Chapter 1832 - Deep Sea Crisis (7)

Against the Gods

In the Southern Divine Region, the Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm had been second only to the Southern Sea God Realm in total power.

However, when it came to protective barriers, the Deep Sea Barrier was the strongest in the Southern Divine Region.

The Deep Sea divine power was not a water-based profound energy. Instead, it was something that the ancient Deep Sea God Clan had divined by observing the movements of the tides. It was as fluid and eternally changing as water, and the Deep Sea Barrier, which was constructed with the strongest Deep Sea divine power, was exactly the same.

The most incredible thing about this barrier was that it would instantly use its Deep Sea divine power to redistribute any damage it suffered across the rest of the barrier, so trying to punch a hole in it was practically an impossible task.




It seemed as if a billion bolts of heavenly lightning were falling down from the heavens every instant as the ground around the Deep Sea Divine Region fractured and crumbled.

Blue light continuously erupted from the Deep Sea Barrier as it kept on bending inwards and changing shape to endure the attacks raining down on it.

The strength of a king realm’s ultimate barrier could not be doubted. Even though the Deep Sea Barrier was currently only at thirty percent of its normal strength, even the Southern Sea God Realm at full strength would need at least a day or two to shatter it.

However, hundreds of Divine Masters were attacking it at the same time… so even the strongest barrier wouldn’t be able to last for very long.

No barrier in the history of the God Realm had ever received such “special treatment” before.


Even the earth-shaking explosions and the sound of space violently shaking could not drown out Cang Shitian’s wild laughter. “The Dragon Sovereigns and Master Dragons of the Dragon God Realm are famed throughout the universe, but they only have this much ability? All of you are attacking this Deep Sea Barrier together, but you can’t even make a crack in it.” 

“My lord Dragon Gods, I think you should obediently attack as well. You’ve assembled such a grand army, so if you still can’t take down this Deep Sea Barrier in half a day, I don’t know where your Dragon God Realm will hide its face.”

Cang Shitian’s attitude had turned from hesitance and respect to bold statements… to provocative insults that threw all decorum to the wind.

It was as if a switch had been flipped inside of him, unleashing the complete lunatic that had been caged inside.

The gathered Sea Gods had already grown numb to this shock.

In actual fact, as the ones who were the most familiar with Cang Shitian in the Ten Directions Deep Sea Realm, they were intimately aware of one thing. Cang Shitian was actually the most normal when he was behaving abnormally.

The regal bearing he displayed on a daily basis was, in actual fact, a suppression of his base nature.

Cang Shitian was absolutely not willfully acting mad. His provocation toward the Dragon Gods concealed a profound scheme… His current behavior left the Dragon Gods in a state where not even they could make a move, let alone Long Bai and the Venerable Withered Dragons.

“Wow, he really is a special kind of mad dog, huh,” the Purple River Dragon God said as she disdainfully pursed her lips.

Cang Shitian did not grow angry when he heard that nasty insult. His eyes gleamed with joy as a wild grin formed on his face. “A mad dog? What a great title! That’s a crazy name that was practically made for me!”

He spun on his heels and gave a weird howl before he spoke, “Listen up! From now on, I am the Devil Master’s mad dog! When the Devil Master covers the world in darkness in the future, I will bite to death anyone who dares to defy him!”

His god emperor voice was even louder than the huge explosions that were violently striking the Deep Sea Barrier as he proudly proclaimed his will to the devils of the north, the profound practitioners of the west, and the entire Deep Sea Realm… The mad glee on his face and the fanaticism that burned in his eyes made it seem like he had been bestowed with some sort of exalted honor. 

This time, even Yan Tianxiao and Fen Daoqi were looking at Cang Shitian as if he was some kind of freak.

This was someone who was actually… a god emperor of the Southern Divine Region!?

“Of course.” He glanced to the side before he suddenly slowly licked his lips like a vicious dog that was straining at the leash. “Today, the ‘mad dog of the Devil Master’ will use the sharp teeth of this Deep Sea Realm to bite off the heads of a few stupid dragons!”

