Chapter 1777 - Cruelty alyschu's Thoughts

Against the Gods

Among the ancient race of gods, all of them acknowledged that the Dragon God was the next most powerful god after the Four Creation Gods.

Thus, as inheritors of the Dragon God’s bloodline, it was only logical that the race of dragon gods would become the strongest race in the world.

However, “Dragon God” was the divine title that used to belong to the Primordial Azure Dragon alone. Thanks to the blessing of the Primordial Azure Dragon, these so-called “dragon gods” were nothing more than people who were profaning the Primordial Azure Dragon’s name to Yun Che.

Furthermore, if there truly was someone that had to be given the title of dragon god in the current era, the only one who truly deserved the title was not these “dragon gods”, it was not even the Dragon Monarch. In fact, it wasn’t anyone from the Dragon God Realm… It was him, Yun Che!

Only he had inherited the Primordial Azure Dragon’s original bloodline, soul, and dragon marrow.

The moment Yun Che’s unleashed draconic might approached the Ash Dragon God, a feeling of oppressive pressure that even extended to his bloodline and soul overwhelmed him like he had never felt before.

At this most inopportune time, he suddenly understood why the Dragon Monarch had wanted to take in a young human cultivator who had not even reached thirty years of age as his foster son. Someone who had just entered the Divine Spirit Realm.

His decision reverberated through the Dragon God Realm and the reaction of those that lived there was a hundred times more intense than the reaction of the people living in the Eastern Divine Region. However, the Dragon Monarch had never once explained his decision to anyone, and that included the Nine Dragon Gods.

“The analogy you made just now was pretty good.” Yun Che’s voice was bored and it seemed as if he was praising the Ash Dragon God. “So I’m a butcher and the Eastern Divine Region were a bunch of sleepy and complacent pigs. Then…”

As he neared the Ash Dragon God, his voice turned calm and gentle. “Why don’t you guess what your Dragon God Realm is to this butcher?”

The Ash Dragon God’s dragon eyes shuddered before he spoke in a hoarse and strained voice, and it seemed as if he had used every ounce of willpower and energy to even speak. “You… better… let go… of me… right now…”

Even though he was in such dire straits, even if he was going to die, the Ash Dragon God was not willing to let go of the pride he had carried with him for his entire life.

At this moment, the Southern Sea God Emperor slowly walked forward and spoke in an amicable manner, “Northern Region Devil Master, all of us have witnessed the dashing figures of those under your command, and we are both shocked and awed. But now that matters have escalated so quickly, how about you let him go first…”

“Southern Sea God Emperor.” Yun Che’s voice was cold as he addressed Nan Wansheng without even turning to look at him. “I believe that everyone here witnessed just how rude and arrogant this lowly dragon was to me. While I’m not familiar with the rules of the Southern Divine Region, in the Northern Divine Region, according to my laws, this is an unpardonable offense, a sin punishable by death.”

“In other words, this is my own personal matter. It has nothing to do with any of you. I trust that none of you want to be dragged into this either, correct?”

None of the god emperors of the Southern Region made a single sound.

The Three Yama Ancestors and the two Brahma ancestors. These terrifying old monsters seemed to have appeared out of thin air, and there were still Qianye Ying’er and Gu Zhu waiting on the sidelines. Yun Che himself was a freak of nature more terrifying and venomous than any of these old monsters as well. Even though this incident was taking place in the heart of the Southern Divine Region, it had nothing to do with them. So who would dare to involve themselves in it? Who would even want to get involved!?

What’s more, if the Northern Divine Region and the Western Divine Region completely fell out with each other, it would only help the apprehensive and uneasy Southern Divine Region… The more terrifying Yun Che’s performance, the better it would be for them.

The Southern Sea God Emperor gave a faint smile. “There’s naturally no reason for me to intrude into the Devil Master’s private affairs. However, this is currently happening in my Southern Sea God Realm and the Ash Dragon God is also an honored guest that I personally invited. Furthermore, my Southern Sea God Realm has always been amicable with the Dragon God Realm. I can’t simply stand by and ignore what’s happening in front of me.”

“Can you show leniency to the Ash Dragon God on my account?”

