Chapter 1734 - Moon’s Demise (4)

Against the Gods

The Moon God Realm was one of the four king realms of the Eastern Divine Region. Its strength and status were incomparable to that of any normal planet or star realm, so destroying a king realm in the matter of a few breaths was, to everyone’s knowledge, something that was impossible to do.

Even the reemergent Evil Infant, who possessed powers that went beyond the limit of this current era, only destroyed the Star God Realm after a long and vicious battle with several god emperors… and even then, the destruction had not been as complete as this.

As moon dust floated in the air, the cacophonous explosions and sounds of space collapsing continued unabated. As this was happening, spatial storms started to sweep over vast star regions and countless innocent planets and it was a long time before they died down.

A king realm was being destroyed!

The Moon God Realm had been reduced from a fairyland glittering with mesmerizing moonlight to a bunch of scattered moon dust before finally crumbling to ash which drifted away on solar winds...


As the spatial storm engulfed them, it caused the clothes and hair of all three of them to dance wildly in the wind. In the distance, a vast number of stars had deviated from their usual orbits and a few frail planets had simply crumbled into flying dust, just like the Moon God Realm had.

The Moon God Emperor knew better than anyone else in this world just how much power was needed to destroy the Moon God Realm… However, there was absolutely no one who believed that such a power existed.

If the Moon God Realm was struck by a force great enough to destroy it, then all of its inhabitants… besides the Moon Gods themselves, had practically no chance of surviving.

If anyone was located in the epicenter of that blast, they would have been reduced to ash. Even the Moon Gods were no exception.

“Is… it… beautiful?”

Yun Che’s deep voice rang in her ears.

When she had been wreathed in the dying glow of the Blue Pole Star, she had whispered those same three words to Yun Che.

Today, he had woven a tapestry of destruction that was much more tragic and beautiful than the one she had wrought that day. He had even said the exact same words back to her… However, he had said them in a voice that was as dark and sinister as an evil spirit’s wail. Even as he ground his teeth together, his voice had practically throbbed with a dark delight.

Xia Qingyue gently closed her eyes as her face went ghastly pale. This deathly pallor started to spread from her face to her snowy neck and the jade fingers which gripped the Purple Pylon Divine Sword started to tremble lightly. A whisper as soft and faint as a dream escaped her lips. “Is fate… really that… inexorable…”

“Fate? Hahahaha…” Though Xia Qingyue had whispered those words to herself very quietly, Yun Che had still heard it loud and clear. He gave a cold mocking laugh, “Oh no, this is retribution! You personally destroyed everything that was important to me… So how could I… not return your gift in kind!”

As he saw Xia Qingyue try her best to keep the pain she was feeling from appearing on her face, Yun Che’s face contorted in delight. He had dreamed of this moment every night over the last few years.

This day had finally come and he was also finally able to vent the extreme hatred he felt toward Xia Qingyue, a hatred which had embedded itself in the depths of his soul.

“Do you know how much of my blood, sweat, and tears went into preparing this grand gift for you?”

Yun Che’s lips crooked up in a sinister grin. “These are devil crystals which were formed from the concentrated corpse energy of primordial True Devils. They are rare treasures that will never appear in this world again! Yet I’ve gifted all of these valuable treasures to your Moon God Realm… Heh heh heh heh, when you reach the nine hells, don’t forget to express your gratitude to me!”

Yun Che’s body and eyes flashed with black light simultaneously as the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword appeared in his hands. As the Devil Master of the Northern Region opened up the “Hell Monarch” gate, his relentless killing intent locked onto Xia Qingyue’s body.

Qianye Ying’er’s golden eyes shifted toward Xia Qingyue as a golden light flashed out from around her waist. As she flung out Divine Oracle, the darkness energy radiating from her body soundlessly merged with Yun Che’s frenzied darkness profound energy, causing a heavy and oppressive dark might to descend upon Xia Qingyue.

The things which had destroyed the Moon God Realm were precisely these Devil Crystals of Eternal Darkness which had come from the Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness.

The Devil Crystals of Eternal Darkness were formed from the concentrated yin energy inside the bones of the primordial True Devils buried in the Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness. They contained the most dense and high level darkness energy in the current universe. They were also extremely volatile and the slightest contact with an external force would cause them to explode.

Even the three mighty Yama Ancestors had never dared to approach or come into contact with them.

