Chapter 1803 - Soul Breakdown

Against the Gods

Boundless fury exploded in the Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s eyes. His counterattack was as furious as the look in his eyes, as a wondrous crimson draconic energy twisted apart the dark galaxy. Space collapsed in its wake as it viciously struck Chi Wuyao.

The two powers clashed for an extremely short amount of time as both the dark galaxy and the crimson draconic energy chaotically dispersed after colliding with each other. Both the Crimson Destruction Dragon God and Chi Wuyao were flung far away, but they also very quickly stopped themselves in midair.

“Uua...aaaaah…” The first thing that the Crimson Destruction Dragon God did was to press his hands against his head instead of suppressing his internal injuries.

He was stronger than Chi Wuyao in both profound power and strength of body, so there shouldn’t be any possibility of him losing to her in a fight.

However, that dark devil soul was like a rot that spread to the bone. It tenaciously clung to his dragon soul and he couldn’t destroy or dispel it no matter how hard he tried.

He felt as if millions of knives were piercing his soul during every moment of his fight against Chi Wuyao, and that pain exceeded any determination he could muster. Even a Dragon God was unable to beat it… Of course, nothing had ever been able to inflict such pain and torment on a Dragon God’s divine soul before this.

The devil soul was tearing away at his soul in an incomparably dreadful manner, so the Crimson Destruction Dragon God simply couldn’t focus on the battle in front of him. Every time he tried to gather his draconic energy, more than half of it would disperse due to the sensation of a million knives slicing through his soul.

His aura and senses had already become muddled… In the end, even his vision started to grow blurry.

Chi Wuyao’s body gracefully floated in midair after she brought her body to a stop. Her face had gone as white as a sheet under the gray mist that cloaked it, but her pallor went away in an instant.

“Crimson Destruction Dragon God, if you choose to flee with your tail between your legs and find a quiet place to get rid of my devil soul, you’ll be able to save yourself some suffering. However, if you keep getting distracted and continue trying to use your power, you will only end up plunging yourself into a deeper and deeper hell.”

Compared to the frenzied Dragon God, the Devil Queen’s voice still remained as ephemeral and alluring as ever.

“If you’re unlucky, my devil soul will invade your soul origin, and that ‘unrivaled’ dragon soul will be seeded with the taint of a devil. It’s something you’ll never be able to get rid of, you know?”

The Devil Queen’s soft and bewitching words lingered in the Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s ears like a devilish whisper that fiercely impacted his already ravaged will.

“Witch… You despicable witch!” The Crimson Destruction Dragon God howled in agony. Now that it had come to this, how could he not realize that he had been completely played by Chi Wuyao?

Challenging him to a soul battle seemed like a crude and lousy provocation at first, but it worked because it relied on the proud conceit of the dragon god race. This coupled with their confidence in the strength of their souls and their low tolerance towards taunts caused the Crimson Destruction Dragon God to easily fall into their laps.

As a result, the feigned weakness which was followed by a critical strike had now plunged the strongest Dragon God in the universe into the depths of a nightmare.

“Despicable?” Chi Wuyao said with a dry laugh. “No one interfered with the duel between our souls. Nor did we use any profound artifact to bolster our strength. This was purely the result of our own capabilities, but you’re calling me ‘despicable’ just because you lost?”

“Is this the so-called bearing and pride that you Dragon Gods are supposed to possess? I guess that I got to see it on full display today.”

Her words wore away at both his mind and his soul.

How would a strong and hardy dragon soul be so easily rocked by mere words? Usually the Crimson Destruction Dragon God would pay them no mind, but now that his soul was being tormented by the Devil Queen, his control over his emotions was far poorer than it usually was. As such, her simple taunt caused his rage to boil over.

“Witch! I, Long Fei, will bury you here today! Even if I have to shatter my own dragon soul to do so!!”

Asking him to flee? Asking him, the strongest Dragon God in the universe, to flee with his tail between his legs!?

There was no greater humiliation in the universe than this!

It was an insult and a disgrace to the entire dragon god race!

His draconic eyes burned with startling fury, but a sinister darkness was slowly writhing in the depths of those fiery eyes.

