Chapter 1776 - The Collapse of A Dragon alyschu's Thoughts

Against the Gods

Just a moment ago, most of the people in the hall were still convinced that Yun Che and Qianye Ying’er had only been joking around… At worst, this was an extremely unwise show of strength, something that could even be said to be rather stupid and puerile.

This was a Dragon God they were talking about!

When the Northern Divine Region had invaded the Eastern Divine Region, they had never once dared to show any sort of aggression toward the Western Divine Region. In fact, when the three regions had faced off against each other today, it wasn’t strange at all for the Northern Divine Region to kick things off by threatening the Southern Divine Region. But no matter what, they definitely shouldn’t have any intention of enraging the overlords of the Western Divine Region, the Dragon God Realm.

No, after Yun Che had said those words, how could this still even be considered a provocation? This was indubitably an unreserved declaration of war!

The dragon race was undoubtedly the strongest race in this universe. Even when they were at the same level of cultivation as their opponents, the dragon race was unbeatable due to their unreasonably strong vitality and their robust strength. As a result, “slaying a dragon” was seen as an exalted feat of martial prowess in any era.

As for killing a Dragon God… Even the words “as hard as reaching the heavens” were not enough to describe it.

However, Yun Che made killing a dragon sound even less significant than killing a chicken. If anyone heard those words, they would not even be scandalized by them. They would only find them laughable and ridiculous.

At the very least, the Ash Dragon God’s first reaction was to let out a huge roar of laughter. His laughter was so loud that it set everyone’s ears buzzing. “Hahahahaha… Well-said, well-said indeed. You truly do live up to the name ‘Devil Master of the North’. You’ve truly opened this supreme one’s eyes. Hahahahaha!”

As he laughed wildly, his eyes, which were staring at Yun Che, were completely devoid of anger. Only an overwhelming contempt could be seen in them. “It looks like this utterly insane butcher who has killed a bunch of sleepy, complacent pigs, that had grown fat on their own complacency, has let it go to his head. So now he thinks that he can slay dragons. Southern Sea God Emperor, how do you think the future generations will view and describe such a joke?” 

“Hehe, the one constant of this universe is that nothing is constant. How can people from this era hope to predict how the future generations will view us?” the Southern Sea God Emperor replied with a smile.

The Ash Dragon God gave him the side-eye him and his reply was filled with mocking contempt. “The Southern Sea God Emperor is reputed to be a brilliant and unrestrained person. However, it looks like rumors really can’t be trusted. A lamb who has been scared out of its wits is no better than a sleepy pig.”

The expressions of everyone from the Southern Region changed at those words, but no one dared to kick up a fuss. The Southern Sea God Emperor’s face did not even twitch and his faint smile still remained plastered on his face. “Ash, it’s true that rumors are unreliable and reality often differs greatly from fiction, but you’re being a bit hasty with your judgement here. Why don’t you calm yourself, sit down, and have a few glasses. Your verdict might very well change after several minutes have passed.”

“There’s no need for that,” the Ash Dragon God said smugly. “Our dragon race has never deigned to go out of our way to offend other people. But the people who have offended our dragon race have never had the chance to do it a second time. I’m sure all of you are well aware of that fact.”

He looked sideways at the four god emperors of the Southern Region. “Isn’t this also what you want to see happen the most?”

“Ah, how annoying,” Yun Che muttered in an impatient manner. “Kill him.”

In this Southern Sea Imperial Palace, Yun Che had actually said those two words while facing off against a Dragon God of the Western Region. He had said it so casually that it sounded like he was only ordering someone to swat a fly.

The moment Yun Che uttered those words, the Three Yama Ancestors, who had been quiet and still as corpses just an instant ago, immediately transformed into three black scars which streaked across the hall. A violent dark energy instantly erupted and filled the hall, and all of the light within the Southern Sea Imperial Palace was instantly devoured.

The Three Yama Ancestors. If one did not consider Yun Che, they were the ones who represented the pinnacle of the powers of darkness! 