In this universe, only Yun Che could perfectly control them and an Immaculate Barrier was the only thing that could transport them with no mishaps.

Since it could only be formed from the highest level of primordial yin energy, it was extremely rare and it could no longer be produced. After Yun Che had harvested all of the Devil Crystals of Eternal Darkness from the Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness, he had fed a very tiny portion to Hong’er. He had given the rest of them… to the Moon God Realm!

If they had spread out the use of these Devil Crystals of Eternal Darkness, they would have produced even more spectacular results in their ongoing war against the Eastern Divine Region.

However, from the very first moment Yun Che had come into contact with these Devil Crystals of Eternal Darkness, this plan had started to crazily form in his mind.

A streak of dull blood silently trickled from the corner of Xia Qingyue’s pale lips. But when she opened her eyes, there was only a calm and gloomy coldness contained within them. 

Purple light began to gather in her eyes once more as she slowly raised an arm. The divine light that shone from the Purple Pylon Divine Sword also stopped quivering as it quietly started to gather and gain in intensity.

“Let’s end this.”

As she whispered those words, she thrust her sword out.

This simple stab of her sword caused purple light to fill the sky. In the blink of an eye, even the rampaging spatial storms had been torn asunder. 

When purple light shone from her sword, the entire star region suddenly went dim.

Qianye Ying’er’s golden eyes grew focused… With a single stroke of her sword, Xia Qingyue had shown that her might as a Moon God was no less than Yue Wuya at his peak.

The instant that purple light flashed, Yun Che abruptly slashed down with his Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword as well. He did not need to gather any dark energy for his attack, because the moment his sword swept down, darkness filled the sky and his tyrannical sword might resembled a devil god descending to the earth as it exploded toward Xia Qingyue.


The space within this star region was cleaved in half as it was split into two distinct worlds of lustrous purple and inky darkness.

However, that line which clearly divided these two distinct worlds was soon violently torn apart as they collapsed simultaneously. Purple Pylon divine power and dark devilish light frantically and chaotically clashed against each other.

Bang bang bang bang bang——

The sounds of the Purple Pylon Divine Sword crashing against the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword shook the heavens and earth. If one were to view their fight from a distant star realm, it would look as if two planets, one purple and one black, were colliding together catastrophically.

The Moon God Emperor versus the Devil Master of the North. A furious battle on this level meant that every instant, every single clash, was as terrifying as a calamity. Furthermore, they had already fully released their world-shattering might from the very start of the battle.


Purple light shone with an intense might before being instantly devoured by the darkness. Xia Qingyue’s long hair floated in the air as a soft sigh came from her lips. “You truly are the successor of the Heretic God. Your cultivation is only at the tenth level of the Divine Sovereign Realm, but you already have the power of a god emperor. This sort of growth and transcendent power is truly unique in this world.”

“Then let this Devil Master personally send you off!” Yun Che raised his arm and flames erupted from the body of his sword. They swiftly transformed from those familiar crimson flames into the Devil Flames of Eternal Calamity which could incinerate and devour everything in this universe.

Even though no light shone from these flames, they were swiftly devouring all of the light in the area.

“Do you need help?” Qianye Ying’er suddenly asked.

She was convinced that if she did not help, Yun Che would have no chance of beating Xia Qingyue, much less killing her.

In four short years, Yun Che’s progress, which had been bolstered by both the power of the Heretic God and a Devil Emperor, was practically unrivaled in this universe. However, Xia Qingyue’s progress… was also incredibly shocking.

It had only been seven years since she had inherited the Purple Pylon divine power but her strength had already outstripped the strength of Yue Wuya in his prime!

In the history of the Moon God Realm… No, in the history of all of the king realms, there was no other person who had acclimated to their divine power as quickly and as completely as Xia Qingyue had.

She had just finished speaking when her eyebrows trembled. She immediately thrust her Divine Oracle forward, dark energy surging up from it.


A beam of purple light seemed to have transcended both time and space as it instantly crossed dozens of kilometers to pierce Qianye Ying’er’s throat. When it clashed with Divine Oracle, it caused the space around them to shatter into countless fragments.

After she had dealt with that beam of purple light, Xia Qingyue had stepped through space and appeared in front of her. She attacked Qianye Ying’er once more and as the Purple Pylon Divine Sword shot out, her actions resembled the dance of a celestial goddess. She seemed to weave in and out of reality and every time she appeared to attack Qianye Ying’er, she would leave a purple moon in her wake.