Even though he was begging for mercy, the Southern Sea God Emperor’s tone was very neutral. He did not sound particularly intimidating or sincere.

Beg for mercy? Since when had he, the Ash Dragon God, ever needed to beg anyone for mercy in his life?

“Since when did my supreme self… ever need… the likes of you to plead for leniency on my behalf!?” He gritted his teeth as veins popped out in his eyes. “Yun Che… do you actually dare… to kill me!?”

“You’ve pleaded on his behalf, and that can already be counted as an act of utmost benevolence and duty. However, I reject your plea for leniency.” Yun Che still did not turn around. “Is this enough?”

“Of course,” the Southern Sea God Emperor said with a smile. After that, he stepped backwards and did not utter another word.

The Purple Micro God Emperor moved forward to stand beside the Southern Sea God Emperor. “Southern Sea, are we really going to just let this…”

The Southern Sea God Emperor raised a hand to cut off the words he was about to say. His eyes remained fixed on Yun Che as a strange light flickered in them. It was as if he was truly anticipating what Yun Che was about to do next.

“It looks like you still don’t think that I have the guts to kill you.” Yun Che glanced at the Ash Dragon God from the corner of his eyes. His voice was dull and bored, it was as if he could not even muster up the effort to show any contempt towards him.

The Ash Dragon God’s pupils expanded to the point where they looked like they were about to burst, but his body still radiated an intimidating pressure that could cow almost every living being in the universe. “Heh… Heh heh…”

He had actually started laughing again. Even though his laughter was extremely forced and filled with pain, it still contained a deep contempt. “So this is… the Northern Region Devil Master… Heh heh… What a colossal joke. You’re so foolish and naive… to think that the likes of you… can afford to offend my Dragon God Realm...”

“To think that someone like you… is deluded enough to believe that you can rule the God Realm…”

“Rule the God Realm?” Yun Che began to chuckle himself. He raised his head to the sky as he continued speaking, as if he was talking to both the Ash Dragon God and to himself. “If I truly wanted to rule the God Realm, the only thing I needed to do back then was to persuade the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor to stay. At that point, which creature in this vast starry universe would dare to disobey my commands!? And when the devil gods were about to return and calamity was about to descend upon the entire world, only I could ensure that this peace would last forever. Even your Dragon God Realm could do nothing else but to beg for my protection at that time.”

Those words weighed heavily on the hearts of everyone present.

This was especially true for the god emperors who had borne witness to the return of the Devil Emperor. They could not refute any of his words.

Even the Ash Dragon God’s violently shuddering eyes went still for a moment.

“If I truly wanted to be king, do you think the name ‘Dragon Monarch’ would still exist in this world!?” Yun Che’s voice turned cold. “The only people that I want to kill are those who deserve death. Do you get it?”

The Ash Dragon God managed to gasp out a reply. “Good. Then do it! Kill me and all of you… will definitely enjoy the fulsome wrath of my Dragon God Realm! At that time, even if you manage to escape, all of the lowly devils who accompanied you from the Northern Divine Region… will be buried along with me!”

“Hehe.” Yun Che let out a very peculiar chuckle as he replied in a calm voice, “I didn’t bring them out of the Northern Divine Region to give them a new lease on life. I brought them here as tools to baptize this dirty world in blood!”

“Them dying would be the single-most meaningful thing to me. Because I’m already dying to see just what will be left of your Dragon God Realm after all of them have died.”

The air suddenly turned solid.

An invisible chill deeply penetrated everyone’s soul as it gnawed at them like countless devil claws.

As cultivators standing at the pinnacle of the universe, everyone present possessed incomparable experience and cunning. Their hands were all drenched in sin and fresh blood.

Even so, the words that just rang in their ears were the darkest and most insane words they had ever heard in their entire lives.

The expression on everyone’s face dramatically changed as they stared at Yun Che’s back and the pervasive cold in their heart refused to fade. Even the Southern Sea God Emperor, who had been happily watching from the sidelines up to now, shot Yun Che a sudden look of consternation.

He had long called Yun Che a lunatic in front of his Sea Kings and Sea Gods. He also knew that Yun Che had not returned to conquer but to take revenge.

