Chapter 1745 - Crushing The Heart (2) alyschu's Thoughts

Against the Gods

A faint blue profound light sparkled like water ripples. Yun Che immediately recognized it as the profound aura of the Glazed Light Realm. Back at the Profound God Convention, he had seen it when fighting against Shui Meiyin and Shui Yingyue.

“Four Illusory Glazed Imagery Jades? Where did you even get them?” Qianye Ying’er stared at the bluish jades in Tian Guhu’s hands in astonishment.

“Illusory Glazed Imagery Jades?” This was the first time Yun Che heard of this name.

“It is an advanced, precious toy of some sort,” Qianye Ying’er answered. “In essence, it is just another kind of Profound Imagery Stone. However, it is a lot more precious than the common Profound Imagery Stones out there. There are very few of them in this world because it can only be nurtured at the Illusory Heaven Pond, a location where the starlight is the brightest.”

“Besides being fancy-looking and rare, it is said… that it can engrave a profound image without being detected.”

“Profound Imagery Stone?” Yun Che said thoughtfully before taking the four stones from Tian Guhu. His expression suddenly changed when his consciousness swept across them.

Qianye Ying’er immediately noticed something wrong. “What is it?”


Yun Che didn’t give her a reply, so she took a step forward and scanned the Illusory Glazed Imagery Jades in his hand herself. Her gaze froze, and her expression and aura changed. Her reaction turned out to be even more drastic than Yun Che’s.

She abruptly turned around and asked Tian Guhu, “Who gave you these Illusory Glazed Imagery Jades—no! Who gave them to Chi Wuyao?” 

Tian Guhu had barely exchanged any words with Qianye Ying’er in the past, and this was the first time he heard such urgency in her voice. Hiding his surprise, he recalled his meeting with Chi Wuyao before answering, “The Devil Queen… mentioned a woman with the surname Shui, I think.”

“Was it Shui Yingyue… or Shui Meiyin?” Qianye Ying’er asked urgently again, but she immediately turned toward Fen Daoqi and ordered, “Ready the profound jades of Eternal Heaven Realm and turn on the great projection formation again!”

Fen Daoqi received his orders and went away without asking why.

“It’s fine.” Yun Che let out a disdainful chuckle after his surprise had passed. “I don’t need to prove myself to anyone!”

“No, you do!” But Qianye Ying’er refuted him immediately. Deep surprise and excitement was etched inside her eyes. “These four Illusory Glazed Imagery Jades are worth trillions of devil soldiers!”

“Moreover, it affects the Southern Divine Region and the Western Divine Region as well! This is huge!”

Yun Che: “...”

“I can’t believe that little girl had something this terrifying up her sleeves! Did she predict that this tragedy might come true?”

“Heh… at any rate… she truly is the owner of the Divine Stainless Soul!”

Even now, Qianye Ying’er still wasn’t able to suppress the deep excitement in her voice. The fact that she used the word “terrifying” showed just how emotional she was.

She was a prideful woman, and there was almost no one she acknowledged in her life. But right now, she could hardly suppress the admiration in her voice.

This time, Yun Che didn’t voice his objection.

It wasn’t that he disagreed with his own statement earlier. He didn’t need to prove himself to anyone because no one was worthy!

Qianye Ying’er’s assessment was also completely correct. In terms of the war, not even trillions of soldiers was enough to describe its true value!

Knowing this fact, it wouldn’t even be surprising if Chi Wuyao had sent the nine Witches to deliver them instead of Tian Guhu.

It only took a while for the Eternal Heaven Projection to be reenergized since Fen Daoqi was the one who took care of the work himself. Soon, the star tablets all across the Eastern Divine Region started activating once more.

Qianye Ying’er didn’t entrust the Illusory Glazed Imagery Jade to anyone. She personally walked up to the great formation and put the first Illusory Glazed Imagery Jade into the slot herself.

Every Eastern Divine Region profound practitioner turned to look when the Eternal Heaven Projection appeared once more. Countless battles were halted temporarily as a result.

Unlike the first time, the projection showed a star region filled with unusual red light and a bunch of people and profound light.

Everyone remembered the crimson light, the eerie crimson light that could be seen from every corner of the Eastern Divine Region. It was clearly a scene during the “Crimson Calamity”.

What shocked them even more was the people present in the projection.

They saw the Brahma Heaven God Emperor, Eternal Heaven God Emperor, the Star Gods, the Moon Gods, the Guardians, the Holy Eaves Realm King, the Glazed Light Realm King… there were so many higher realm kings they couldn’t even list all of them.

They even saw the Southern Sea God Emperor of the Southern Divine Region, and the strongest god emperor of the Western Divine Region and supreme ruler of Primal Chaos, the Dragon Monarch himself!

