Chapter 1735 - Moon’s Demise (5) alyschu's Thoughts

Against the Gods

Not a single speck of starlight could be seen in this vast star region.

Resplendent purple light rippled through space itself before disappearing in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, all of the light and color in the world had vanished except for a gigantic purple moon which was slowly descending from the sky.

There was a red figure floating in the center of that purple moon. Her ink-dark hair danced and her red robe fluttered. She looked for all the world like a heavenly goddess floating down to the mortal realm.

The purple moon was several hundred meters across and it seemed to contain an entire world. It was a world filled with majestic mountains, churning seas, and howling winds… it felt as if they could vaguely see another moon which shone with an even deeper and more mysterious purple light slowly rising into the sky of that world.

Yun Che raised his arm, Devil Flames of Eternal Calamity reigniting on the body of his sword. But he did not attack immediately.

His originally gloomy black eyes had now started to shine with a pure, deep purple light. All of a sudden, he started feeling a faint pressure building up in his heart, a sensation that made him feel very uneasy.

Qianye Ying’er’s golden eyes had turned purple as well. Her brows started to knit together in shock and puzzlement. Her pupils contracted violently as she could not help but say, “The Purple Pylon Divine Domain!?”

“…?” Yun Che’s began to turn his head towards her as Qianye Ying’er immediately said in an extremely soft and serious voice, “Hurry up and send a sound transmission to the Yama Ancestors!”

“It’s… too… late…”

Both of them heard Xia Qingyue’s voice, but they hadn’t heard it with their ears. Instead, it seemed to be transmitted straight to their hearts. After that, she spread her arms, causing her red sleeves to dance in the air. The purple moon behind her quietly expanded… and it swallowed up the entire world in a single instant.

The news of the Moon God Realm’s destruction had not yet reached the distant Star God Realm, and all of the Star Gods were still somberly watching the images being projected from the Eternal Heaven God Realm.

Then, a bunch of strange purple clouds suddenly appeared in the sky, and all of the Star Gods involuntarily raised their heads to look toward the western horizon.

“What… is that?” Heavenly Jade Star God Aster gasped. After she had turned her head to look at the sky, she saw a purple moon hanging there.

This phenomenon did not only occur in the Star God Realm. Nearly half of the star realms in the Eastern Divine Region could clearly see a newly-risen purple moon hanging high in the sky. It radiated a serene and heartbreakingly beautiful light which turned half of the sky purple.

It was as if the heavens were bestowing a divine miracle on this world to save them from their crisis.

However, there was one star realm that had a completely different idea when they witnessed that purple moon and that was the Brahma Monarch God Realm… The moment Qianye Fantian saw that purple glow, his cold and stiff face twitched violently as a look of deep shock appeared on his face.

“The Purple Pylon Divine Domain!?” he gasped inside his heart. Every word that resounded inside his head was filled with a deep disbelief and his heart was shaken by a fleeting instant of fear and panic.

The space that surrounded Yun Che and Qianye Ying’er had been transformed into a world of gorgeous purple light. To their shock, their spiritual perception revealed that this world had no borders or end. Furthermore, there didn’t seem to be anything else within this world but the three of them.

Xia Qingyue’s fluttering black hair had already turned a lustrous, dazzling purple. The purple light radiating from her sword surged up into the air, as if it had transformed into a violent purple flame… But the weirdest thing that was happening was that they could not sense her aura at all, even though she was right in front of them.

They couldn’t sense the aura of her life force or profound energy.

Qianye Ying’er gritted her teeth as her eyes swiftly stopped trembling. A sober and composed expression appeared on her face and there was a hellish cold light gleaming in her eyes when she raised her head to look at Xia Qingyue. “Well-played, Xia Qingyue! Well-played, Moon God Emperor! No wonder you dared to confront us by yourself! I already tried my best not to underestimate you, yet you were still able… to give me such a great surprise!”

“…” Yun Che was sweeping the area with both his eyes and spiritual senses. This was undoubtedly a domain of power. However, this domain was not like those domains which sought to devour and destroy everything once they spread. It did not radiate any destructive energy or oppressive might. Instead, its aura seemed to be as calm and placid as slow-running water.

“What is the Purple Pylon Divine Domain?” he asked in a somber voice. He had sensed just how serious Qianye Ying’er had suddenly become.

Qianye Ying’er slowly sucked in a breath as she replied in a low voice, “This is the Moon God domain recorded in the annals of the God Realm as being the closest to the realm of the ‘gods’.”

