Chapter 1808 - Dangerous Trump Card

Against the Gods

Yun Che gave Chi Wuyao the side-eye while she was making her speech. He didn’t look away for a very long time.

He had thought that Chi Wuyao would try to stop him. He was aware that his decision was abrupt, impulsive, unwise, and the complete opposite of her modus operandi, which was to act only after sufficient plotting.

It was why he had skipped discussing his decision with her and went straight to the announcement in the first place.

Reality turned out to be the opposite, however.

She had spoken, but not only was she supporting his announcement, she was working to convert the northern region profound practitioners’ worries into fighting spirit.

“Moreover,” Chi Wuyao continued, “the recent defeat of the Crimson Destruction Dragon God has greatly damaged the Dragon Gods’ reputation. I am sure that the Dragon God Realm will experience some unrest for some time, and the five king realms of the Western Divine Region will harbor doubts regarding their power.”

“Finally, the Dragon Monarch has been absent from the Dragon God Realm, and he is not expected to return any time soon. His absence is far more than just the Dragon God Realm missing their strongest fighter. Without the Dragon Monarch, there is no one person who can truly command the Dragon God Realm, and the Dragon God Realm’s control over the five king realms is greatly diminished as well.” 

“Therefore,” Chi Wuyao rose to her feet and walked next to Yun Che, “his Magnificence’s decision isn’t as abrupt as it appears. In fact, it is our best window to launch our invasion.”

“Starting now… the war you face is the war that will decide the fate of the Northern Divine Region. This is the battle all our ancestors dreamed of fighting. This is why you left your homeland and ventured into a foreign land!”

“Discard your cowardice, your distractions, and your worries. When the battle begins, all you need to do is to unleash the hatred and belief that have accumulated in your bones for a million years, and our Devil Master will deal with the rest. No matter what the outcome of this battle turns out to be, victory or defeat, glory or shame, our Devil Master will always be with us!”

“Your Magnificence is wise! Your Majesty is wise!” Fen Daoqi said loudly before making a full bow. “This decision may seem hasty at first glance, but it is our best window to defeat the Dragon God Realm! The fact is, His Magnificence and Her Majesty have suppressed the Eastern Divine Region and thrown the Southern Divine Region into chaos in just a couple months’ time! With His Magnificence and Her Majesty at the helm, not even the Dragon God Realm will stand in our way!”

The Devil Master had made the announcement, and the Devil Queen had expressed her wholehearted support of the plan. The former preceptor and wiseman of the Burning Moon Realm needed no prompting to say the right words.

Yan Tianxiao looked up with determination in his eyes. “Tianxiao feels enlightened by Her Majesty’s words! Tianxiao will order my men to ready every usable devil weapon and formation right after this meeting! As for the Yama Devils, Yama Ghosts and Yama Soldiers… they are already ready. We can attack the Dragon God Realm tomorrow if need be!”

Tian Guhu stepped out and spoke from the heart. “The Imperial Heaven Realm will follow His Magnificence to hell and back! We neither fear nor regret anything!”

Huo Tianxing shouted on top of his lungs, “Fifteen days later, the braves of Desolate Calamity Realm promise to stain the Dragon God Realm with its denizens’ blood, or die trying!”

The Great Viper Sage answered, “The Divine Python Realm has awaited this day for too long! We will follow His Magnificence into the Dragon God Realm and destroy the Dragon Gods!”

The spirited declaration of war by the leaders of the three king realms and three best upper star realms of the Northern Divine Region annihilated all lingering worry and hesitation. For a moment, every devil person in the central hall was shouting their battle cries with passion and bloodthirst. If Yun Che were to order them to attack Dragon God Realm tomorrow, he had no doubt that they would obey and soak themselves in a sea of blood.

“...” A rare moment of hesitation flashed across Yun Che. He was fully aware that Chi Wuyao had cleverly avoided mentioning the Dragon God Realm’s—or even the five king realms of the Western Divine Region—bottomless foundation and immeasurable power. She had intentionally exaggerated the value of his chosen timing and element of surprise. She had transformed what was obviously a reckless and selfish decision into the heroic move that would save the entire Northern Divine Region.

