Chapter 1774 - Enraged alyschu's Thoughts

Against the Gods

A dragon’s aura naturally contained an oppressive might that affected all living creatures, so why would a Dragon God’s aura be any different?

The Ash Dragon God had come alone, just like the Dragon Monarch had when he came to the Eternal Heaven God Realm to attend the Profound God Convention. They had never deigned to bring along any servants.

The Ash Dragon God ignored the Southern Sea God Emperor’s words. He walked into the hall and every step he took felt as heavy as ten thousand mountains as his cold and haughty gaze fell on Yun Che.

Everyone in the God Realm was now keenly aware of the names “Yun Che” and “Devil Master”. Regardless of the Dragon God Realm dismissing and belittling him in the beginning, after a short few weeks, his name was growing more and more thunderous with every second.

After he stopped in front of Yun Che, he said in a dry voice, “Yun Che, Northern Region Devil Master, it’s great that you’ve come.”

The Ash Dragon God was much taller than most normal humans, so he towered over Yun Che even though he stood in front of his seat. Both his eyes and posture conveyed his cold and haughty arrogance.

The Three Yama Ancestors lifted their heads simultaneously. The attitude that the Ash Dragon God was showing to their master right now was intensely disrespectful in their eyes.

However, the race which most deserved to be arrogant in this universe was the dragon god race. The race which no one could afford to offend was also the dragon god race. The strength of the Dragon God Realm resembled a mountain which pierced the heavens and everyone had no choice but to fear and respect it. It had been this way since time immemorial and no race or star realm would ever think of offending the Dragon God Realm. Even the most craven and ambitious villains would not dare entertain any designs on them.

No one had been shocked by the mocking aspersions the Ash Dragon God had thrown at the Southern Sea God Emperor or his cold and haughty attitude toward Yun Che. Because this was a Dragon God, and it was the most wild and arrogant Dragon God at that.

Yun Che did not bother to look up at the Ash Dragon God. He looked down toward the floor as he said in a dry voice, “To think that a mere Dragon God would dare to act so disrespectfully in front of me. Could it be that you’re not afraid of death?”

Those words caused this vast hall to completely freeze over. The room grew so hushed that one could hear a pin drop.

A look of shock even flashed over the faces of God Emperors Cangtian, Xuanyuan, and Purple Micro. So it was natural to see such an expression on everyone else's faces as well.

The Northern Divine Region’s invasion of the Eastern Divine Region had been swift and brutal, but the profound practitioners of the Northern Divine Region had not taken even a single step into the Western Divine Region. They had very deliberately attacked the territories of the Eastern Divine Region that were far away from the Western Divine Region. They didn’t dare bring the battle any closer to them and clearly broadcasted their intentions for the world to see: They had no desire to offend the Western Divine Region.

This was something that made all too much sense to the inhabitants of the God Realm.

Since the Northern Divine Region had invaded the Eastern Divine Region on the pretext that the Eastern Divine Region had “started it”, it was very likely that the Western Divine Region would simply sit back and watch the two sides battle it out. But if they offended the Western Divine Region, it would be nothing less than digging their own graves, no matter how strong they were.

Although the Northern Divine Region had displayed a strength that had far exceeded everyone’s expectations as they handed the Eastern Divine Region a complete loss, no one thought to compare them to the Western Divine Region.

With the Eastern Divine Region's defeat, the probing discussions between the Northern and the Southern Divine Regions would dramatically change depending on the Western Divine Region's stance. However, Yun Che, who clearly did not want to offend the Western Divine Region and certainly shouldn't have even wanted to, had actually said such harsh and cutting words to the Dragon God that had been dispatched to represent them.

The Ash Dragon God’s dragon eyes narrowed slightly, but he did not seem the least bit angered. Instead, one side of his mouth began curling up in a mocking grin.

“Are they the great Yama Ancestors of the Northern Region’s Yama Devil Realm?” The Ash Dragon God seemed to be asking Yun Che a question, but his voice was filled with an unquestionable conviction when he spoke those words.

Even Qianye Ying’er could only guess at the existence of the “Yama Ancestors”, she had not even known what those words referred to at first. But it was now clear that the Dragon God Realm had far more information on them than the Brahma Monarch God Realm.

