Chapter 1680 - Ruler of Darkness

Against the Gods

“What is… wrong with that brat?” Yan Wangui asked, puzzled.

Dark profound light swayed chaotically above Yan Wanhun’s fingers as he floated in midair. Suddenly, he noticed something and replied, “This brat can absorb the yin energy of this place just like us!”

“Absorb?” Yun Che’s expression was full of disdain. “The three of you are just decrepit ghosts. You think you are worthy of being compared to me?”

“It is true that the darkness of this place kept you alive longer than should be, but at the same time you can never leave this lightless place.”

“But I am its ruler. Do you understand yet!?”

This time, the Three Yama Ancestors didn’t laugh at Yun Che’s delirious claims.

Here in the Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness, they were immortal unless someone found a way to remove all the yin energy of this place entirely. Any power they used was replenished in no time, and any injury they suffered would heal at an accelerated pace.

However, when Yan Wanhun dealt a serious blow to Yun Che and damaged his aura, the boy… had returned to full health in just three breaths’ time!

They had been stuck here for who knew how many years, so logically speaking no one should regenerate faster than they did. However, the fact was Yun Che was miles ahead of them in this regard!

There were also other oddities. For example, his power was comparable to that of a late stage Divine Master even though his profound energy clearly belonged to that of a level eight Divine Sovereign.

Yan Wanhun also failed to tear Yun Che to shreds even though he had struck a direct blow to the body!

The Three Yama Ancestors’ souls were twisted for sure, but not even they could fail to realize that the “brat” before them was a monster that exceeded everything they had ever seen or heard of!

“Ruler? Hehehe… I’ve never seen such an arrogant brat in my life.”

“Arrogant and strange.” Yan Wanchi’s eyes flashed repeatedly. “Were the kids telling the truth after all? Could he really have inherited the power of the Devil Emperor?”

“That would be even better, wouldn’t it?”

The black light in their eyes suddenly turned a lot brighter when they had gotten over their initial shock. Even their anger was fully suppressed by the burning flames that were their greed and excitement.

All three of them were possessed by a sudden thought...

If Yun Che truly has the inheritance of the Devil Emperor… if they could find a way to strip it from him… they might just be able to leave this purgatory of darkness!

“Heehee… hahahahaha…”

The Three Yama Ancestors probably had no idea how ugly their laughter sounded, or they were simply past the point of caring. Suddenly, Yan Wangui waved his hands and summoned seven different dark profound formations into existence. Then, he launched them toward Yun Che from multiple directions.

All seven profound formations were either suppression formations or sealing formations. Yun Che had proven himself to be way too valuable to kill during the short time he was here.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to claim that the profound formations forged by the Yama Ancestors were the strongest darkness profound formations in the world. Not even a god emperor would be able to break out of the septuple confinement without considerable effort.

But Yun Che didn’t move a muscle… in the three Yama Ancestors’ opinion, it was because he was completely immobilized by their power.

When the first dark profound formation was about to touch Yun Che… Yan Wangui’s hands suddenly shook violently.


All seven profound formations exploded like  balloons the second they struck Yun Che.

Every time a profound formation collapsed, it resulted in a terrible storm of darkness. Seven of them combined could wipe out a small star realm like it was nothing.

But Yun Che was half-grinning and untouched despite being at the center of the storm. The black energy had failed to ruffle his clothes or even his hair, much less injure him.

“...!?” Shock spread across the Three Yama Ancestors’ faces again.

He’s… not afraid of darkness?

The trio was boiling with excitement when the shock had passed again.

Yan Wangui curled his fingers, let out a weird cry and pounced toward Yun Che like a mad dog. His grayish white fingers were sparkling with black energy as he made a grab for Yun Che’s throat.

If this was anywhere else, Yun Che would be feeling an incredible amount of pressure even before the energy got close to him.

But here in the Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness, Yun Che simply couldn’t sense any threat to his life at all.

Yun Che waved his arm like a sword and launched a Fallen Heavenly Wolf, the combination attack of Fallen Moon Sinking Star and Heavenly Wolf Slash, to the front.

