Chapter 1804 - The Defeated Dragon God

Against the Gods

“What… what power is this!?” a lower realm king gasped through chattering teeth.

“It truly is a power befitting of a Dragon God… Truly befitting the power of the mighty Crimson Destruction Dragon God! How dreadful! It truly is a power that can shake the heavens and the earth!”

“There has been no record of the Crimson Destruction Dragon God taking any sort of action for over at least a hundred thousand years. To think that we were fortunate enough to witness it today.”

“That black light belongs to the devil race’s darkness profound energy! The Crimson Destruction Dragon God is battling against the devil race!”

“It looks like the news that the Ash Dragon God was killed by the Devil Master, Yun Che was true after all. The rage of the Dragon God is upon the devil race!”

“The Dragon God Realm is attacking! The world is about to change! Finally, the devil race is going to… ahhhhh!”

A wave of energy suddenly threw a group of powerful profound practitioners into the air. Those who were weaker straight up suffered massive internal damage and coughed blood.

“Go! We need to go now! This level of power can easily kill us even from a great distance… Ugh!”

Another shockwave hit them and cut off the speaker. These profound practitioners didn’t yet know that the Crimson Destruction Dragon God had entered a state of insanity and rage.

After that, the eastern region profound practitioners withdrew to safety. The news that the Crimson Destruction Dragon God was battling the devil people also spread like wildfire.

It was news that gripped everyone’s heart like a vice.

The Dragon God Realm had finally deigned to attack the devil race. The arrival of the strongest Dragon God of the Dragon God Realm seemed to herald an all-out war between the Western Divine Region and the Northern Divine Region.

This battle would decide the destiny of the entire God Realm.

There was one thing the masses didn’t predict, however. They couldn’t possibly predict that the Crimson Destruction Dragon God would do as poorly as he did.

Shame, rage, pain, the collapse of his soul, the complete loss of control… Anyone who saw the current Crimson Destruction Dragon God would definitely be convinced that he had gone stark raving mad.

Each attack was wilder than the last. His draconic aura grew more and more chaotic as well. Chi Wuyao attacked the Crimson Destruction Dragon God again and again while weaving in and out of his assault like a tiny boat struggling to survive a raging storm on the sea. 

Unfortunately, the body of a Dragon God was just too powerful. She wasn’t able to deal too much damage despite everything.


Crimson-colored draconic aura exploded from the Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s body and turned its surroundings into a hell of destruction. The black gleam residing in his eyes grew stronger, and he froze like a statue while his draconic aura crumbled like a punctured balloon. The following roar of pain was worse than anything he had experienced so far.

His loss of control allowed Chi Wuyao’s devilish soul to eat away at his own at an exponential rate.

It was the moment Chi Wuyao had been waiting for for too long.

She teleported to the core located at the center of his abdomen. The black ribbon she used as a weapon glowed as black as the depths of an ancient devil god’s eye.

An instant… two… three...

Half a breath!

The Crimson Destruction Dragon God was still struggling with pain. He had a vague feeling that danger was upon him, but his mind was in shambles, and he wasn’t even able to think of the right way to respond, much less act accordingly.

Of course, the Pure Dragon God sensed the danger and tried to go to her brethren's aid, but Jie Xin and Jie Ling’s black blade threw her back by force.

One breath… one and a half breaths… two breaths!

At the level of god emperors, a single misstep was enough to result in grievous injuries. If the Crimson Destruction Dragon God was his usual self, he would never allow Chi Wuyao this much time to gather her strength.

Unfortunately, the current state of his soul was anything but normal. Chi Wuyao was able to complete the process literally beneath his nose.

When the Devil Queen looked up again, her pupils had disappeared completely. All that was left was pure darkness.

“Lawless dark… grave of the Asura…”

She whispered a little something and raised her hands. All sound ceased in that instant, and it was as if time itself had become frozen. The only thing that still moved during this frozen moment was the black ribbon. It touched the Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s stomach, and...


Penetrated its gigantic body with a soft noise.

The black ribbon had cut through the true body of the strongest Dragon God like it was made of paper.

Finally, sound and time was restored to the world.