“Heh, it’s too bad, because a mad dog like you will soon become a dead dog! How disgraceful!” The Chi Dragon Emperor’s eyes shone with contempt as he felt a deep shame for being a fellow god emperor with Cang Shitian right now. He waved a hand and barked out a command, “Attack!”

The Chi Dragon Divine Masters of the Emperor Chi Realm surged forward upon hearing that command, their attacks bombarding the Deep Sea Barrier.

The Hui Dragon Emperor and Myriad Manifestations God Emperor also barked out similar commands, as the Hui Dragon Divine Masters and the Divine Masters of the Myriad Manifestations Realm joined in the fray.

“Advance.” The Qilin Emperor raised a hand while he used his eyes to send a signal to the Blue Dragon Emperor. He was well aware that the Blue Dragon Emperor did not even want to be here in the first place. She had never enjoyed conflict or battle, and she was even less willing to make a move against Yun Che.

The Blue Dragon Emperor helplessly waved her hand. Blue light erupted and dragon roars filled the air as the forces of the Blue Dragon Realm also joined the attack.

When all five king realms of the west attacked simultaneously, nearly thirty percent of the Deep Sea Realm’s land was instantly sunk and dozens of outrageous dents were made in the Deep Sea Barrier. It took a very long time for it to regain its previous form and the Deep Sea blue light that it was radiating had turned muddled and chaotic.

Chi Wuyao softly sighed in the back of the formation. “Cang Shitian has gone completely crazy. He even looks like he’d be completely okay with getting killed at the end of this fight.”



Qianye Ying’er raised her head to look at the sky before she said, “I’m afraid that this barrier won’t last for much longer. What are you going to do next?”

Chi Wuyao suddenly turned to stare fixedly at Qianye Ying’er.

Qianye Ying’er, “...?”

“Qianying, the method I used to cause the people of the Northern Divine Region to give up their lives for Yun Che is the same method that made Cang Shitian be willing to become a mad dog. What do you think this method is?” Chi Wuyao asked.

“...Speak plainly,” Qianye Ying’er replied. She didn’t have any time to waste on such frivolous things during this desperate situation.

“I merely guided and amplified the desires that already existed in their hearts,” Chi Wuyao replied. “If so, what do you think Long Bai’s greatest desire is at the moment?”

Qianye Ying’er didn’t even need to pause to think as she replied, “It’s naturally Yun Che.”

“That’s right. But it’s more accurate to say that it’s a desire to slowly trample over Yun Che,” Chi Wuyao said in an unhurried manner. “Despite having an absolute advantage in power, Long Bai has not hesitated to use the World Dragon City and the Venerable Withered Dragons to boost his already overwhelming power. His real goal is to completely defeat Yun Che in the most humiliating and domineering fashion, so that he will face the ultimate despair… He wants to see Yun Che in a completely helpless and powerless state and it would be best if he were to end up groveling and begging at the very end.”

“This is the only way to vent the extreme hatred and jealousy he has toward Yun Che.”

“As such, we can use this point to create an opportunity for ourselves.”

“...” Qianye Ying’er sank into deep thought as she pondered Chi Wuyao’s words.

“The moment the barrier is broken, I will go and face Long Bai myself. Since I won’t be around, it’ll be up to you to learn and understand as much as you can about him.”

Qianye Ying’er turned to look at Chi Wuyao, a puzzled look in her eyes. “Now this is surprising. You’re normally full of secrets, but you’re trying to play teacher at this critical juncture? Isn’t it a tad bit too late?”

Chi Wuyao’s laughter sounded like the tinkling of silver bells. “Teach you? So this means that you’ve been hoping that I’d teach you something all this while?”

“That’s right.” Qianye Ying’er actually admitted it without a single shred of hesitation. “It may sound laughable to you, but when I was still the Brahma Monarch Goddess, I had once believed that my schemes were perfect and unparalleled. No matter whether I wanted to trap someone or obtain something, nothing could escape my grasp.”

