Chapter 1833 - Deep Sea Crisis (8)

Against the Gods

Chi Wuyao’s words didn’t shake the Dragon Gods in the slightest. In truth, they found her scheme childish and laughable.

A puff of air escaped from the White Rainbow Dragon God’s nostrils. He was just about to launch into a mocking tirade when he felt his entire body go cold and his breath catch in his throat.

All eight of the Dragon Gods immediately turned to look at the Dragon Monarch.

His face had turned dark and grim and his entire body was radiating an extremely shocking rage that he was trying his best to suppress… Furthermore, it wasn’t just a flash of rage, it was a rage that had been burning for some time now.

He was the Dragon Monarch, the only monarch in the God Realm, the most exalted and unparalleled existence in the entire Primal Chaos. He was the strongest in terms of profound strength and raw power, he had the most exalted and revered status, had lived for hundreds of thousands of years, and had the wisdom and temperament to match them.

Even if all the mountains of the universe collapsed, even if the entire world was burning around him, his emotions would remain calm and unfrazzled. Even if he faced self-confident fools or mockers, it wouldn’t cause a single ripple in his heart. All of this was nothing more than a childish joke born of ignorance.

So to say that the Dragon Monarch was not qualified to fight someone? To anyone else, to almost everyone that was present, there wasn’t a more forced, stupid, and pathetic insult in the world than this. It was an insult so woeful that it didn’t even have the qualifications to cause even a single hair on the Dragon Monarch’s brow to twitch.




A sound so crystalline clear that it sent shudders through one’s soul rang in the air, and, shockingly enough, that was the sound of the Dragon Monarch’s knuckles popping.

“...!!??” The eyes of all the Dragon Gods, Dragon Sovereigns, Master Dragons, and god emperors kept looking toward the Dragon Monarch’s hands and face over and over again, and looks of shock and disbelief slowly crept up their faces.

“??” Even the five great Venerable Withered Dragons had started to frown.

As the supreme Dragon Monarch, how could he be so easily enraged by such a pathetic insult?

The White Rainbow Dragon God stared at the Dragon Monarch dumbfoundedly for a few breaths before he finally came back to himself. The lazy insult that he had been about to hurl had now been transformed into a furious rebuke. “What a joke! Why would our Dragon God Realm be scared of a mere Devil Master!?”

“Oh?” Chi Wuyao shot him a sidelong glance. “Just as expected, it wasn’t only the Dragon Monarch. Even his Dragon Gods are a bunch of fake hypocrites who have the gall to do the deed but not admit to it. As they say, birds of a feather flock together.”

“You didn’t even hesitate to use the World Dragon City to rush over here, just so that you could catch us when the Devil Master was away… So why do you insist on putting up such a front? Can’t you see that it’s so obvious and ridiculous?”

“Heh heh heh!” The White Rainbow Dragon God let out a disdainful laugh. “Devil Queen, I’m afraid that you have forgotten that your so-called Devil Master, Yun Che, would have died in some wasteland if our Dragon Queen hadn’t decided to save him out of the great kindness of her heart! So where do you find the gall to say what…”


This thunderous cracking sound was so loud that it made everyone think that the Dragon Monarch had broken his own finger bones by clenching his fists too hard.

The White Rainbow Dragon God’s voice broke off abruptly as his body suddenly turned cold. He felt so cold that his entire body was shuddering and he couldn’t even find the wherewithal to continue his speech.

Furthermore, this cold intent, one which penetrated straight to his dragon soul, was actually coming from the Dragon Monarch.

The Azure Dragon God stepped forward and kicked the back of the White Rainbow Dragon God’s calf… He was the only one among all the Dragon Gods who had managed to vaguely figure out something during this period of time. However, the Dragon Monarch had told him not to breathe a word to anyone, so how would he even dare to say anything?

The White Rainbow Dragon God turned to look at him with a face filled with puzzled shock.