Every single one of these people were famous in their own right… because they were all Divine Masters!

There was only one exception. It was a man wearing a snow white robe that identified him as a member of the Ice Phoenix Sect.

He was Yun Che!

Unlike the Devil Master they saw in the projection a couple of days ago, the Yun Che in the projection was greeting his seniors with respect and moderation. They could see a bit of nervousness on his face when he looked at the crimson light on occasion.

There was none of the killing intent or pools of abyss they had witnessed from the man who slaughtered an entire king realm. In fact, his eyes were so pure that he looked like he couldn’t stand even the slightest bit of conflict.

In the projection, when the Eternal Heaven God Emperor started talking about the Eternal Heaven General Assembly in an unbelievably heavy voice… they finally realized that it was a projection from four years ago!

Four years ago, in order to deal with the Crimson Disaster, the Eternal Heaven Realm had created a gigantic dimensional profound formation that was said to be connected to the edge of the Primal Chaos and hosted the Eternal Heaven General Assembly, an assembly that only Divine Masters could participate in.

This movement wasn’t just known to the Eastern Divine Region. The entire God Realm was aware of this.

However, almost no one knew what actually happened during the Eternal Heaven General Assembly besides the participating Divine Masters.

About two to three months after that assembly, the crimson crack suddenly vanished from existence. The profound beasts no longer rampaged either.

The crimson crack was said to be a hole in Primal Chaos, and that they were ultimately able to destroy it by gathering everyone’s power… they even managed to expel the greatest enemy of the world, the Evil Infant out of the Primal Chaos in the process.

It was also around that time Yun Che was exposed as a devil person and hunted throughout the entire God Realm.

Right now, everyone was treated to a scene they had never seen before, the full scene of the “Eternal Heaven General Assembly” that had taken place back then.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor spoke of the assembly’s true objective before moving onto a heavier story. He talked about the legend of the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor and the devil gods she commanded, a tale that sounded so fantastical they would’ve dismissed it immediately if it hadn’t come from the mouth of the Eternal Heaven God Emperor.

Not long after Eternal Heaven God Emperor had spoken, the legend quickly proved its authenticity.

They saw the Divine Masters working together to attack the crimson crack… saw a terrifying woman in black slowly walking out of it after their failure.

Although it was just a projection, the woman still gave off a pressure that threatened to crush the souls of all the living beings in the Eastern Divine Region.

“The filthy god race, they merely sent a bunch of lowly mortal creatures like you to welcome this ruler!?”

Her unparalleled voice marked the return of the Devil Emperor to the Primal Chaos.

The Divine Masters were shivering, and the god emperors were shaking… even the strongest of them all, the Dragon Monarch was trembling in fear.

They saw the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor wiping out the three Brahma Gods like she was crushing ants.

They saw the Divine Masters and god emperors who towered above all of them dropping to their knees and begging for mercy with unbelievable humility.

“Senior Devil Emperor, will you allow this junior to say something?”

Only one person had stepped out to face the Devil Emperor when everything seemed to be lost. By exposing his Heretic God inheritance and the Sky Poison Pearl, he was somehow able to extinguish the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor’s anger and killing intent and stop her from killing anyone else.

What happened after that shocked them even more.

“This little king, Qianye Fantian, is willing to forever swear loyalty and servanthood to my Lord Devil Emperor along with the Brahma Monarch God Realm. If we even show a hint of disloyalty, it will definitely cause me, Qianye Fantian, and my entire Qianye Clan to be struck by lightning again and again, cause us to be scoured off the face of the earth!”

The Brahma Heaven God Emperor had dropped to his knees, bowed his head in the most humble manner imaginable and swore an oath of loyalty so pathetic that it made even the profound practitioners of a lower star realm cringe.

After that, the god emperors and the realm kings all followed suit. The Eternal Heaven God Emperor, the Southern Sea God Emperor, the Dragon Monarch… everyone was rushing to be the first to swear their undying loyalty to the Devil Emperor.

It was unimaginable that these kings of kings, these gods-like beings could have a day like this… what honor? What courage? There was only the lowest of the low.

By now, all the wars across the star regions had stopped. An eerie silence hung over the entire Eastern Divine Region as both the eastern region profound practitioners and the devil people stared at the projection on the sky, unwilling to miss even an instant of it.

It was because they had a feeling that something was about to happen; that the truth that had been hidden from the world for so long was about to be unveiled.

As for the higher realm kings who participated in the general assembly and thus knew the whole truth, their expressions suddenly turned both ugly and complicated.

An extremely bad premonition was growing in their hearts, but the projection was coming from the Eternal Heaven God Realm. They couldn’t stop it even if they wanted to.

The eastern region profound practitioners watched as the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor took Yun Che away. The image then changed to a different world.