The Ash Dragon God had definitely been shocked by the dreadful aura of the Three Yama Ancestors. However, he had only been surprised by them. No fear tainted his heart… Because he was a Dragon God! Someone who had the backing of the Dragon God Realm! Once the Devil Emperor and the Evil Infant had disappeared from this universe, there was no other existence that merited their fear or apprehension.

“There are exactly three of them, just like in the records,” the Ash Dragon God said in a dry voice. “Though I do not know what method you used to bring them out of the Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness. But to think that just the three of them would give you the confidence to challenge our Dragon God Realm…”

He slowly raised his chin so as to deliberately look further down on Yun Che. His gaze was filled with unconcealed contempt and mockery. “I originally had some minor expectations of you. But it looks like you’re exactly the same as you used to be, a naive and childish fool."

The silence in the hall deepened and no one dared to even breathe too loudly.

No one had imagined that the situation between the people representing the Western and Northern Divine Regions would deteriorate so soon after the Ash Dragon God’s arrival.

As he looked at both of them, the Southern Sea God Emperor’s expression grew stiff and he looked as if he was at an utter loss for what to do. But his heart was practically bouncing with joy.

The Dragon God Realm had been a neutral realm throughout their entire history. They would not move unless they were offended. As such, they did not look like they were going to make a move, despite the present condition of the Eastern Divine Region… However, this largely had to do with the Dragon Monarch’s absence.

Even if the Dragon Monarch was around, it was very likely that the Dragon God Realm would not do anything as long as the Northern Divine Region did not touch the Western Divine Region. After all, no matter how strong they were, they would still definitely suffer significant losses if they threw themselves into such a grand and brutal conflict.

As a result, no matter how arrogant he was to the Southern Sea God Emperor, everyone still believed that Yun Che would definitely display the utmost restraint and sincerity in front of the Dragon Gods of the Western Region—even if he possessed a deep and abiding hatred for the Dragon Monarch over his antagonistic actions all those years ago.

This should also have been one of the goals of his visit today.

Yet the current situation was evolving in a way that far exceeded their expectations.

If the Dragon God Realm were to become thoroughly enraged… then what would his Southern Divine Region have to worry about!?

Yun Che suddenly smiled as well, and his smile was calm and playful. He finally deigned to look up at the Ash Dragon God. He only spared him a single glance before he looked away with that same smile on his face and said, “Very well.”

Without Yun Che’s explicit command, the Three Yama Ancestors would not move and their auras did not change either.

Upon receiving Yun Che’s acknowledgement, the Ash Dragon God gave a cold smile as he arrogantly turned around.

Given the Ash Dragon God’s temperament, he would have flown into a rage if it had been anyone else. However, he knew that he could not fly off the handle with the Three Yama Ancestors around, regardless of not being afraid of them. When it came to raw power, he was well aware that he wasn’t a match for any of them.

“Hehe, two of you are truly worthy of your titles. With just a few short words, you have already displayed soul-shaking power,” the Southern Sea God Emperor said with a cheery smile as he arranged for the Ash Dragon God to be seated. “Qianqi, the Northern Region Devil Master, the Ash Dragon God, and all of the god emperors have gathered here today because of you. When your father was appointed crown prince all those years ago, I had never even dared to hope for such honor to be bestowed upon me. What are you waiting for? Thank all of our honored guests.” 

A dashing man who radiated the aura of a Sea God stood up from one of the seats besides Nan Wansheng. He walked out and bowed in front of everyone in the hall. “Southern Sea’s Nan Qianqiu gives his earnest and sincere thanks to the Northern Region Devil Master, the Lord Dragon God, God Emperor Cangtian, the Xuanyuan God Emperor, and the Purple Micro God Emperor. Qianqiu is filled with both overwhelming shock and gratitude. Once I have inherited the seat of crown prince, I definitely won’t disappoint the expectations of royal father or any of my seniors.”

Though the ceremony had yet to be held, he had already been confirmed to be the crown prince. He was also the person who was exceedingly likely to become the next Southern Sea God Emperor, so his status was far different from before. As such, he did not need to kneel in the presence of all these god emperors and a Dragon God.

Yun Che turned to take a good look at Nan Qianqiu.

