Chapter 1773 - Ash Dragon God alyschu's Thoughts

Against the Gods

A vast blue sky stretched out before them, as far as their eyes could see. A huge shark swam in the air beside two profound warships which were exuding immense and boundless auras. Even though this was the first time Yun Che had seen any of these things, he could guess who they belonged to in the Southern Divine Region just based on their auras alone.

“Hahaha.” A deep laugh rang in the air. The Southern Sea God Emperor was already moving toward the entrance of his palace. He came out to meet Yun Che as he greeted him in a loud and clear voice, “The Southern Sea Realm is truly honored that the Devil Master has chosen to grace us with his august presence.” 

As his eyes swept across the three Yama Ancestors behind Yun Che, the Southern Sea God Emperor’s eye’s froze for an instant. After that, he stared straight into Yun Che’s eyes as he smiled and said, “It’s been a long time. The God Child of yesteryear has now become the grand and mighty Devil Master. It wouldn’t be remiss of me to say that your current grace and splendor are nothing less than a miracle gifted by the heavens.”

“Really?” Yun Che said as he looked at him with calm but narrowed eyes. “The dashing figure that the Southern Sea God Emperor just showed me in the Brahma Monarch Capital a few days ago was also very eye-opening.”

The Southern Sea God Emperor’s face didn’t even twitch at those words. He chuckled as he turned around and said, “And these three gentlemen are?”

Yun Che had really only brought three people with him, but these three people alone had caused the Southern Sea God Emperor’s heart and soul to shake violently and without rest. He was far less calm than his demeanour suggested.

He had naturally seen the images of the Eternal Heaven God Realm’s slaughter. So he had also seen these three old men trample all over the mighty Guardians and throw them around as if they were ragdolls. They had suppressed the Eternal Heaven God Realm so thoroughly that they could not even fight back. These scenes were so shocking that even a god emperor could not remain calm after seeing them.

Now that he had personally seen them and come within touching distance of them, the Southern Sea God Emperor was experiencing far more than simple shock.

As the number one god emperor of the Southern Divine Region, the only person he had ever acknowledged as his better was the Dragon Monarch himself! The only people who he would even deign to consider his peers were Qianye Fantian and the strongest Dragon God of the Dragon God Realm, the Crimson Destruction Dragon God.

However, even though no aura leaked from the bodies of the three black-robed elders who accompanied Yun Che, the very first instant the Southern Sea God Emperor’s spiritual perception swept over them, he was convinced, to his shock and dismay, that these people were existences that had reached the same heights as he had.

This was especially true when it came to the old man in the middle. He actually caused a terrifying sensation to pervade Nan Wansheng’s body, the feeling that he was “superior” to him.

This was the first time he had felt this way since he had met the Dragon Monarch!

It was no wonder the vast Eternal Heaven God Realm had been so utterly devastated under the claws of these three venerable men.

“Hmm?” Yun Che glanced to the side upon hearing the Southern Sea God Emperor’s words. He gave a dry chuckle as he said, “They’re exactly what they look like. Just three old slaves. To think that the Southern Sea God Emperor, who is legendary for his wild arrogance and his contempt of all things, would actually be so modest and humble as to be concerned with a few lowly slaves? It looks like you really can’t trust these things called rumors, huh.”

“Hahaha, the Devil Master is a funny man.” The Southern Sea God Emperor’s eyes flashed violently just after he finished saying those words.

These three old men were so strong that any one of them had reached the level of a god emperor. In fact, their strength would far surpass the majority of the god emperors in existence. People who possessed such dreadful might would definitely also possess a corresponding arrogance and pride. There was no reason for them to serve anyone at all.

However, when Yun Che addressed them as “old slaves” and “slaves”, the auras of these three old men had not even fluctuated one bit. They’d actually withdrew their auras even further in and even their heads all drooped down together with uncanny synchrony. It was as if they were showing how reverential they were to their master.

As he pushed down the shock in his heart, the Southern Sea God Emperor turned to the side and said, “Devil Master, after you. The other god emperors and my lowly son have been eagerly awaiting your arrival.”