As he let out a furious bellow, scarlet draconic energy started to gather around him until it congealed into a deep blood-like color. Space started twisting apart under the pressure exerted by that blood-colored energy.


Blood-colored energy exploded towards the Devil Queen and it felt as if the entire world around them had sunk in a little.

This was a battle between five level ten Divine Masters, the highest level of combat in the current era, so one could well imagine how vast the clashing auras were.

Even those realms that were on the border of the Eastern Divine Region, which was relatively far from the fight compared to the realms which bordered that stretch of the Northern Divine Region, could faintly feel the space around them quaking.

Countless Eastern Divine Region profound practitioners were deeply shaken by the shockwaves and most of them immediately turned their eyes towards the north. There were even more figures that were flying in that direction at an incredible speed.

The Scarlet Blood Dragon Prison, that was the Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s divine power. By burning his Dragon God blood, he would unleash an extreme draconic power that very few in this universe dared to face head on.

However, Chi Wuyao just so happened to be one of those people. Her trademark black cloth danced in the air as sixteen darkness domains spun into existence and shot straight toward the Scarlet Blood Dragon Prison.

Scarlet light and darkness clashed as the sixteen darkness domains were simultaneously bent out of shape by the pressure being exerted. Chi Wuyao also swiftly flew backwards, but it was at that time that the gloomy black light, something that was a million times scarier than the most terrifying nightmare, flashed in the Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s eyes.


The stronger the power one released, the more defenseless one’s soul became. That was the law of things. Thus the soul-searing pain that he endured in this single instant was strong enough to blank out most of his consciousness. This naturally caused the power of his Scarlet Blood Dragon Prison to run rampant as well.


It sounded as if a million bolts of lightning exploded in the air at the same time as Chi Wuyao easily shoved the Scarlet Blood Dragon Prison away from her. The sixteen darkness domains merged to form a gigantic devilish-looking lotus that struck the Crimson Destruction Dragon God at his waist.

Darkness surged straight into his dragon body and even the blood that trickled out of the Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s mouth looked a little black.

However, the body of a Dragon God was still the most tyrannically strong existence in the universe. The Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s expression turned sinister, but even his body’s violent shaking didn’t cause him to move a single inch backwards. After that, his pupils widened to their maximum in both fury and madness.



The deep and agonized dragon roar was followed by an earth-shattering explosion.

A terrifying power that far exceeded her imagination exploded toward the distant Chi Wuyao. She gave a soft cry before her body fell from the sky like a pitch-black meteor.

The sky had gone dark, but it wasn’t because the power of darkness had devoured all of the light. Instead, the huge figure of a dragon had appeared in the blue dome of the heavens, and it was big enough to block out the sun.

His body spanned thousands of feet. Crimson scales sheathed his body and his claws were like heavenly hooks. His dragon eyes resembled seas of blood… The Crimson Destruction Dragon God had revealed his true form in his maddened rage, and his divine draconic might was crazily expanding.

On the other side, the Pure Dragon God had already retreated hundreds of kilometers. She had at first divided her power between attack and defense equally when she first started fighting the two Witches, but she was slowly being pressured into a purely defensive stance.

The coordination of the two Witches had reached unfathomable levels. Their auras, actions, movements, and attacks were in perfect sync with one another… The Pure Dragon God couldn’t shake the feeling that she wasn’t fighting two different people, but a single will that was perfectly controlling two different bodies.

When she heard that berserk scream of rage, the Pure Dragon God’s heart sank. The reason the Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s revealing of his true body didn’t fill her with confidence was because it meant that he had completely lost all of his reason.

A Dragon God reverting back to their true body meant that they would be at the peak of their powers, but it also greatly increased the burden on their bodies and the amount of energy they spent with each attack. They would only do this if they met a sufficiently powerful opponent.

However, if a Dragon God revealed their true body because his dragon soul was being eroded, it would cause their dragon soul to fall into an even greater frenzy. So wouldn’t that mean...

Now that this had happened, the Pure Dragon God found it even harder to concentrate on the fight at a hand. A mere moment of inattentiveness allowed Jie Xin and Jie Ling to shear off a lock of her hair with their devilish blades.