Cang Shitian’s wild laughter rang through the air, and it matched his recently self-conferred title “mad dog”. This time, his laughter was exceptionally wild and bold. “What a joke! Who is the Devil Master? He is the person who inherited the Heretic God’s legacy before receiving the inheritance of a Devil Emperor. He is the person that the Sky Poison Pearl acknowledged as its master… This is a Creation God, Devil Emperor, and a Profound Heavenly Treasure we are talking about here!”

“His profound strength is only at the level of a Divine Sovereign, but his devilish might can already be compared to a god emperor’s strength! And he is barely over thirty years of age! Who exactly in this world can compare to him? Who would even deign to do so? The Dragon Monarch? Hahahahahaha! In front of the Devil Master, he is nothing more than an old worm who has lived for three hundred and fifty thousand years.”

Anger had started to simmer on the faces of everyone from the Dragon God Realm, but the Dragon Monarch’s current emotional state was so strange that none of them dared to act impulsively.

Cang Shitian continued, “Speaking of which, everyone in the God Realm is aware of the two great beauties whose names have dominated the universe. The two celestial pearls of our world, the Dragon Queen and Goddess. The Goddess has already become the Devil Master’s exclusive property, and the Dragon Queen… Heh, if the Devil Master had been born hundreds of thousands of years ago, do you think that you would even have gotten your turn, Dragon Monarch!? I’m afraid that she’d rather be the Devil Master’s concubine before she would even spare you a single glance.”


Dozens of kilometers of space violently swelled up with the Dragon Monarch at its center and it looked like it was about to burst.

The Venerable Withered Dragons, Dragon Gods, and Dragon Sovereigns were all knocked backward by the blast of energy that had erupted from the Dragon Monarch’s body. All of them immediately turned to look at him and they were frozen in place by what they saw.

Long Bai’s fair face had actually turned a ghastly shade of greenish-black and his lips, nostrils, eyebrows… and every single muscle on his face was violently trembling.

The space around him violently twisted and if he lost control of that dreadful rage of his, he would cause all of the space around him to collapse.

“My lord?” the Pure Dragon God said with a frown on her face. As the monarch of the Primal Chaos, thousands of years could pass before Long Bai would even show a hint of shock, so she had never ever seen him like this before.

Everyone knew that the Dragon Queen was the Dragon Monarch’s reverse scale, something that should never be touched, but a few taunting words certainly shouldn’t have resulted in this...

When he saw the dramatically-changed expression on the Dragon Monarch’s face and his barely-contained rage, Cang Shitian was left stunned for several moments. But after that, it was time for his own eyes to widen dramatically as his lips twitched and he started to laugh like a madman. “Heh… Hehehehehe… Hahahaha… Ha… Hahahahahahahahaha!”

Those words had merely been a message that Chi Wuyao had sent to him via sound transmission. He had originally thought that mentioning the Dragon Queen might prick Long Bai… but even the smallest prick would have left him satisfied.

He had never imagined that the grand Dragon Monarch would actually be so enraged that he’d show such an ugly appearance!

He lifted both hands up and arched them into claws. His eyes and nostrils were flaring in excitement as he doubled over in laughter. He was laughing so hard that he looked like he was about to pass out.

However, he did not know that every single word that he had said just now was like the most poisonous blade in the world to the Dragon Monarch, and every one of these poisonous blades had struck him in a place that couldn’t be touched by anyone!

Cang Shitian’s wild laughter was simply far too grating. Long Yi gave a short sigh of disappointment before saying, “Dragon Monarch, do not lose your dignity.”

Long Wu’s words were also filled with disappointment. “As the Dragon Monarch, you must not be fazed by even a thousand calamities. These are merely the filthy words of a lowly person, so why did you have to react in such a manner?”

“You bastard!” The Cyan Abyss Dragon howled in rage as he shot forward, the image of a cyan claw appearing over his right hand… However a pale white palm suddenly appeared in front of him and caught him right before he could attack.

Astonishingly enough, the one who had stopped him was Long Bai.

