Chapter 1805 - The Disheartened Western Divine Region

Against the Gods

The powerful and mysterious Crimson Destruction Dragon God appeared on the screens above them. The Devil Queen of the North beat him back again and again and his hoarse cries and roars of pain filled the air before he finally revealed his true body.

The huge crimson dragon let out a soul-shattering roar as it attacked in a maddened frenzy. It looked just like a crazy dragon which had lost its soul… After that, Chi Wuyao streaked past its attacks and dealt incredible blows to it, causing the heavens to rain dragon blood, a shocking sight that no one thought they would ever witness.

On the other side, the Pure Dragon God was getting relentlessly bombarded by the attacks of the two Witches, and it even ended with her face getting slashed by a blade of black energy. In the end, she finally managed to break away from them and flee with the Crimson Destruction Dragon God in tow, a long trail of blood streaming behind her.

No matter how elaborate or well-reasoned a piece of news was, the impact it imparted could never ever be compared to that of an actual image. These images swiftly spread from the Eastern Divine Region to the rest of the God Realm, and they sent a huge tidal wave crashing down on the still-reeling divine regions.

The truth being publicly exposed had destroyed everyone’s trust. The consecutive defeats of the Eastern Divine Region and Southern Divine Region had been major blows against their psyche. This image, however, was undoubtedly a fatal blow to the confidence of every single profound practitioner in the God Realm.

This was doubly true for the ones in the Western Divine Region!

What sort of beings were the Nine Dragon Gods?

They were the left and right arms of the Dragon Monarch, the cornerstones of the Dragon God Realm. Their status in the God Realm was so exalted that they stood on equal footing with the god emperors of the other king realms.

The Ash Dragon God’s miserable death in the Southern Sea God Realm had sent shockwaves through the entire God Realm and everyone immediately expected the Dragon God Realm’s furious response. But no one had looked down on the Ash Dragon God or expressed any disappointment in him.

This was because the rumors had said that the strongest devils of the Northern Divine Region had accompanied Yun Che to the Southern Sea God Realm. So no matter how strong the Ash Dragon God was, there was nothing he could do if the core forces of the Northern Divine Region had ganged up on him.

However, things were different for the Crimson Destruction Dragon God… The images showed that he and the Devil Queen were engaged in a one-on-one duel and no external forces interfered with their fight. Yet he ended up being abused by the Devil Queen and the fight ended with her drilling a hole through him. He even had to be forcibly dragged away by the Pure Dragon God as she fled.

Furthermore, the Pure Dragon God had been completely suppressed by two Witches who were far less famous than she. She could barely even return a blow and it even ended with her receiving a humiliating blow to her face.

The number one Dragon God had not only lost to the Devil Queen, he had lost in a manner which was devoid of any dignity or grace and the lasting impression he left on everyone was the dragon blood that poured crazily from his body.

The Eastern Divine Region trembled while the Southern Divine Region shook, and even those devils who were currently quietly moving to the south sank to their knees in awe and wonder when they saw the images being broadcast above them. It was just like when they had all knelt in awe of the majestic power of the Devil Master.

As for the Western Divine Region, they had descended into a terrifying silence at this very moment.

Even though they were the strongest divine region in the God Realm, the Dragon God Realm-led Western Divine Region had been almost indifferent to the invasion of the Northern Divine Region. Even when the Eastern Divine Region’s forces were swept off the board and when the Southern Divine Region’s were turned upside down in a single night, they still believed that the Dragon God Realm was a heavenly moat that the devils simply couldn’t cross.

This was because the Dragon God Realm was just that powerful. In fact, the Nine Dragon Gods themselves were practically equivalent to nine god emperors.

Furthermore, the powerful individuals who inherited memories from their ancestors knew that the head of the Nine Dragon Gods, the Crimson Destruction Dragon God, was a terrifying existence that outstripped all other god emperors, a being second only to the Dragon Monarch himself.

It was this ardent belief that allowed them to face the devils of the Northern Divine Region without even batting an eye. But now, this faith had been cruelly shattered in the most direct and clear manner, in a way that could not be questioned at all.

When the news of this reached the Dragon God Sacred Hall, the expression on every Dragon God’s face turned incomparably somber.

Even though the Crimson Destruction Dragon God was fully focused right now, his dragon soul was still being tormented by Chi Wuyao’s devilish incursion. It was hard for him to settle both his mind and soul, his vision immediately went black the moment he landed on the ground. Blood spewed from his mouth and he nearly fainted right there and then.