As he strode into the palace, a shocking web of auras rushed to greet him. Yun Che recognized Cang Shitian with a single glance and he also saw the two Sea Kings and a bunch of Sea Gods. The two people seated beside Cang Shitian were exuding auras of god emperors. There was no doubt that they were the two other great god emperors of the Southern Divine Region—the Purple Micro God Emperor and the Xuanyuan God Emperor.

There was no way that so many personages would have gathered here just for a crown prince proclamation ceremony.

They had heard the entire exchange between Yun Che and the Southern Sea God Emperor at the gates of the palace. As Yun Che entered the hall, the atmosphere within changed completely. The silence had now grown heavier and more oppressive than before. All eyes fell on Yun Che but no one made a sound. Cang Shitian was already in the middle of standing up from his seat. His eyes continuously switched from Yun Che to the Three Yama Ancestors and his expression had also changed.

Back then, this person was so pitifully weak that he could not even be considered “weak” in their eyes. They had been able to toy with his destiny as they pleased and he had been forced to flee into the Northern Divine Region because of them. But now, he not only stood proudly in their midst, they could even feel an incredibly heavy and coercive might radiate from his body.

As the dark oppressive might of the Three Yama Ancestors began to pervade the room, shocked expressions crossed the faces of the two Sea Kings and all the Sea Gods who were present. This was despite their position of strength and home-court advantage.

As level ten Divine Masters, the Northern Hell Sea King and the Eastern Hell Sea King were supposed to lead the Sea Gods in showing the Devil Master the divine might of the Southern Sea, to put on a show of strength for him. However, their hearts and souls had been utterly shaken by the presence of the Three Yama Ancestors. It was so stifling that even they found it difficult to breathe. They couldn’t even maintain their relaxed expressions in the face of these overwhelming auras.

“Devil Master, please take your seat,” the Southern Sea God Emperor said in a cheerful voice. His attitude and tone were both very friendly.

Yun Che did not stand on ceremony. He immediately plopped down in his seat. There was an empty seat beside him and it had clearly been meant for the Devil Queen.

“Ah, it’s too bad that the Devil Queen didn’t come. I can’t hide my disappointment,” the Southern Sea God Emperor said. He swept his eyes across the Three Yama Ancestors standing behind Yun Che. 

He waved a hand and said, “Quickly prepare seats for these three venerable seniors.”

“There’s no need for that.” Yan Three said in a dark and gloomy voice before the Southern Sea God Emperor could even finish speaking. “None of us are worthy of sitting next to Master.”

He did not even lift his head up as he spoke and it was clear he was speaking in an extremely humble manner, but this humility was only directed toward Yun Che. Everyone else who heard those words felt a cold darkness seep into the very depths of their souls.

These three venerable men were stronger than most god emperors but they behaved like loyal dogs in front of Yun Che. There was no way to describe the shock the powerhouses of the Southern Divine Region were feeling from witnessing this.

Yun Che gave a cold and dry chuckle. “Since the Southern Sea God Emperor has already specially prepared a seat for us, leaving it empty would really be quite a pity. Yan Three, take a seat.”

“Yes.” Yan Three replied as he sat next to Yun Che. He still did not even condescend to look at anyone else. His withered arms remained hidden in his gray robe, but his fingers were already tingling with accumulated power.

The moment the situation changed, any one of the Three Yama Ancestors would spring into action, and since Yan Three was seated next to Yun Che, he was in an even better position to protect him.

A dark and cold energy soundlessly spread through the hall. This was clearly the Southern Sea’s palace, the most exalted and sacred place in the Southern Divine Region, but darkness had quietly crept into its halls.

This clearly told everyone present that the terror imparted to them by these three old men definitely wasn’t hollow… They might very well be much more terrifying than what they had sensed so far.

The Southern Sea God Emperor sat down on his throne and spread his arms wide as he started speaking in a grand and dignified manner. “The appointment of our Southern Sea’s new crown prince is merely a small matter, yet all of you bothered to come and witness it. That is truly my great fortune. This is especially true in regards to the Devil Master. I am extremely happy that you decided to grace us with your presence."

Yun Che’s eyes narrowed as he replied, “Happy? Why?”