The Eastern Divine Region profound practitioners who had flown over to watch the spectacle were all currently frozen in midair, their eyes trembling in supreme shock.

A huge crimson dragon had appeared on the horizon. Even though they had gathered a great distance away from the fight, they still felt as if a thousand mountains were pressing down on them at this very moment. They couldn’t breathe and even their souls had been seized by uncontrollable trembling. No one dared to take even a single step forward.

“Is… Is that…”

“The Crimson Destruction… Dragon God!?”

Voices filled with shock and panic shook the air.

There were very few people of this current era who had even seen the Crimson Destruction Dragon God in person and the number of people who had seen his true body could probably be counted on one hand.

However, the unique true appearance of the Crimson Destruction Dragon God was forever etched in the memories of the star realms and sects who had sufficient power to bear witness to this fight today.

“This is the true body of a dragon god?” Chi Wuyao said as her delicate head tilted up to look at the massive body of the Crimson Destruction Dragon God. Her eyes were completely calm as she continued, “How disappointingly ugly. He doesn’t even look as nice as the pets that I rear in my dark ponds.”

“Witch! Die… DIE!!!”

The furious roar of the Crimson Destruction Dragon God was filled with equal parts pain and violent killing intent. His vision was heavy and blurry, and his senses were a complete mess. He no longer cared where he was and what he had been doing. The only thing he desired right now was to use the most cruel and violent attacks to tear apart the Devil Queen.


This was the most terrifying roar the Pure Dragon God had heard from the Crimson Destruction Dragon God in more than a hundred thousand years.

His eyes were crazed and his draconic aura rampaged all around him. It was clear that he was in a state of frenzy as his power erupted crazily from his body. After that, he immediately exploded toward Chi Wuyao like a streaking meteor.


One claw tore open the heavens.


Another claw caused the earth to buckle and collapse.


The entire space around him was torn as easily as flimsy cotton.

The wrathful power of the strongest Dragon God in his true body was indescribably dreadful. Every single blow he struck was equivalent to a world-ending calamity.

However, the dark energy around Chi Wuyao’s body had become even thinner at this time. As she faced those dragon claws head on, her figure seemed to flit in and out of that fractured space like a black butterfly in a storm. She cut a seemingly fragile figure as she wove her way through the destruction, but her body was approaching the Crimson Destruction Dragon God at extreme speed.

Even though the Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s current power exceeded the power of his human form, his mind and senses were completely scrambled. As such, Chi Wuyao could dodge his calamitous blows again and again. Her figure blurred one last time before she appeared above his head. After that, her black cloth struck down on it like a falling meteor.


It was as if the Crimson Destruction Dragon had been struck by profound lightning. He screamed as his entire body writhed in agony, his claws and tail wildly flailing in the air.

The gray mist around Chi Wuyao shimmered as dozens of clones possessing the same aura as her instantly popped up in the air.

Normally, this sort of clone technique would be entirely useless against the Crimson Destruction Dragon God. However, his spiritual perception was completely messed up right now, so afterimages he would normally have dismissed with a derisive snort were now indistinguishable from the real thing.

In fact, his basic senses and control over his body had already deteriorated to the extent that his first reaction was to try to tear and swipe at his opponents.

However, Chi Wuyao simply seemed to phase through the world-shattering energy storms as she appeared directly under his belly like a ghost. The black cloth that danced around her arms glowed with a gloomy black light before it struck out once more.


His dragon body shook violently as devilish energy flooded into it, casting a shocking grayish pallor on his crimson dragon scales.

“Arghhhhhh… Die!!” His long serpentine body writhed and rolled as his wildly surging Dragon God divine energy attempted to destroy everything around him.

To the west, in an area bordering the Eastern Divine Region, unease, shock, excitement and fear… were wildly clashing together.




The body of the distant crimson dragon convulsed and spasmed violently as the space around him rippled like water.

However, what terrified the onlookers the most was that even they, bystanders who were observing this fight from thousands of kilometers away, were actually being caught in the backlash of his attacks. They violently shuddered as waves of energy repeatedly smashed into their bodies, causing them to double over in pain.

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