Chapter 1778 - Crazed Devil (1) alyschu's Thoughts

Against the Gods

Every living being in this world had a weakness. For the Ash Dragon God, someone who treasured his pride as a member of the Dragon God Realm above everything else in life, Qianye Ying’er’s brief words had been far more tortuous to him than anything the Three Yama Ancestors had done.

Yun Che slowly looked towards him as he spoke in a voice filled with disdain, “What? Is this lowly dragon trying to give me commands? If you want me to graciously bestow death upon you, you’ll have to beg for it.”

“...” Blood-colored lines began to slowly spread across the Ash Dragon God’s face.

After he had become a Dragon God, he had never begged or pleaded with anyone other than the Dragon Monarch himself. Besides the Dragon Monarch, there was no one else in this world who had the qualifications to hear him beg.

However, every single word that had come out of Qianye Ying’er’s mouth had plunged him into a hellish nightmare. No one would dare to do such a thing! No one would even be capable of doing such a thing! It was an action that would thoroughly enrage the Dragon God Realm, an action that went against both the laws of heaven and human morality, something which would provoke the condemnation of the world.

Yet Yun Che would!

Just a single look at the miserable state of the Eastern Divine Region was proof of that! Everything he had done today was proof of that! It proved that he did not have a shred of kingly dignity or decorum even though he had reached the level of the god emperors. He was clearly nothing more than a complete and utter lunatic!

He was both terrified and regretful. He truly regretted… regretted that he had chosen to provoke such a madman!

Once someone’s determination collapsed, their body would soon follow, and the Ash Dragon God now truly understood what the words “rather be dead than alive” meant at this moment.

“I beg...” His mouth trembled as it opened and closed more than a dozen times before he finally uttered the words that no Dragon God should ever have to say in this current era. “The Devil Master… to grant me death…”

These were the words that he had found the hardest to say in his entire life, the words that caused him the most pain.

However, that instant of monumental humiliation and shame soon gave way to a deep sense of relief. He even felt as if the pain in his body had lessened by several times and his dragon eyes slowly turned from scarlet to a dull and flat gray.

Everyone from the Southern Region was violently affected by what had just transpired.

Even so, Yun Che did not choose to mock the defeated and despairing Ash Dragon God. His face was completely impassive, as if everything that had just happened was supposed to have come to pass. He continued looking down at the Ash Dragon God before he said in a cold and indifferent voice, “Answer one final question. Who… is the true fool here?”

“...” A mocking smile flashed across the Ash Dragon God’s face amidst that dreadful silence… It had been a smile aimed at himself. After that, he began to croak with laughter before replying, “He… Hehe… I… I am the fool… He… Ha…”

The Ash Dragon God had always been a wildly arrogant man, and he behaved in the same manner even when speaking to the god emperors of the other realms.

Even after he met Yun Che, he still displayed the same arrogance, aloofness, and contempt that he always did… because he was a Dragon God!

As a result, he had paid a price that he had never dreamed that he would have to pay.

Right, he was a fool. Now that they had reached this point, there was no way he was getting out of this alive. His death today would ignite the fiery rage of the Dragon God Realm… but it would also, without a single doubt, become the shame of the Dragon Gods, the shame of the Dragon God Realm.

“Very good.” Yun Che uttered a word of praise before he turned around and casually flung out a hand. “Kill him.”

“Yes!” The Three Yama Ancestors shouted at the same time. After that, their Yama Devil powers erupted from their bodies, covering the vast Southern Sea Capital in darkness.

However, they actually did not need to do such a thing. Because the Ash Dragon God had lowered all of his defenses after he had said those last few words. He had even withdrawn all of the fluctuating dragon energy in his body… because he only wanted a quick death now.


In a single instant, the Ash Dragon God’s draconic body… the divine body of a Dragon God, something that the world recognized to be the hardest and most durable material in the world, exploded into dozens of pieces under the terrifying power of the Three Yama Ancestors like it was the body of an ordinary mortal dragon. A huge shower of reddish-black dragon blood poured down on the capital.

This scene rooted everyone’s feet to the ground and their eyes remained fixed on where the Ash Dragon God’s body had been, on the huge shower of dragon blood.

The four god emperors of the Southern Region had never seen a Dragon God die in such a terrible manner. As a matter of fact, even their grand ancestors, the original god emperors of the Southern Region, had not borne witness to such a thing.

However, the one who remained the most calm was the person who had orchestrated this mind-numbing event in the first place, Yun Che. He casually walked back to his own seat as he said in a languid voice, “I hope that I haven’t ruined everyone’s festive mood while I dealt with a piece of personal business. My imprudent actions have damaged this royal palace and I hope that the Southern Sea God Emperor will be magnanimous enough to forgive me.”

Yun Che’s calm and casual words made it seem as if he had merely squashed an ant which had been annoying him.

“...” Qianye Ying’er stared at him. Although she remained silent, her mind had started to churn furiously.