As a son of the Southern Sea God Emperor, his looks and bearing were naturally extraordinary. Nan Wansheng’s features were easily recognizable on his face and his tone was neither deferential nor disrespectful. His eyes were glowing with vitality and even though he faced god emperors and a Dragon God, they showed no fear. 

A Sea God aura that was at the eighth level of the Divine Master Realm… He had been able to merge with the Sea God divine power to such an extent over just a dozen years, it was an outstanding feat.

When Nan Qianqiu stood up, Yun Che clearly felt He Ling’s soul violently shake and tremble.

The Southern Sea God Emperor had used Nan Qianqiu’s appointment to crown prince as an excuse to facilitate today’s events, but he would never have dreamed that the words “Nan Qianqiu” were actually the main reason for Yun Che’s arrival.

“You truly do live up to your father’s name, you didn’t disappoint me at all.” The Ash Dragon God shot Nan Qianqiu a few penetrating stares before he gave him generous praise.

He suddenly thrust out an arm right after he had finished speaking. With a flick of his finger, he sent a cluster of grayish-white profound light flying towards Nan Qianqiu. “Even though your Southern Sea has truly been disappointing, the appointment of a new crown prince is always a big matter. I hope that you won’t look down on our petty gift.”

It was clear that he was still contemptuously mocking the Southern Divine Region for taking a step back before Yun Che.

The Southern Sea God Emperor let out a roar of laughter. “What are you saying? Were the Ash Dragon God to present to us a single feather, it would still be considered a heavenly treasure. Qianqiu, what are you waiting for? Accept the gift.”

Nan Qianqiu quickly walked forward to take the gift in both hands. As the profound light dispersed, a jade box fell into his hands. The jade box opened and dense and thick draconic energy immediately gushed out of it. It was, astonishingly enough, a perfect and undamaged dragon core of an extremely high level.

Nan Qianqiu was overjoyed. He bowed deeply toward the Ash Dragon God. “Qianqiu thanks the Lord Dragon God for his gift.”

“No need for that,” the Ash Dragon God said as he waved his hand. He then suddenly turned his head toward Yun Che. “Northern Region Devil Master, what grand present did you bring today? I’m actually very curious.”

Yun Che gave a smile that was clearly not a smile as he said, “How could I come empty-handed to such a grand event. I have brought a gift so grand that it can pierce the heavens, but I’ll only be able to present it slightly later. However…”

He looked at the Ash Dragon God and continued, “I’m just afraid that the Ash Dragon God will no longer be in the Southern Region to see this present.”

“Oh no, I can afford to wait and I’m also very interested,” the Ash Dragon God said in a contemptuous voice.

“Ash Dragon God,” Cang Shitian suddenly said, “do you know where the Dragon Monarch has been lately?”

Many rumors about the Dragon Monarch’s location had spread from the Western Divine Region. But today, they could finally ask one of the Dragon Gods directly.

He was well aware that this question would be presented to him, so the Ash Dragon God replied impassively, “If the Dragon Monarch does not want anyone to know where he is going and what he is doing, then no one will know. There is no need for you lot to pry any longer. If the Dragon Monarch wants to make an appearance, he will do so.”

He was indeed unaware of where the Dragon Monarch had gone and when he would return. He only managed to find out two things. The first was that he had gone to the God Realm of Absolute Beginning and the second was that he had severed his spiritual connection with all of the Dragon Gods. This meant that none of the Dragon Gods could send a soul transmission to him.

This sort of thing very rarely happened and it was clear that the Dragon Monarch wasn’t tied up in something ordinary.

The only one who knew the circumstances of his absence was the Azure Dragon God but he refused to reveal anything about it. It was clear that the Dragon Monarch had given him strict orders before he had left, so how would any of the Dragon Gods dare to disobey the Dragon Monarch’s command?

“...I see,” Cang Shitian said in a relaxed voice.

“Yun Che, I can’t help but say that your luck is actually pretty good.” The Ash Dragon God lifted his chin proudly as he spoke in an unhurried and arrogant manner. “My Dragon God Realm has never condescended to actively bullying someone, but the Dragon Monarch seems to have grown to hate devils over the last few years.”

Yun Che let out a cold and dry laugh.