Blood gushed out of the Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s back and stomach like a pair of fountains. Another soul rending roar later, a rampaging power that felt like the eruption of ten thousand volcanoes surged toward the front.

The devilish energy protecting Chi Wuyao crumbled, and she dropped like a rock.

Right above her was a rain of Dragon God blood.

This wasn’t the first time the Crimson Destruction Dragon God had suffered a horrible wound.

However, no one had ever managed to pierce his body before.

The pain inflicted upon his body didn’t amount to even a millionth of the damage his belief and willpower suffered.

“!!!” The Pure Dragon God was famed for her eternal calm, but her hundred thousand-year old heart still sank like a rock when she saw the shower of dragon blood.

That tiny moment of distraction was enough for Jie Xin and Jie Ling to exploit.

The Twin Calamity Witch Killing Formation was an ancient devil technique etched in the memory of the Nirvana Devil Emperor’s soul. Although Chi Wuyao was the teacher, Jie Xin and Jie Ling were the only two people in the entire world who could execute it perfectly.

Chi Wuyao had even altered the name of the technique to fit them.

The two Witches attacked like phantoms, drawing a web of darkness that surrounded the Pure Dragon God from all sides with their blades.

Space itself was cut into many even fragments.


The Pure Dragon God’s knowledge and experience were a hundred times greater than Jie Xin and Jie Ling’s. She immediately determined that this was a terrifying technique she couldn’t withstand directly.

Unlike the other Dragon Gods, she felt no shame in being on the back foot in a fight. She immediately protected her entire body with her power, dashed away from the killing zone of the technique, and reappeared about five kilometers away. However, she still felt two points of bone-chilling iciness on her face.

Droplets of blood slid down her face. A pair of wounds had been etched onto her right cheek.

As if emulating the Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s injury, the Pure Dragon God became the second Dragon God in the world to suffer a wound, and it was the most humiliating injury a woman could suffer… a disfiguring wound!

However, the Pure Dragon God didn’t fly into a rage. She didn’t even pause to consider her disfigurement, seizing the temporary lull in Jie Xin and Jie Ling’s movement to charge toward the Crimson Destruction Dragon God.

By now, the Crimson Destruction Dragon God couldn’t identify friend from foe anymore. When he sensed an aura approaching him at high speed, he immediately let out an angry roar and attacked it.


Space compressed and swelled as power battled against power… after the Pure Dragon God caught the Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s claws firmly, she growled, “Big brother, it’s me!”

“Grr… ahhhhh!” The Crimson Destruction Dragon God couldn’t stop growling because his pain had become ten times worse than it was at the beginning. However, he wasn’t so far gone that he couldn’t recognize the Pure Dragon God. He withdrew his power while trembling like a leaf.

“We need to leave now, big brother! Quickly!” The Pure Dragon God enveloped her energy around the Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s claw and herself and dragged him toward the west.

“Ahhhhhh!” The Crimson Destruction Dragon God struggled greatly against her actions. He pushed her away violently before roaring painfully, “I… Crimson Destruction… never escape… a battlefield!”

“Witch… must kill the witch… must… kill… ahhhhh!”

A white light shone from the Pure Dragon God’s pupils, and a white, semi-transparent shadow appeared behind her. Then, she spoke to him using the voice of her dragon soul,

“Wake up, big brother! If we don’t expel the devil soul from your body while we still can, your dragon soul will be damaged forever! Do you want to fall into the abyss of no return!?”

The voice of her soul traveled all the way to the bottom of the Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s soul. Finally, a bit of clarity returned to the Dragon God’s eyes.

“Let’s go!!”

The Pure Dragon God regathered her strength and pulled the Crimson Destruction Dragon God toward the west once more.

This time, the older dragon only struggled a little before giving in.

This way, he could tell himself that the Pure Dragon God had dragged him away; that it wasn’t his wish to escape from a battlefield.

Before he left, he looked back at the space where his blood was spilled. Chi Wuyao looked as tiny as a grain of sand from where he was, but her image was imprinted to his soul like a permanent brand of shame.

Blood was pouring out of his back even now. Every drop of blood was overflowing with hatred.

Chi Wuyao hadn’t given the order to pursue, so Jie Xin and Jie Ling did nothing even though Crimson Destruction and Pure were escaping right before their eyes. They turned around and returned to their master’s side at the same time.