When they released their Yama Devil powers at the same time, there was no question that it allowed everyone in the hall to feel the most dreadful dark oppressive might they had ever felt in their lives.

No matter how bad the situation was getting, no one truly believed that Yun Che would make a move against the Ash Dragon God. Because the moment he did take action, it would mean that he had decided to utterly offend the Dragon God Realm and there would be no room for negotiation.

“Wait a minute, ple…” the Southern Sea God Emperor swiftly interjected, but his voice was immediately drowned out by a heaven-shaking explosion of energy.


The Ash Dragon God had already rushed into the air the same second as the Three Yama Ancestors. As the Southern Sea Imperial Palace started to collapse, he broke through the ceiling and unleashed a vast and dense dragon might which spanned five hundred kilometers.

It naturally wasn’t possible for the Ash Dragon God to defeat the Three Yama Ancestors, but now that he had unleashed his Dragon God powers, who in this universe could stop him? He stared down at the people below him and as the dark yin energy of the Three Yama Ancestors rushed toward him, his gaze turned even more contemptuous and arrogant. “To think that you’d really dare to attack my supreme self. Yun Che, it looks like even using the word ‘idiot’ on you would be considered praise.”

“Foolish devils, be prepared to face the true wrath of a dragon!”

As his mighty voice shook their souls, the Ash Dragon God began to turn around and leave.

Yun Che still remained seated, his body had not moved a single millimeter. However, the corner of his mouth crooked up into a grin as he muttered three words.

“Get down here.”

His eyes started to glow blue, but that blue light only lasted for a second before it turned into a black light that was even deeper than night. The pitch-black figure of a dragon suddenly appeared in the skies above and its eyes were like demonic abysses. It bared its fangs as it released its boundless dragon might and let out a primordial dragon roar that was filled with boundless hatred and resentment.


The blue dome of the sky looked like webbed glass as the imperial palace split apart. All of the god emperors and Sea Gods… felt as if their souls had been smashed by a heavenly hammer. Their bodies shuddered violently as their minds went blank in that instance.

As for the Ash Dragon God, the color swiftly drained from his dragon eyes as they went from ash-gray to pale white in the blink of an eye. After that, even the pupils of his eyes disappeared and the only thing left in those eyes… was a shock and fear he had never felt in the hundreds of thousands of years he had lived.

The exalted draconic might that had originally erupted out from the Ash Dragon God and covered a vast space was instantly shattered into nothingness and his body, which had just soared proudly into the sky an instant ago, was sent plummeting to the ground.

The moment he landed on the ground, most of the dragon energy that naturally radiated from his body had already been dispersed.


It was at this exact moment that three dark shadows rushed toward him. The pitch-black ghost claws of the Three Yama Ancestors mercilessly slashed down at him as they pierced into his shoulders and chest.

The body of a Dragon God could be called the hardiest and toughest body in the universe, and breaking the skin of a Dragon God was as hard as reaching the heavens.

However, the strong dragon soul possessed by the dragon race, something which reigned above all creation, would suffer a fear that was ten times greater than any other living creature in the presence of Yun Che’s Dragon God Domain.

His Dragon God Domain displayed the ancient heavenly might of a True Dragon God.

As his dragon soul started to collapse amidst his overwhelming terror and sense of inferiority, it was no surprise that his Dragon God powers had also collapsed as well. The ghost claws of the Three Yama Ancestors seemed to slice into the Ash Dragon God’s dragon body effortlessly. Three incomparably dreadful blasts of Yama Devil power surged into and exploded within the Ash Dragon God’s body, crazily gnawing at everything they touched. 

The god emperors of the Southern Region swiftly roused themselves from their brief stupor, all of them immediately looking towards the fallen Ash Dragon God. His body had been pierced by the black claws of the Three Yama Ancestors and it was swiftly being dyed black. A black pallor had even come over his face.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhh… AAAAHH!!”

