Chapter 1681 - A Brutal Tragedy

Against the Gods

Yan Wanchi lost his balance when the light profound energy started shining in the air. The profound energy he was releasing from his body completely dissipated and his body collapsed to the ground in a heap. His limbs were spastically convulsing and hoarse wails of pain ripped from his throat.

Yan Wanhun and Yan Wangui also fell to the ground. They writhed on the ground in pain as their wails filled the air. It was as if they were wild dogs that had been thrown into a pot of boiling oil and were frantically trying to escape.

Yan Wanchi was only an instant away from unleashing his full might when he felt his strength drain away. This caused him to experience an incredible energy backlash and as his own chaotic energy and sacred light wracked his body, he howled like a despairing wild beast that had lost all of its limbs. He writhed on the ground in incredible despair and frenzied agony.

If the area were illuminated, any spectator would be able to see that the bodies of the Three Yama Ancestors were swiftly rotting away and disappearing into the air itself. Their skin looked like layers of scorched leather which was peeling back and their stark white bones were soon revealed… Their exposed skulls even started smoking after that, as white tendrils began to float into the air.

“Just as expected.”

Yun Che ignored Yan Wanhun and Yan Wangui, who were both wildly fleeing in panic. Instead, light profound energy continued to radiate from his body as he unhurriedly walked toward Yan Wanchi. “Your lives and souls rely on the darkness profound energy in this place to keep existing so the very moment they came into contact with light profound energy, both of them instantly started burning up like a lit candle. It must be very painful, huh.”

Light profound energy and darkness profound energy were in direct opposition to each other, but a normal person who possessed darkness profound energy would not be pushed to this extent by pure light profound energy.

However, the Three Yama Ancestors were different.

This was because their vitality and soul force had become connected to the dark yin energy in this place over the last eight hundred thousand odd years. They were now completely reliant on the dark yin energy for their continued existence; their bones, flesh, and blood had assimilated with it. They had completely and utterly become beings of darkness.

The moment they transformed into pure creatures of darkness, light then became the most frightening existence to them, something they could not come into contact with at any cost.

Normally, it was not completely impossible for the Three Yama Ancestors to leave the Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness. Chi Wuyao had also said that they could leave this place for about an hour.

However, they never seemed to step outside. Because even the natural light outside of their “tomb”, which was already incredibly dim, would cause them to feel pain and discomfort.

Meanwhile, the light shining from Yun Che’s body was the sacred profound light that could only be released by light profound energy! When it fell on the bodies of the Three Yama Ancestors, they felt as if thousands of blades were piercing their bodies, as if thousands of needles were stabbing into their souls...

No, having one’s life force and soul devoured was an entirely different concept from having one’s body destroyed. The pain of such devouring could not be described, and it could not be overcome simply by willpower.

You’er fell into a deep slumber as Hong’er woke up and the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword in Yun Che’s hand was transformed into the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword. The sacred profound light spread from Yun Che’s body to the body of the sword as it pierced toward Yan Wanchi.


Yan Wanchi’s body was far too strong so Yun Che’s casual thrust naturally could not run him through and only the tip of the sword pierced his flesh. However, the Heaven Smiting power of the sword had merged with the light profound energy coming from Yun Che’s body, so this tiny wound elicited a wail of misery from Yan Wanchi that was far more shrill than the wailing of ten thousand ghosts.

This extreme pain provoked a furious response from Yan Wanchi, a reaction borne out of pure despair. He flipped backwards through the air before ruthlessly thrusting a clawed hand at Yun Che’s chest.

At this time, Yan Wanchi felt as if his body and soul had been bathed in lava that came from the depths of purgatory. Under the suppression of that holy light and the pain which transcended the realm of willpower, his spasming arm could not even produce one-tenth of his normal power. However, it still blasted Yun Che far away.

Yun Che’s body flew explosively through the air. But the moment he regained his balance, he shot back toward Yan Wanchi like a bolt of lightning. He used his light profound energy to perform the Heavenly Wolf’s fourth sword form, “Instantaneous Hell Calamity”, and his sword swiftly shot toward Yan Wanchi, who had sunk to the ground limply.


His streaking sword shattered the space around it as it drove through Yan Wanchi’s body like it was a plank of rotten wood. It pierced through his right breast and exited the left side of his back, completely transfixing the body of this Yama Ancestor.

“Sssss… Arghhhhh… Uwaaaaahhhh!!”

Light profound energy exploded from within his body and it was undoubtedly equivalent to creating a hell right inside of him. Yan Wanchi’s hoarse scream ripped his throat apart as his profound energy wildly erupted.


A miserable scream echoed amid the thunderous explosion. Yun Che’s body was blasted hundreds of meters away but the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword remained firmly lodged in Yan Wanchi’s body. The flesh and bone surrounding the sword was swiftly being destroyed, causing an expanding hole to appear in his chest.

As he wailed desperately, Yan Wanchi smashed a palm against his chest, violently dislodging the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword that was stuck in his body. However, Yun Che’s figure suddenly appeared in front of him. The Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword was sucked into his hands as he unleashed another brutal “Instantaneous Hell Calamity” against Yan Wanchi.