This was also the biggest reason why he, the most wild and arrogant god emperor of them all, had chosen to “concede defeat”.

The scariest people in this world were not those that were the strongest, but those that were insane.

At this moment, he suddenly realized that he had entirely underestimated the depths of Yun Che’s insanity.

“...” Qianye Ying’er’s brow wrinkled a little when she heard those words.

The Ash Dragon God’s widened pupils violently shrank at this moment… The dragon race was so strong that no one dared to offend them and the haughty pride of the dragon race also meant that they never stooped to bullying other races. As a result, during the million year reign of the Dragon God Realm, they had always been admired by the rest of the universe without exception.

If the devils of the Northern Divine Region would really be willing to throw away their lives to bathe the Dragon God Realm in blood… 

Even though he was absolutely convinced that the devils of the North were no match for the Dragon God Realm, given the power they had shown thus far, these devils would undoubtedly cause an unprecedented amount of damage to the Dragon God Realm. Especially if they were willing to trade their lives to achieve that goal.

After a brief period of heavy silence, his eyes suddenly turned away from Yun Che as he let out a hoarse laugh. “Haha… Hahahaha… Did you old devils hear that!? You’re willing to put your lives on the line for such a man… but he only views you as tools to be sacrificed whenever expedient… Hahahaha… and you still aren’t… UWAAAAAH!”


The sound of several dragon bones snapping rang in the air and reverberated like the sound of a mountain collapsing.

Yan One raised his head, terrifying devilish light gathering in his ancient eyes. “Dying for Master would be the greatest honor of our lives!”

Yan Two raised up a severed dragon bone in his withered hand. “We could only hope to die ten thousand times for our master’s sake!”

Yan Three’s lips split open as he bared his ghastly gray teeth. “Heehee, we live but to serve our master! What kind of crap are you trying to spout, you lowly dragon!?”

The Ash Dragon God was completely stunned by those words and everyone else felt as if something had been rammed down their throats. They were unable to utter a single sound.

When the Three Yama Ancestors said these words, there wasn’t even a single hint of discontent or resistance. They said these words with a pride that came from the marrow of their bones, the depths of their souls!

The Southern Sea God Emperor felt his scalp go completely numb.

These three dreadful old ghouls who shouldn’t even exist in this world possessed such great loyalty and reverence for Yun Che that it left him confused and perplexed. Their words flummoxed him… and they also nearly made him go mad with envy and admiration.

A god emperor was an existence that could reign over all creation. They would not deign to serve under any living creature. And this did not extend to just the god emperors either. Every god emperor had to treat the divine power inheritors of their realm with extreme respect. They had to treat them well and mollify them with indulgences, they even had to compromise with them.

Since this was the way of the world, they naturally would not be so silly as to think of them as loyal dogs who would gladly sacrifice their lives over and over again if they could.

Individuals as strong as them were the cornerstones of a realm, so they could never ever become loyal dogs.

However, Yun Che actually had loyal dogs who were not only as strong as god emperors, but were also willing to die a thousand times for him!

And he had three of them, no less!

He simply could not fathom it, much less accept it.

“What… a great… trick… you’ve pulled…” the Ash Dragon God croaked out in a hoarse voice. “What a great trick you’ve pulled… To think that the so-called Yama Ancestors… would actually be willing to become the loyal dogs of a fool… Heh!”

Devilish light flashed in Yan Three’s eyes and it was clear that he had been enraged by those words. However, he did not dare to make any rash moves. He looked toward Yun Che and asked, “Master, can we kill this lowly dragon now?”

Yan Three’s sinister voice did not shake the Ash Dragon God in the slightest. Although he was being restricted by those five ancestors, he still spoke in a proud and severe voice, “Come… kill me… Yun Che… If you have the balls… then… DO IT——”

Yun Che spared him a glance, then suddenly chuckled coldly. “Most of the people that I’ve met in my life are afraid of death. Furthermore, my experience has been that the higher up these people are, the more afraid of death they are. Someone like you who truly isn’t afraid of death is quite hard to come by.”

“But since I’ve met someone who’s unafraid of death, why would I be so kind-hearted as to allow you to die?”