The Southern Sea God Emperor said, “The fact that the Devil Master is willing to give us face and show up today means that, at the very least, you aren’t going to make an enemy of the Southern Sea Realm and the Southern Divine Region. This can be considered a most fortunate thing from any perspective.”

“Hehe.” Yun Che chuckled as he replied in a languid manner, “Isn’t the Southern Sea God Emperor rejoicing too soon? I have always been a person who will avenge hatred with hatred. I am also sure that all of you have witnessed what happened to Eastern Divine Region. Furthermore, the things that your Southern Sea did to me all those years ago…” 

His voice grew dark and deep as he carefully enunciated each word, “You haven’t forgotten about them already, have you?”

Yun Che had come here personally and he had only brought three people with him. So it seemed that he had come to show his sincerity at first, but the very first thing he did was to clash with the Southern Sea God Emperor. Everyone’s expression changed subtly after he said those words.

Yet the smile on Nan Wansheng’s face remained as wide as ever. “As long as one is alive, they should live full lives, paying back debts and vengeance alike. Only useless cretins will swallow up their grievances and be choked by them. This is where the two of us are very alike.”

“However, there has always been more than one way to avenge yourself and vent your hatred,” the Southern Sea God Emperor said as he looked at Yun Che. “How can we compensate the Devil Master and appease his wrath? I only need the Devil Master to say the word and nothing you say will offend me.”

“Hahahaha!” Yun Che howled with laughter and it seemed like a sneer of derision and a sigh of lament rolled into one. “The Southern Sea God Emperor that I’ve heard of has always been a wild and arrogant man. So much so that I don’t even need to mention your contempt for all living beings. In fact, you have always dared to do even the most despicable things for your own gain. When you went against me all those years ago, you ruthlessly cut my legs out from under me and drove me into a corner. So why does the Southern Sea God Emperor seem like such a timid little pussy today?”

Nan Wansheng didn’t show the slightest trace of anger. He answered with unhurried composure, “This world has always been one that is governed by strength. When the Yun Che of the past had the Devil Emperor and Evil Infant to back him up, no one dared to move against him either. However, when the Devil Emperor and the Evil Infant both disappeared, what did he have left?”

“The fact that you saved the world? Your halo as a god child? Hehehehe, what the hell are those things?” His eyes slowly narrowed. “No, you were only a weakling, and you were a weakling with limitless potential at that. A weakling who threatened to become a huge danger to all of us. And who would care about a weakling’s feelings? Who would bow to a weakling’s will? If you were me, would you have done so?”

“The situation at hand is entirely different. You are no longer that so-called god child. You have transformed yourself into the Devil Master, someone who is far stronger than your past incarnation, someone who now controls a vast amount of military might. You now have earned the right to sit at the same table as I, you have earned my fear and wariness.”

The Southern Sea God Emperor leaned forward, his eyes had been fixed on Yun Che throughout. “So how can my attitude be the same now that I am speaking to someone strong? This is a simple rule of life. Perhaps the God Child Yun Che of the past was unaware of this, but there is no way that the Devil Master is, am I right?”

Yun Che began tapping the jade cup in front of him, causing it to ring with a slow and steady rhythm. “Well said. That also means that the Southern Sea God Realm… Oh, no, that the entire Southern Divine Region is willing to give way to me?”

The Southern Sea God Emperor also placed his hand on the jade cup in front of him as he smiled and said, “Our Southern Divine Region has clearly witnessed just how strong your Northern Divine Region is. And I’m also sure that the Devil Master is well aware of the Southern Divine Region’s strength. If the two of us slug it out in a life and death battle, it will only end up being a pyrrhic victory for the winner. You will lose eight hundred to kill a thousand, so this can only be a losing proposition for both our sides.”

“What’s more, the Devil Master has far less of a grudge against our Southern Divine Region than you had against the Eastern Divine Region. In that case, why is there a need for us to fight to the death? If the Devil Master truly felt that way, you would not have graced us with your presence either, would you?” The Southern Sea God Emperor chuckled as he raised his jade cup and made a toast toward Yun Che.