She had even laced her voice with the invisible power of Soul Stealing. The people had no idea that their thoughts had been influenced by her ever so subtly.

“Qianying, you will assemble the troops of Brahma Monarch God Realm. It is time for them to surrender their lives,” Yun Che ordered, “Make sure to keep the movement as invisible as possible.”

“I will return to the Eastern Divine Region personally to carry out your order,” Qianye Ying’er replied.

“Caizhi…” Yun Che started, but cut himself short and shot her a gentle smile. He didn’t finish his sentence.

Caizhi understood his intention anyway and replied indifferently, “I will contact the Star God Realm.” Her eyes flashed with indecipherable emotions as she said this, “This is the first… and final chance I will afford them.”

“...very well!” Yun Che nodded lightly.

Finally, Yun Che looked to the one and only southern region God Emperor in the hall. “Cang Shitian, you will sort out the resources you plundered from the Southern Sea God Realm and turn them into war provisions. Also, I don’t trust the Xuanyuan Realm and Purple Micro Realm enough to use their men, but you will take anything and everything they have that will aid in our war efforts, understand?”

Cang Shitian responded respectfully, “Fret not, Your Magnificence. I know exactly what resources they have. I promise you I will make them spit out every last coin they have in their pockets. As for myself, ask me for anything you need—manpower, artifacts, formations, ships and more—and I will provide them all!”  

Yun Che had full confidence in Cang Shitian in this regard. After all, the entire devil race was sitting on his realm right now, and he was forced to surrender all his possessions whether he liked it or not.

Therefore, the venomous man would definitely strip the Xuanyuan Realm and the Purple Micro Realm of every last possession to make himself feel better. He wouldn’t even leave them a loincloth to cover their privates.

“Ready everything that needs to be readied in fifteen days. In fifteen days, we will assemble in the Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm and travel to the Dragon God Realm from here. Until then, keep your movements invisible and give no reason for the Dragon God Realm to mobilize the five king realms ahead of time, understand?”

“As you command!” The devil people bowed their heads with unbridled excitement.

Yun Che swept his gaze across the central hall once more. “Alright. Is there anything else anyone would like to say?”

Cang Shitian rose to his feet immediately. “Your Magnificence, Shitian has one question that could use some enlightenment.”

“Speak.” Yun Che eyed him.

Cang Shitian began. “There is a vast gulf between the Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm and the Dragon God Realm, and we must pass through multiple star realms before we can reach it. No matter how well we conceal ourselves during these fifteen days, the noise and the stirring of auras during the day of departure are sure to alarm the Dragon God Realm to action. By the time we reach them, the Dragon God Realm would be waiting for us with the armies of the five king realms and the other star realms of the Western Divine Region, would they not?”

He had brought this up in hopes of showing off his usefulness, but he realized that no one was reacting to it even before he finished his question.

He immediately realized that he was probably asking a foolish question.

It was because he didn’t know about the Primordial Profound Ark, at least not in-depth.

Unfortunately, it was way too late to take back his question. However, he was quick-witted enough to change the essence of his statement to that of a request for instructions, “With that in mind, is there any order you would like to give me, Your Magnificence? The sooner I know, the sooner I can complete the preparations.”

Yun Che didn’t answer his question. He simply replied, “You will know when it is time.”

“Yes, Your Magnificence.” Cang Shitian withdrew in embarrassment.

The arrival of the devil race had caused the blue sky of the Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm to change drastically.

After Yun Che walked out of the central hall, he stared at the gloomy sky above him for a very, very long time.

Almost. It’s almost time.

Zhou Xuzi had turned into a wretched dog, Qianye Fantian was dead, Xia Qingyue was dead, Nan Wansheng was dead, the Eternal Heaven God Realm was drenched in blood, the Brahma Monarch God Realm was now his, the Moon God Realm had exploded into smithereens, and the Southern Sea God Realm had crumbled into ruins...