This time, his sword thrust into Yan Wanchi’s left breast and exited from his right shoulder blade. Another gaping hole created by the destructive power of light appeared in Yan Wanchi’s body.


Yan Wanchi’s screams were so shrill that even the cruelest person in the world would find them hard to listen to. He had lived for more than eight hundred thousand years but the accumulated pain he had experienced over his entire lifetime couldn’t compare to the pain he was experiencing in this moment.

His profound energy did not obstruct any of Yun Che’s attacks. It was released in an incredibly haphazard manner and it could not suppress the light or blast Yun Che away. Finally...


His knees heavily fell to the ground and blood sprayed from his mouth as he screamed with the last bits of his consciousness, “Old ghosts… save… me… Save me… Arghhhhhh!”

His despairing roar elicited an immediate response. Yan Wanhun and Yan Wangui, who had both fled into the distance, suddenly turned around and unleashed Yama Ghost Hands toward Yun Che. These Yama Ghost Hands streaked through the air as they tried to grab Yun Che’s head.

A cruel smile ghosted across Yun Che’s face as he abruptly yanked the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer Sword from Yan Wanchi’s body. He suddenly swiveled around and he swept his sword through the air, a gigantic sword formation swiftly forming around him.

The Heavenly Wolf’s Sixth Sword Style—Bloodmoon Immortal Slaying Sword!

This was the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation. An attack which he would normally need to expend an extremely large amount of profound energy to perform. In this world of darkness, however, it had materialized in a few seconds, a speed that even Caizhi could not match.

The sword formation erupted and countless shining energy swords appeared in this dark world. There were enough of them to form the image of a bright full moon and the sacred profound light radiating from these energy swords were thousands of times stronger than the light that had been radiating from Yun Che’s body.

This had undoubtedly plunged the Three Yama Ancestors into a purgatory that was a million times more excruciating than the last.


It was as if countless clusters of flames had ignited on the Three Yama Ancestor’s bodies. Their flesh swiftly shriveled up and disappeared, even their bones started turning to ash. However, their true trial of purgatory had only just begun...

As Yun Che’s sword fell, the energy swords filling the air slashed down like furious rain.

Even though the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation was powerful, it was nowhere near enough to suppress the Three Yama Ancestors. They could resist it with brute strength or dodge the rain of swords that were whistling toward them.

However, this was an entirely different story when their bodies and souls were being mercilessly consumed by the light.

When a person experienced a pain so extreme that it even swallowed up their willpower, there was no way they could completely control their bodies or powers. As a result, once this rain of radiant sword beams fell upon them, their bodies were being mercilessly sliced and pierced by them. Each sword even left behind a scar of light which continued to gnaw at their souls and vitality.

The Three Yama Ancestors wanted to resist these attacks or flee, but they were like blinded bugs whose legs had been cut off. Their bodies rolled and twisted on the ground and their shrill screams grew more hopeless as time went by.

They had toyed with countless opponents and prey throughout their long lives but even the most pitiful of those was not as miserable or pathetic as they were at this moment… Perhaps they had not even experienced a fraction of the Three Yama Ancestors’ current misery.

As the light consumed him, Yan Wanchi’s arms and legs had already started to disappear. His thigh bones stuck out of the stumps of his legs and even they were slowly beginning to turn to ash under the radiant light.

Yan Wanhun and Yan Wangui were not much better off. Their fingers were swiftly melting away under the light and seventy percent of their flesh had been burned away already. Their heads were practically skulls at this point.

Despite their horrible state, their miserable wails still reverberated throughout the entire Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness.

One could well imagine the hellish pain they were experiencing right now.

Yun Che’s face was cold and impassive as he stood in the center of the sword formation. His lips curled up in a smile… that was utterly incompatible with the brutal tragedy that was occuring in front of him, the heart-wrenching screams that echoed through the air.

The Immortal Slaying Sword Formation would last for as long as he wished. If he so desired, it would continue forever.

The dark yin energy of the Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness continued to surge into his body. His profound veins were transforming it into light profound energy, something that was its polar opposite.

He was taking in the darkness while releasing light. Even the ancient Creation Gods and Devil Emperors would be utterly flabbergasted if they witnessed this scene.

As he watched the bodies of the Three Yama Ancestors slowly vanish under his radiant sword energy, Yun Che suddenly withdrew his sword.

Instantly, the energy swords which could span the blue dome of heaven disappeared along with his light profound energy, plunging the world around them into darkness once more.

If it had continued, the Three Yama Ancestors would have dissolved under the light.

But how could he bear to let them die just like that!?

The light dissipated and the tortured wails of the Three Yama Ancestors finally stilled. Their destroyed bodies lay limp on the ground and some of their parts still continued to furiously twitch.

The distinguished founding ancestors of the Yama Realm, these individuals that even the strongest god emperor of the Northern Divine Region had to behave deferentially toward, currently looked as if countless wild beasts had taken a swipe at their bodies. They shuddered and twitched on the ground like a bunch of dying bugs. The entire scene was unspeakably desolate and bleak.