She had more or less guessed why Yun Che had come to the Southern Sea God Realm. It was just that she had never imagined that he would go this far.

Furthermore, she was keenly aware that Yun Che had not killed the Ash Dragon God for his rudeness… Even if the Ash Dragon God had paid Yun Che the same respect a grandson would have given his grandfather, Yun Che would still have found a “suitable” reason to kill him right here and now.

Droplets of dragon blood were still dancing in the air and everyone’s souls were seized by an uncontrollable shaking. The Ash Dragon God… One of the Dragon Gods, beings who stood on equal footing with the god emperors of the God Realm, had died just like that!?

There was no bitter and terrible battle. There wasn’t even much of a struggle. He had simply died in an incomparably casual… and humiliating manner.

They dumbly stared at the Dragon God’s battered corpse and Yun Che’s boundless black figure seemed to fill every inch of their quaking souls.

So this… was the Devil Master of the North! The person who had hurled the Eastern Divine Region into the depths of despair in less than one short month! 

This was… that Eastern Region’s Yun Che, the boy who had been far too kind and pure for his own good?

What had just happened would undoubtedly shake the entire God Realm. However, with this single move, Yun Che had now formed a blood debt with the Dragon God Realm that could never be resolved. The Western Divine Region, which had played the role of the passive observer thus far, would certainly come to blows with the Northern Divine Region in the future.

As the Northern Region Devil Master, there was no way that Yun Che wasn’t cognizant of this fact. But he had not shown a single shred of hesitation or fear when he had decided to kill the Ash Dragon God.

The Southern Sea God Emperor slowly turned around, a faint smile on his face. “I just said that a proper gentleman should gladly pay back debts and vengeance alike, and the Devil Master’s actions can certainly be considered vengeance well exacted! I have no choice but to give you my respect.”

“Respect?” Yun Che asked dully. “The noble Southern Sea God Emperor actually knows this word? What a surprise.”

The Southern Sea God Emperor didn’t dignify Yun Che’s words with a reply. He suddenly flung his golden sleeve out and a hurricane spun into life, causing all of the rubble inside the hall to instantly disappear.

The Southern Sea God Emperor’s body then blurred before he reappeared sitting on his royal throne. The other god emperors and Sea Gods wore stiff and frozen expressions on their faces, but Nan Wansheng alone was wearing a small smile on his face. “Since the Northern Region Devil Master has resolved his personal matter with the Ash Dragon God, it is time to turn our attention to my Southern Sea God Realm’s grand event. So I ask all of my honored guests to take their seats once more…”


A muffled explosion rang through the hall before the Southern Sea God Emperor had even finished speaking. After that, an uncanny gray light flashed in the air, causing a vast and dense dragon energy to fill the area.

Yan Two slowly raised his ghost claw into the air, and he was holding a dragon core in his hand.

The Ash Dragon God had been completely suppressed by a true Dragon God’s soul might. After that, he had been completely restrained by the five ancestors and from that moment onward, he did not have any strength to resist or fight back. As a result, his dragon core was completely unharmed. It remained in a perfect, flawless state.

This was the dragon core of a Dragon God!

A divine item that none of the god emperors present had ever laid their eyes on before!

Because every single Dragon God in the history of the God Realm had died of old age, and their dragon cores naturally dissipated as their lives came to a close. No one had ever been able to kill a Dragon God.

Even if there was someone who did have the ability and guts to force a Dragon God to their death, given their extreme pride, every Dragon God would destroy their own dragon core before their death. They would never allow the core of their strength to fall into their enemy’s hands.

Unfortunately, the Ash Dragon God’s power had been completely suppressed by the five ancestors. Trying to destroy his own core before his death would simply be wishful thinking on his part.

Thus, Yan Two was holding the first and only Dragon God dragon core to ever make an appearance in the history of the God Realm… and it was an exquisitely perfect dragon core at that. Its aura was so powerful that even the Southern Sea God Emperor had to stop and stare at it.

Yan Two’s black figure blurred in the air before reappearing in front of Yun Che. He bowed before Yun Che as he reverently held out the dragon core toward him. “Master, how should we handle this object?”

Yun Che stretched out a hand, and the Ash Dragon core gently floated into his palm.

Under the dragon god might he was subtly releasing, the masterless dragon aura grew incredibly meek and docile. It did not dare flare up in the slightest.

Yun Che subtly used his spiritual perception to probe this dragon core that was about twenty centimeters wide. The moment his spiritual senses came into contact with the core, it made him feel as if he had stumbled into a boundless world. The dragon energy within the core was so vast that it seemed endless and boundless.

Qianye Ying’er glanced at Yun Che. After taking one look at his eyes, she had already figured out what he was going to do with this dragon core. However, could Yun Che’s current mastery of “nothingness” truly allow him to refine energy on the level of a Dragon God?