Violent pain which seemed to come from the deepest pits of hell swiftly brought clarity back to the Ash Dragon God’s eyes. As his dragon eyes regained their focus, a deep shock and fear could still be seen lingering in them.

He had not gone to the Profound God Convention that year. Neither had he personally witnessed and endured the dark soul that Yun Che had unleashed in his despair. There was also no way that the only one who knew everything, the Dragon Monarch, could let the world know that the dragon soul in Yun Che’s body belonged to an ancient Dragon God… the origin soul of the god that their entire dragon god race believed in.

If he had even the slightest clue about Yun Che’s dragon soul, he might not have been reduced to such a pathetic state.

“You…” His first reaction was not to struggle or attempt to flee. Instead, he looked at Yun Che and his shock, fear, and utter disbelief caused his eyes to bulge out of their sockets.

The fact that Yun Che’s body contained a dragon soul was common knowledge to the entire world by now.

However, only the dragon god race could tell just how outrageous this dragon soul truly was!

As shock overwhelmed him, the Ash Dragon God’s eyes had widened to their limits. He let out a hoarse roar as a gray-colored draconic energy suddenly erupted from his body. As an earth-shaking explosion rocked the area around him, a pair of enormous dragon wings unfurled amidst the eruption of gray energy. The Ash Dragon God was reverting back to his original form.

Normally the dragon god race would conduct their day to day business in human form as it expended the least amount of energy, and also caused the least amount of stress on their bodies.

The Ash Dragon God’s true body stretched thousands of meters long and the gray-white scales along his body glinted with a cold light that shone even brighter than metal. Just a single glance at this cold light would cause a Divine Sovereign or Divine Master to feel a clear sense of oppression, and even despair.

The moment his original form appeared and his Dragon God power erupted, the energy waves formed by that outburst of power could overturn the heavens and the earth. They were so powerful that they even managed to blast the Three Yama Ancestors aside. However, the three clusters of dark Yama Devil light did not disappear from the Ash Dragon God’s body. Instead, they continued to crazily gnaw away at that practically invulnerable draconic body.

Now that the Ash Dragon God had reverted to his original form, his draconic might had multiplied. However, he did not waste any time talking. Instead, his wings rent the air as he tried to flee the Southern Sea Capital with all of his might, his body trembling all the way.

This was the first time he had ever fled in such an urgent and disgraceful manner… and he was even doing this while in his complete draconic form.

All of these shocking changes were happening far too quickly and even the god emperors present could barely keep up. Only Qianye Ying’er remained calm and composed. She shot a glance toward the Ash Dragon God’s fleeing figure, dark energy bleeding from his wounds, as she let out a mocking laugh.


A dark dragon cry that was filled with ancient heavenly might and resentment rang out in the skies of the Southern Sea God Realm once more. But this time, the Ash Dragon God was prepared for it. However, the moment he unleashed his dragon soul with all of his might, his eyes instantly went blank again.

A huge black dragon appeared in his mind’s eye and it was as colossal as a star realm… No, the entire Primal Chaos itself seemed to be a resting place for its vast body. In front of its immense presence, his own draconic body, which had allowed him to haughtily look down on all other living creatures in this universe, was as tiny and insignificant as an ant. His noble and exalted bloodline and soul was so inferior to the presence in front of him that he did not even dare to stare at the dragon directly or even lift his head toward it.

He felt as if those two dragon eyes which could take in the entire universe were staring straight at him. He felt as if this dragon only needed a single instant, a single thought, to wipe him away from the face of this universe like a speck of dust.

Inferiority, terror, collapse… The gray dragon froze in the sky for a moment as his vast dragon energy crazily dissipated in all directions. After that, he once again fell from the sky like a shooting star.

However, because he had set up defenses around his soul this time, he had been stunned for a far shorter period than the last time. He managed to forcefully regain some focus and clarity just as he was plummeting toward the ground.

