Chapter 1809 - Meiyin Yingyue

Against the Gods

After she got Yun Che to make that promise, He Ling’s mood grew a lot less heavy.

A dazzling green light twinkled for a brief moment before He Ling’s slender body appeared in front of Yun Che. She held both her hands up and an exceptionally dense and mysterious cluster of white light was seen slowly rotating within them.

“The Eternal Heaven Pearl?” A light flashed through Yun Che’s eyes. “Did it undergo some sort of change?”

Even though Yun Che was the master of the Eternal Heaven Pearl, his mastery over it was different from his mastery over the Sky Poison Pearl. In truth, he was more like its indirect owner.

The true master and controller of the Eternal Heaven Pearl was He Ling. However, since Yun Che was He Ling’s master and she shared an existence with him, that made Yun Che the master of the Eternal Heaven Pearl. As such, he could issue simple commands, but he couldn’t sense if any changes happened to it.

He Ling replied in a lilting voice, “During this period of time, I’ve been doing my best to recover and merge the remnants of the Eternal Heaven Pearl’s power. Even though it has been many years since the Eternal Heaven Pearl last opened the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, the last time truly overtaxed it. It’s also possible that it can only recover at this incredibly slow rate due to the current environment within the Primal Chaos. I’ve only been able to recover a very small amount of its strength despite my efforts.”

“However, this tiny amount of energy is sufficient for me to open the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm for a short period of time.”

A look of surprise appeared on Yun Che’s face, but a warmth also spread through his heart.

This Wood Spirit girl who had bound her life together with his was always silently accompanying him and sacrificing herself for him.

Gathering the remaining power of the Eternal Heaven Pearl sounded simple enough, but it actually required a vast amount of energy, concentration, and soul power. After all, they had only seized the Eternal Heaven Pearl a few short months ago, so He Ling still couldn’t perfectly control it. Moreover, it was no simple task to control a power on the level of the Eternal Heaven Pearl in the first place.

“How long can you open it for?” Yun Che asked in a gentle voice. He couldn’t bear to reject her out right.

“Three years,” He Ling replied. “However, because its power was greatly weakened, the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm won’t be able to bend the laws of time as greatly as it did the last time. It will only be a hundred times slower this time.”

“This means… three years in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm will be about eleven days in the real world and only two people can enter the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm if we want all factors to remain the same. Every additional person will severely reduce the amount of time that can be spent in the pearl.”

After the Profound God Convention had concluded in the Eastern Divine Region, the Eternal Heaven God Emperor had exhausted all of the power contained within the Eternal Heaven Pearl to strengthen the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm to an incredible degree. This Eternal Heaven Divine Realm could hold a thousand people and would last for a full three thousand years, but it would only take three years of time in the real world.

It had not only remained activated for a very long time, it had also slowed time by a thousandfold.

Currently, He Ling could only open it for three years at best, and she could only slow time by a hundredfold… So the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm would only last for eleven days in the real world before it collapsed.

“Three years is an extremely short amount of time, and most profound practitioners will not benefit from it at all. However, Master is different. This amount of time is more than sufficient for you to take a very big step forward in terms of strength. You might very well break through to the Divine Master Realm in that amount of time. If that happens, Master should also undergo a miraculous transformation and the threat that the Dragon God Realm poses to you will be vastly reduced… vastly, vastly reduced.”

“Furthermore, these eleven days of time in the real world won’t alter the command that Master just issued either.”

He Ling was trying her best to persuade Yun Che. She even held the cluster of pale divine light up toward him as her eyes sparkled with hope.

However, those emerald eyes were also trembling gently as light refracted in them. She was deathly afraid that she would be rejected… and it was borne out of the purest care and concern for her master.

However, he could only gently shake his head in the end.

“He Ling, you know this. I can’t wait… Not even a day longer,” Yun Che said in a voice that was firm, but also contained all the gentleness he could muster.

The hopeful light in the young girl’s eyes dimmed as she softly whispered, “But it’s only eleven days…”

“But to me, it will feel like three years.”

He took a step forward, his hands gently circling around He Ling’s slender and frail-looking waist. “If I had sufficient reason and patience, I would have buried myself in the Northern Divine Region for many many years. Given the Heretic God and Devil Emperor legacies that I possess, I’m confident that I’ll be able to squash the Dragon Monarch by myself one day. In fact, I might very well be able to squash the entire Dragon God Realm by myself.”

“But I can’t wait. I couldn’t even wait ten years, much less tens of thousands of years. You know this. From the moment I escaped from the Eastern Divine Region to the moment I stepped out of the Northern Divine Region… Only four years has passed.”

“Hatred is the most terrible and terrifying thing in this world. Even though I was once lost in the maze of my own hatred and resentment, there’s no way I will be able to endure its terrible effects on my mind once more.”