When they finally saw the cycling images, all the other Dragon Gods… felt their blood rush crazily to their heads. Their faces alternated between turning as red as blood and as black as the bottom of a wok as they started to breathe heavily.

A Dragon God could lose or even die, but how could they allow themselves to make such a disgraceful, pathetic, and ugly showing...

As the ones who understood the Crimson Destruction Dragon God the best, they could scarcely believe that the frenzied dragon in those images was actually him!

He had not only lost his own honor and dignity, his actions had also been the equivalent of having all the Dragon Gods suffer countless humiliating slaps across the face.

At this moment, all the Dragon Gods knew that Chi Wuyao had set this trap so that she could shame the entire dragon god race by association.

She first drew their attention towards the north. Once she found out that it was the Crimson Destruction Dragon God who had been lured in, she immediately formed the second part of her plan. And now, she had sprung her final trap… This unprecedented feeling of humiliation made all the Dragon Gods feel as if shit had literally rained down on their heads!

They had been well and truly caught in her web, and in the end, it had resulted in a huge thunderclap being set off in the already shaky God Realm.

“Despicable… Witch… I will definitely… kill you!” The Crimson Destruction Dragon God growled through broken teeth. His eyes were like a scarlet abyss and every single one of his words was filled with hate.

Two hundred thousand years of pride and glory had been destroyed in a single day.

“There’s no need to brood over it,” the Azure Dragon God comforted him in the calmest voice he could manage. He forcibly suppressed the writhing of his heart before he continued, “This affair will undoubtedly rock the hearts of the Western Divine Region, but it will not affect our Dragon God Realm. Big brother will definitely be able to repay the resentment he feels today ten thousand times over once two months have passed.”

This was how he consoled Long Fei.

However, did this truly not affect the Dragon God Realm?

At the very least, even the somber-looking Azure Dragon God, who was currently trying to comfort the Crimson Destruction Dragon God in a calm voice, was far from as calm as he looked. Even if one discounted the huge and heavy shame he currently felt, his emotions were still a huge mess.

The Ash Dragon God had died miserably and he had only managed to send a single soul transmission before his death.

Now the Crimson Destruction Dragon God had suffered a humiliating defeat. Even though he had fallen for the Devil Queen’s trap, a loss was still a loss. What’s more, strength had never been the sole deciding factor between victory and defeat, glory and shame.

The Eastern Divine Region and the Southern Divine Region were currently engulfed by darkness. And now, a long and dark shadow had entered the hearts of the Dragon God Realm before they had even started the fight against the devils.

The devils that Yun Che led were far more terrifying than anyone had previously imagined… Furthermore, they kept exceeding even the highest estimates that had been set for them.

Today, even if the Dragon Monarch had not given that command in the God Realm of Absolute Beginning, none of the Dragon Gods would dare to make any rash moves any longer.

Only the return of the Dragon Monarch could restore everything back to normal right now!


Western Divine Region, Qilin Realm.

The strongest king realm after the Dragon God Realm in the Western Divine Region seemed to be receiving a lot of guests today. Furthermore, these guests came in the most discreet ways and they all quietly left after the briefest of visits.

“Sigh.” The Qilin Emperor was standing on the roof of a tall tower as he let out a soft sigh. After that, he looked away from the cloudy sky and turned to greet his latest visitor. “You’ve come.”

Cold energy swirled in the air and an icy mist slowly parted to reveal a tall and willowy maiden dressed all in blue.

“Qilin Emperor, I’ve come to disturb you yet again,” the Blue Dragon Emperor replied.

“I’ve been waiting for you for quite a while actually,” the Qilin Emperor said with a warm look on his face. He wanted to greet her with his usual smile, but no matter how hard he tried, his lips simply refused to obey.

“This aura…” the Blue Dragon Emperor said as she walked toward him, “the Myriad Manifestations God Emperor came?”

“All of them paid me a visit,” the Qilin Emperor replied.

“...” The Blue Dragon Emperor lapsed into a short period of silence, but her face remained as calm as ever.

“Between the heavens and the earth, across the myriad realms, with Long Bai as king and Long Fei as his second, as long as both dragons circle the heavens, there is no chaos in the land that will go unquelled.”

The Qilin Emperor let out a long sigh before continuing, “In my long life, I have never ever doubted those words before. At least before yesterday that is.”