Yun Che did not reply. Everyone seemed to think that his arrival here was a declaration of intent, that he had no intention of making an enemy of the Southern Divine Region.

“Vengeance must be had, grievances must be aired out and resolved. I, the Southern Sea God Emperor, and the entire Southern Divine Region will definitely pay back everything that we owe the Devil Master,” the Southern Sea God Emperor said as he looked around the hall. Even though he wore a smile on his face, his voice was stern and resolute. “My fellow god emperors, what are your opinions?”

“I have no objections,” the Xuanyuan Emperor replied. “In order to express my sincerity, my Xuanyuan Realm has already decreed that we are not to wantonly kill any dark profound practitioner from now on.”

“Mn.” The Purple Micro God Emperor gave a slow nod of his head. “The Purple Micro Realm dislikes conflict and squabbles. We also feel that this is the best way forward.”

“Hmph.” God Emperor Shitian’s nose twitched at those words, but he did not say anything.

“Very good.” The Southern Sea God Emperor turned back toward Yun Che as he spoke in a slow and measured manner, “I will have to trouble the Devil Master to be frank with me and tell me how exactly we can pacify your wrath and satisfy your anger. However, if our Southern Divine Region truly cannot accede to the Devil Master’s wishes, or if the Devil Master is determined to pit the Northern Divine Region against the Southern Divine Region, then I, the Southern Sea God Emperor, will meet you head-on.”

“After being an emperor for a lifetime, if I am fated to meet you in battle, this life will not have been lived in vain, no matter what the outcome! Hahahaha!” The Southern Sea God Emperor laughed uproariously as he raised his jade cup high in the air and emptied it with a single gulp.

His words had been exceptionally frank and he had conveyed his intentions in a crystal-clear manner. The Southern Divine Region did not wish to fight the Northern Divine Region, but they weren’t afraid of a fight either.

As this heavy atmosphere filled the hall, everyone’s attention was focused on Yun Che. They zoomed in on every change in his expression as they eagerly awaited his response.

It was at this exact moment that a voice boomed out across the hall. It was a soul-shaking voice that was as heavy as a mountain. “Southern Sea! Did you lot invite me here just for me to witness this ugly display of cowardice!?”

As that voice rang in everyone’s ears, a vast and boundless dragon might descended upon the hall. The entire palace seemed to tremble faintly as waves of energy churned the air.

A towering gray figure appeared at the entrance of the hall at this moment. All eyes fell upon him and it seemed as if an exalted and intimidating gaze was sweeping across every corner of the hall.

The Southern Sea God Emperor stood up and replied in a cheery voice. “Our Southern Sea greatly welcomes the Ash Dragon God. Please, take your seat.”

It was as if he had not heard those mocking words which had thundered in everyone’s ears.

The person who had just arrived was one of the Dragon God Realm’s Nine Dragon Gods, the ones who served directly under the Dragon Monarch himself.

The dragon race was strong but they never had a lust for battle. They were a proud and unapproachable race, but they were mostly possessed of a calm and steady temperament. In fact, they rarely ever showed their emotions on their faces. The stronger the dragon, the more reserved they would be.

Even so, there was one exception amongst the Nine Dragon Gods… and that was the Ash Dragon God.

He was the only Dragon God who wore his heart on his sleeve, but he was also the most violent and ill-tempered Dragon God.

His mocking words had appeared before he had. Among all the Dragon Gods and Dragon Sovereigns of the Dragon God Realm, only the Ash Dragon God would behave in such a manner.

The Southern Sea God Emperor rose to greet him. He did not seem the least bit angry and it wasn’t just for show either! On the contrary, a bizarre and excited look flashed in the depths of his eyes.

There was no way that the Dragon God Realm would be unaware of the true goal of this “grand ceremony”. The Dragon Monarch’s whereabouts were still unknown, but the person the Dragon God Realm had dispatched was not the strongest Dragon God, the Crimson Destruction Dragon God, or the wisest and most composed Dragon God, the Azure Dragon God. Instead, they had sent the Ash Dragon God, the most irascible, haughty, and violent Dragon God of them all!

As such, this matter might be far more simple… than he had initially expected it to be!

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