“It was only after Qianye Fantian crippled my Brahma Soul that I realized that I was merely a laughable and foolish child in front of a true fox. I had danced in the palm of his hand for my entire life, like a puppet on a string, yet I had been so arrogant and conceited… Heh.”

“The schemes and plans I had once been proud of were nothing without the backing of the Brahma Monarch God Realm.”

“However, you were the dark enchantress that even Qianye Fantian was afraid of! In terms of cunning and intelligence, I am far from your equal. Honestly speaking, you even gave me an odd sense of security every time you were around, no matter what circumstances we were facing, and I believe Yun Che feels the same way as well.”

Qianye Ying’er, who had always shown animosity toward Chi Wuyao on the surface, was showing a rare moment of honesty in these dire circumstances.

The smile on Chi Wuyao’s face deepened by several degrees. She gave a soft sigh and said, “To actually hear such words from someone with such a great amount of pride and self-esteem as yourself, I guess this is some kind of honor in it’s own special way. However, there is no need for you to downplay your abilities, you were merely too young and your life had simply been too successful until five years ago. If you had my years and experience, I trust that you would have surpassed me in every way.”

“So?” Qianye Ying’er replied. “Why are you suddenly trying to teach me how to become a better schemer?”

As she looked away from Qianye Ying’er, Chi Wuyao turned around to stare at the blue barrier that looked like it was about to collapse at any second. After that, she said in a calm but sad voice, “I hope that you can survive this.”

Qianye Ying’er, “??!”

“If we can truly attain a miracle in the end and we can hold out until Yun Che exits the Eternal Heaven Pearl, you must do everything you can to flee together with him… Do not look back."

“And if this ends in the worst possible outcome, like Yun Che and the Eternal Heaven Pearl falling into Long Bai’s hand, it is even more imperative for you to escape… Due to Long Bai’s extreme hatred of Yun Che, it is very likely that he won’t kill him immediately. Therefore, you will become the last thread of hope, because I know that you will definitely do anything you can to save him as long as you’re alive.”

“In fact, I would actually hope that you’d flee right here and now, but I know that you won’t agree to that.”

Qianye Ying’er’s brow furrowed heavily as she spoke in a low voice, “You’re so desperate for me to escape… but how about you?”

Chi Wuyao’s chest rose and fell violently as her voice turned melancholy and gentle. “I was born in the Northern Divine Region as a devil who grew up within the darkness. I was also blessed by the darkness, inheriting the devil soul of a primordial Devil Emperor.”

“Helping the profound practitioners of the Northern Divine Region overthrow their fate is my one wish. It is also the duty I inherited along with the Nirvana Devil Soul. Yet, I did not persuade them to retreat today. Instead, I persuaded my kinsmen from the north… the heart of the Northern Region to sell their lives.”

“If all of them die, the hope of the Northern Divine Region will die with them.” Chi Wuyao closed her eyes. “Just this sin alone has made me unworthy of living, so the only thing I can do is to accompany them in death.”

“...” Qianye Ying’er took a sudden step forward. Her golden eyes trembled violently, she simply couldn't find any words.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely help you escape before I die…” After that, she paused briefly before she whispered again, “I definitely will.”

Qianye Ying’er was just about to say something but a loud sound suddenly reverberated in the air above them.


This time, the sound that rang out from the barrier was different from all the previous world-shaking explosions. It was the unmistake sound of something being broken, a most dreadful sound.

A white crack had appeared on the surface of the Deep Sea Barrier and it was swiftly starting to spread. It looked as if the sky itself had started to tear open.

This crack foretold the impending collapse of the Deep Sea Barrier.

This was the strongest barrier in the Southern Divine Region, but at thirty percent of its power, it could only resist the dreadful attacks of hundreds of Divine Masters for a mere forty-five minutes.

At this time, both the Myriad Manifestations God Emperor and Hui Dragon Emperor exchanged looks before they suddenly attacked at the same time. The power of both god emperors hurtled towards the tottering Deep Sea Barrier with deadly force and intent.

