Chapter 1744 - Crushing The Heart (1)

Against the Gods

“What is it, my lord?” Qianye Fantian’s reaction didn’t escape the rest of the Brahma Kings’ notice either. They followed his gaze, stared at Qianye Zixiao’s face and froze.

They would never forget this emerald gleam for as long as they lived.

It was because it was the light of the Sky Poison Pearl!

When Qianye Fantian was tricked by Yun Che and Xia Qingyue and poisoned while he was still suffering from the Evil Infant’s devilish energy, his pupils had glowed exactly like this.

In fact, the unnatural light in Qianye Zixiao’s eyes was even deeper than that.

“Hmm?” Qianye Zixiao looked even more confused. “Why are you… all…”

His expression froze before he finished speaking. His entire body started shaking uncontrollably as a soul-piercing coldness circulated throughout his whole body.


He groaned as the greenish gleam in his eyes suddenly became much brighter. His aura started spiralling out of control as he collapsed to his knees and shook like crazy.

The Sky Poison of the Sky Poison Pearl and darkness profound energy amplified each other’s power. Qianye Fantian had proven that with his own body back then.

Because Qianye Zixiao was wounded by darkness profound energy just a while ago, he was the first out of everyone to suffer from the Heaven Wounding Thought Severing Poison.


The Brahma Kings subconsciously moved closer to him, but they immediately recalled the past and backed away from him instead.

“Ugh… AAHHHH!”

The Brahma King started screaming in pain. As he tried to struggle to his feet, it became clear that even his face was starting to turn green as well. He looked to be in so much pain that his face looked as ugly as an evil spirit’s.

“Poison… it’s poison!” He shouted in terror as cold sweat drenched his entire body.

He was Qianye Zixiao, the tenth Brahma King of the Brahma Monarch God Realm and a powerful level nine Divine Master! At his level, he should be completely immune to any poison or nefarious energy. To his knowledge, the only poison that could even threaten him was the Southern Sea God Realm’s “Absolute God Slaying Poison”.

The moment the Sky Poison awoke from its slumber, he felt like countless evil spirits were greedily devouring his body, his blood, his life force and even his soul!

He circulated his Brahma King divine power with all his might, but even though he was a late stage Divine Master, all he could do was quieten the rampaging monsters inside his body a little, much less expel them from his body or annihilate them!

“It’s the Sky Poison Pearl’s poison!” Qianye Fantian said in a low tone, “Calm down and circulate your aura. The Sky Poison is a kind of devilish poison, so the more you panic the worse it becomes!”

Cold sweat was forming in his palm even as he spoke. He knew better than anyone what kind of torture Qianye Zixiao was going through because he had been a victim of that nightmare himself… it was so terrible that he had surrendered Qianye Ying’er to Yun Che just to escape it.

“Zixiao, when were you poisoned by Yun Che!?” The First Brahma King asked with a shaky voice.

“I don’t know!” Qianye Zixiao shook his head stiffly while sounding like he wanted to die. “I never saw him when I was on the way back from Snow Song Realm!”

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the Brahma Monarch Capital changed without warning. The unnatural distortion in the air caused everyone’s vision to blur a little.

Then, painful screams started erupting from every corner of the capital.

Everyone’s pupils widened like saucers… a sea of green dots had suddenly appeared throughout the entire capital.

The guards were lying on the ground, writhing in pain and screaming in despair.

Even the Brahma Monarch disciples… the Brahma Monarch Divine Envoys… the Brahma Monarch Elders who were Divine Masters...

Everywhere they looked, everywhere their spiritual sense reached, the profound practitioners of Brahma Monarch Realm… were collapsing in droves.

It was as if it would never end; as if the heavens had suddenly decided to punish them with an emerald nightmare.

No, reality was far worse than that… somehow, the entire Brahma Monarch Capital had been turned into a Sky Poison Hell!

“What… what… what’s going… on…”

He was the First Brahma King, the most powerful and strong-willed of all Brahma Kings, and his voice was trembling, and his pupils were shaking uncontrollably… right now, he would rather believe that he was stuck in a ridiculous nightmare.

Qianye Fantian slowly turned his head and stared at his dazed subjects. The Brahma Kings hadn’t realized it yet, but a pair of green dots were slowly but surely growing larger inside all their pupils.

He extended a finger and summoned a small orb of light. From its reflection, he could see a pair of green dots in his own eyes…


Meanwhile, a terrible war was still being waged throughout the Eastern Divine Region. More and more realms became tainted by blood and bodies.

Although a long peace had turned most Eastern Divine Region profound practitioners into cowards—not to mention that the destruction of the king realms were a huge blow to everyone’s morale—it wasn’t like they were entirely devoid of unyielding warriors. 

The Flying Star Realm was a powerful upper star realm in the Eastern Divine Region.

The Dreaming Soul Sword Sect was the realm king sect of Flying Star Realm. It was also one of the few upper star realm sects with two Divine Masters in it.

The Flying Star Realm King and Dreaming Soul Sword Master was called Meng Canyang. He was a level six Divine Maser.

Meng Duanxi, his son was the eighth place winner during the Profound God Convention. After Three Millennia in Eternal Heaven, he became a level three Divine Master.

The core of their defense—two Divine Masters and dozens of Divine Sovereigns—was able to throw back wave after wave of devil people despite repeated assaults. In fact, they managed to kill countless devil people in the process.

The Flying Star Realm was one of the “footholds” Chi Wuyao had ordered to take down no matter what, and the upper star realm ordered to tackle it was none other than the Falling Star Realm. If judged by the name alone, it was the perfect realm to defeat the Flying Star Realm!