However, in front of the Three Yama Ancestors, this brief moment of stupor had already decided his fate. Three dark devil claws once again cleaved into his draconic body.

When the Three Yama Ancestors had been blasted backward by the Ash Dragon God’s unrestrained eruption of power, it had been an extraordinary shame and humiliation for them. They rushed toward him once again and their stances were no longer relaxed. Any hint of their previous casual playfulness and carelessness was now gone and they were baring their teeth and snarling at the Ash Dragon God as they attacked him with all of their might.


In that instant, an instant of absolute darkness descended upon this vast Southern Sea Capital. It was a darkness that struck incomparable dread in anyone’s heart.

The dark powers of the Three Yama Ancestors were extremely terrifying in the first place, so when they struck the Ash Dragon God, who could not muster up any sort of defence whatsoever, the three beams of unrestrained Yama Devil power instantly spread into his blood, meridians, and even his profound veins. These energies fiercely suppressed his body and profound energy as they mercilessly gnawed away at his body.


The gigantic body of the Ash Dragon God smashed into the ground heavily under the blows of the Three Yama Ancestors, causing the capital to shake violently. The Ash Dragon God’s face contorted under the enormous amount of pain he was feeling, but he refused to let out a single wail of pain. His draconic eyes bulged violently as his scales shook and even though the pain had multiplied several times from before, he was still doing his best to struggle against the Three Yama Ancestors as he bellowed in a deep and low voice.

Two world-shaking dragon cries had caused the Ash Dragon God, who should have been able to arrogantly make his escape, to be crushed under the heels of the Three Yama Ancestors… and it had only taken a few short moments!

The draconic intimidation that had struck all of the god emperors of the Southern Region had not been as dreadful as the one that had struck the Ash Dragon God, but it was by no means insignificant. When they saw the Ash Dragon God being reduced to this miserable state in the blink of an eyes, their stunned minds could barely process or register what had just happened in front of them.

“Devil Master, this…”

“Heh, to think that he was still thinking of struggling.” Qianye Ying’er immediately cut the Southern Sea God Emperor off just as he had begun to speak. She directly ignored the Southern Sea God Emperor as she gave a mocking laugh. “You two, go and quiet him down.”

The bodies of Qianye Bingzhu and Qianye Wugu, who had been standing behind her, turned transparent as they reappeared above the Ash Dragon God. Two beams of golden light shot down toward him, pressing against his body.

The Three Yama Ancestors and the two Brahma Ancestors. There were five ancestors currently suppressing the Ash Dragon God together.

The Ash Dragon God’s fluctuating and agitated draconic energy completely dissipated at this moment. His body froze as every whisker and scale that had been shuddering violently came to a sudden stop.

Under the power of these five ancestors, even gasping for breath or twitching a claw on his hand was an extravagant hope, so there was no need to even mention the word “struggle”.

The world grew quiet and even the dust flying in the air had suddenly vanished without a trace.

A dreadful stifling silence descended upon the half-ruined Southern Sea Imperial Palace. After they had witnessed the events that had just played out in front of their very eyes, they found it as hard to breathe as the Ash Dragon God himself.

Given the heights they had ascended to and their own experiences, they could barely imagine what sort of power would render a powerful Dragon God completely immobile.

Perhaps they were still having a hard time convincing themselves that everything that had just happened wasn’t a hallucination.

This was the Ash Dragon God! One of the Nine Dragon Gods of the Dragon God Realm! Existences which were practically viewed as equal to the god emperors in the eyes of the world. As strong as the Southern Sea God Emperor was, even he would not have been able to defeat him in such a short period of time.

The entire process had taken the blink of an eye… a mere blink of the eye, and he had already fallen into such a state?

Amidst that dreadful silence, Yun Che slowly walked forward and stared into the anxious, trembling dragon eyes of the Ash Dragon God. His gaze was calm and indifferent and it was as if he was looking at a lowly ant as he said, “Dragon God? Even someone like you is worthy of that title?”

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