Yun Che swiveled around but by the time he did that, purple moons had already filled the sky.

His body instantly flashed toward them. The Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword glowed with a gloomy and hellish light as he swept out a horizontal slash, instantly destroying a purple moon.

The moment the purple moon ruptured, a glaringly brilliant purple light erupted from within. It instantly flooded the entire region, causing Yun Che’s vision and the space around them to turn a pure lustrous purple. 

His sight was not the only thing which had been obscured within this purple space. Even his senses were being warped.

When Yun Che launched that attack, he was not the only one who became trapped in the Purple Moon Prison. Qianye Ying’er had been caught up in that surprise attack as well. All of her senses immediately became muddled and it felt as though millions of sword beams were shooting toward her. As she backpedaled furiously, a beam of purple sword light shot out from the side of this purple world and pierced toward her back.

That sword beam seemed to be slow and sluggish but everything it touched, even space itself, was shattered into fragments the moment they came into contact with it.

By the time Qianye Ying’er noticed, the sword beam was already right in front of her.

Purple Moon Prison was one of Yue Wuya’s divine techniques, Qianye Fantian had told her about it many times. It was an attack that used Purple Pylon divine power to confuse a person’s heart and vision.

However, this was the first time that she had experienced this attack for herself. Furthermore, the speed and manner in which Xia Qingyue had executed this attack was far too different from her understanding of it, catching her by surprise.


An explosive tearing sound rang through the air as Yun Che unleashed Fallen Heavenly Wolf. His attack tore the Purple Moon Prison apart but the Devil Flames of Eternal Calamity had gone out as well. He left a long scar of ice behind him as he flashed to Qianye Ying’er’s side.


The Purple Pylon Divine Sword shot toward Yun Che’s ribs as purple light suddenly spread over the upper half of his body. Droplets of blood flew into the air as the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword heavily smashed into Xia Qingyue’s sword arm.

Even though the Devil Flames of Eternal Calamity had been extinguished when he broke the Purple Moon Prison apart, Yun Che’s sword might was so dreadful that it blasted Xia Qingyue into the distance with a thunderous bang. The red sleeve covering her right arm had been ripped to shreds and a deep and shocking groove of blood had been carved into her arm.

She did not bother to inspect her injured arm. Instead, she stared at the bloody hole in the side of Yun Che’s chest. She said in a calm voice, “Yun Che, do you still remember the vow you made to me back then?”

“Hmmm?” Yun Che raised his head to look at her. He also paid no attention to the wound Xia Qingyue had inflicted on him and the only thing that shone in his eyes was a fierce killing intent.

He could summon Yan One, Yan Two, and Yan Three any time he wanted. If they fought Xia Qingyue together, they would have more than enough methods to kill her at their disposal… But she had to die at his hands!

His homeland, his family and friends, had all been personally destroyed by Xia Qingyue so how could he allow her to die at anyone else’s hands? No, he had to kill her himself so he could avenge them.

Xia Qingyue slowly tightened her grip on the handle of her sword. However, she was not doing so because of the pain of her wounded arm. Right now, the solemn and severe words that she had said to Yun Che after he had planted the slave imprint on Qianye Ying’er were reverberating in her head.

“Qianye Ying’er is now your slave. You can order her around, make use of her, vent your anger on her, humiliate her, and ravish her as you please… you can do whatever you want to her. But there is something that you must remember!”

“She is still someone that I must kill! Making her your slave with this scheme of mine does not mean that I don’t wish to kill her. Rather, it only means that I can’t kill her right now! Whatever happens between the two of you is none of my business. But… you definitely must not develop any feelings for her! Even more than that, you definitely must not have any children with her! Understand!?”

Yun Che had blocked a blow for Qianye Ying’er. He had moved quicker than thought, in an almost instinctive manner...

And the energy that they had so naturally linked together just now...

“Forget it.” After she whispered those words in a very soft voice, she raised her purple sword to the heavens before drawing a very gentle arc in the air with it.

In the blink of an eye, it was as if a new dawn had broken. Heavenly light streamed through the air and beat back the darkness in this star region.

The darkness had disappeared, even the stars had disappeared. All of the storms in the area had died down instantly. The only thing that seemed to exist in the world right now was that gigantic purple moon that had appeared behind Xia Qingyue. It transformed the entire star region into a world of hazy purple.

Under that purple light, the space around them actually started to vibrate with a strange light.

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