The Ash Dragon God’s eyes widened once again as he let out a wild mocking laugh. “Haha… Hahahaha… It looks like you really don’t dare to kill my supreme self after all… Where did your courage go now? Hmmm!? Hahahaha…”

“I’ll let you die if you want,” Yun Che said in a calm voice, “if you beg me. It is only when you learn how to kneel to me properly that you’ll have the right to be granted death, do you understand?”

“Heh… Hahaha… Hahahahaha…” The Ash Dragon God’s face was twisted with pain but wild laughter still continued to erupt from his mouth. “You pathetic devils… are actually deluded enough to believe that this supreme one will submit to you… Dream on!”

“Yan One, Yan Two, Yan Three.” Yun Che turned around without sparing the Ash Dragon God another glance. “How to make a lowly dragon beg for death. I believe that I shouldn’t need to teach you such a simple thing, correct?”

That low command ignited the dark malice that lay deep within the bones of the Three Yama Ancestors. Their ancient eyes twinkled with a mirthful black light and even their voices had grown heated with excitement. “We obey!”


As soon as the Three Yama Ancestors spoke, a soul-piercing howl of pain rent the air above the Southern Sea Capital.

Countless black scars began to spread out from the areas of the Ash Dragon God’s body pierced by the ghost claws of the Three Yama Ancestors. It was as if millions of devilish black knives were cruelly slicing and dicing every corner of his enormous body.

The corrosion of darkness was already a sort of cruel torture in and of itself.

So how could it feel any better when it was being administered by the Yama Devil Ghost Claws of the Three Yama Ancestors?

Every single one of those countless black scars and every flash of black light was enough to instruct everyone present on what it meant to be better off dead than alive.

Nonetheless, the Ash Dragon God’s hoarse howls of pain only lasted for a second before he clamped his mouth shut. He was not even willing to let out a hiss of pain, much less beg for mercy or death. The only sounds coming from his mouth were the ghastly sounds of his fangs shattering as they ground together due to the immense pain he was experiencing.


To think that the most cruel Yama Devil powers could not accomplish the simple task of getting this dragon to submit. This undoubtedly threw the Three Yama Ancestors into a silent rage. They gestured with their hands at the same time. In an instant, the black scars criss-crossing the Ash Dragon God’s body, which was supposed to be so hardy that it was nigh-indestructible, multiplied, causing several thousand more scars to appear, and his bones started to break one by one. 

A veritable flood of dragon blood gushed out of his body in that instant.


The Ash Dragon God’s body spasmed violently and he had shattered his own fangs. Most of the experts inside the royal palace had let out involuntary gasps due to their shock, but the Ash Dragon God still refused to wail in pain.

“Heh… Heh heh…”

The pain of having his bones broken was no less than being tortured in a purgatory, but it could not break his pride as a Dragon God. He laughed, even if it twisted his face up into a sinister-looking mess.

“You… want… my supreme self… to beg for mercy… The likes of you will never be worthy…”

“Your deaths… will definitely be... a million times more miserable… than mine… Heh heh… Ha… Haha…”

The Ash Dragon God could laugh and even talk under such immense pain.

Everyone in the palace had been stunned by the immense pain the Ash Dragon God was enduring, but something else had now shocked them even more. Deep feelings of admiration and respect for the Ash Dragon God blossomed in all their hearts.

This was the willpower of a dragon, the soul of a dragon, the proud bones of a dragon.

“There’s no need to be so anxious, save some of your strength and enjoy the process.” Yun Che said in a languid and indolent manner. “I have plenty of time to spare. I’m sure that torturing a so-called Dragon God isn’t something that you get to see every day. The crowd will definitely want to take it in for a while longer, so you need to hold out for a little longer.”

Just when he finished speaking, the Ash Dragon God’s muscles started to snap as they were slowly being consumed by the darkness.

The dreadful sound of dragon fangs grinding together continued to echo in the air, but he never once let out a wail of misery or started begging for mercy.

“Northern Region Devil Master.” The Southern Sea God Emperor finally decided to speak up. “The Ash Dragon God has already paid a sufficient price for offending you. Since both you and the dragon race have a special connection and you have no great grudge toward the Ash Dragon God, can you bestow your kindness and mercy on him and spare him? How does that sound?”