Yun Che deposited the Ash Dragon core into the Sky Poison Pearl with a flip of his hands, causing everyone’s eyes to bulge dramatically. It was as if they had been startled awake and millions of ripples appeared in their hearts.

One could only obtain a Dragon God’s dragon core by killing a Dragon God… This was something that shouldn’t even exist in this universe! 

Yun Che waved a hand before he said in an indifferent voice, “Clean up this corpse, it’s irritating to the eye.”

Yan Two immediately sprang into action. As he swept a claw over the Ash Dragon God’s broken body, it was instantly sucked into a cluster of black light. After that, Yan Two closed his hand, making the black light shrink and slowly coalesce into a pitch-black spatial crystal that was about a half an inch long.

A bizarre smile suddenly flashed across Yun Che’s face as he took the dark crystal that held that Ash Dragon God’s body. He turned slightly to face the young man standing next to the Southern Sea God Emperor.

As the Southern Sea Crown Prince, Nan Qianqiu’s spirit and mind had long since been tempered and refined. He was no ordinary man.

However, the events that had just taken place had even managed to violently shake the souls of the gathered god emperors so why would he, an unofficial crown prince, be any different?

By the time he realized that Yun Che’s gaze was actually drilling into his body, Nan Qianqiu, who had refused to bow and scrape toward anyone, who had been charming and elegant throughout the entire proceedings, felt his body go rigid. 

He felt as if every blood cell in his body had stopped moving and the hands he had unconsciously balled into fists started to shake. He was unable to stop them from shaking no matter how hard he squeezed his fist together. As Yun Che looked at Nan Qianqiu, a ghost of a smile appeared on his face as he spoke in a languid voice, “I said just now that I would definitely present the new Southern Sea Crown Prince with a grand gift.”

He slowly raised a hand and the spatial crystal which contained the Ash Dragon God’s body was pinched between two of his fingers. “A Dragon God’s blood, flesh, tendons, and bones. Any one of these things is precious beyond compare and not even your royal father could ever dream of obtaining them.”

“Southern Sea Crown Prince, do you dare to accept this generous gift?”

“...” Nan Qianqiu blankly stared at Yun Che as chills ran down his spine. His scalp went completely numb and he couldn’t find the right words to respond.

He had just personally witnessed a Dragon God die a dog’s death so even though he was the Southern Sea Crown Prince, he still felt incredible dread when he stared straight at Yun Che. It was a sense of terror he had never felt before in his life.

He felt as if Yun Che was holding his very life in those devilish hands of his. A life that he could casually rend apart on a whim, a life that he could squash if he made him even a little angry.

Everyone was completely dumbfounded by Yun Che’s actions… He had actually taken the Ash Dragon God’s body and presented it as a congratulatory gift to the Southern Sea Crown Prince!? Was this why he had told the Ash Dragon God “It’s too bad you won’t be around to see it”?

Wait a minute, could it be that he had decided at that time… No, could he have actually come here with the intention to kill whichever Dragon God the Western Divine Region sent here!? These thoughts sent chills down everyone’s spine.

At this point in time, even the dumbest person among them had realized that Yun Che had come for an entirely different reason than they had imagined. In fact, his intentions might be completely opposite of what they had expected.


At this moment, laughter boomed across the hall like the tolling of an ancient bell. Nan Qianqiu was so shocked by this laughter that he nearly jumped out of his skin. The Southern Sea God Emperor stopped laughing as he said in a clear and bright voice, “Even though you are still young, since you are my Southern Sea’s Crown Prince, there is nothing in this world that you should fear! Why should you be afraid of accepting this generous gift?”

“Qianqiu, the blood and bones of this Dragon God are indeed treasures that even I, your father, can’t dream of obtaining. You should properly thank the Devil Master for bestowing such a grand gift upon you.”

Nan Qianqiu’s heart and soul were steadied. He knew that the shock and fear that he had just displayed had greatly disappointed his royal father.

He fiercely bit down on his tongue, his eyes regaining their focus and clarity. After that, he looked straight into Yun Che’s eyes as he began to slowly walk towards him. He stretched out a hand and took the spatial crystal that lay in Yun Che’s palm…. He continued to stare straight into Yun Che’s eyes throughout this entire sequence, his gaze unflinching.

“Thank you for the extravagant gift, Devil Master. I will definitely use the remains of the Dragon God well.” His voice was hard and steely as he bent his body towards Yun Che.

“Very good.” Yun Che glanced at him before giving a small nod of his head. It was as if he was an elder giving a look of approval to a junior… Even though Nan Qianqiu was many years older than even his own grandfather.

“You truly are worthy of being chosen as the Southern Sea God Emperor’s successor. Not only are your looks outstanding, your spirit is extraordinary as well. At the very least, you’re far more lovable than that lowly dragon,” Yun Che said in a warm voice. “Since you’ve accepted my generosity, then it shouldn’t be too much trouble to answer a few of my questions, right?”

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