The black mist that seemed to permanently surround Chi Wuyao’s figure had faded. Both Jie Xin and Jie Ling stared worriedly at the Devil Queen’s pale complexion. “Master, you…”

Chi Wuyao gave them a small smile and shook her head, indicating that she was okay. She then called out lightly, “Hua Jin.”

A couple of breaths later, a person appeared before her out of nowhere. It was none other than the Seventh Witch, Hua Jin.

“How did it go?” Chi Wuyao asked.

Hua Jin replied respectfully, “I understand now why it is considered the treasure of the Glazed Light Realm. Its performance far exceeded my imagination. No wonder it was able to fool all the god emperors back then.”

As she raised both her hands up in the air, one could see an orb sparkling with crystalline light nestled in the palm of her hands.

It was the Illusory Glazed Imagery Jade!

It was this item that allowed Shui Meiyin to engrave the truth of that day without being noticed by anyone. It was the item that caused the collapse of faith in all three divine regions after its contents was projected to the world via the Eternal Heaven Projection.

In Chi Wuyao’s opinion, the four Illusory Glazed Imagery Jades had been worth as much as billions of soldiers. It was also why she had, with Shui Meiyin’s permission, taken one for herself some time ago.

Chi Wuyao accepted the jade and scanned it briefly with her consciousness. Her smile widened.

“Wonderful. Looks like we’ll have to make a trip to the Eternal Heaven God Realm first,” Chi Wuyao said casually. “Sigh, I almost don’t want to leave for the Southern Divine Region. The Eternal Heaven Projection is so useful…”

Suddenly, she cut herself short as an unnatural redness colored her face red. Then, a jet of blood broke through her hasty control and spilled out of her mouth.


All three Witches turned as white as a sheet. They hurriedly rushed to their master’s aid.

That was just the beginning. Several more mouthfuls of blood spilled between her lips, and the strong front Chi Wuyao had been putting up all this time finally crumbled alongside her devilish aura. She fell limp and allowed Jie Xin to catch her head with her chest.

Although she had successfully dealt the Crimson Destruction Dragon God a terrible blow, it wasn’t easy to battle the strongest Dragon God in the world in his true form. The waves of power he unleashed in his madness were absolutely deadly, and although she hadn’t taken a direct hit the grazes alone were enough to injure her.

The Nirvana Devil Emperor’s soul was of a far higher level than Crimson Destruction’s soul. However, it was just a wisp; an ant compared to the mountain that was Crimson Destruction. Chi Wuyao hadn’t had as easy of a time ignoring his soul retaliations as it had looked like during the battle.

Chi Wuyao pressed a bloodless palm to her chest. She didn’t try to push herself and continued leaning onto Jie Xin for support. A gentle smile crossing her lips, she said, “Don’t worry, that red dragon is far worse off than I am. Even if he manages to expel my devil’s soul, he’ll be like a frightened kitten in my presence for at least a millennium. This alone is worth the price.”

“Please don’t speak, master. We will heal your wounds right away,” Hua Jin said urgently.

Chi Wuyao shook her head lightly. “I am fine. We mustn’t delay our travel to Eternal Heaven God Realm. Let us move now.”

“One more thing, you can’t let the Devil Master… know about… my injuries…”

As her vision suddenly went blurry, an irresistible wave of fatigue and powerlessness assaulted her. Her world spun for an instant and then everything went dark.


When a bloodied Crimson Destruction Dragon God returned to the Dragon God Realm with the Pure Dragon God supporting him, it was as if the realm itself had suddenly turned into an icy hell. The King Dragons, the Dragon Guards, the Master Dragons, the Dragon Sovereigns and even the Dragon Gods were so shocked they could die.

The Pure Dragon God had no time to explain everything in detail. Her first priority was to assemble all the Dragon Gods and chase away the devil soul embedded in Crimson Destruction’s soul.

However, terrible news hit them like a lightning bolt before they cured Crimson Destruction...

The devil race had activated the Eternal Heaven Projection once more.

Shockingly enough, the main character of the show this time was the head of the Dragon God Realm’s Nine Dragon Gods—the Crimson Destruction Dragon God!

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