Yun Che: “…?”

“Only the first Moon God Emperor, the original inheritor of the Purple Pylon divine power and the founding ancestor of the Moon God Realm, has been able to open the Purple Pylon Divine Domain, and he only did it for an exceedingly short period of time.” Qianye Ying’er stared at the purple light shining from Xia Qingyue’s eyes. She was circulating all of the darkness profound energy in her body and black mist violently surged from her body. “All of us thought that the Purple Pylon Divine Domain would never appear in the world again once the Moon God Great Ancestor passed…”

“But now, it has appeared again in this world and the person who ‘revived’ it is actually someone who has only inherited the Purple Pylon divine power for a mere seven years!”

“Xia Qingyue.” The black light radiating from Qianye Ying’er’s eyes finally dispelled the purple light that had invaded them. Then, she said something that she had once uttered about Xia Qingyue before. “The heavens seems to have been far too generous with you.”

“The domain closest to the realm of the ‘gods’?” Yun Che gave a cold sneer. “It isn’t anything more than a restriction type of domain…”

But as he turned around, his cold smile suddenly froze on his face.

The Devil Flames of Eternal Calamity that were burning on his Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword were slowly going out.

The most dreadful thing about this domain was that it was actually a silent and formless sort of suppression. He nearly hadn’t noticed the change in the Devil Flames of Eternal Calamity.

“…” He stopped speaking altogether as his eyebrows started to sink.

Xia Qingyue slowly raised her head and in an instant, this boundless purple world seemed to froth and churn like a stormy sea. Her voice resounded in every corner of this purple world. “With my current power, I can only maintain this divine domain for a hundred breaths.”

“But that’s enough… to bury you within this world forever!”

As she thrust her sword out, it seemed to be an incredibly weak and ordinary thrust. They could barely feel any might radiating from that attack and the purple world did not even ripple, much less get ripped apart.

However, as the sword thrust toward Yun Che, he suddenly felt a pressure that was several times heavier than before. He took a step forward, and black light suddenly flashed from his body. He made a full-powered attack with his sword with the Hell Monarch gate open and the moment his sword might erupted, the Devil Flames of Eternal Calamity also burst back into life.


The two swords clashed together in the middle of the Purple Pylon Divine Domain and the reignited Devil Flames of Eternal Calamity were instantly snuffed out. A purple moon exploded from the point where the two swords met, transforming into a huge tidal wave of purple energy which instantly swallowed Yun Che up.

“Yun Che!” Qianye Ying’er’s heart jumped violently in her chest. She was just about to rush forward when she heard a piercing explosion. A beam of black light shot into the sky as it violently tore apart the wave of purple energy. After that, a vast sword might hurtled down from above as the world-shaking howl of the Heavenly Wolf shook the air.

The Heavenly Wolf’s Second Sword Style, Wild Fang!


The power of the Eternal Calamity of Darkness combined with the divine might of the Heavenly Wolf as Yun Che’s attack tore a hole in the Purple Pylon Divine Domain, instantly creating a violently swirling purple storm… However, as that purple storm billowed around Yun Che, his sword might started to weaken at an incredibly swift pace. The attack launched by the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword had only traveled a few dozen meters but it only had sixty percent of its power left by the time it reached Xia Qingyue.

His heart violently shuddered.

The hole that he had punctured in the Purple Pylon Divine Domain had also swiftly been repaired. It looked as good as new.

Xia Qingyue turned her body slightly as she sent the Purple Pylon Divine Sword swinging in a very gentle arc.

Bang… Smack!!

The Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword, which contained a vast and powerful sword might, was blasted aside. After that, the Purple Pylon Divine Sword, which seemed to be burning with purple light, fiercely stabbed into the side of Yun Che’s chest!

The might behind this thrust far exceeded the previous one. In fact, it far exceeded Yun Che’s wildest imagination. As the piercingly loud sound of her sword striking his ribs rang in his ears, his ribs snapped and blood sprayed out from his wound like a fountain.

Yun Che had the body of a dragon god and had reached the sixth stage of the Great Way of the Buddha, so it was exceedingly hard to inflict any harm on his body, much less fracture his bones with a single stroke of a sword.

This was a divine might that very nearly exceeded the limits of this current era. The moment Yun Che’s ribs snapped, his brain had been so violently shaken that it went blank for a second. The gigantic force of that blow sent his body spinning away like a top. But in the next instant, he was engulfed by a gigantic purple wave that suddenly surged toward him, causing his body and aura to disappear into that deep purple world.