Yan Wangui was unnaturally quick, and it took him only an instant to get close to Yun Che. Suddenly, he noticed that the power he had gathered at the center of his palm was decreasing rapidly as if a void was devouring it from nowhere.


Both energies clashed against one another and caused an explosion that seemed to shake the entire Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness.

Yun Che was knocked back around thirty meters by the impact, and his face had turned white for a moment. However, he quickly stopped himself and wiped away the tiny trail of blood dripping down from the corner of his lips, chuckling.

Yan Wangui didn’t continue his attack immediately for two reasons. One, he couldn’t understand why his power had suddenly grown weaker. Two, he couldn’t believe that his power only knocked back a level eight Divine Sovereign, not to mention that his fingers were screaming in pain and turning numb in some places.

“This brat is seriously strange!” Yan Wangui muttered. “Let’s capture him and carve him open little by little. I really want to know what he’s hiding inside his body!”

Yan Wangui pounced toward Yun Che again and turned his withered hand into a three-hundred meter wide ghost claw. When the ghost claw fell toward Yun Che, the latter charged Yan Wangui and launched a Destroying Sky Decimating Earth with both hands.

There was a loud bang along with a great shattering of bones. This time, Yan Wangui froze in mid-air and entered a stalemate with Yun Che for a short time.

It was the same as before. His profound energy was weakening constantly as if something was devouring his power.

The stalemate only lasted for an instant. Yan Wanhun showed up from the side, tore apart Yun Che’s power and hit him heavily in the chest.

Five bloody, finger-sized holes appeared on Yun Che’s chest immediately as he flew backward. But before his feet could find solid ground, Yan Wanchi appeared next and locked his ghastly claws around Yun Che’s throat.


Yun Che felt a terrible impact behind his back. Yan Wanchi had nailed him to the skeleton of a gigantic devil. At the same time, Yan Wanhun and Yan Wangui appeared like ghosts to grab his right shoulder and his solar plexus respectively.

Yun Che might be the bearer of the Eternal Calamity of Darkness, but his opponents were on the level of god emperors. Any one of them would’ve been too much for Yun Che to fight against, much less all of them at once.


The Yama Ancestors’ ugly laughter felt like sandpaper rubbing against one’s heart. Yan Wanchi’s old eyes were shining with black excitement and cruelty as his wretched face moved closer and closer to Yun Che. “Now then. Should we skin you alive or rip out your profound veins first… oh? You’re smiling in this situation? Heeehahahaha.”

Yun Che was smiling. Two balls of fiery, golden light suddenly lit up around his pupils.

It was true that the Three Yama Ancestors had completely suppressed his movement and power.

But they were in the Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness!

The dark powers here had no master, and he could manipulate all of them however he wanted!

Yan Wanchi frowned when he saw the ring of golden flames around Yun Che’s eyes. The next second, golden light filled his vision.


Fire and gold illuminated the pocket world.

For the first time ever, the Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness was covered in a sea of fire and light. The light was so bright that it spread as far as hundreds of kilometers away from its source.


All three Yama Ancestors screamed in pain as they were thrown back by the explosion. The world around them was still burning even after their feet found solid ground once more.

It had taken Yun Che only an instant to activate Yellow Spring Ashes!

Not only that, Yellow Spring Ashes normally left the profound practitioner exhausted and low on profound energy after release. But here in the Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness, his profound energy was fully restored the instant he unleashed the sea of flames. He never felt like he was spent in the slightest.

Yun Che stepped toward the Three Yama Ancestors and summoned the phoenix flames this time, dying the golden sea of flames red with Red Purgatory Lotus.

Darkness feared light first, and fire a close second.

Although the phoenix flames and the golden crow flames weren’t as effective against darkness as the vermillion flames, they were more than enough to make life a living hell for the Three Yama Ancestors.

Still screaming in pain, the trio unleashed their power at random and successfully extinguished both seas of flames in just two breaths. However, those two breaths they spent in those flames gave them more pain than they had ever experienced in their whole lives.