There was only one man and one place left to destroy now: the Dragon Monarch, and the Dragon God Realm!

Once all who must die are dead, everything else—the people, the land, life, death, heaven or hell—would be his to command!   

The only question left, the one that even he didn’t have an answer for… was whether his hatred would diminish after the death of Long Bai, or worsen to the point where it can only be vented via violence...

After all, he was just so, so, so disappointed and hateful of the entire God Realm, no, the entire world...

A fragrant scent passed across his nose. It was Chi Wuyao standing beside him and watching his expressionless face.

Yun Che faced toward her and returned her gaze.

“How confident are you in this war exactly?”

She asked him a most natural question instead of criticizing his decision.

“The death of Long Bai, one hundred percent,” Yun Che stared into her darm, bottomless eyes and replied honestly, “But the destruction of the Dragon God Realm and the Western Divine Region, not so much.”

“Also… this war is definitely going to cost a lot of lives. Even if we obtain the final victory, the core strength of the Northern Divine Region is sure to wilt away.”

“...I understand.” Chi Wuyao nodded and stopped her questions there.

“Don’t worry. I promise you I won’t die no matter what,” Chi Wuyao said suddenly. “After all, I can’t save you if I’m dead, can I?”

By the time her words came to an end, the Devil Queen herself was long gone.

Yun Che, “...”

“Master,” He Ling’s voice suddenly rang from Yun Che’s consciousness space, “Are you… planning to use that power you used to kill Fen Daojun to kill Long Bai?”

A one hundred percent confidence in killing Long Bai… forget Chi Wuyao, even the simple He Ling had thought of that power immediately.

It was the only possibility after all.

Although Yun Che possessed the Dragon God Soul Origin, a weapon that could suppress even the soul of the Dragon Monarch himself, it was nowhere enough to give Yun Che a one hundred percent chance of beating Long Bai.

Right now, Long Bai was the strongest profound practitioner in the entire Primal Chaos. Therefore, the one and only power that could kill him was a power that transcended the limits of this world... the God Ash he had used to kill the Burning Moon God Emperor.

“...” Yun Che didn’t deny it.

“Master, you can’t, you really can’t!” He Ling’s voice turned panicky. “You were so wounded that day you almost… almost…”

“Calm down, He Ling.” Yun Che shot her a reassuring smile. “It is true that I wore myself out pretty badly that day, but thanks to that I also more or less figured out my absolute limits.”

“I was weaker at the time, and yet I was still able to empower myself with two lost powers of the divine and keep God Ash active for several breaths. It will only burden me less now. I am sure I won’t die from overexertion even if I use God Ash while carrying heavy injuries.”

He Ling’s worry did not lessen after hearing his words. “But… ! Even if you managed to kill Long Bai, you will both be weakened and injured at the end of the battle! If the Dragon Gods or an enemy of equal power were to approach you during this time, you… you will…”

Yun Che shook his head again. “The Devil Queen said she would protect me, didn’t she? She never goes back on her word.”


“This is the price I must pay.” Yun Che cut her off before she could finish. “This is the only way I have that can kill Long Bai in the shortest amount of time possible. There are other ways, but… I can’t wait that long.”

If anything, Yun Che was disappointed that Long Bai wasn’t in the Dragon God Realm right now. The way he was now, he would like nothing more than the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

That being said, he was sure that Long Bai would show up when he drowned the Dragon God Realm in blood.

He Ling fell silent… as the person whose life was literally linked to Yun Che’s, she knew better than anyone just how bright and urgent his desire for vengeance was.

A long time later, her voice rang inside his mind once more. “I know I can’t stop you, master, but... I want you to promise one thing no matter what.”

“No matter what”, she said. This was the first time he heard a forceful demand from the obedient and mild-natured He Ling. Her voice was laced with both anxiety and strange hope.

Yun Che was surprised, but he answered, “Alright, I’ll do my best not to disappoint my He Ling.”

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