Xia Qingyue’s body turned diaphanous and she suddenly appeared in front of Qianye Ying’er.

Qianye Ying’er had heard of the Purple Pylon Divine Domain from a young age, but it had only existed in records and legends. No one in this era had ever truly come into contact with it before and this included Qianye Fantian, the person who had told her about it in the first place.

Now that she was personally facing it, its dreadfulness far exceeded the legends.

Yun Che possessed the Heretic God’s profound veins, so even though the power he released would be steadily weakened by the Purple Pylon Divine Domain, the strength of his profound veins would not be suppressed.

But it was entirely different for Qianye Ying’er!

When the purple tides turned toward her, she felt as if her entire body had become mired in a viscous swamp. The circulation of her profound energy had turned sluggish and stiff, and she even found moving to be difficult.

As Xia Qingyue pressed in on her, she spread both her arms out wide and a domain of darkness swiftly coalesced around her, forcibly creating an area of darkness within the Purple Pylon Divine Domain.

However, this dark space only extended to about ten meters before it reached its limit.

When she realized that she could not sense Yun Che’s aura at all, cold light glinted in Qianye Ying’er’s eyes. She took advantage of her domain of darkness canceling out the Purple Pylon Divine Domain to launch an attack. The Divine Oracle swept forward, creating a dazzling beam of golden light within the darkness. This beam of light cut the purple domain to shreds as it headed straight for Xia Qingyue.

However, purple waves of energy surged all around her before she even got close to Xia Qingyue. They directly smashed against her domain of darkness and explosions of darkness and lustrous purple light erupted in a frenzy, stirring up a calamitous hurricane of epic proportions.

Qianye Ying’er’s domain of darkness swiftly dwindled within that hurricane and her attack had lost most of its power… Xia Qingyue’s body suddenly turned diaphanous, and even though her aura was still being projected from the same place, a beam of purple light shot out from the destructive storm swirling behind her.

The Purple Pylon Divine Domain did not only suppress one’s power, it also greatly warped one’s senses.

Her survival instincts alerted Qianye Ying’er to the danger, and she twisted her body around with much difficulty.


As a result of Qianye Ying’er’s efforts, the sword ended up piercing through her collarbone instead of her heart, ripping the clothing around her left shoulder to shreds. The flesh around it turned into a bloody mess and the blood droplets which sprayed wildly into the air were instantly swallowed up by the purple domain.

As intense pain and shock flooded her body and soul, Qianye Ying’er chose to strike back instead of retreating. The Divine Oracle abruptly launched out with a gloomy black light as it streaked straight toward Xia Qingyue’s snowy neck.

At the same time, the purple domain behind Xia Qingyue twisted and warped. An explosion shook the air as Yun Che shot out of the mass of purple energy. His eyes were scarlet red and he flew at her, the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword smashing toward her from behind as it swelled with the divine might of the Heavenly Wolf.

Xia Qingyue did not move even though she was caught in a pincer attack. Within this ephemerally beautiful deep purple world, her movements were still measured and graceful… The purple sword in her right hand gently swung out to catch Divine Oracle mid-swing. At the same time, she raised her left hand to gently catch the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword, which was filled with terrifying sword might.


A muffled explosion completely drowned out the shrill sound of metal clashing together.

The Divine Oracle seemed to be stuck to Xia Qingyue’s sword, while the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword had come to a complete stop in Xia Qingyue’s jade hand.

Xia Qingyue twirled her body. Yun Che and Qianye Ying’er could barely feel her release her power, but the Divine Oracle and the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword immediately left their hands. They had been caught by Xia Qingyue’s sword and hand respectively and she casually flung them toward Yun Che and Qianye Ying’er.


The Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword heavily smashed onto Qianye Ying’er’s body. A large part of the purple domain caved in as Qianye Ying’er was sent flying. A long arrow of blood trailed her as she shot into the distance.

Meanwhile, the Divine Oracle sliced into Yun Che. A bloody scar that was a foot long had been carved into his body and the cut was so deep that it exposed bone. After that, he was also blasted back several kilometers.

His head jerked up as he glared unblinkingly at Xia Qingyue… Within that purple world, her red robes were as glaring as fresh blood. The look on her face had remained calm and indifferent throughout this entire fight, and even though she had dealt serious blows to both the Devil Master of the North and the Brahma Monarch Goddess amidst her graceful dance, not a single ripple could be seen in her purple eyes.

In this world she had created, she was breathtakingly strong and it was truly as if she was a god that had descended from the heavens.

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