“During these four years, I feel as if my soul is being smelted in the hellfire of purgatory with every passing second. Every time I close my eyes, I’m afraid that I will randomly fall into a deep sleep. Because until I have taken my vengeance and killed everyone who deserves killing, I won’t be able to face my parents, Wuxin, Caiyi, Xue’er… and countless others. Even in my dreams.”

“I can’t even count how many times I nearly went insane because of my hatred… and I’ve had to use all of my strength to suppress this desire every single time it seized me.”

In regards to this, he was most fortunate that he had Qianye Ying’er, the Lady Goddess herself, to vent his emotions on over and over again.

“When I made up my mind to step out of the Northern Divine Region and dye this universe in blood, it was also because I had already reached the limit of what I could endure.”

“I understand, I’ve always understood,” He Ling said as she hurriedly withdrew that pale white light. She immediately leaned forward to embrace Yun Che with all of her might. She had also once been consumed by a hatred that devoured both her soul and her mind, so she knew just how tortuous it was to live like that...

She, who had achieved her great vengeance, now felt incredible guilt for using concern to coerce Yun Che.

Yun Che said, “Don’t worry. I don’t dare estimate how sane I actually am right now, but even if I am completely consumed by hatred, I won’t let it rob me of a chance to achieve my objectives. After all, the only thing that is worse to me than unfulfilled vengeance right now is dying a foolish death.”

“Besides, the thing that finally convinced me to extend the devilish claws of vengeance is something known only to you, He Ling. Even the Devil Queen and Qianye are not aware of it.”

He Ling gently nodded the head which was resting on Yun Che’s chest.

Yun Che looked up as black light flashed in his eyes. “Of the six king realms of the Western Divine Region, five of them are part of the dragon race. Now that I have finally completely merged with ‘that power’, I will now be able to prepare my ‘gift’ for them. That is my true ace in the hole.” 

“I’m not able to explain everything to the Devil Queen, but not only do I have full confidence that I will kill Long Bai, I’m also seventy percent sure that I can destroy the Dragon God Realm!”

“Even if the worst possible outcome occurs and I’m defeated, even if some unknown variable causes me to be completely routed, I can just retreat back to the Northern Divine Region and continue gathering power. At that time, no matter how tortuous things are, I will definitely be able to endure until my next opportunity to take revenge as long as I have you by my side.”

“So…” Yun Che bent down, his hot breath gently caressing the young girl’s ear. “There is no need for you to worry and there is even less need for you to work yourself to the bone. All you need to do is to quietly accompany me and look after me.”

As she leaned into Yun Che’s chest, He Ling closed her eyes, her long eyelashes gently trembling.



Many things were quietly moving in the background of the Southern Divine Region and Eastern Divine Region, and all of them ultimately flowed back to the Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm.

The Western Divine Region had fallen into a deep silence ever since the Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s defeat, and there was no more news that came out of it. Everyone else was guessing that they were waiting for the return of the Dragon Monarch.

Since they had taken such a humbling loss, the Dragon God Realm would most likely grit its teeth and endure until the Dragon Monarch returned. It was highly unlikely that they’d launch any actions against the devils of the north in the meanwhile.

The days slowly passed by and the aura around the Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm grew ever more dark and oppressive. A restless and eager dark energy was beginning to roil in the space around the king realm.

There were only seven days left before the date Yun Che had set as the fateful day they attacked the Dragon God Realm. During this time, Chi Wuyao was in charge of orchestrating the battle and Qianye Ying’er had yet to return from the Eastern Divine Region. In the meantime, the entire devil race was readying itself for battle. They made sure their bodies were in peak condition and that all of their profound artifacts were fully powered.

On this day, a small profound ark landed in the Ten Direction Deep Sea Realm and it received yet another two distinguished guests.

“Big Brother Yun Che!!”

When the doors of the profound ark opened, a voice as ephemeral and beautiful as a spring shower rang out from within before its owner had even appeared. It was an exceptionally chirpy and bright voice which clearly expressed the owner’s utter lack of regard for propriety. It was obvious that she didn’t care who heard her voice and she was simply revelling in her own happiness.

Black robes fluttered in the air as Shui Meiyin darted out of the profound ark like a black butterfly. The moment she sensed that only Yun Che’s aura and figure remained, she immediately plunged into his arms and wrapped her arms tightly around his waist. She snuggled him with a fierce vigor, her face as fair and dewy as it had been since the day they met.

“Why’d you come?” Yun Che gently cupped Shui Meiyin’s face in his hand. As her supple and tender skin filled his hands, he felt a gentle warmth spread through his chest.

Actually, he didn’t even need to guess. This was definitely because Qianye Ying’er had sent a sound transmission to Shui Meiyin.