When they stumbled around and faced Yun Che again, they saw that the young man was standing at the same spot and smiling the same sneer just like before… this time though, their emotions were completely overridden by unbridled anger and the desperate need to tear Yun Che into a million pieces.

Yun Che didn’t care that he had angered the Yama Ancestors in the slightest. He even praised them for their performance thus far. “Good. Very good. I am glad that I haven’t come all the way here for nothing.”

Naturally, Yun Che’s “praise” angered and humiliated the Yama Ancestors even more. Hands shaking and teeth chattering, Yan Wanchi let out a laugh that sounded like a breeze from hell. “He… heehehehe… you damnable brat! You will learn the most painful way to die immediately!”

In response, Yun Che narrowed his eyes and said quietly, “Oh no, it is you who will soon learn the consequences of disrespecting your master!”


Yan Wanchi’s fury and killing intent were almost physical when he shouted and pounced toward Yun Che. This time, he was a skeletal, devilish shadow that looked solid enough to be real.

Yan Wanhun and Yan Wangui also acted at the same time. They all wanted to tear Yun Che into black dust and kill him in the most painful way imaginable.

Yun Che raised his head and stared at the furious Yama Ancestors in the air.

This time... his pupils shone with a white light that looked like it could devour all the darkness in the world.

He extended his hand and summoned the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword. Then, he swung it gently at the direction of his enemies.


There was a rumble that sounded like the entire Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness itself—millions of kilometers wide—was crumbling, and several world annihilating hurricanes made from an infinite sea of darkness swept toward the Three Yama Ancestors.

The black hurricanes were so huge and terrible that all Three Yama Ancestors turned as pale as paper.

Their so-called unparalleled power was quickly overwhelmed by the black hurricane. Once they ran out of energy, they were thrown far away like they were nothing but bundles of rice straws.

When the Three Yama Ancestors slowly rose to their feet again, they were staring at Yun Che in fear and disbelief.

Somehow… Yun Che had manipulated fifty kilometers of yin energy with just that one gesture!

“What… what’s going on? What did he do!?” Yan Wangui shouted hoarsely.

“It can’t be… it can’t really be…”

“The ultimate devil art of legends… the Eternal Calamity of Darkness!” Yan Wanchi shouted the name that shouldn’t exist in a trembling voice.

Dragging the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword across the floor menacingly, Yun Che slowly walked toward the Three Yama Ancestors and said, “The three of you are just slaves of darkness, but I am the one and only ruler of darkness. Do you understand yet!?”

“Now, I’m going to give you one chance to get on your knees and submit to me. If you do it, I’ll kindly overlook the fact that you’ve overstepped your boundaries.”

Yun Che’s ridiculing smile slowly turned into a cruel sneer. “Remember, this is your only chance. I promise you that you will feel a world of pain if you miss it.”

“Heh… heehehehe!” All Three Yama Ancestors only had laughter to offer Yun Che. It was impossible to tell if it was out of fury or fear.

One thing was certain: they, the founders of the Yama Realm and the highest existences in the history of the Northern Divine Region, weren’t going to get on their knees for anyone, much less submit to a god damn brat.

“Brat…” Yan Wanchi whispered, “There is no one in the world who deserves our knees. You will see for yourself very soon… the consequence of looking down of us.”

He suddenly vanished and appeared like a ghost behind Yun Che.

It wasn’t even a matter of “speed” at this point. It was teleportation using his Yama Devil Art and his connection to the Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness… a terrifying teleportation ability with little to no prior warning at all.

The moment Yan Wanchi teleported behind Yun Che, the shadow of a skeleton appeared behind his back. Gathering his maximum power into his claw-like fingers, he launched his arm straight toward the back of Yun Che’s heart.

But before his fingers could reach Yun Che, Yan Wanchi suddenly let out a painful scream… it was countless times worse than the scream he made when he was burned by the overlapping sea of flames earlier.

It was because a pure white light was glowing from Yun Che.

The white light of light profound energy.

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