Space stopped distorting around him as his face regained its usual composure. However, the arm that had stopped the Cyan Abyss Dragon God was shaking with an extremely shocking amount of power.

The Cyan Abyss Dragon God hurriedly retreated a few steps. He would no longer dare to make any impulsive moves.

As he let his arm fall, Long Bai looked down at the Devil Queen once more. Divine light that resembled the scorching rays of a heavenly sun shone from his eyes. “Where is Yun Che?”

His words were calm and his emotions were inscrutable.

“Heh, there is no need for the Dragon Monarch to be so apprehensive,” Chi Wuyao said in a languid voice. “I can honestly tell you that my lord Devil Master is still very far away, even though he is rushing over with all his might. He was simply too far away, so he will need at least another ten to twelve hours to rush back.”

“That’s why I have to say that your plan to avoid our lord Devil Master was very successful. You’ve bought yourself a full ten to twelve hours of time!”

“However, I really want to see…” Chi Wuyao’s voice suddenly turned cold and flat as the black mist around her spiraled and the entire area around her turned dark and cold. “Just what you, the Dragon Monarch, can accomplish in this time!”


After he let out an incredibly cold snort of disdain, Long Bai looked down on the Deep Sea Divine Region and the might radiating from his eyes threatened to overturn the heavens themselves. “Fine. Very good. Then I will wait twelve hours for him!”

When he said those words, the profound practitioners on both sides simply froze in place.

“My lord Dragon Monarch!” The Crimson Destruction Dragon God exclaimed as he swiveled around to face him. “The Devil Queen’s heart is like a venomous abyss and her words are misleading and bewitching. Don’t let yourself be…”

“Shut up.”

That mild rebuke instantly caused the Crimson Destruction Dragon God to clam up. Even though Long Bai’s voice had been calm and dry, it sent a chill coursing through his heart and soul. “Do you think that a mere Devil Queen is capable of bewitching me?”

The Crimson Destruction Dragon God’s body became as tense as a bowstring as he anxiously replied, “No! I meant no such thing.”

“Dragon Monarch…” Long Yi started to speak, but he was also cut off by Long Bai.

“There is no need for any more words,” Long Bai said in a voice that had started to turn grim. “It isn’t worth sullying the name of our dragon god race over these dark wretches! Since they think that I am afraid of their so-called Devil Master, then I will wait for him to crawl out of his hole!”

“The Dragon Monarch is right!” The Myriad Manifestation God Emperor reacted the quickest and his voice chimed out in agreement. “These dark wretches are merely dark wretches in the end. Even if we have to wait twelve hundred hours rather than twelve hours, what will they be able to accomplish?”

“That’s right,” the Chi Dragon Emperor said. “Let’s use these twelve hours to shatter the last bit of pride and dignity that they have. How can we allow a bunch of filthy devils to sully the name of the Dragon God Realm!?”

Now that two god emperors had agreed, no one else dared to say anything in the face of the Dragon Monarch’s frightening aura.

“Oh?” Chi Wuyao shot Long Bai a lazy glance. “Dragon Monarch, there is no need to push yourself for the sake of this pathetic bit of dignity. What if my lord Devil Master skins you like a snake after he returns? Won’t that be even more shameful and undignified? By the time that happens, it will be far too late to regret this decision.”

Long Bai didn’t even spare her a single glance. He merely turned around and barked out coldly, “No one is to attack within the next twelve hours. Anyone who disobeys my command is to be executed!”

The Dragon Monarch’s heavenly commandment hung in the air like a huge mountain.

This dreadful and illogical imperial command had caused a frightened hush to fall over the forces of the Western Divine Region. No one even dared to take a single step forward, much less attack.

“What’s going on?” the Jade Dragon God whispered. “Could the Dragon Monarch’s soul have been invaded by the Devil Queen?”

“That isn’t possible,” the Pure Dragon God replied. “However, the Dragon Monarch really is acting quite irrationally… and his temperament is rather strange.”