The darkness gathered around them once more. It started to undo the devastation that the light profound energy had wreaked on their bodies, life force and souls. Their flesh and bones were regenerating at an astonishing pace and Yun Che could even see their limbs growing back right in front of him. Even though their recovery speed was not as freakish as Yun Che’s, it was still shocking enough to astound the entire universe.

Once around eighty percent of their bodies and minds had been restored, Yan Wanchi was the first to get to his feet. But his body and soul still continued to shudder in an incredibly violent fashion. The hell of light that he had just experienced was enough to haunt his dreams for the rest of his life.

“You… you… just who are…” He pointed at Yun Che as he stumbled backwards involuntarily. His ancient eyes were filled with fear and fear alone.

On the other side, Yan Wanhun and Yan Wangui had stood up as well. However, they no longer looked at Yun Che as if he was merely a “little brat” anymore. Instead, it was as if they were looking at a vicious and cruel demon who had climbed out of hell.

“It looks like you’ve more or less recovered,” Yun Che said with a quiet laugh. Light profound energy began to shine from his body once more.

To the Three Yama Ancestors, the reappearance of this sacred light was no different from being plunged into the hell they had just escaped from a moment ago. Completely hoarse and warped cries of pain rang out in the air as the light began to gnaw away at their vitality and souls once more.

This time, they no longer cared about anything else. They desperately circulated all of the energy they could muster as they crazily sped off in three different directions.

Trying to run?

Yun Che thought as he sneered at them mockingly. He did not even bother to glance in the direction of any of the Yama Ancestors. 

A black light flickered in his eyes.

Instantly, the dark yin energy surrounding him started to swiftly circulate in the air. Before any of the Three Yama Ancestors could escape the area enshrouded in light, they had already been smashed backwards by huge tides of darkness. The impact had been so great that they had been pushed all the way back to where Yun Che was standing… which also happened to be the center of all of this light.

Their wails instantly grew several times more miserable. Even though they were right next to Yun Che’s feet, their wills had collapsed so completely that they could not even muster the slightest willpower to resist. They still tried their best to flee the area. They would do anything to escape this purgatory of light, a purgatory that was far too cruel for them to endure.

However, every time they tried to escape, they would be forcefully pushed back by a storm of darkness that they had no way of resisting. They had tried multiple times, but they never managed to escape from this hellish light for even a single instant. Most of their flesh had already been consumed by this light and their arms and legs had started disappearing again.

The pain of having their soul destroyed bit by bit was like being plunged into a hell within a hell!

They had finally started to beg. They used the very last shred of consciousness and will to beg Yun Che for their lives desperately.

Perhaps they had never once imagined in their lives, which spanned nearly a million years, that there would actually come a day where they would be reduced to this lowly and pathetic state.

“Oh?” Yun Che languidly turned in their direction as he chuckled dryly. However, the sacred profound light that radiated from his body did not weaken one bit. “Does this mean that you finally know who your master is?”

“We are willing… Arghhhhh… are willing to accept you as our master… Uwaaaah… Spare me… Spare me… Arghhhhh…”

He would rather die than be forced to endure this pain.

However, in the Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness, even suicide was nothing more than an extravagant wish for him right now.

“We are willing… to recognize you as our master!” the other two Yama Ancestors yelled desperately.

“Very good.” Yun Che withdrew his arm and the light vanished.

Their miserable wails stilled once more and the Three Yama Ancestors slumped to the floor. They gasped violently for breath and every drop of blood, every strand of hair on their bodies, continued to shudder and spasm uncontrollably. Murky liquid had also soaked the front of their pants and formed a large puddle beneath them.

Yun Che’s gaze swept across them before settling on the leader of the Three Yama Ancestors, Yan Wanchi. He walked toward Yan Wanchi and stopped right in front of him. As he stared at Yan Wanchi’s miserable and sorry figure, he slowly extended a hand towards the top of his head. 

“Wha… What are you going to do?” Yan Wanchi asked in a feeble voice.

“I am going to bestow a slave imprint on all of you of course,” Yun Che said with slanted eyes. “Do you three old ghosts think that I will believe your words? Heh… Could it be that you still want to resist?”

The two words “slave imprint” caused the bodies of the Three Yama Ancestors to go stiff and rigid.

They, the Three Yama Ancestors… were going to be marked with slave imprints!?

What a humiliation that would be! What a huge joke that would be!

How could they accept it!?

A shudder ran through Yan Wanchi’s body before he launched his body toward Yun Che like a raging bull. He hoped that he could tear Yun Che apart with his devil claws and his partially-recovered strength.

But what welcomed him was another flash of light profound energy.


It was as if an invisible hand had swatted Yan Wanchi to the ground like a fly. He writhed on the ground in pain and the death screams of the Three Yama Ancestors melted together into a grim funeral dirge which reverberated in this boundless darkness.

Yun Che stood up straight as he grinned and said, “Very good, it is time for you Yama Ancestors to prove your honor. If you absolutely have to struggle a little longer, I have something to tell you. I’ve got all the time in the world.”

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