The Blue Dragon Emperor replied, “So even you were that shaken by yesterday’s event. However, according to the news that came from the Dragon God Realm, the Crimson Destruction Dragon God fell into the Devil Queen’s trap and that was the reason for his loss. He was definitely in an abnormal state during yesterday’s broadcast, so the story is more than plausible.”

The Qilin Emperor shook his head and said, “But a loss is still a loss. Moreover, he not only lost, but he also lost in such an undignified and pathetic manner. Furthermore, the high-ranked members of the dragon race have never made excuses for their losses. Thus, the Dragon God Realm spreading this news actually hurts rather than helps them, because it shows that even the Dragon Gods have grown nervous about the situation.”

“Yes.” As a fellow high-ranked member of the dragon race, the Blue Dragon Emperor had no choice but to concede this point.

“Qilin Emperor, I’ve come today to seek your counsel.” After a short piece, the Blue Dragon Emperor decided to speak plainly, “In other words, I hope that I can get your acknowledgement regarding a certain matter.”

“Heh heh.” Before the Blue Dragon Emperor even asked her question, the Qilin Emperor let out a dry chuckle and said, “Blue Dragon Emperor, there is no need to feel shame or fear over what you are feeling and thinking right now. On the contrary, this is exactly what you should be feeling.”

The Blue Dragon Emperor’s lips twitched, “...”

“If you were merely a normal profound practitioner, then any decision that you made would only concern your hot blood alone. However, you are the Blue Dragon Emperor. As the ruler of a king realm, you are responsible for a gigantic star realm that has continued on for tens of thousands of years. You do not have the right to be impulsive. You don’t even have the right to be selfish. Each and every one of your decisions should be made for the sake of the Blue Dragon Realm’s continued prosperity and survival.”

“I am no different from you in that regard.”

This reply caused the Blue Dragon Emperor’s brow to furrow. She cautiously asked, “You’re saying that…”

“After the Dragon Monarch returns to his realm, we will have no choice but to obey his commands. Even if it isn’t because of the Dragon God Realm, we still have our duty as the god emperors of the Western Divine Region to fight for our region.” The Qilin Emperor paused for a moment, but his voice had deepened by several octaves when he chose to continue, “However, the ‘Dragon God Realm’s defeat’ is now something we have to think about and prepare for.”

The mighty Southern Sea Realm was destroyed in the span of a single day.

The three remaining king realms of the Southern Divine Region chose to submit without a fight.

Qianye Fantian, a man of boundless ambition, had chosen to stake everything on a single gamble and leave the Brahma Monarch Realm to Yun Che’s companion, Qianye Ying’er. The two Brahma ancestors, who had returned to the world in a bizarre turn of events, had also chosen to side with the devils.

Even the Dragons of Absolute Beginning, who had always excluded themselves from the affairs of the God Realm, had chosen to break their neutrality and help the devils.

These were all incredibly shocking choices. Was it because all of these people saw something in Yun Che?

This was even before considering the Ash Dragon God’s miserable death and the Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s pathetic defeat...

Considering all of these factors, even a person who trusted and understood the Dragon God Realm the most would start to feel intense doubts in their hearts.

“Therefore save some of your strength, make sure that you have a few escape routes, do all of these things at your discretion.” The Qiling Emperor closed his eyes. “No matter what you choose, remember, there is no right or wrong answer.”

The Blue Dragon Emperor slowly nodded her head, “This trip was not in vain. Your words have greatly eased the burden in my heart.”

“The world is in a state of fear and anxiety, so I won’t disturb you any further. Farewell.” The Blue Dragon Emperor turned around and withdrew her aura before she prepared to leave.

“Especially you,” the Qilin Emperor suddenly said. “Over the last few years, the light in your eyes has grown dull and heavy. Is this heaviness because of Yun Che?”

The Blue Dragon Emperor’s body froze for a moment before she replied, “My blue dragon race has water as our thoughts, ice as our hearts. We repay vengeance for vengeance, and gratitude for gratitude. Only Yun Che… He has become a knot in my heart that I have been unable to untie.”

The Qilin Emperor suddenly laughed and that laugh was exceptionally warm and gentle. “You have been emperor for so many years, but this is one trait of yours that has not changed since your youth. Very good… very good.”

The Blue Dragon Emperor gave a small nod of her head in response to those words, and then she silently left.

The most likely result of such a loss of confidence in the Dragon God Realm was that their other king realms would have to acknowledge the possibility of defeat.

And this was exactly what Chi Wuyao had hoped to see.


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