In reality though, the Flying Star Realm was a surprising tough nut to crack. Not only did the Falling Star Realm fail to succeed, they had suffered tremendous casualties in the process.

The longer the battle dragged on, the more anxious the Falling Star Realm King became. This was especially true after he learned almost seventy percent of the “footholds” had been occupied already.

“These tenacious rats!” The Falling Star Realm King glared at Meng Canyang and Meng Duanxi before threatening vocally, “Our Devil Master is unrivaled under or above heaven. All of your king realms are already dead, so why are you still struggling futilely instead of surrendering to him?”

“If you surrender now, you won’t have to die. Do not send your innocent clansmen to their deaths for your stupidity!”

“Heh!” Meng Canyang sneered and raised his blood-drenched sword into the air. He declared proudly and hatefully, “Even in death, the profound practitioners of Flying Star Realm will never become the devil people’s slaves!”

“Besides, it is you monsters who should be worried about yourselves!” He spoke loudly so that everyone in the sect could hear his voice. “It is true that the Eastern Divine Region was taken by surprise, and it is true that we are at a disadvantage right now. However, the Western Divine Region and the Southern Divine Region will not stand by and do nothing! The day the three divine regions unite will be the day you die!”

“Heh, stubborn fool!” The Falling Star Realm King swore angrily. “Kill them!!”

The fierce battle restarted as profound light and sword energies flew everywhere and destroyed everything like mini disasters. Bodies littered the ground in just an instant.

Although the devils were fatally determined and transformed by the Eternal Calamity of Darkness, they were fighting on the Dreaming Soul Sword Sect’s homeground after all. In fact, the defenders’ morale grew each time they managed to throw back the devil people with sheer willpower.

Not only did the devil people fail to take one step deeper into the Dreaming Soul Sword Sect’s territory, it wasn’t long before they were forced to retreat again.

They weren’t the only ones who were failing either. A similar battle was happening all across the eastern star realms.

“Kill them all! Wet your swords with the blood of the devil people!”

Meng Canyang roared after cutting off the heads of hundreds of devil people in one strike. It was supposed to lift his people’s morale, but… he suddenly felt a terrible chill and raised his head.

The space above him suddenly split apart as a gorgeous woman with black hair and black robes slowly descended on the war-torn battlefield. She looked like she was having a relaxing stroll in a park, and the entire Flying Star Realm darkened a little when she looked down at it.

When the Falling Star Realm King saw her, he shouted in fear and joy. “Wel… welcome, Lady Yan Wu!”

Yan Wu didn’t say anything. She simply extended a hand and blasted Meng Canyang with a black spear surrounded by sinister-looking black lightning.

Meng Canyang was a level six Divine Master, but he felt like both his body and his soul would fall apart beneath the terrible power.

“Royal father!”

Meng Duanxi felt the same thing as he joined his father and retaliated against Yan Wu together.


The two energies clashed loudly against one another, the impact so shrill that blood burst out of the ears of countless profound practitioners at the same time. Then, the darkness that devoured both energy and space and threw the father and son to the ground. Their defeat was as quick as it was decisive.

Unperturbed by her victory, Yan Wu took a step forward and swung her spear horizontally. The power of the Yama Devils started falling from the sky like black meteors.


A halo of darkness spread five hundred kilometers away in an instant. Countless Flying Star Realm disciples and profound practitioners’ blood were thrown into the air like leaking blood sacks.

She twirled her spear again, and a black storm crushed six Divine Sovereigns and dozens of Divine Kings instantly.

Even the Dreaming Soul Sword Sect’s Great Protective Formation had been holding strong for several days, but that one attack caused black cracks to spread all across its surface.

The Dreaming Soul Sword Sect still didn’t stop resisting. Roaring at the top of their lungs, Meng Canyang and Meng Duanxi burst out the rubble they had crashed into and charged toward Yan Wu like two blazing suns…


By the time Yun Che had returned to the Eternal Heaven God Realm, it was already occupied by the Northern Divine Region completely. Not a trace of Eternal Heaven profound aura could be found anywhere.

Fen Daoqi had taken it upon himself to count the loot they obtained after slaughtering a king realm. As it turned out, the Eternal Heaven Realm still possessed a lot of wealth even after spending a ton of resources on recent major events. They were accumulated over hundreds of thousands of years after all.


Yun Che expressionlessly circulated the Laws of Nothingness and reactivated the Eternal Heaven God Realm’s protection barrier. He had full control over it.

The protection barrier for the heart of a king realm was powerful to say the least. But since the devil people had appeared directly inside the god realm, the protection barrier was rendered completely useless during the invasion. Now, it was a mighty shield that protected the invaders instead.

It also turned the former Eastern Divine Region king realm into the strongest foothold the Northern Divine Region had.

“Haven’t we tackled all the footholds yet?” Yun Che stared at the flashing dots on the profound projection before smiling. “If they enjoy struggling this much, then…”

Suddenly, an aura that shouldn’t be here approached him swiftly from the distance.

“Hmm?” Yun Che stared at the direction it was coming from.

Very soon, a tall man appeared in front of Yun Che and bowed before he even took a breath. “Tian Guhu greets the Devil Master.”

Yun Che frowned. “Shouldn’t you be in the north right now? Why are you here?”

Tian Guhu replied immediately, “The Devil Queen ordered me to deliver something very important to your hands.”

That she had sent Tian Guhu meant that whatever she meant to deliver to his hands was incredibly important.

Tian Guhu raised his arms and unlocked the barrier surrounding the objects he was carrying. A couple of bluish orbs immediately entered Yun Che’s vision.

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