It was a world covered in ice and snow. The higher realm kings, the god emperors and Yun Che were all there.

In the projection, Yun Che was calmly and confidently declaring to the world that the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor had promised not to bring harm to the world.

The god emperors and higher realm kings looked mad with delight. The Eternal Heaven God Emperor even bowed deeply to Yun Che and said, “Yun Che… no, God Child Yun. The devil emperor’s return should’ve resulted in the end of the world. None of us had even dared to dream of an outcome like this. If it wasn’t for you… forget the peace that should come with the appeasement of the devil emperor, none of us should even be alive today. Please, accept a bow from this old one.”

“God Child Messiah, there is no one who deserves this title more than you do. There may be none who deserve a bow from me, but you do. In fact, there is no one in the world who shouldn’t show you their thanks.”

The Brahma Heaven God Emperor was also thanking Yun Che deeply. “The Eternal Heaven God Emperor is correct! “You have saved the world single-handedly and turned away the doom of the God Realm. There is no one in the world who shouldn’t thank you for the eternal peace you brought us.”

Following closely behind the god emperors were the higher realm kings:

“Please accept a bow from this little king, God Child Yun!”

“Your achievements and virtues deserve to be remembered forever, God Child Yun!”

“God Child Yun’s favor is something we may not be able to repay even in a million lifetimes. Please, ask the Infinite Star Realm anything if you have any requests!”

“The Outstanding Sun Realm will even die a horrible death to carry out your orders, God Child Yun! From hereon, the enemy of God Child Yun is the enemy of Outstanding Sun Realm!


The profound practitioners of the Eastern Divine Region were all stunned. For a long time, the only thing people could hear were their own wild heartbeats.

The third projection took place at the Conferred God Stage of the Eternal Heaven God Realm.

The Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor herself had shown up and told them something that sounded like it came straight out of a fantasy.

“This ruler has decided that her people will not be returning to the Primal Chaos. Six days from now, she herself will be leaving the Primal Chaos as well. The lot of you no longer have to worry.”

The Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor’s words stunned everyone… not only because she was an unparalleled existence and the supreme ruler of all, but because she chose to sacrifice herself and her entire clan for the peace of the world!

Words couldn’t even begin to describe their shock, especially because she was a devil!

The empress of the True Devils no less!

That wasn’t all. It was accompanied by a sense that everything they knew had been turned upside down.

The Eternal Heaven God Emperor appeared in the projection with a look of deep gratitude on his face. He bowed deeply to her and said, “We will never forget that Senior Devil Emperor was willing to sacrifice her own to protect the people of the Primal Chaos. We will never forget your kindness, compassion, and virtue. It’s a shame that we are so lowly that there’s nothing we cannot do to repay your favor… please accept a bow from this old one at least!”

Everyone else also bowed to her and shouted their gratitude at the top of their lungs. They almost sounded like the worshippers of a religion.

“Compassion? Virtue?” But the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor’s devilish voice was scornful. “What a bunch of foolish and naive mortals you are. Did you really think this ruler is doing this for your sakes?”

“Heh, did you seriously think that this pathetic world is worth this ruler’s sacrifice?”

“There is one person you should all be giving your thanks to, but that person isn’t me!” Jie Yuan said coldly. “The only things that this ruler brings are death and destruction. What favor? What virtue? You think the likes of you and this world are worthy of my attention!?”

“The reason this ruler has chosen to leave is because someone has absolved her of her lifetime regret and fulfilled her final wish! This ruler is the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor. It is beneath me to owe a mere mortal a favor! The reason this ruler has chosen to abandon her clansmen and leave the Primal Chaos is simply to repay the favor and fulfill her promise. It has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else!”

“This person, is Yun Che!”

Inside and outside the projection, everyone focused their gazes onto Yun Che.

“You’d best remember his name and his virtuous achievement for the rest of your lives! Never forget who it was that saved you from the brink of despair when you enjoy life in the Primal Chaos!”

The Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor’s figure vanished from the projection there and then. However, her voice was forever imprinted in the hearts and souls of everyone.

When the Devil Emperor was gone, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor took the lead again and thanked Yun Che deeply.

“God Child Yun, please accept a bow from this old one… God Child Yun, if it wasn’t for you, the devil gods would’ve caused havoc in the God Realm and the entire Primal Chaos itself after their return. As the savior of the entire world, there is no higher bow, praise, or gratitude that you don’t deserve. Everyone in this world including the future generations should remember your name for eternity!”

The rest of the god emperors and Divine Masters also grouped up around Yun Che, bowed deeply to Yun Che, and spouted the most exaggerated words of praise and gratitude they could think of.

And every single one of them addressed him using his new title of honor…

God Child Messiah.

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