“Offend” and “bestow your kindness”... The Southern Sea God Emperor’s words did not cause any gratitude to form in the Ash Dragon God’s heart. It enraged him and a hoarse and twisted roar of anger ripped from his throat. “Southern Sea… this supreme one does not need you to beg for mercy on my behalf!”

“Yun Che… If you have the balls, kill me… Do it!!”

“You want to die? Heh, beg for it,” Yun Che said with a dry chuckle.

“Ptooey!” The Ash Dragon God had just shattered the last of his fangs, but the wild arrogance in his voice had not faded in the least. “You ball-less wonder… a rabid dog who succumbed to the darkness… The likes of you will never be worthy!”

Yun Che turned his head to the side as he shot the Ash Dragon God an incredibly cold look.

Honestly speaking, the Ash Dragon God’s willpower had indeed exceeded his expectations… In fact, it had far exceeded them.

He was acutely aware of just how cruel and terrible the Three Yama Ancestors’ Yama Devil powers were. As such, he knew that the pain that the Ash Dragon God was currently enduring was actually no less than the pain inflicted by the Brahma Soul Death-Wishing Mark.

It would be fine if he didn’t beg for mercy, but he actually even managed to suppress his wails of pain.

It looked like he really did need to reevaluate the Nine Dragon Gods of the Dragon God Realm.

“Why is there a need to waste so much time on a mere Dragon God?” Qianye Ying’er suddenly said.

She continued in an unhurried manner, “Given the willpower of a Dragon God, he won’t beg for mercy even if you torture him to death.”

She stood up and looked at Yun Che before saying, “If you want him to submit, you merely need to destroy the things that are most important to him.”

“Go on,” Yun Che replied. When it came to the Dragon God Realm, Qianye Ying’er’s knowledge of it far exceeded his own.

“It’s really very simple.” Qianye Ying’er said. “To them, the two words “Dragon God” are more important than anything else. Even if they have to die a thousand times over, they will never abandon or forsake them, and it is even less likely for them to do anything that will trample on their pride and dignity as Dragon Gods.”

“Then…” Her perfect lips curved up into a sly smile as she softly uttered words that were no less than an abyssal nightmare to the Ash Dragon God. “Shatter his dragon core, flay his hide off his body, and brand him with the most insulting brand of darkness you can think of. After that, string him up in the Eternal Heaven God Realm and broadcast it for the world to see.”

“Let all the world marvel at his pitiful and pathetic appearance, let those ants which he would normally not even spare a glance look at him with pitying eyes. As such, the Ash Dragon God will become the shame of the Dragon God Realm, a shame made eternal.”

“In the future, when any race looks up the history of the Ash Dragon God, they will definitely see the words ‘humiliation’ and ‘shame’ recorded therein.”

“You…” The Ash Dragon God’s body suddenly started to shudder spasmodically as his draconic eyes swiftly turned from dull gray to crimson.

An invisible chill ran down everyone’s spines.

The Brahma Monarch Goddess, who had already been an extremely dreadful person before her fall from grace, had clearly become even more cruel and violent after her return.

“Very well.” Yun Che gave a faint nod of his head as he said, “Yan One, Yan Two, Yan Three, let’s follow Ying’er’s suggestion. First, shatter his dragon bones and dragon core and let him live while begging for death. As for the dark brand… Hmph, just carve the two words “lowly dragon” into his body.”


The Three Yama Ancestors shouted in unison. The dark energy that was ravaging the Ash Dragon God’s body stopped gnawing away at his bones. Instead, the darkness began to wrap around them and bent them in unspeakably cruel ways. The sound of bones snapping echoed like thunder in everyone’s ears.


Compared to being slowly devoured by the darkness, this was far less painful for the Ash Dragon God. However, the Dragon God, who hadn’t even been willing to let out a hiss of pain before this, suddenly wailed miserably. He roared in a voice twisted up in pain and anguish, “Kill me… Kill me!”

His voice no longer contained the stubborn arrogance it held before. It now not only sounded incredibly anxious, it was also clearly shuddering with fear. 

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