“Shatter!” both god emperors roared.

Chi Wuyao’s figure zoomed forward as she shouted, “Yan One, Yan Three!”


Two black figures ripped open a hole in space as they shot into it and appeared near the surface of the barrier. Two huge clusters of Yama Devil power flew out from the barrier to violently explode against the attacks that the Myriad Manifestations God Emperor and the Hui Dragon God Emperor had unleashed.


As black mist slowly spread and malice soared into the sky, the already tormented Deep Sea Barrier bent like a crumpled tissue. The two god emperors who had attacked let out low and muffled groans as the backlash sent them flying. When they finally came to a stop, they could feel their numb arms begin to throb with intense pain.

Everyone turned to look at the two dreadful black figures within the barrier in shock.

“Those are two of the three hidden Yama Ancestors who once hid in the Yama Devil Realm’s Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness,” Long Bai calmly explained. “The three of them have reached the peak of darkness profound energy.”

“...Ah, so that is who they are,” Long San said in a low voice.

“The one on the right isn’t the least bit inferior to us,” Long Wu said.

“He is still nothing more than a devilish wretch. Let us end him,” Long Si replied.

At this time, a voice that was so charming that it penetrated one’s heart and soul rang out in the distance. “The Dragon God Realm certainly lives up to its exalted name. You even know the greatest secret of our Northern Divine Region.”

Chi Wuyao was already flying forward as she spoke. She stopped in front of Yan One and Yan Three and looked straight at Long Bai.

“Devil Queen!!” The Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s pupils dilated as the joints of his knuckles popped noisily.

However, what he couldn’t accept was that he actually felt something other than hatred when facing Chi Wuyao… He actually also felt a thread of icy fear course through his body, a fear he couldn’t dispel no matter how hard he tried.

It was as if that dreadful devil soul had never truly left his dragon soul.

As he faced the famed Devil Queen of the North, Long Bai merely gave a casual glance. His face remained impassive as he said, “Is your so-called Devil Master Yun Che determined to be a gutless coward?”

“Heh…” Those words elicited a chuckle from Chi Wuyao. Her seductive and cottony voice contained a trace of penetrating mockery when she spoke again. “You are well aware that our Devil Master is not around, and that is why you chose to attack with such a grand force. Yet you’re calling our Devil Master a gutless coward?”

“As the monarch of the entire Primal Chaos, I am surprised that you are such a hypocritical, lowly, and fake person. It truly is disappointing.”

“...” His draconic eyes turned to face her as his words thundered with the weight of a hundred mountains. “What… Did… You… Say?”

Chi Wuyao proudly replied, “The forces of our Northern Divine Region have been gathered here for many moons. During that time, it would have been the perfect time for us to destroy the Dragon God Realm while you were still abroad.”

“However, the Devil Master said that such a victory was devoid of honor and it would only be a stain on our Northern Divine Region’s dignity! Hence, our battle with the Dragon God Realm would only take place after you had returned home. The Devil Master mentioned more than a few times that he desired to take you on in a one-on-one battle.”

“As such, even though the Devil Master hates you with all of his might, we didn’t take the opportunity to attack the Dragon God Realm even once during the months that you were away from home. That was despite our devil race sweeping through the Eastern Divine Region and trampling on the Southern Divine Region.”

Long Bai, “...”

“...” The eyes of both Yan Tianxiao and Fen Daoqi slowly turned as wide as saucers.

“However, you, the grand Dragon Monarch…” Chi Wuyao’s words were filled with venomous mockery. “After you discovered that our Devil Master was not in the Deep Sea Realm, you seized this opportunity to attack. In fact, you even used the World Dragon City, a divine artifact that has been hidden for a million years, to descend upon us like a bolt of lightning. Aiyah, I truly never expected that you, the Dragon Monarch, were actually so terrified of the Devil Master. This is truly a surprise, and a great disappointment as well.”

“However, since this is the case, there truly isn’t a need for the Devil Master to face you head on. Because your cowardly conduct and hypocritical actions have already disqualified you!”

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