“These dark wretches will definitely use these twelve hours to run away.”

“They won’t,” the Pure Dragon God replied with a calm confidence. “If they wanted to run away, they would have scattered far before we arrived instead of waiting for us in battle formation.”

“Don’t think too much about it,” the Azure Dragon God said. “There is definitely a deep meaning behind the Dragon Monarch’s action. We should just simply obey.”

Long Bai’s back faced the Deep Sea Realm, his cold gaze scanning the sky. However, his hands still remained tensed and he didn’t seem to have relaxed them even once.

He was afraid of Yun Che!?

He was not Yun Che’s equal!?

What a ridiculous joke… What a ridiculous joke!!

He was going to prove to Yun Che, to the world… and, most importantly, to Shen Xi that Yun Che was far from his equal!! He was only fit to struggle, cry, despair, and then die before him!

That’s right, I have to let him taste this world’s cruelest pain and despair.

I will destroy his body, trample his dignity, and destroy all of his “dark wings” and hopes!

However, how could he possibly let Yun Che taste this ultimate despair if he wasn’t around to witness it!?

“Good.” The dark mist around Chi Wuyao stopped swirling as she said in a cold voice, “I hope that you won’t regret this decision when my lord Devil Master returns in twelve hours time.”

After she said that, she simply turned around and left.

“Devil Queen.” Yan Tianxiao and Fen Daoqi swiftly caught up to her, their eyes shining with ardent hope. All of the profound practitioners of the Northern Divine Region were also looking at her as tidal waves crashed through their hearts.

“Remain where you are and quietly await the Devil Master’s return!” Chi Wuyao commanded in a voice so loud that even the Western Divine Region profound practitioners could hear her words clearly. “Within the next twelve hours, no one is to make any moves without my explicit command!”

“Yes!” all the profound practitioners of the north cried out in unison.

Twelve hours… Those few simple words from the Devil Queen had actually created a crazy miracle! They had actually managed to coax another twelve hours from the Dragon Monarch… and it had been as easy as stealing candy from a baby!

They were all too aware of what this twelve hours of time meant for the Northern Region and for the Devil Master who was still inside the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm.

“You remain here as well,” Chi Wuyao said to Yan Tianxiao and Fen Daoqi before her voice dropped to a whisper. “Do not do or say anything unnecessary this time. We want to avoid anything that might startle the enemy… Let’s just allow these twelve hours to pass by quietly.”

Yan Tianxiao and Fen Daoqie nodded their heads in unison.

Cang Shitian was just about to speak when Chi Wuyao’s voice rang in his ears. “Cang Shitian, you really didn’t let me down.”

“If the Devil Queen has any other instructions, please feel free to issue them.” The flattery in Cang Shitian’s words was obvious as he bowed at the waist. “Since I have already called myself the Devil Master’s mad dog, then I am naturally the Devil Queen’s mad dog as well.”

Now that things had come to this, he had fully thrown his lot in with Chi Wuyao.

Chi Wuyao stared at the sky. The crack in the Deep Sea Barrier that stretched out like a wound in the sky was shocking to see.

Cang Shitian observed the expression on her face and seemed to understand something after that. He grinned and said, “The Devil Queen is simply brilliant! You set the barrier at thirty percent of its power to arouse the enemy’s suspicion and now that you have bought us another twelve hours of time, it is enough to secretly boost its power from thirty percent to one hundred percent. After that, we can…”

“No,” Chi Wuyao said. “Maintain the barrier without any changes. What you need to do next is to get the remaining seventy percent ready, so that it can be… unleashed in an instant.”

“?” A puzzled look appeared on Cang Shitian’s face.

“...” Chi Wuyao’s lips moved as she calmly whispered four words.

Light immediately erupted from Cang Shitian’s eyes as he crowed in delight, “The Devil Queen is brilliant! Oh, the Devil Queen is brilliant! Hahahaha!”

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