“The Dragon Monarch just so happened to be absent when you and your devils decided to swarm out of the Northern Divine Region and cause trouble in the Eastern Divine Region. And when it comes to battles between divine regions, we won’t move unless the Dragon Monarch commands us. But if the Dragon Monarch were to return…” He chuckled coldly. “Given his loathing of devils over the last few years, I’m afraid even ten more lives wouldn’t save you.”

“So?” Yun Che said as he stared at him.

“On account of the good that you did back then, I will enlighten you on the two paths open to you.” The Ash Dragon God continued to look down on him as he spoke in a languid voice. “The first path open for you is this. As the Devil Master of the North, you should bend the knee as quickly as possible and declare your loyalty to the Dragon Monarch. Given the dragon soul within your body and the admiration the Dragon Monarch had for you back then, he might not necessarily reject you. And if he can control you, then he might also be able to tolerate the devils of the Northern Region who serve under your command.”

“And what is the second path?” Yun Che asked with a bemused expression on his face.

“Before the Dragon Monarch returns, take your people and run back to the Northern Divine Region,” the Ash Dragon God said in an exceedingly arrogant tone. “Since you are devils, you should obediently resign yourselves to your fate as devils. Living as beasts who can only dwell in darkness is surely better than being squashed like a pitiful worm, right?”

He leaned forward as he stared at Yun Che. His lips curved up slightly as his voice turned incredibly deep and somber. “Don’t blame me for not warning you in advance, because the Dragon Monarch really, really hates devils.”

He wasn’t saying these things just to frighten Yun Che.

The Western Divine Region was just like the Eastern and Southern Divine Regions, they had never had any tolerance for dark profound practitioners. The Dragon God Realm had also never made any laws to exterminate or kill any devil people and that seemed to be something that was carved into their bones, something that was inherited from generation to generation.

However, just a few years ago, the Dragon God Realm suddenly decreed that all devil people within the Western Divine Region were to be killed. This was a law that the Dragon Monarch had personally decreed and it was incredibly extreme and cruel. Even the bones of a devil person would not be tolerated.

This just so happened to be during the period after Yun Che had become a devil and fled into the Northern Divine Region.

One could say that the Ash Dragon God’s words were either a piece of advice or a threat, but in actual fact, it seemed more like he was pitying Yun Che.

The Southern Sea God Emperor’s brows twitched as his eyes narrowed into long slits. He suddenly realized that he had been a little too pessimistic about the situation before. The attitude the dormant Dragon God Realm was showing to Yun Che on their very first encounter was far more “perfect” than he could have dreamed. 

Before Yun Che could even reply, an earth-shaking explosion suddenly thundered outside the royal palace.

“Who is it!? How dare you barge into this… AAAHHH!!”

What followed that shockingly powerful yell was a wail of misery.

Everyone in the royal palace turned in the direction of that scream. Every Sea God and Sea Guard were about to move out… But in the next instant, all of their bodies froze and it was as if someone had nailed their feet to the ground. Everyone’s expression also dramatically changed at this moment.

Because, shockingly enough, the auras that were rapidly approaching them were the auras of four...

Level ten Divine Masters!

Of the four, two radiated an exalted imperial might which was not the least bit inferior to the Southern Sea God Emperor’s!

“Heh! To think that lowly lapdog nipping at the heels of the Dragon Monarch would dare to bark so arrogantly at our Devil Master!”

A woman's voice rang out mockingly in the distance. As a black light flashed in the air, a woman with ephemeral beauty appeared in front of the palace. As she slowly strode into the palace, her shiny gold hair gently swayed at her waist as it fluttered in the wind.

Shockingly enough, this woman was Qianye Ying’er!

Calling any one of the Dragon Gods a “lapdog” was something that was unheard of. The Ash Dragon God’s expression remained unchanged but his dragon eyes instantly flashed with explosive rage. He slowly turned around to look at the one who had taunted him, but when he saw the people who flew behind Qianye Ying’er, his pupils instantly shrank to pinpricks.

“Qianye Bingzhu, Qianye… Wugu!?”

The Ash Dragon God let out a strangled cry of shock when he saw the two people trailing behind Qianye Ying’er. He stared at them fixedly, as if he had seen a ghost.

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