

The old man surnamed Fang’s pair of eyes were extremely wide as his pupils seemingly shrank to a size of a needle. He opened his mouth, but was unable to make a single sound. A small icy blue glow slowly spread from the center of his body, quickly enveloping his body from his four limbs, head, hair, then to his clothes…

In only a span of two breaths’ time, his entire body had been enveloped by an icy blue glow, and transformed into an unmovable ice sculpture.


A gentle night breeze blew over, passing Yun Che’s ear, and lightly caressed the body of the old man surnamed Fang, who had already turned into an ice sculpture. The old man surnamed Fang’s body suddenly disintegrated into icy blue dust and dispersed into the faraway sky. From head to toe, in the blink of an eye, he completely disappeared from where he had stood, while the night sky became adorned with thinning icy blue glitters of light.

Yun Che was dumbfounded, and his throat made a difficult “gulp” sound. In his entire life, this was the first time he had seen a killing method of such elegance; it was so beautiful it could cause someone to hold their breath, yet at the same time, it was cruel to the extreme. After the old man’s death, don’t mention a corpse, not even a trace of him remained.

Feng Baiyi, who was right in front of him, slowly fell onto the ground. His entire body was trembling furiously, and his entire face paled from the intense horror. Suddenly, he began to scream. Mustering the last bit of strength from who knows where, he forcefully crawled up from the ground. While screaming in horror, he fled for his life, as if he was a crazed dog whose courage had been broken from fear.

“Trying to flee?”

Obviously, Yun Che would not let him flee right in front of his eyes. Without moving a single step, he swung his hands wildly. Carrying the heavy howling of the wind, his Overlord’s Colossal Sword shot towards Feng Baiyi; its thick blunt tip easily broke through his body, and ruthlessly pinned the fleeing Feng Baiyi to the ground.

Yun Che did not retrieve his heavy sword immediately; rather, he looked around his surroundings, and shouted agitatedly, “Little Fairy! Little Fairy, where are you? I know it’s you! Hurry and show yourself!! Little Fairy!”

However, his shouts were answered by no one.

Back then, Little Fairy promised him that two months after the agreement, she would protect him for three months. Right now, it had been exactly two months since she left, thus, she came back due to the promise she made, and had saved him from the life-threatening situation just then.

“Little Fairy! Hurry up~ And~ Show~ Yourself~! You’ve finally returned, yet you’re playing hide-and-seek… I already know it’s you, so hurry and come out! At least let me give you a proper thank you…”

“Hey! Little Fairy!”


After Yun Che shouted continuously for a long time, Little Fairy’s soft yet bone-piercing chilling voice finally came from within the night sky, “I only promised to protect you for three months; I did not promise to meet you, nor follow your orders. You do not need to waste any more of your effort.”

After that, no matter how Yun Che shouted, there was no other reply.

“Phew… this Little Fairy sure is prideful. She finally returned, yet she isn’t willing to show herself.” Yun Che sighed, and then muttered to himself. “Since you’re not coming out no matter how I call you out, then, hehe… I will wait for you to take the initiative to appear.”

With this thought in mind, Yun Che smiled. No longer calling Little Fairy out, he started walking towards to the side of Feng Baiyi’s corpse. He pulled out the Overlord’s Colossal Sword from his body and then used his profound energy to clean off the bloodstains on the sword.

“You could have simply enjoyed your unfettered life as a young master, but you just had to court your own death.” Yun Che laughed coldly with a hint of disdain in his tone. He then retrieved Feng Baiyi’s spatial ring.

There were many and various things within Feng Baiyi’s ring - a Purple Gold Card with eight hundred Purple Profound Coins stored inside, a copy of the Blue Dragon Spear Art, a copy of his household’s hereditary Profound Collapsing Dragon Art, a bunch of jewels and pellets, and a few sets of his clothes, etc.

While searching through Feng Baiyi’s belongings, Yun Che came to understand his identity… The son of the Western Plains Great General.

His father governed the Western Plains, while Murong Yi’s father governed the city north. They were practically next to each other, and both of them held military might; it was no wonder they were old family friends.

Yun Che released his phoenix flames, burning Feng Baiyi’s and Xuelang’s corpses along with the surrounding traces. Within the flames, Yun Che stored his heavy sword, and slowly left. However, he did not leave in the direction of the Blue Wind Profound Palace; rather, he headed towards the north of the city.

Feng Baiyi bringing Xuelang along to kill him, was definitely related to Murong Yi.

“Since you acted against me, I will answer in kind… I have never permitted those who wish to take my life to continue living in this world!”

Yun Che muttered softly to himself. His internal injury had yet to heal, so he had not planned to act today. However, since he had just killed Feng Baiyi, Feng Baiyi’s “disappearance” would definitely be found out by tomorrow, and he was not able to predict how the situation would progress after that. In a long night with many people asleep, it would be best for people who should die, to die as soon as possible… This was one of Yun Che’s beliefs in life!

Yun Che asked a random person for the whereabouts of the Northern Field General’s residence, and his figure crossed through the heavy night. When he arrived at the large entrance to the Northern Field General’s residence, he had already changed into the set of clothes Feng Baiyi had stored in his ring. He’d even changed his face to look exactly like Feng Baiyi’s.

The arrogant expression and demeanor, as well as his loose parts, were no different from the actual Feng Baiyi.

When the guard at the entrance saw “Feng Baiyi”, he hurriedly took the initiative to welcome him and respectfully greeted him, “Young Master Feng, you’re arrived. Are you here to see our Young Master?”

“Mn!” Yun Che replied with his nose in the air. Then, he extended his arm and pointed at him, “Since I’m here this late in the night, naturally, I have important things to discuss. You, follow me inside. Don’t ask any questions, and lead me to his room.”

Even if he were to enter the Northern Field General’s manor, he would not know which room was Murong Yi’s bedroom. Hence, the only option he had was to have a guard take him there.

“Yes, yes!” The guard did not dare to disagree. “Young Master Feng, please follow me.”

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