“Of course I had to come.” Shui Meiyin lifted her head to stare straight into Yun Che’s eyes, it was as if those star-filled eyes were unwilling to ever shift away from his. “And I’m not the only one who came.”

A figure that was as beautiful and willowy as a celestial maiden slowly stepped out of the profound ark. The lovely lady was dressed in sky-blue robes that fluttered gently in the breeze. The hem of her skirt danced teasingly as moonlight seemed to flow on it like water.

Her bearing was as graceful and elegant as ever. Her beautiful jade neck was tall and proud and her long raven hair flowed to her waist, just like Shui Meiyin. A glamorous light danced and flowed in her beautiful eyes as if it was reflected in a mirror. Her serene and composed expression only added to her grand beauty as it lent her an air of exquisite ephemerality. 

“The Glazed Light Realm King?” Yun Che said in a rather shocked voice as he watched the celestial beauty slowly float to the ground.

He wasn’t really surprised at Shui Meiyin’s arrival. However, he had definitely not expected Shui Yingyue to come upon receiving the news that they were about to attack the Dragon God Realm.

Shui Yingyue greeted him, “Your Magnificence. The Eastern Divine Region still lives in fear to this day and the Southern Divine Region has been trampled by you in the blink of an eye. Your Magnificence is truly an almighty talent with thoughts no one can ever guess.”

“Glazed Light Realm King.” Yun Che’s eyes grew focused and his voice was a little foreboding. “Since you’ve already received the news, you should know exactly who I’m fighting next. Aren’t you afraid that the Glazed Light Realm will be pushed into a deadend if I lose?”

Shui Yingyue faintly smiled, and this extremely rare moment was engraved in Yun Che’s memory for the first time. “Meiyin was betrothed to you long ago, and she’s since been considered part of the devil race. As for me, I am here as Shui Yingyue and the only thing I’ve brought with me from the Glazed Light Realm is this Jade Rivulet Sword, my trusty lifelong companion.”

“I’m not the Glazed Light Realm King right now, I’m only a big sister who simply can’t stop worrying about her little sister’s safety. If Your Magnificence does not mind, you can simply call me Yingyue.” 

“...” Yun Che nodded his head but he did not reply.

“Also, this is my father’s wish and will as well.” Shui Yingyue flashed another one of those all-too-rare smiles while she gave Shui Meiyin, who simply refused to detach herself from Yun Che, a long and deep look.

Before the battle with the Dragon God Realm was settled and the future was set in stone, the Glazed Light Realm really belonged in a no man’s land. However, simply standing by Yun Che’s side filled Shui Meiyin with a pure and childlike joy, making her seem like a fairy which knew not of cares nor sorrow.

In the past, Shui Yingyue would silently sigh and shake her head at her sister’s behavior. But now, she was starting to have a strange admiration for it.

Expressing all her emotions freely while fully living in the moment without a single regret. Perhaps, that was the best way to live a meaningful life.

“I will always remember the Glazed Light Realm’s love and affection for me,” Yun Che said as he looked at Shui Yingyue. He smiled faintly and continued, “And that includes your love and affection as well.”

“...?” Shui Yingyue froze for a moment as a stunned look appeared on her face.

Shui Meiyin had said many strange things to her over this intervening period. This coupled with Yun Che’ sudden smile made it hard for her to tell whether Yun Che meant “love and affection” in a platonic manner or not. 

After a brief period of awkward silence, the only way she could respond was to turn her gaze away from his. Yun Che had full view of her beautiful and jade-white profile as she whispered, “Your praise is far too generous. However, no matter what the result of the upcoming battle with the Dragon God Realm is, I hope that Your Magnificence will at least protect his own life.”

“Of course I will,” Yun Che replied with a smile, his hand gently gripping Shui Meiyin’s tiny one. “Even though fate is very cruel, there are still many beautiful things in this world. Just like the smiles of Meiyin and Yingyue. I won’t be willing to die, no matter the outcome of the battle.”

“...” Perhaps it was because she had become far too sensitive, but Shui Yingyue simply couldn’t tell whether Yun Che’s words were platonic or not.

She unconsciously curled her jade-like fingers as her heart began to ripple, but she simply nodded her head and said, “That’s good then. Since you said that, Meiyin should be far less worried now… I believe it’s time for me to visit the Devil Queen, so I’ll take my leave now. Excuse me.”

Profound energy rippled like an ocean wave, but the mark Shui Yingyue left in space felt a little more flustered than normal.

“Heehee!” Shui Meiyin suddenly let out a coquettish laugh while in his embrace.

“What’s so funny?” Yun Che asked as he gently caressed her face. It was clear that he didn’t want to let go of her.

“Hmph, you actually flirted with my sister right in front of me, and you’re asking me what’s so funny?” She turned her nose up at him but her “angry” voice contained no anger at all. It actually contained a few notes of happiness and satisfaction.

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